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12 Movie Posters Recreated with Super Mario Odyssey - Mario Movie Posters

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Super Mario Odyssey's picture mode is wonderful, and these clever boffins have taken it a step further. Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (216)
Alfrexi Entertainment (2 months ago)
After I saw "The Moon", I died.
Snow Buddy18 (5 months ago)
The NL
Pangasauras (5 months ago)
This is dope
toy Loxy (5 months ago)
I'd like to see these movies lol
Boboiboy Thunderstorm (6 months ago)
The it reference is legit
安東尼熊Anthony Bear (7 months ago)
Lol all are so good😂😂😂
安東尼熊Anthony Bear (7 months ago)
Also The _Super Mario in Mario Odyssey_ came out one day before my birthday
O.H. X-90 (9 months ago)
Mario: "Bowser, you're just chicken! Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep!"
neonmeme (9 months ago)
This video is almost a ripoff of gameexplains
Tanruida official (9 months ago)
OverlordT (9 months ago)
66,610 views wow.
jh05 (10 months ago)
Neos the hedgehog (10 months ago)
1:27 e.t was the only thing that sceard me the hell out... and now it still.....
Falcon (10 months ago)
This Is Great
The VGM Lover (10 months ago)
Also, can we just talk about the music, for one second, while we're at this? \^o^/
TurboPikachuX (10 months ago)
I know that many of these are photoshopped, but it is still great to know that the game natively allows us to take pictures of Mario and friends, as well as enemies, from any distance/angle.
CorporalPig22 (10 months ago)
Did you know The Wolf of Wall Street has 506-569 F-bombs in it?
Sonicfan 31 (10 months ago)
I like the "jaws/caps" one!
SquirtleMaster (10 months ago)
I can picture Mario sitting at a table with DK learning the chest beat song from WOWS
Green PowerRanger (10 months ago)
I have ideas! Power Rangers-Piranha Rangers Transformers-Capformers Pokemon-PokeMario
NoahSMB (10 months ago)
Alright, time to add “movie box art star” to Mario’s list of jobs.
Unleash345 (10 months ago)
1:19 Am I the only one that thinks this should be called "The Shroom"
TheMarionick (10 months ago)
The Spider-Man one was the best.
Benial (10 months ago)
*Jaws should have been with the Unagi
Bold and Brash (10 months ago)
Nintendo never disappoints me
Kevin Velez (10 months ago)
I got an idea: 1985: A Mario Oddysey
Ayden Smith (10 months ago)
Why is it every fan art says M or R on it (if it shows the rating) Ive always wondered
FasterJTG (10 months ago)
Ayden Smith just to make it look edgy
Mr. Spiff (10 months ago)
I thought of The Room when I saw those footballs on top of the buildings in New Donk City
Retroller 64 (10 months ago)
Life is like a box of coins. You're always gonna get coins.
AyaneOfDeath (10 months ago)
In the Jaws one it would look creepier with those disgusting eel.
Maria Salazar (10 months ago)
Mario best actor for IT
Addewm (10 months ago)
This video was so cool! Glad to see the Mario community is so awesome!
B O N K O N T H E H E A D (10 months ago)
The Martian poster should've said "Bring Her Home".
SPIG (10 months ago)
you're not funny (10 months ago)
H a h a f u n n i m a y m a y j o k e a b o u t t h e r o o m m o v i e h a h a f u n n y j o k e h e r e
Beach Gaming (10 months ago)
Kevz (10 months ago)
0:21 So i hope you enjoy them, enjoy them
Leon Olhax (10 months ago)
*_o h h i m a r k_*
Alfrexi Entertainment (10 months ago)
They should've put it in the real game. Never hurts to have cultural references.
SuperJnes (11 months ago)
1:49 super lazy
Aarhead (11 months ago)
I definitely enjoyed them... enjoyed them.
Max Max (11 months ago)
Can't wait for Christmas to get this amazing game
PixelDustGaming 457 (11 months ago)
I want a part 2 lol
PixelDustGaming 457 (11 months ago)
1:48 Who else thought Mario was creepier with that blank stare
Andrew Stirling (11 months ago)
1:00; Shouldn’t the Jaws satire be “Cheeps”? As in cheep cheeps?
ToniToni 879 (11 months ago)
Mario Odyssey: *"The new meme"*
Danominator (11 months ago)
I always come back to be called a lovely person. :D
Michael Evans (11 months ago)
My fave is "Caps" Parody of "Jaws"
Darian Hopkins (11 months ago)
That was funny
ABAgamer (11 months ago)
That “Spider-Man: Homecoming” poster had me in a standing ovation.
Beeker Maroo (11 months ago)
Mario: *aims Cappy at the giant Cheep-Cheep* Smile you son of a...
How is this possible
Shucky4K (11 months ago)
love this
Nathanael Styve-Hector (11 months ago)
1:44 You Will a Float a Too Luigi!
Douglas Roth (11 months ago)
Hello there ugly people it's Alex from Nintendo Life here
Phantom (11 months ago)
2:00 No comments needed
Guillaume Duchesne (11 months ago)
The Martian's poster made me laugh so much xD Mario looks fucking clueless.
KamiJoJo (11 months ago)
jo gaming and vlog's (11 months ago)
Hillarious! ;)
JumbledJacob (11 months ago)
Sorry for hating on your Sonic Forces demo hating video, it was (accept the music) correct.
hvandermillen (11 months ago)
Turn on closed captions at the beginning. You're welcome.
bart21254 (11 months ago)
i got a super mario odyssey ad before the video. anyone else?
emrah şimşek (11 months ago)
so finally we are getiing a mario movie.
Valerie Taylor (11 months ago)
Parkalark (11 months ago)
This is brilliant
Navlette Tahi (11 months ago)
Gravity was a good movie.
Ignacio Valdés (11 months ago)
Anyway, How is Your Game life?
Alex Abraham (11 months ago)
"Hello there lovely people italics women tender life here." Oh, how I love YouTube closed-captions
Jim Mackenzie (11 months ago)
Man, this is brilliant ! I can't wait to see what other crazy things people will do with this game.
Cubster Playz (11 months ago)
i like this, ill sub to you if you sub to me
Kaji (11 months ago)
Can i have a link to the originals? I want to send them to my friend
TheNsider (11 months ago)
Fuck ya
Aryl The Barrel (11 months ago)
I just watched coco today and it would be cool if someone were to recreate it with the skeletons in toasterena! The skeleton, guitar, and sombrero really fit! Heck, Someone could even do wonder with the Astronaut helmet! I’m just throwing out some cool ideas!
Jackson Manuel (5 months ago)
HungryDitto_ Yeah, but they're good movies too.
HungryDitto _ (10 months ago)
Aryl The Barrel Wonder is a book and coco is a rip off of the book of life
Frans Lebin (11 months ago)
yeah don't credit shiggy for this game he had nothing to do with it
P Ferreira (11 months ago)
Well that's an obscure thing to do. I mean seriously you could take any game and do that.
Tilde White (11 months ago)
Thanks so much for the share, but putting giant banners with the contributors' names directly in front of the posters is some bad design imo. Try to arrange it to be less intrusive
Poyotrap (11 months ago)
where is the Paul Blart Mall Cop Parody?
ᒪᗩEᖇIᑕ Thomas (11 months ago)
It bothers me that some of these were made with editing software. Not the text, but they’re clearly not in-game shots.
TheLazyseer (11 months ago)
2071Johnny (10 months ago)
"I'm fed _up_ with these worlds!"
trolzilalol (11 months ago)
TheLazyseer oh hi toad
Joshua Giboney (11 months ago)
is it possible to make a kill la kill poster?
William Besonen (11 months ago)
MaskedMildew (11 months ago)
"HELLL*oooo* there lovely PEEEEople and today we--"
B O N K O N T H E H E A D (10 months ago)
Omgguyyoutube (11 months ago)
Jin HoHo (11 months ago)
so you going to credit the redditors that worked on these art pieces? or at the very least post which subreddit its from? r/nintendoswitch
Highscorebreaker Joe (11 months ago)
I did naht hit her! I did naht... ohai Mario
dacotah dudley (11 months ago)
"so I monotized their work"
pastrami salad (10 months ago)
that's what adblock is for
StllBreathnBut_Y (11 months ago)
Boo Destroyer (11 months ago)
0:52*A Yoshiaki Koizumi game
Shankovich (11 months ago)
Making add revenue off other people's work...
WildWoomy (10 months ago)
supershadow957 (11 months ago)
Jtmissile_AKA_SS870 (11 months ago)
I would pay full price to see each and every one of those films
SuperPikachuBoy (11 months ago)
The spider man homecoming one is just a masterpiece
Noah (11 months ago)
666th liker!
Skilzels (11 months ago)
For Gravity, it should of said "don't let-a-go"
Zio Stevie (11 months ago)
I love this video
BaronBrownB (11 months ago)
Honestly, It wasn't creative, fun or any good. Those posters are total bullshit and waste of time.
D o m y -ANYN14th- (11 months ago)
BaronBrownB | do not Cry Baby
jo gaming and vlog's (11 months ago)
DOMINIC CALDERON. Or you COULD say that most Adults have their conscious still like a kid one. Example: the one who wrote this shitty comment. Search up. Barry B. Benson from the Bee Movie to know what I'm talking about. (Actually BaronBrown B.) Sound's kinda racist to be honest. RIGHT BaronBrown B.
jo gaming and vlog's (11 months ago)
BaronBrownB. "Sigh"..... Nintendo didn't make or support this channel in ANY way possible. Do. You. Understand. Me.
DOMINIC CALDERON (11 months ago)
Wait hold up. *Manbabies?* only *kids?* last time I checked Nintendo is supposed to be all ages. Also just since adults are adults and kids are kids *you* think you can judge on what they like? Some adults *MISS* being a kid and I'm 13 and I *want* to stay young unlike you. Yes I like cod and games that are for "people of more age" but I also have a place for games like Mario and other games. So stop. Please.
DOMINIC CALDERON (11 months ago)
Holy shit go to a different video if you didn't like this. Oh, and one more question. What do *you* call creative huh?
Aryl The Barrel (11 months ago)
Hey you should do “Wonder” (2017) with the astronaut helmet!
Aryl The Barrel (11 months ago)
Blake Morris oh yeah true but i just watched coco and it would be cool if someone made Coco (2017) with the skeletons in tostarena! The skeleton, sombrero, and guitar would really fit!
Autumnal Blake (11 months ago)
They didn't do these. They just took them from Reddit people so they could make money off them.
Ibrahim Mahdi (11 months ago)
Dang, nintendo really knows customization. Keep the viral alive longer!
Nitro Joseph (11 months ago)
Love that Spider-Man Homecoming and Super Mario Odyssey side to side :)
PikaLink91 (11 months ago)
1:21 Seriously, where do you get that hair??
2071Johnny (10 months ago)
Now I can make Tuxedo Wiseau Mario!
Rotten Raspberry (10 months ago)
PikaLink91 (11 months ago)
Cringe Network - Thanks you!
Cringe Network (11 months ago)
Caveman outfit
plusminusDucky (11 months ago)
Cascade Kingdom
Tray Ahzz (10 months ago)
theres only 3 to 4 good ones there.
WildWoomy (10 months ago)
Trey Ahzze which are?
GeeseGoose (11 months ago)
I'm a simple man. I see Tommy Wiseau in the thumbnail, I click.
Jimii Games (10 months ago)
You're Tearing Me Apart Princess
Beeker Maroo (11 months ago)
Princess, you're tearing me apart!
P Ferreira (11 months ago)
You must be a very simple man. Ha, ha!
GeeseGoose (11 months ago)
Meta Knight Anyway, how's your spaghetti life?
Meta (11 months ago)
I did not jump on her, it is bullshit, I did naht Oh hey Luigi!

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