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Minecraft-How To Know if Herobrine is On Your Minecraft World!

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#dragonragedavid In this video you will see me showing you how to tell if Herobrine is in your minecraft world if you find this video how to tell if Herobrine is in your minecraft world plz like it!! I hope you enjoy and plz subscribe this tutorial minecraft-how to know if herobrine is on your minecraft world is meant for demonstrating only this is not legit comment you Herobrine experiences and what Herobrine did to you or what Herobrine evidence you found!!!! In minecraft Herobrine might be a myth but just incase Herobrine is not a myth I made this vid some people see Herobrine on minecraft in their singleplayer worlds most times on minecraft servers when you spot herobrine its not legit cause you have ops that might troll make sure you don't have any minecraft herobrine mods installed also generated structures mod to make it legit no mods I hope you find this minecraft how to know if herobrine is in your minecraft world tutorial useful SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE MINECRAFT TUTORIALS LETS PLAYS AND MORE MINECRAFT CONTENT!!!!! If you have any Minecraft Herobrine questions comment your Minecraft Herobrine question bellow!!! Have a vdeo of Herobrine in Minecraft? POST IT AS A VIDEO RESPONSE!!! Comment down below if you think Herobrine is really in Minecraft if Herobrine really is in Minecraft? cant say for sure if Herobrine is in Minecraft How To Know/Tell if Herobrine is in your Minecraft World? WATCH THIS VIDEO Minecraft-How To Know if Herobrine is On Your minecraft Word Herobrine in Minecraft is only 100% legit w/ no mods and/or a texture pack and in singleplayer Herobrine in Minecraft is 50% chance real in Minecraft I think join my server! livestreams:http://www.twitch.tv/dragonragedavid DUBSTEP CHANNEL:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMuEcUhET2OTKoT_5fl1FIA SPORTS CHANNEL:http://www.youtube.com/user/dragonragedavidsport GAMING CHANNEL:http://www.youtube.com/user/dragonragedavidgames become a dragon!!!:http://www.youtube.com/user/epicminecraft111 Plz rate,comment and subscribe!!! :D
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David Frick (10 months ago)
Do not subscribe if you want minecraft content I do vlogs and irl videos now.
Anna Pi (2 days ago)
David Frick fake
Colemanjon 10 (2 months ago)
David Frick what about the cross
Kay Herold (4 months ago)
Giselle Quintero Gomez do you have fire spread on? If so, that could've been a naturally-spawning lava lake, which usually sets fire to nearby tress if the fire spread is on
ChristmasCrepr Gaming (5 months ago)
David Frick I
Kyra The albert fan (2 days ago)
Gacha Alex 10 (5 days ago)
Redstone torches are all around my world
Awp Noob (6 days ago)
So When i was in my MCW10 (minecraft windows 10) i saw a redstone torch and a random Sign with no text and a perfect Cross in the desert well the Perfect cross in the desert are Normal because i always generate with a cross in the desert but isnt it not random if theres tree crosses in a row??? thats when i tought Nope im leaving this Server never coming back and im deleting it so thats when i did <3
Meganmlove Sollarsmlp (6 days ago)
But what if it's a quartz thing it's a cube and of course and the seed I will tell you this the seed but it started raining blood
Tyler Fonz Belisario (8 days ago)
I just saw random red particles
Tyler Fonz Belisario (8 days ago)
That creept the heck out of me ohhhh! POOP
Ginger Wilson (10 days ago)
I was with my brother and me and him were in a survival and I saw red stone torches 3 of them all of in one group
Anthony N (10 days ago)
I still hate him he killedme a lot >:(
Jovanka Sutandar (11 days ago)
Are herobrine real??? I think my game glitch out because there’s a random torches in my mcpe world and I’m looking for answer :/
Starshit187 (6 days ago)
Jovanka Sutandar no herobrine is actually a creepypasta
Dwaine Gonzales (13 days ago)
yes thats right dude shes in my minecraft world seed HEROBRINE 123456789/@$$$/*
Hygric Gamer (17 days ago)
I have found 3 crosses in my minecraft
Jodi Hull (17 days ago)
My brother joined a world that he got really far on but when he logged on he thought he saw a arm sticking out in his mine. Also when he checked his inventory he had a random red stone torch.
Menno Verhoeven (20 days ago)
o no herobrine is then in my game
How to know herobrine is in ur world Go back in time and it's impossible xD
FFluffy furby (25 days ago)
Wanna go to my cursed world Seed furbyland
Evelyn Garcia (29 days ago)
OMG HE IS ON MY WORLD BECAUSE I GOT TWO SINGS 1:There is lava on the snow pleace 2:there is a cross
Danny Coleman (1 month ago)
also in my other world I was just wandering around a slot if thing are suspicious and I looked up though problem s and I see that Herobrine and null are watching me :.( I just want a peaceful day of Minecraft and if you to find me im on lifeboat Survival mode sm1 NOT pro Survival mode
Danny Coleman (1 month ago)
well, I was walking around in the desert and a come to a hole that leads into other holes and I freaked and left but I couldn't because a big lag cam out of no where I will probably making world by my self my gamertag is xXLilSunXx if you would like to talk to me about your experience.
zaylan ruiz (1 month ago)
I saw a cross I'm scared
Johan Prado (1 month ago)
Angellica McNeill (1 month ago)
I found a cross in my Minecraft world
Angellica McNeill (1 month ago)
A perfect cross
Firewolf123354 (1 month ago)
i found a cross and its creppy
Owlish DIY'er (1 month ago)
Italia Morgan (1 month ago)
I have with my sis and brother heathen and kayla
Emmanuel Tube (1 month ago)
One thing call of duty sucks and mine craft is better you can do mods texture packs addons and that's it but you cannot do it in call of duty and that's why call of duty sucks real real real real real real real real real real real real real BAD!
ROCHER VIERNES (2 months ago)
OK one day i was finding a villige then like 3 hours later it was in a sand and the house is wood and i found like sand liek all crazy and i found like Random redstone torchest then like i was like scared cuz is there like someone in my game then I deleted it like 3 weeks later I tried finding my world cut I like download world and I tried searching it in YouTube and I saw this and I watch it and I saw the redstone torch and like I was freaking out cut I saw that in my world so ya
NiceButteryToast ` (2 months ago)
ROCHER VIERNES I went on creative around the world. I found more red stone torches..
ROCHER VIERNES (2 months ago)
NiceButteryToast ` and by the way um I made a survival world and I saw it again too many why and I try putting cakes and I will try to visit it agin
NiceButteryToast ` (2 months ago)
ROCHER VIERNES Just a few hours ago I created a Minecraft world and I found red stone torches everywhere I went..
Nick butler Videos (2 months ago)
OMG no joke at all everthing u said happend too me 3 years ago on xbox 360
Megan Emerson (3 months ago)
My chicken die randomly do you know how he die
Rachael Janovsky (3 months ago)
I was exploring and found a pig with all white eyes, I freaked out and shut of my Xbox
Liam Yaciuk (3 months ago)
Dude... i fucked a pig
Lee Strieby (3 months ago)
my world's are normal
Ritesh Rohan (4 months ago)
i saw random cross on ground in minecraft ,can it be Herobrine.
Ivan Blanco (4 months ago)
I just found random Redstone torches in my world
Mix that Minecraft boy (4 months ago)
I found a cross on my world but I seen it before and I’m like “not again”
ynnah A. (4 months ago)
Isaiah Williams (4 months ago)
Redstone torches in a perfect line
Emani Porter (4 months ago)
Their are random redstone torches in my survival world in some in patches im freaking out
Golden freddy 2222 (4 months ago)
Me and a friend did a live of summoning herobriane and it started lagging and now there is 0 villagers in Minecraft in my servers and my friend had a lot of experience with herobrine
Spirit wolf Emma89 (4 months ago)
Omg once I had a weird noise in the normal minecraft music no disc the noise was like scratches and I heard help really quietly then it was normal then I see a sign saying HELP OR I WILL SEND YOU TO HELL
Luigi fan (4 months ago)
I heard something when I was mining so then I quit Minecraft on my TV but I'm going to play some more right now
Mystic Glaceon girl (4 months ago)
Fuckkkkk I have random Redstone torches generated in my world and I'm the only one that has been in it!
Isabella Eagle (4 months ago)
Every time I go to the nether and it glitches and then when I defeat the boss I see hero brine
Richard z (4 months ago)
Herobrine isnt real kid if he was it would be coded into the game
Shadow Play_z (5 months ago)
Guys i need help! I keep hearing player footsteps in peaceful mode in singleplayer, and it creeps me out! When i come back from the mines, one block from my house is destroyed everytime (THIS IS NOT A LIE!!! HELP MEEEEEE)
Casey Chan (5 months ago)
Casey Chan (5 months ago)
He was in my server ;-;
Blue Berry (5 months ago)
For some reason I found a cross in my forest and it’s really creepy
zella younce (5 months ago)
I’m really terrified right now. I just went on minecraft today and it said that there was a “3am” world made today, and I hadn’t been on minecraft for a week, and nobody was on my phone today. What should I do?
warriormike (5 months ago)
well fuck you this vid is crap
NinjaGamer (5 months ago)
i know im a little late, but sorry to break it to ya, herobrine was never a thing. just some clickbait crap
Seth Newman (5 months ago)
I was building my house and tons of hair bronze was beside me and I didn't know what to do so I just freaked out and I just locked out of my PS4 and close the application and all my saved levels or as I should say on my saved games was Herobrine's and hair vines in Herobrine's but I don't know what to do so I just put the server out and hooked it and I guess it didn't work
Seth Newman (5 months ago)
I seen Herobrine's beside me everywhere and I was freaking out I didn't know what to do but hair Brian put me in survival mode and put me on fire with a fire sword not back to he killed me and I responded in his world
hudsonfry07 Fry (5 months ago)
i was just playing with my friend on minecraft and an explosion kept happening around the same placed i listened and it sounded like a presure plate and then explosion
debbie2811 (5 months ago)
Scaleten horses spooning
Paper Studios (5 months ago)
What about a cross? Cuz i saw a cross in my newest world and i was facetiming my friend
Super98 (5 months ago)
badd dieeeeee
JH the Reaper (6 months ago)
You see lava every were
Liam Berube Mosher (6 months ago)
This is odd because about 3-4 years ago I was playing with a friend on a lan server at there home... there was a small sand pyramid just like the one you showed with a Redstone torch on the top and another one nearby, to this day that friends denies it and thinks I was just messing with them while I thought it had to be them
Nick Moo (6 months ago)
xxbubbaAKAthomasxx __ (6 months ago)
There is an upside-down cross in my world
Boby Gangsta (6 months ago)
i see a forest on fir ein my serevr and i realy realy scary i see trees without leaves too! I just leave a present with golden apples and simonds and i dont remember but i was realy scared!!!
ClickBait Videos (6 months ago)
Once was a time im playing and i go to my world see that my skin was a steve and saw herobrine inside my house and he killed me and i lose all my stuff
Some nerd 157 (6 months ago)
I don't think herobrine is still in the game (he used to be as a companion (I beleive)) but I've had really weird glitches!
Eliza Marvell (7 months ago)
I was building a house then all of a sudden I heard creepy music
Severi Parkko (7 months ago)
Is it usual if you are in ender after you have killed the ender dragon and there comes music and and it sounds like it crashes?
Judy Sallam (7 months ago)
Please someone answer quick! I was playing Minecraft Pe better together update.. then I was in the end, And I found the herobrine cross... and now I'm just creeped out.... do I have herobrine in my world or am I just imagining things? Sorry for the long comment😊
Alex Urias (7 months ago)
I was flying in creative node and me game just glitches and when it stops a cross appears
Sorin Staff (7 months ago)
i had herobribe in my world and the first thing i did is to go and find a good place too build a shelter and it was a random perfect tunnel and when it was my second night i was hearing mining sounds and rain
Falcon 87 (7 months ago)
I put i sign down and left came back and saw on X have no idea what this means
Becca Kelly (7 months ago)
me and my friend where playing minecraft one day and my friend was playing he was playing at 9:00 and i was asleep we woke up that morning and there was 3 red flaming crosses and a nether portal and there was skulls so we deleted the world
Collin Renkel (7 months ago)
I mean the name
Collin Renkel (7 months ago)
Has anyone ever noticed that herobrine looks like heroin
Jeanette Ritter (7 months ago)
There are random crosses in my world
The WWE show (7 months ago)
I just went in my world and it said on a sighn I’m gonna kill you,I found it,hi I’m herobrine
Tessa Perez (7 months ago)
A wither just spawn in my world randomly
holden ingersoll (7 months ago)
I only have3 of them
Ava The Unicorn (7 months ago)
Who knows how many times he said umm
Sana Ashruf (7 months ago)
It kinda worked I summoned hero brine by using a secret command called /summon herobrine and then herobrine dident have his arms and head
Game Net (8 months ago)
My house that took me a year to build got destroyed by him
Gabe Ganoe (8 months ago)
Uh-oh I think I saw one of the perfect-pyramids
sally msp (8 months ago)
There is a perfect cross in the sky in my world
I can see in my world a sign I named it will be renamed into null null null null, what means?!!
Carla Carla (6 months ago)
ScorpionPlayZ -MC,Roblox And More Java Error
GOODLYWII Gameing badi (8 months ago)
When I was playing Minecraft at 3 AM and then I want you just caved in the mist village when I die in the village again I wouldn’t scare not mine culture of Chester’s name I know his golden apple inside nail but need to know how to put in chanted golden apple is Knute into our yard he will Brian how do you want to get cake with me bad but Brandon and the pool though I don’t know it and it’s not in the middle of nowhere I sent every extra cake in the middle of nowhere and stores are glow stone in the middle of nowhere and I
GOODLYWII Gameing badi (8 months ago)
When I was playing Minecraft at 3 AM and then I want you just caved in the mist village when I die in the village again I wouldn’t scare not mine culture of Chester’s name I know his golden apple inside nail but need to know how to put in chanted golden apple is Knute into our yard he will Brian how do you want to get cake with me bad but Brandon and the pool though I don’t know it and it’s not in the middle of nowhere I sent every extra cake in the middle of nowhere and stores are glow stone in the middle of nowhere and IWhat
GOODLYWII Gameing badi (8 months ago)
And then when I was in the mist I will in his cave and had a bunch of wood planks in mind go to Chester is your name and then it happened who are blind and ate it and chanted go on Applewood and I grabbed now my WhatsApp diamond sword but I warn Anne and I want to hold game and then went to the end and I told Anne you have a minute when you
GOODLYWII Gameing badi (8 months ago)
120 and was going to no water temple is on the map in my inventory but in survival mode and then at which the Indian hero Brian join a game in entity 3O3Indent and grind join Cycle go join the game to go to scary but I want Braden both know I got a black chick diamond sword and it did in funding right on the diamond sword and I got a bunch of time and Cureaux was creepy and you know I do it every time Kevin is joining friend oil when I friend joins me they get killed by your moms
Icys123abc (8 months ago)
To make hero brine shite
Icys123abc (8 months ago)
You are a special kind of stupid
sblue caalvin (8 months ago)
Hello -- I was recently playing Minecraft while doing a Steam livestream with my friends. As I was mining, I saw a very long dark hallway with redstone torches. At the end I saw a figure, but with BLACK eyes. Has this ever happened to anyone? I'm worried
Camo parker (8 months ago)
I was attacked by null so first I down loaded a add on but it didn't work so I was like oh ok than I just joined a new world that I saw a black character that it flew and attacked me with fire balls but I thought it was the add on but it didn't say that he haves fire powers than a got scared so of course I went back on the world but he was not there and there was a sign that said "we are coming for you" with this face {□~□} and I know I didn't put that there than I looks around for about 30 seconds than I say herobrine and entity 303 than null teleported infront of my than I fell in a hole and died than I delete the world and it's a true story so now I'm trying to be careful
Frenzy Folo (8 months ago)
(P.S THIS IS FRENZY FOLOS COUSIN, And I’m a girl.) So one day I was playing pocket edition on my cousins world that we haven’t played in a LONG TIME. So we joined it, first thing we did was go mining. THE BASE OF THE STORY. ( We had dogs named Sadie and Elbert, and one day they disappeared a long time ago, and we didn’t know where they went.) So we went mining we dog down made our own cave. Got some iron and coal... (this is where it gets creepy.) Then we went back up and home smelted the iron while that happened I wanted to see a new cave a real one. And I remembered that I thought there was a cave in the woods that we live next too.. and I brought torches and stuff, we both went into the woods and found a cave, first we mined coal then found some iron, it was going good. BUT THEN, OH BUT THEN, (CREEPY.) I WANDERD AROUND AND FOUND, stairs, stairs we didn’t make and I know for a fact it wasn’t us. Because it was a new cave, with no torches. It was creepy I said my cousins name, he came and said what the HECK. WE WERE FREAKED OUT..! We went down the stairs and we saw, SADIE, SADIE MY DOG SADIE! AHHHH! And a double chest with stuff like a diamond sword and chest plate, just goodies.. and Sadie was tamed.. but not by us, she was sitting in the corner, I couldn’t stand her or he couldn’t, we grabbed the stuff, then we killed Sadie cuz we thought something would happen, after that we mined down the place to see if we could find anything. But we couldn’t find anything and nothing happened.. I RAN OUT BACK HOME, HE WAS SLOW. AND I GOT HOME, AND I SAW ON HIS SCREEN. HE FOUND ELBERT OUTSIDE THE CAVE. I WAS GONNA HAVE A HEARTATTACK. AND ELBERT WAS STANDING, he was tamed and not by us! So he hit him, and started killing him! But my cousin killed him.. :( Then we went back home.) and talked about how creepy that was.. and put our stuff away, then went to bed.. then it was a foggy morning.. and that was scary.. he went outside, my cousin really wanted to see if this was real I didn’t wanna be alone so I came a little bit.. and he said he saw a black shaped thing in the fog far away. When we went closer it disappeared and went he went back it was gone... he kept seeing it.. But we left not deleting the world. And that was The End. We were so scared. It was creepiest thing we have ever seen, and that’s why we came here to see if it has happened to others.. That’s our Herobrine Story. (Not for sure if it was him, but it was scary.)
Roblox boss V (8 months ago)
I was on my friends Minecraft world and we were building a house after we were done we saw at a cross it was a perfectly done cross me and my friend were trying to figure out if we did it or if someone else did it but then I messed with it and put a water bucket inside of that cross and the game kicked me it told me that I was not friends with the host even though my friend was the host
Caiden Abshire (8 months ago)
lisen to this: i was playing on my computer i built a house on mincraft i was going to get diamond and i did then i got back to my house and i herd a tnt noise i opened my door and enderbrine and herobrine were staring at ME
Rosey Lhana (8 months ago)
I was playin minecraft and i saw a cross and it was not on the ground and it was made out of ice
herobrine entity303 (9 months ago)
random believers that herobrine exist in minecraft herobrine is a virus the story is a mojang worker get fired in the company and he hack minecraft it will just kill you in hardcore crush your server in survival or creative and you cant play it again
Wolfmen (9 months ago)
U fake
Fallen For Music (9 months ago)
So, I was playing Minecraft on my PS Vita, I made a new survival game, and waited for it to load. Once it loaded I got into the game and I was mining a tree for wood. Once I finished, I walked around for a bit, till I walked a certain direction and looked down at the ground and saw a cross. I also saw pumpkin heads in the middle of the grassy forest. So, once I spotted the cross, I closed Minecraft, went back on, and deleted that world. I went into another world, which is a very old one and with very good buildings with the help of TSMC. I went to the very end of my city and saw some of my blocks from a house broken, so I was like “I didn’t break these blocks.” So, I just thought it was normal, but I heard random walking sounds and mining. So, I got freaked out and left the game. This was too creepy.
clarisse balagot (9 months ago)
Well mine was Herobrine was hunting for me because i forgot all the time im his everlasting SON he was searching for me all day
GreeceMapper YT (9 months ago)
Yesterday a sheep got spawned from no where in one of my worlds and there was no sun...Today I found a cross up in the sky and in one of my worlds everything was emepty not even grass not even mobs not even trees
The Busman (9 months ago)
My house burnt down

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