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8 Most Discussed Video Game Plot Holes That Will Never Be Answered

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Spoilers for all entries in this list. Here's when they appear: 01:09 / 02:16 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 02:16 / 03:10 - Red Dead Redemption 03:10 / 04:09 - Uncharted 4 04:09 / 05:02 - Heavy Rain 05:02 / 05:50 - Resident Evil 4 05:50 / 06:53 - Bioshock 06:53 / 07:52 - Mass Effect 3 07:52 / 08:42 - Crysis 1 & 2. For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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James Agradi (2 days ago)
WhatCulture guys keep saying "yers" rather than "years" and it's driving me up the fucking wall! Yer-yer-yeeer-paderpaderp!
Steven Gan (3 days ago)
1 years old
kefkaZZZ (3 days ago)
Mario never discovers the fact that Princess Peach has a steaming wet BDSM Koopa fetish, despite her numerous 'kidnappings'.
Gary Willig (5 days ago)
In RE4, they never wanted Leon to escape with Ashley. They wanted to have the US pay a huge ransom for Ashley and then release her. It still wasn't too smart, since once Ashley helped them take over the US they'd have as much money as they could ever need, but they never wanted Leon to escape, and Salazar even says that the girl is all that matters and that Leon could die.
BruTaL o4 (6 days ago)
Some of these aren't plotholes
Legions and legends (7 days ago)
Josh is deadass high in that still... Not even partially... That man is full on blazed... Full on the flying train... Faced with bigass L.
Oh gosh, the second game was different from the first one, PLOT HOLE! You keep blacking out to keep the game suspenseful instead of ending it in 4 seconds, PLOT HOLE! Your wife finds you, PLOT HOLE! You’re retarded
Stardust Signer (8 days ago)
The main boss in Resident Evil was so easy compared to Salazar or whatever his name is
Ricky Adams (9 days ago)
final fantasy X, Tidus is ripped out of a city that was once destroyed and then brought back by high summoner Yevon, who also put a barrier over the city to keep everything inside and everyone outside from entering, Tidus is ripped from the barrier by the demon Sin, who Tidus finds out is actually his father, but Sin is being controlled by Yevon, Yevon created Sin to protect his city, but Sin took Tidus out so he could kill him, which means that Yevon took Tidus out the protected city just to stop him or?...
Jon Ruger (10 days ago)
Biggest plot hole I've seen noone talks about is fallout 4 in Kellogg's memories he says the old man sent him to get the baby. But the baby is supposed to be the old man in the institute who is clearly older then the man you killed who supposedly kidnapped him in the first place
mrtalkative91 (12 days ago)
I was looking forward to this video, but the examples you used are so dumb. you really cant see how Jack would take 3 years to work out a way to get revenge for his father? and really? you started it with a COD? no one gives a shit about the story of COD games
John Holmes (14 days ago)
Many Years lol so many Years lol
Kevin Hibbard (15 days ago)
Dude looks like Paul Joseph Watson's crazy haired cousin.
Chris Brobst (16 days ago)
Not to mention about how in Res4 Sadler kept a machine laying around that could help remove a plaugas from the host body..
zanechaos (17 days ago)
Your dad has never been used and gunned down after his purpose was served has he? The plan was to let ashley be found or taken back to america AFTER SHE HAS BEEN FULLY INFECTED AND TURNED. She was not ready when leon came in to rescue her, she was in the process.
nahaison krips (17 days ago)
Hey Josh, the plot hole you mentioned from RE4 is explained in the cutscene when you first rescue Ashley and meet saddler. He doesn't need Leon, AT ALL, he wants to hold Ashley for ransom and conveniently use the ransom money to "keeps this church up and running", and send an infected first daughter back. Salazar also makes a point in saying in their first meeting that it's Ashley they want and "you (Leon) can die".
Notsuro nigthshade (16 days ago)
Re 4 is actually pretty simple to explain, its because it wasnt leon who was suppouse to bring ashley back, as the plagas in her wasnt fully mature yet, they needed more time to have her under saddler´s control
Daniel Crecca (17 days ago)
Well his dad was john Marston and try surviving without parents in the West without becoming a badass
Liam Godinez (18 days ago)
What about also FF7 plotholes¿?
Robert Adams (18 days ago)
10 Times WhatCulture has not reused the same video......well shit this harder than i thought. Really though who makes these videos, and says "hey lets get the new guy to say what the old guy said 4 mos ago."
farmery85 (18 days ago)
4.20 red herron hahahahahha
Devil 1911 (19 days ago)
Dude you are wrong about Crysis series... On Crysis 1 they dropped nuke, on Crysis 2 he jumped into the core to release that white bomb which makes aliens to blow up. Ive played Crysis series more times than you ever. And OFC as exiting he becomes prophet.
Rhetorical346 (19 days ago)
In RE4 the plan was to release Ashley. Not to let Leon succeed.
Scoobydxx (19 days ago)
god i hate your voice
Blaine Alexander (19 days ago)
The plan was never to have Leon take Ashley back. The plan was to plant Ashley back in the whitehouse after she was already under the influence of the plaga.
R Jr (19 days ago)
I'm pretty sure eight and years have Es in them. Arent you guys the inventors of English?
Mike Read (20 days ago)
Damien killing zsaz in injustice 2 in the flashback even though he appears in the prequel comic killing Alfred
Jordan Herkowski (20 days ago)
A plot hole is actually like for example in The Parent Trap why would parents who live on opposite ends of the country, or in the case of the remake two different countries entirely, send their kids to the exact same summer camp. Or why in Christmas movies like The Santa Clause where Santa is actually real no one believes in him.
HEEZY Hoopcast (21 days ago)
Are we more likely to trust gaming insight if it's in a thick foreign accent?? Cuz i've kinda noticed that trend lately 🔥🏀🔥
chavezchavo (22 days ago)
Ubisoft games are completely notorious for this. Their Rainbow Six: Vegas and Splinter Cell Blacklist completely ignore their respective prequels and pretend they never existed.
Goutam Kumar Parui (22 days ago)
bc_77 (23 days ago)
This guy has one of the worst hairstyles I have ever seen
David Mansley (24 days ago)
I feel like this channel nowadays just picks the same games out of a hat and builds a random top 10 around them. Unoriginal content.
David Baillie (24 days ago)
Do you guys understand what a plot hole is? Clearly not going by most of this video
Dakota Stricklin (25 days ago)
Some of these arent even plot holes.
Dylan Crawford (26 days ago)
I'm pretty sure that's a slaughter beach, dog shirt. If so that's sick.
Father Firefighter (26 days ago)
Man I forgot how good-looking of a game Uncharted 4 was
Joe Kaho (26 days ago)
Most of these aren’t plot holes Just bad writing
Luna Royal Games (26 days ago)
Here's a plothole for you: the Crooked Man wants to save Dave, even thou he tried to kill him. Dave was a loser who conveniently suffered the same way the Crooked Man did before committing suicide. The Ghost goes after Dave while having his illusions convince Dave to redeem himself before he commits suicide just like the ghost. If you don't like the idea that this man is about to fall down the same path as you taken, why kill him?!? Saying you just hate him for that is a terrible excuse.
rishabh rana (26 days ago)
R9SNick (26 days ago)
I can see no plot holes in most of these games. Am I smart and paying attention to games I play or Mojo boys sucks at stupid TOP 8 thing?
Recht_voor_zijn_raap (27 days ago)
The Mass Effect one is easy to explain ... Destroy is the obviously good ending ... BUT: The vision of Anderson destroying and the Illusive man controlling the Reapers is given to Shepard by the Catalist (The CREATOR OF THE REAPERS!) Of course he sees "Destroy" as a bad choice ergo the "Red color"
Caleb Santiago (27 days ago)
Bioshocks gets explained multiple times in the sequel
Forex Trader (28 days ago)
Ne Orenrehko:wa (28 days ago)
You went with Ethan's blackouts? And not the fact that you were playing as the Shelby when the origami killer killed the old man in the shop? There are red herrings and then there is just blatant lies.
Ollie Longworth (28 days ago)
Jack going on a path of a vengeance does not contradict the story, it is the point of the story.
Ryan White (28 days ago)
Well Saddlers Cult based their whole religion on money. In the church he says he wanted to infect her and send her back, by way of exchange for profit, then in turn betraying the deal when Ashley turns into a ganado. He wanted to take over the world, but like all the villains, except Wesker, money was a contributing factor. So Leon was just in the way for Saddler I think. He didn't need an agent getting in his way when the US would eventually give in to get her back if Leon was killed on his mission. At least that is the way i always thought.
Teresa (28 days ago)
and no..i wasn't indoctrinated..so stop saying this
Teresa (28 days ago)
the whole mass effect series.
Kurtis Mills (29 days ago)
I wanna work for whatculture
Justin Friedman (29 days ago)
Bioshock...so u said how the 1st had a plot hole n shit on the rest...so explain the rest please
MIND MILK (29 days ago)
Someone didn’t get red dead at all! The ending is not only ironic by design- but also follows one of the western genres most enduring tropes. I.e. that violence begats violence.
What videos (29 days ago)
Portal 2 - moving portals
xsvrrx (29 days ago)
Wow horrible assessment of mass effect 3...
OriginalDib (29 days ago)
The Bioshock one isn’t a plot hole at all, the book”Bioshock Rapture” explains it all.
Christoffer Olsen (29 days ago)
so how?
ZaThUrNoX (29 days ago)
Maybe nates luck comes in tge plot hole, i know this is completely idiotic but in all uncharted games it is incredibly implied that nate is extremely lucky
John Roome (29 days ago)
*"Red Herons"*
skynet091287 (29 days ago)
Screw the red and blue endings, i go for the Synthesis ending every playthrough anyway...
Sean Dring (29 days ago)
Still can't find a fitting t shirt?
Seal Over (29 days ago)
.... How is that a plot hole in ME3 , Not a plot hole lad , not a plot hole
Crossroad TG (29 days ago)
My biggest plot hole in Bioshock is Jack injecting himself with the first plasmid without any prompt or knowledge of what it is. A "Would you kindly" would have been nice there. (I don't recall one though)
Case M (1 month ago)
Kingdom hearts.
Joe Griffiths (1 month ago)
You explained half of these in your ramblings after. Red dead, the whole point of that ending is to show that it is a viscous cycle, no matter what it is hard to break away from your past deeds. Bioshock, he was emplanted with fake memories, memories of living a full life before heading back to Rapture. ffs.
Marc-Anthony Martin (1 month ago)
Mass effect 3’s ending was kinda like infamous 2’s. Where the person representing the good side and bad sides change sides. So if you’ve been good the whole game. The good ending comes from siding with the original bad girl. And vise versa
Jacob Ballance (1 month ago)
That’s the point of RDR... John redeemed himself only for Jack to go down the path that he didn’t want him to, it’s supposed to be bittersweet. I don’t really see the plot hole? Lmao.
thunderstudent (1 month ago)
Red Dead Redemption isn't a plot hole, 3 years and a lot of practice is enough time to become a bad ass. Especially after seeing your father's bullet riddled corpse and having that anger fester the whole time until Jack got his revenge. Saddler didn't want Ashley to leave until the Plagas had fully taken hold, if she was taken earlier a through medical exam might have ruined everything so he needed to keep Leon from escaping until either they were both assimilated or Leon was killed and Ashley was taken over. Jack was explained that he had memories implanted into his mind by Fontaine and was accelerated in his development. Also I think he was 4 years old when he left Rapture the first time, not 1. So {in theory} he could have been taught to do taxes and live a normal life topside.
Virophage (1 month ago)
WhatCulture once again fail to get someone who can actually speak English.  I wouldn't trust this retard to sit the right round on the toilet let alone follow a semi-coherent plot.
Kusuriuri (1 month ago)
John Marston's kid going down the same path as him isn't a plot hole, that's an element of the narrative one of the main themes of the game was how your past always comes back to haunt you and your actions have consequences, John's kid following his father's footsteps is a consequence of his crimes and proof that once you're in that life style you and those close to you can never get out.
Jacker cooper (1 month ago)
false memories in Bioshock
HAL JORDAN (1 month ago)
Bioshocks Jack is not one year's old That's silly he's in his mid 20s to early 30s, based on his appearance.
steve voltaire (1 month ago)
This video is reaching on what is plot holes
xxxCODExxx1 (1 month ago)
Considering that the game is all about John, putting in another 4 or 5+ hour story to show how his son became a badass would take too much time on the devs part, so it's implied that he's done a lot in the past 3 years in order to get to that point when plotting for his revenge.
Justin Govas (1 month ago)
The whole re4 can be explained cause gameplay. XD no one wants to play a game that would be an hour give or take cutscenes to beat
Tajai Davis (1 month ago)
All we gatta do is stuff them plot holes with our imagination
amir hpg (1 month ago)
Benny Boo (1 month ago)
When are presenters going to get we dont need these loooooong ass intros.
Alina DeWitt (1 month ago)
THE REID (1 month ago)
You don't beg for subs with your ugly nose before any content
PythonSnake (1 month ago)
***HEAVY RAIN SPOILERS*** I think that the fact that it was Shelby all along even though we were controlling him when the pawn shop owner got murdered is just bullshit and the biggest plot hole of the whole game. Also surprised you didn't even mention one of the thousands Metal Gear has...
CJ Van Meygaarden (1 month ago)
In Uncharted 4, Elena could've just followed the same clues that Nate did. Sully already knew about the island off the coast of King's Bay and then the barrage of gunfire and an entire tower collapsing would've told her where he probably was on the island. She had at least five hours to find him because Sam and Rafe made loads of headway while he was unconscious so... ... why is it a plot hole?
Blood-Winged Gun (1 month ago)
I can think of two more 1: In Outlast: Whistleblower DLC, Eddie "The Groom" decides to make the main character his bride. But every time he catches you, he kills you, before and after he captures you. And he tries to kill you at the end. At that time, you pulling on the rope as he hangs you somehow collapses the whole ceiling (which actually looks perfectly intact despite all the dead bodies) and lowers you and impales him. Some of that may make sense to you but just not to me. 2: In Call of Duty: Ghosts -- HOW ON EARTH DID RORKE ESCAPE IN THE END? First the train is blown up and sunk (by a ROD from space), then Logan shoots Rorke in the chest at close range with a Magnum revolver AND BLOOD SPURTS OUT SO YOU CAN'T SAY HE WAS WEARING A BULLETPROOF VEST, and then the train is flooded with water! You could argue that since Hesh survived, Rorke should also survive, but Hesh was not directly hit with the bullet and had to be dragged out by Logan, whereas Rorke had nobody to drag him out and he looked pretty damn dead.
ChrirTFM (1 month ago)
Watch this again and only focus on his nose holes!
Ashraf Mansour (1 month ago)
In Bioshock, he's given a body of a man, which means he should have that man's brain functionality (disregard memories). So he'd still understand to talk and can do all the things the other person could do before he was put into that body. Similar to real life situations, for example, one scenario where a guy had a heart transplant, woke up and fell in love with the lady who lost her husband which is the person he had his heart transplanted from. There are other scenarios, where transplants result in people liking foods that the other person liked before they died. Interesting stuff.... But that's just a theory.. A GAME THEO... You get it
Wretched Slippage (1 month ago)
maybe jack is like 14 or 15 so its not unreasonable for him to be a badass with facial hair at the age of 17 or 18. Shit, I was LOL
Poison (1 month ago)
sometimes i suffer from doo doo blackouts
Peanhead M (1 month ago)
Fuck you Josh
Matt Brown (1 month ago)
are you Ewan's brother?!?
JStryker47 (1 month ago)
The real mystery of the "No Russian" scenario is... why the HELL would anyone want to go through with it at all? Why not notify the authorities, so that they can stop the terrorists while you have the chance? You joined his group so that you could secretly take them down, right? And now you've just found out that they're about to go to an airport and murder a whole bunch of people? Gee, sounds like your cue to take them down, doesn't it?
John Klein (1 month ago)
Psst, the “good” red choice in Mass Effect 3 involves causing a mass genocide event where all synthetic life gets destroyed, not just the Reapers. The three color choices are no good choices, blue goes against what you fought, green forces the final evolution on everything (I’ll argue that this is the best choice), and red is mass genocide event on a whole entire life form. EDI dead, Legion’s entire mission and sacrifice of freeing the Geth of the hive mind is all for nothing.
Throttle Kitty (1 month ago)
"Today in plotholes that are only plotholes if you didn't pay attention.."
Throttle Kitty (1 month ago)
So in Bioshock it's believable they built an underwater city, gave people super powers, grew a man in a year, implanted false memories in him... but you draw the line and implanting motor memories like tying your shoes? I'm sorry, but what?
Tiffany S (1 month ago)
I dunno. The destroy ending in ME made sense to be the renegade choice. You are choosing to end all technology and delaying the reapers. They will come again, eventually. This choice causes more fuck ups. Youve solved nothing.
CasualVader (1 month ago)
Unless I missed something in the many times I’ve played it, Saddler’s plan wasn’t to have Leon bring her back but to extort ransom money and then send her back with the las plagas in her.
Blue-handled broom (1 month ago)
how Sega thought releasing sonic 06 would be a good idea
Afrika Smith (1 month ago)
The whole point of Red Dead Redemtion is you have to choose the life you want no matter what life your given and the grey area between the civilized and the criminal world in the dying old west is more complex than most people can in a novel or film. Jhon Marston grew up with no parents but still had a choice to either live a honest life or become a criminal. He paid the price when he was left to die but nothing is simple. He changed his life but he was still seen as a threat. His death and Jack's pursuit for revenge was a simble of justice towards those who claims to stand for justice with a badge but will kill a man who can change from a career criminal to a family man. It's most likely that Jack isn't a career criminal like his father was. He was just looking to kill the man that took his fathers life.
bloring1222 (1 month ago)
You basically answered half the reason why Ethan had his black outs. The origami killer’s moves. The black outs serve as the way the origami killer strikes. Play Scott Shelby’s parts when hes getting information from victims, the answers of black outs are there.
tyce pickett (1 month ago)
Ethan's blackouts were actually supposed to be happening due to having psychic link with the children that had been murdered. He was also supposed to have visions about the murders making him think that he had done them, and shelby the detective who turned out to be the killer was originally supposed to be possessed by his dead brother and actually unaware of being the killer because his brother was doing it when he took over. They decided to cut out the supernatural elements but for some reason left in the ethan's blackouts wich make no sense without the original script, and shelby's sudden shift in personality didn't really work without the original script as well.
Bill CIA Wilson (1 month ago)
Ugh... No. In Crysis 2 there was no Sphere, and Ceph wasn't feeding on energy. It was a different Ceph forces from the aliens from Crysis 1, so nucking the fuckers was the logical thing to do. Especially when the only person who witnessed the result of nuclear attack on Lingshan and survived was the Prophet. How is that a plothole?
Aidan Daniels (1 month ago)
Is Ben dead or something. haven't seen him in a vid in ages
Dylan Paoloni (1 month ago)
None of these really seem like holes if you give them any thought at all

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