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Dead Matter - Official Reveal Trailer (New Open World Zombie Survival Game 2018)

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Here is the First Official Trailer of Upcoming Open World Zombie Survival Game Dead Matter.Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe. Dead Matter on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/qisoftware/dead-matter?ref=category_newest Dead Matter is the definitive zombie survival game. Players must fight to survive in a zombie packed, post-apocalyptic world that fosters whichever playstyle fits you best. Settle down and defend your home from outside threats with an expansive crafting and barricading system, cultivate and live off the land or branch out, explore, and scavenge whatever vehicles, weapons, and food you may find in a zombie-plagued Calgary - alone, or with your friends. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
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Text Comments (1530)
Lalo Lariz (11 days ago)
This game needs to allow you to meet other survivors and help one another to survive. It should I also have consequences for example if you don't help your neighbors and they should die then your other neighbors would not interact with you and possibly might want to kill you. All fishing to this game as well.
Forever Names (1 month ago)
Unturned Future..
Blake James Mcbride (1 month ago)
How long till it's out
Urban Student Prepper (1 month ago)
Canadian zombies? Would they say sorry after they eat you?
Henry Hunch (1 month ago)
This is dope
Xeryen (1 month ago)
3D Project Zomboid
Tre Baham (2 months ago)
Guns good guns
Jakeyy (2 months ago)
when is this game coming out
Dragon ball Super (2 months ago)
Does it connects players online
CharlieW (2 months ago)
Why is everyone skeptical give it a chance
Jaden Strayer (2 months ago)
Joachim Petersson (2 months ago)
To good to be true? Proof it! Or is this just another WarZ crap game full of hackers?
eric biwang (2 months ago)
plsss give me free download :)
Demonic Entity (3 months ago)
Impressive 👍.. really like the look of the suburbs.. one thing nearly every zombie game is missing.. let players play through the outbreak at the start.. a procedurally generated outbreak to start things off would be amazing.. more work but would shine through compared to other titles.. hope this game works out!!
darkmatter gaming (3 months ago)
Mr.NoScope (3 months ago)
Reminds me of survive the night
Demon King (3 months ago)
hey what about mitary or fBI cia building that u can take over
Phexism (3 months ago)
looks interesting, but so did many other crowd funded games, can anyone honestly tell me a GOOD crowd funded game that actually implemented all features that were promised? please people, be patient, don't give them money until it's out. most devs give up interest once they've made bank on these unfinished projects leaving empty promises and an unfinished, unpolished game. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
Gabriel Benoit (3 months ago)
omg Canada, i'm getting this game
Preston Kelly (3 months ago)
Is it split screen
BoriHunter (3 months ago)
They said 6 months to get it to Steam as an Alpha 7 months later still nothing.... interesting.
The forgotten gamer (3 months ago)
I love the idea of it and I would love to do gameplay of it hope its released on date
Jayce Coloma (4 months ago)
This is the dead island 2 that was never released
Mr.Minzer (4 months ago)
Can you play by yourself? Without other people, real people. Like a singleplayer?
ZBriggthegamer (4 months ago)
Try and get this on ps4, my pc is broken but I could be a alpha tester, just get it on ps4 or supply me with a pc with the game on it
James Tyron (4 months ago)
if its gonna be just multiplayer then its gonna *SUCK* i like single player zombie games cuz other players just get you killed or kill you intentionaly
Justin agce1064 (4 months ago)
Is this game also for Ps4 ?
TylynFAM (4 months ago)
Damn. To bad this won't be on Xbox one or ps4. :(
Evilangel 1025 (4 months ago)
MetorxGD (4 months ago)
This game looks very cool, I hope this is gonna be on Xbox
Pedro Alb (4 months ago)
Nice Video clip! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you thought about - Saankramer Land Protection System (probably on Google)? It is an awesome exclusive product for Learning how to survive following a crisis minus the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my close friend Aubrey at last got excellent results with it.
PizzaOwl (5 months ago)
Will this be free by chance, single player or multiplayer only?
jack son (5 months ago)
Just wow this game is perfect but the problem is it will be expansive and not all people got good gaming pc
THE BLOBFISH (5 months ago)
Just a suggestion you should have some survival camps good and bad
xXmean_beanXx (5 months ago)
I want this on console
Transformation (6 months ago)
What's system is this on or what console
Goreshedda (6 months ago)
i could test for ya
William Gilengren (6 months ago)
You should have a military bunker with a code that needs to be found
TRB Show Off Videos (6 months ago)
Should come to Xbox 1 and PS4
LuKa MEG (7 months ago)
No multiplayer??
Taken (7 months ago)
There need to me a build your own house/home, Say your in the woods and you want to make your own home out in the woods away from people.
Brandon Marshall (7 months ago)
this looks like an amazing well made game. Extremely better art compared to other zombie games that are just trash glued on other trash
The Proud Man (7 months ago)
Will this be on steam?
Call me DADDY (7 months ago)
Wow cant wait to die in my own house
Nigeria Crenshaw (7 months ago)
Mr X (7 months ago)
Well, I'm just kind of waiting for a realtime FPS version of Cataclysm DDA.
Cool Boy (7 months ago)
So idea feedback is good :D
Ghostlygamer1 1 (7 months ago)
H1z1? 😂😂
Rizzi Gameplay (7 months ago)
wow it's looks nice . I hope they can put more to it but so far looks interesting
Static Board (7 months ago)
I love these games, but if you can't climb shit or hop over obstacles that should or can be hopped over/grabbed, it fucking ruins it, especially this day of age. The only exception was days of RE1-3.
Chin Kian Lee (7 months ago)
you should act more about the detail of the zombie and ragdoll physics and also the weapons if you hit a zombie imagine it'll push and it fell down imagine it not it's like a rag doll you must remain like you know the zombies like the only thing in the game that's really really good about it you need to animation the looks the detail even the Ragdoll make it look realistic like a zombie with a weapon like a baseball bat in the head or any body part there's a chance the zombie my phone down but realistically at the zombie. Fall down it's not like it looks like the zombie struggle you must realize that you must realize the struggle of the zombie the rectal physic the realistic physic about the game and also you should secret like Easter eggs something like that yeah but the game next Zombie death scene if you kill a zombie and will die like instantly and don't make a voice like imagine if you have a pointy weapon like a machete you hit a zombie in the head it will be alive but if you hit it again and again it was starting to struggle when it died and make us sound like they want to be still life like this song zombie struggling if you act that and permit dad will be like a struggle zombie if you use the zombie if you use the struggle I'm sorry Andy Mason and it almost look realistic and make it fun for every player to see how fun is it the realistic and polish the game is and how this move game and the zombie struggle something like that yeah next you should edit hunting mechanics where the animal water is in the wild while you catch them will be a fun part seeing you or your people your peoples playing the game have to survive find food you can find like food in different houses you can even hunt for food I meant you're like a bird in the sky you can shoot them even like a deer yeah that's the one Italy so good I think more character next weapon upgrading weapon various around the town doesn't have hearts that you can use you can use as a weapon you can even use as a reed imagine in the house you see like a catnip imagine your ex and then you break it you have sticks you make a workbench when you make a workbench LED you craft a weapon which is which is just like a stick with us. Imagine you can create your own weapon and assault weapon like a Cleaver upgraded with some spiky electric charging volt where you can electric zombie where you keep them yeah that's about it if you if you read my suggestion of the zombie apocalypse new game I hope you would add it to this game please I like to see YouTube play this game
Is this on console
robthenorm (8 months ago)
yay he funpimps made a new game...wait !! what???....
RaSXGaming (8 months ago)
This seems like a very awesome zombie survival game with a lot of promise :)
Kalifas (8 months ago)
Nice skill !
CRUSTCOOKIE XD (8 months ago)
Name a city/town cythrill so cythrill is basiccally a town that is very poppular and populated with rich people
goo goo bars (8 months ago)
I'll live in a home and stay in the house
MR_Ize (8 months ago)
If the game looks like this when it releases ima buy it.
Danny Lang (8 months ago)
I really hope that this game will be at the least, decent. It would be pretty cool to play one of my favourite game types in my home area
bloodwolf 3303 (8 months ago)
This looks amazing! Cant wait!
CMT_GUN_ DOWN (8 months ago)
Is it on ps4
Rainbow Dash (8 months ago)
its looks relly nice how can i become a beta tester
ScreenTalker DotOrg (8 months ago)
Either you go big and push KOTH like PUBG or you keep it small and embrace the mod community to stay afloat like Arma 3
Corpsi (8 months ago)
Zombies Hahahahahah!!!
Uncle Ausnit (8 months ago)
Is this for phone?
Jake Torres (8 months ago)
Kind of like dying light but a bit more realistic
Michael McKee (8 months ago)
Is it going to be for PS4?
Gaming with Spawn (9 months ago)
so glad it got funded!!!!! remember seeing it on kickstart and immediately wanting to see it make it.
Ravi JUNIOR (9 months ago)
And us player can equity them with wepons
Ravi JUNIOR (9 months ago)
U guys can put survival in the gate which u can save and they can help u guard fight
Allen McClean (9 months ago)
I laughed when he said Alberta, Canada all dramatically
Alexander (9 months ago)
Another top ten early access zombie games that will never be completed.
totalbullsheep (9 months ago)
....MY GOD
Bob Jones (9 months ago)
Homer Simpson @2:33
8L34CH Games (9 months ago)
You should add tanks and helicopters
Carla joy Flores (9 months ago)
Iack (9 months ago)
want a game that already is what this game wants to be? SURVIVE THE NIGHTS. google it.
Stalker ??? (9 months ago)
This game would sell like crazy on consoles as well as PC. Let's hope it doesn't die and gets all the funding it needs... This game is what 7 days to die should have been
RaynGamingTV (9 months ago)
https://youtu.be/BPzq77SSCa8 Top 5 upcoming zombie games
Josh LaVa (9 months ago)
This will be the greatest stand alone zombie game ever if it happens.
Elizabeth Walters (9 months ago)
It would be awesome if this was for ps4 but this is probs the best zombie game
Boom B0x (9 months ago)
What app is he using to make game?
WinglessSquash 1 (9 months ago)
Is there gonna be fishing in this game?
Jim Lee (9 months ago)
Now, is this PC only? I didn't see or hear anything about it. Maybe I missed it. But either way, this game looks phenomenal!!!!
Harry Schlatter (9 months ago)
what will this come out on ?
michaelgamer60 .DLC. (9 months ago)
A wish that game is free
CADET HENSBY (9 months ago)
This is going to be Revolutionary for zombies it's going to be the best thing ever and one thing can you plz make a Version for Xbox 360 and PS3s for the last gen
donete (9 months ago)
Other early acces promise to the list of the unfinishied games.
Cesar Alfonso (9 months ago)
what if the person they are going to name a town of is named Harold Dick ........ xD
L D (9 months ago)
Hope this doesn't suck like 7DtD
Josh Ates (9 months ago)
This could be an awesome game
LoneWolf0648 (9 months ago)
Please let there be a PVE only mode. I'm tired of the kill everything that moves style of zombie game. Not everyone wants to work for hours building things up only to have a sniper with a bomb ruin it all.
Earl Botiquin (9 months ago)
suggestion. can there be a military base full of uninfected people or ai that can be ur teammates
Loud Gas (9 months ago)
Can we get this on Mobile? PLEASEEE!! Love it.
Anthony Williams (9 months ago)
all aboard the hype train
9thgizzyguy (9 months ago)
Looks like what state of decay should have been like i mean i liked it but this one looks waaaaaay better and the modding part looks like alot of fun too ...i would definitely play this game for a long time 👍
ShadowKingGp (9 months ago)
Please if you manage to get this game onto steam try to get it to Xbox one and PS4 for all of us console players
Brian Isley (9 months ago)
Is this for the ps4? How many players can it hold online?
Angelique_7 (9 months ago)

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