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The Division | Factions trailer | PS4

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wolly panda (7 hours ago)
Don't you love when your a high level and absolutely destroy anything that gets in your path and become a war machine
Hallam Steer (4 days ago)
Ok what is the soundtrack/background song of this
Richard Kim (7 days ago)
How are the JTF so bad... a lot of them must be marines/spec ops but they lose to thugs.... makes no sense Someone tell me why
Luritron (9 days ago)
Full song, please :D
DA586 (12 days ago)
the Division. starter pack :beanie,SCAR/UMP,Backpack LV3,ARMOR LV3,new tactical gadgets,looting normal pedestrian clothes
Ghost Gaming (14 days ago)
I don’t really know the lore much, but LMB I could see actually being useful. If the government stepped away from the fallen area someone needs to take charge. Do they have bad motives?
ChirpyBiscut TV (18 days ago)
Tbh the most interesting faction is the cleaners
xXZachForLifeXx (21 days ago)
I think the last man battalion and the cleaners are trying to save the city but are doing it the wrong way and the division is doing it right
The division people are the good guys no one im means mest the division agent ever
Darkzone Hunter (28 days ago)
We are here as well Hunters
nemesis20021 (1 month ago)
A lot of explosions? Michael Bay was here?
Pavel Morozov (1 month ago)
The rioters, tries to survive The agents tries to help the city The cleaners want to destroy the virus by burning it The LMB want to take over the city and help it The rikers, well, just killing and destroying honnestly, i only hate the rikers, all the others have a good point.
Thy Savior (1 month ago)
I wonder if any of these Factions will return in TD2. I hope so. It'll be weird with all different Factions.
Alfie W (1 month ago)
Anyone else notice that the hazmat p416 is terrible after lvl 7
Ryker Johnson (1 month ago)
The rioters aka the fraction that can some how kill people in 2 hits
Wolfplayz5672 (1 month ago)
the purge looks great
Donald Trump (1 month ago)
SHD = vault tec CERA = railroad JTF = minutemen Rioters = raiders Cleaners = the institute Rikers = gunners LMB = enclave Hunters = brotherhood of steel
Wolfplayz5672 (1 month ago)
So basically.. Rioters - "Cocaine's one helluva drug" Rikers - never got to play in the the playground as children die to bullies Cleaners - Pyro's family reunion LMB - Played too much fallout 3
Hunter Brown (1 month ago)
You JTF Assholes- LMB 2018
GodofGames2468 (2 months ago)
in our army, we have a mix of law enforcement and military units. we r to have military grade weapons and gear and the superior training. and yet u find us surrendering to 1 or 2 rioters with a pistol or baseball bat, begging for mercy. we r the pussies who rely on the Division to do everything for us because we're too stupid to do anything right. we arrive after the battle, hoping to look like a bunch of heroes, only for everyone to hate us more. we.... r the Joint Task Force
某某Q (2 months ago)
worst game ever.
4 5 6 (2 months ago)
who are the people in the police helmets
4 5 6 (2 months ago)
whats with those guys killing the guys in the green vests
LMB is the best in my opinion
Salivar Ravilas (2 months ago)
"our mission is to save what remains" *proceeds to destroy what remains*
Blookester (3 months ago)
1:50 who knew you could turn an ak into a flamethrower
EggPlantWings 35 (3 months ago)
the rioters look and act like antifa?
BLANCO (3 months ago)
Puta mierda como casi todos sus juegos
Agnes Mahad (3 months ago)
Do all propaganda you like, But I've listened to Keener and you SHD and JTF scumbag definitely not saving this city.
Riko 13 (3 months ago)
They need to make dlc to join other faction
Last Man Battalion (3 months ago)
"this is lmb territory!"
Soggy Chips 89 (3 months ago)
Would the last man battalion and the division work together
KarlCraft Animation (3 months ago)
What is background music I like it?
Prim dog Plays (3 months ago)
When your racist and part on faze so you dress up in all white and quickscope someone in the head
SamSingh (3 months ago)
are last man and division allies?
SamSingh (2 months ago)
Aoko青子 ohh
SamSingh (3 months ago)
this is like the purge, everybody kills everybody
Darryl Panganiban (3 months ago)
Last Man Is my favorite.
TheFlatbread (3 months ago)
I hate the Rikers most. The LMB and the Cleaners (while I don't agree with them) are at least doing what they think is best for the city. Rioters steal (which is bad). But the Rikers are sadistic and kill because it's fun
noeline6771 (3 months ago)
Imagine Division 2 will be American Civil War 2?
JRH (3 months ago)
Our mission is to fight too many fuckin repeatitive bullet sponge enemies. We are the division
Jo S. (3 months ago)
In the next game we need more factions. More more more!
Jonah Lane (3 months ago)
Even though the game had a rough release, this trailer was still really cool to me
I am with the last man battalion
Only Division
Master MLG Joe (3 months ago)
‘To save what’s left of our city’ kills people
Nt Ks (3 months ago)
XCM2 JI (3 months ago)
Right Wing Death Squads VS Anarchist Leftist Resistance Fighters
gamer Kyle (3 months ago)
That was amazing
Justin Manalo (3 months ago)
I like the LMB cause they look very cool
DRJOSHUA007 (3 months ago)
When the purge lasts a whole year...
Rashy Algae (4 months ago)
It was nice while it lasted.
Kpoda (4 months ago)
this game deserve a lot more
Matthew Halim (4 months ago)
So old. Why did utube reccomend
James Mercado (4 months ago)
I dont get why the Cleaners and the Last Man Batalion are enemies? In a way they can help each other lol
Viper (4 months ago)
It's all about Ramos these days.
Seth Leoric (4 months ago)
i wish there were white rioters like in the trailers
Pentu Prager (4 months ago)
The real bad guys are Ubisoft/Massive. Destroyed a great game. Don't believe the HYPE.
Wait until you entered dark area,then you might rethink of what is right or wrong🤬
joseph swolin (4 months ago)
What are cleaners? They were send by goverment or they just burning people because everybody is infected ?
piley gamı (4 months ago)
terörist aktıveşın
Commander Rosebud (4 months ago)
Only through the powah of foiah.
Kevin Poppe (4 months ago)
For me: LMB the cleaners The division Rikers rioters
Scotsman Games (4 months ago)
i 50/50 agree with the cleaners if them and the division teamed up probaly would everything be better
Medical Idiot (4 months ago)
What of the JTF
Tyler Blvck (4 months ago)
1:00 Bane... is that you?
Axel Bortmes (4 months ago)
Games always make you play the good guy like imagine how badass it would be if you got to be the bad guy for once
Sik13b bruh (4 months ago)
Today we take back the city we lost
Aleksa Kovacevic (5 months ago)
0:57 the best guys...
Walo (5 months ago)
Where the hell is my favorite JTF faction?
Toxic Man (5 months ago)
Honestly Cleaners are the best faction.
Brent Perseghetti (5 months ago)
Favorite enemy to fight- the least favorite enemy to fight 1.cleaners 2.rioters 3.division 4.LMB 5.rikers Post your list here
Tycho The Lost (5 months ago)
LMB all the way.
Razihel Fox (5 months ago)
Look at rikers/rioters and then look at last man batalion. LMB looks so cool and their movement. Like soldiers not chaotic and stupid.
Rain RedFox (5 months ago)
Between the last batallion or the division that i want to join.
Mr. Cloaker (5 months ago)
I'd join LMB or Hunters
Erdem Gümüş (5 months ago)
Where tf is Negative Ramos ?
Ege Pınar (5 months ago)
İts so cool
KiIler Bear (5 months ago)
Last man batallion kills a cleaner with one shot *Takes me 4 magazines of my Lmg to kill one*
Nice Name (5 months ago)
We are GROM and we will *destroy ya all*
Seanne Sy (5 months ago)
Seanne Sy (5 months ago)
Seanne Sy (5 months ago)
I like the Rioers
homer1075 (5 months ago)
Why does it sound like they got a bunch of dudes from Boston, and told them to do NY accents?
george zamfiroiu (5 months ago)
rioters , rykers ,cliners lmb I do not care I give them a bullet how long you blink I play with they on their fingers
ClassyGirrafe (5 months ago)
Hey we are the are the JTF and we take pride in watching division agents fight hordes of enemy's without helping them at all
Zombiefied (5 months ago)
Who is PEGI And why is she 18 every time
RedicualPlayz this is not funny
DUCKY __ GAMING! (6 months ago)
no jtf ba why
陳柏勳 (6 months ago)
Batman is what they need
2nd Account (6 months ago)
So much potential...
Joe Buck (5 months ago)
YOU play? 1v1?
Joe Buck (5 months ago)
2nd Account this game is amazing
Liander Belonato (6 months ago)
Nah, the division just kill the other factions for loot, it's nothing about "Saving what's left of the city"
Darkscorpion 7986 (6 months ago)
Gets some assholes
Profile (6 months ago)
I wish we could join the LMB they look badass
Victor Delta (6 months ago)
We tried to play by the rules. And where did that leave us? Trapped in the dark zone and sentenced to certain death.. The mission to uphold order in the Dark Zone has failed..it's time to put an end to this. I killed a Division agent the other night for eyeballing my Loot. if I didn't pull the trigger first, he would have done the same to me.. From here on out, we are no longer acting as part of the Division. We have gone rogue.
I want to join the last man battlion
YokaiDemon (5 months ago)
Scp 1678 The nazi scp :3 SAME
Scp 1678 The nazi scp :3 me too :3
DawnWalkerWolf (6 months ago)
2 years later....the factions now work together
gopnik maxim (3 months ago)
DawnWalkerWolf yep west side pier
F.B. I (6 months ago)
RedCrisisFox (6 months ago)
New game coming soon!!! “The Multiplication”
_.Stell._ (6 months ago)
What’s concerning is that in a phone trace you hear Joe Ferro (One of the bosses) talking to his men about them being heroes, in one point he states “We do what nobody else has the courage to do, to cleanse every last trace” In hindsight all the division do is kill people and break social hierarchies. Meanwhile the rival factions have done more good than bad, in my opinion I stand by the cleaners because if you REALLY want the virus gone that bad, you should cleanse everything, it’s euther a couple hundred thousand people or 7 billion and the end of humanity. I’m done being that annoying person in the comments that takes things too seriously now :)
Backup Tripod (6 months ago)
at least the cleaners try in their own special way to help?
Vraba ky (6 months ago)
Xbox is better 😘
David Kerrigan (6 months ago)
*video *shoots person in head 1 shot kill* *real game *shoots person in head 15 times with best weapon to get kill* Bullet sponge much?

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