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That Dragon, Cancer 2016 Game Awards Acceptance Speech

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An emotional moment from the 2016 Game Awards Read more here: http://kotaku.com/that-dragon-cancer-designer-wins-game-award-gives-hea-1789585243 For more videos, news, previews and reviews, go to http://kotaku.com
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Text Comments (521)
Why am I alive? (3 days ago)
I love him and I’m so glad he got the award
Rocco Belmares (7 days ago)
That man is a great man / father a cannot believe what he has been through I just want to give him a big hug I feel so bad I cried
Midna Lazuli (19 days ago)
MatPat's overly happy announcement made this feel a little awkward.
Tobias Schiebel (1 month ago)
Everyone who disliked this Video is a ....!!!!
bing (1 month ago)
I only watched this because of a mat pat live stream where he said he hosted this. i cried tho
Kawaii Desu-chan (1 month ago)
Everytime I watch this video I cry
I literally expected that he would say all those people died of cancer
Daniel ProGGamer (1 month ago)
I feel so bad for this dude he looks like in the game too
Gadah3 Omar (1 month ago)
This guy REALLY deserves this award ☺
Skystoner585 (1 month ago)
That girl was smiling the whole time. Heartless bitch.
Oliver Rogers (1 month ago)
Why don't people understand that Ijustine and MatPat where smiling not because they think cancer is good but because the game deserved to win and it means more people will play the game and see the story of his son.
HieuStyle_YT Gaming (1 month ago)
i hope Joel can see this on the heaven
Erika Kurmytė (1 month ago)
1 like- 1 person cried through the game 😥😪
Erika Kurmytė (1 month ago)
1 like - says that you wached a video about the game somebody play or that you played the game.
Erika Kurmytė (1 month ago)
1 Like - 1 pray for joel.😪😥
A Kid With A Camera (1 month ago)
Who ever disliked the video is disgusting I was crying the whole video😭😭😭😭
Rainier Dinglasan (1 month ago)
I don’t feel crying on me
Cayden breeland (1 month ago)
This had me in tears 😆
Emma LPS (1 month ago)
Too emotional for me 😭
Abigail foster (2 months ago)
i bet Joel was super proud of his dad
Artorias 020 (2 months ago)
this man shows some bravery there. such raw emotion...
Jolin Morgan (2 months ago)
#R.I.P. Joel
Ralph Garcia (2 months ago)
damn i cried man
OneRustyMachineJR (2 months ago)
They shouldn't have done that...it was the wrong approach and they shouldn't be cheering him on because that game was incredibly sad and didn't need that kind of enthusiasm
i don't care (2 months ago)
Oh God he's the dad from the game.. fuck this is so sad...
Jarno Hänninen (3 months ago)
The way hosts announced That Dragon, Cancer made me cringe. They seemed to lack all awareness about what the game is about. They obviously had been directed to keep show high energy and cheerful, but they should have understood when it's time to be more respectful and subtle. Shouting "That Dragon, Cancer!" with stupid grin on both of their faces seems like some cruel joke.
QualityToons (3 months ago)
They didn’t know what game was going to win
Decaying Memories (3 months ago)
Why are people getting so pissy with MatPat, iJustine, and the Audience for clapping? Have you all never been to events like this? They aren't clapping because this man lost his son, they're clapping because they are proud of his strength and achievements. Plus, it's clear some people in the Audience, along with maybe the hosts, hadn't played the game and were unaware of the subject matter. What the hell do you expect them to do? Announce the winner like they don't care? They're doing their jobs, goddamn. You people get angry over everything.
Rodney Spears (3 months ago)
This has been on my wishlist since it came out. I dont' know if I could handle it though. Even the though of losing one of my kids almost puts me down.
holdmybeard (3 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your story.
BasicallyBean (4 months ago)
Omg this game deserves so much! (Btw I love matpat so I was so excited that he announced the win for this game)
Dormin (4 months ago)
FUUUCK! It's sooo hard not to cry.. end my suffering!
vsabay gaming (4 months ago)
Matpat is there?!
A mental Hufflepuff (4 months ago)
"That Dragon Cancer" **Starts crying out of the blue**
Duard Elbert (4 months ago)
Wait matpat
Lorina Batucan (4 months ago)
I'm in tears
BMO 5678 (4 months ago)
R.I.P Joel Evan Green.January 12 2009 - March 13 2014
BMO 5678 (4 months ago)
I Bet He Was A Happy And Amazing Child
Katie B. (4 months ago)
I'm gutted right now. I both hate and love this. How tragic.
God Fagitolli (4 months ago)
Fair, extremely fair
Ay0Lma0 (5 months ago)
ey, nica memu! i thought them saying cancer was a mistake, and they meant to say camper. exu deeu
JustMeaty (5 months ago)
he really deserves it :)
thedudeguy121 (5 months ago)
No words have been spoken yet and I’m already crying
Steph's Vids (5 months ago)
The start The award goes to (said happily) that dragon,cancer How disrespectful But man that speech that That hit me. Hard.
Me, Myself, And I (6 months ago)
It is good game it made me cry 😭
praxis effect (6 months ago)
Lunar Skies (6 months ago)
I'm sure joely is so proud! ♥
Delilah Harter (6 months ago)
This game made me cry well too much. We love you Joel, Rest In Piece.
DarthRubik (7 months ago)
Helena McKinney (7 months ago)
Where’s the holy water I’m heading to heaven with Joel no joke I’m crying my head off
MrDeadEnder (7 months ago)
I started crying
New chanter (7 months ago)
I havent even played the game, only watched the review. You know what?. Even the review was so touching, so I cried. And then I watched this speech, my tears were bucket full.
DEADSHOT 935 (8 months ago)
Whoever is cutting onions in the comments knock that shit off
KingOli1999 (8 months ago)
That, Dragon, Cancer is one of those games that will send you in tears. A true story about a young boy named Joel Green, diagnosed with cancer and he and his family go through an experience of their lives.  It's a game about sadness, hope and love. There is no game out there that can create a lot of emotion than this wonderful game on a true story. Each time we watch or play this game, it'll feel like Joel is with us and that he's a part of us.
Christian A. (8 months ago)
rip joel.
TheDanishRiffMaster (9 months ago)
"Its not the cancer that bugs us. Its the fact that we cant do Anything about it" -markiplier
Mathijs Birahy (9 months ago)
Holy fuck, this game is so heartbreaking and this guy... Just...
Ko Lyon (9 months ago)
They deserve that goddamn award
Ready Set Retro (9 months ago)
Why do people dislike this kind of thing I just don’t get it
Dragon (9 months ago)
i dare you not to cry
MomPlayzYT USA (9 months ago)
shit :(
Holly Jones (9 months ago)
This was a beautiful speech May Joel rest peacefully xxxxx
night mime. (9 months ago)
i'm not crying. you are
Darkline Pirate (6 months ago)
night mime. no, u
Squirtfarrt Paru (10 months ago)
i need to distract myself from my tears, anyone know what the piano music is called?
MaQuGo119 (10 months ago)
Kotaku? gamergate
Roblox Is Not Dead (10 months ago)
*Gutwrenching emotionally draining speech ends. Music guy: BA NA ANMA ABAJAJ HANNA BAAAAA
Roblox Is Not Dead (10 months ago)
Am I the only one who found it hilariously cruel they had to cheer and yell and say "That dragon cancer" in the most enthusiastic way possible
Daniel Cannata (10 months ago)
Markiplier needs to see this....
Home Slice (10 months ago)
He needs it. He deserves this!
Goku San (10 months ago)
Are my eyes leaking
علاء ناجي (10 months ago)
l love this game
Sophia Jimenez (11 months ago)
Kill yourself if you dislike this
Sophia Jimenez (11 months ago)
Tell me why game theory in is in this
Sophia Jimenez (11 months ago)
EvarDerp/Sdbabbit123/Sam (11 months ago)
im crying
Sterben 8 (1 year ago)
Cris patt
God bless you and your family your story was amazing
That dragon cancer is a masterpiece
Ray (1 year ago)
Jesse (1 year ago)
Seeing the ending of that game in the picnic scene just had me in tears cause while seeing that I got hit with many memory of my little brother and he's those special kids, he has Down syndrome which made it even more sad for me
Tad Strange (1 year ago)
That Dragon, Cancer was probably the most emotional game I've ever played.
brickfighter 14 (1 year ago)
Joel is having fun with those Big pancakes and Manju,RIP Joel
NOODLERENA Do (1 year ago)
Good on u Joel would be so proud 😭😭😭😭
jean smith (1 year ago)
it's so sad
AmbalyPuff (1 year ago)
That's awesome. I'm so happy this game got the award. Ik what it's like to loose a loved in to cancer. several times, their story made me cry not just because of the sympathy but also because Ik exactly what they're going through
Girlmien Haas (1 year ago)
Someone in the crowd yelled "I love you dad" and I am assuming his wife and kids were there. My heart goes out to them ❤️❤️❤️
lorna anderson (1 year ago)
Thank you for making such an amazing game. My grandpa passed away my Senior year of high school, he had lung cancer, wasn't suppose to make it to December and passed away in October. Cancer is an evil thing, but you created a game where we saw what you had to go through. You deserve this award more then anyone and I'm glad you won. I had found out about your game a couple months ago and then watched your movie, your son had left such an impact in my heart because I have a love for kids, even if I don't physically know them, but he meant a lot to many people and I'm glad he got to live and experience life before he passed. He is now in a better place, no more hurting, and no more cancer.
D-Faded-J (1 year ago)
honestly just remembering the game itself and seeing him win that award, and walk up there was enough to make me cry...
Joanna Grace (1 year ago)
Everyone is hating on Justine and Mat. Guys, lay off. They're literally doing their job. They were congratulating the game. That's why they were excited. Knock it off
Kazu Wazu (1 year ago)
Never have I ever cried so much during a game. Not even Soma, The Last of Us, or anything has ever made me weep and feel downright depressed for over two months. But, it also showed me some light within the world. Many lessons learned, and a new opening to life's true meaning.
alexis randolph (1 year ago)
I am not crying your crying 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭
Denzyll De Torres (1 year ago)
Is that guy Pat from Game theory
After heard the 00:04 part, a guy name max throw his computer and say:"oh f#ck yeah oh sh####tttt ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
Hannah Fairfield (1 year ago)
They deserved that award and so much more my heart goes out to all those who have to deal with cancer.
Zach Eichin (1 year ago)
whos cuttings the onions
Paula K (1 year ago)
There's no doubt about how ill suited both hosts were, but that's not what should matter here. I haven't played it yet, but these parents managed to make something that takes full dedication and time after they lost their son. If listening to the baby's laughs in the trailer makes my heart hurt, imagine what it was like for them... While this show isn't ready to deal with so many sensibilities, and unwarranted hate in the internet remains strong, the fact that this game won says a lot about "gamers" and the industry. I'm looking forward for some changes... and less shallow hosts.
misty_mage (1 year ago)
i love that dragon cancer. its such a emotional story and an incredible game.
why am I alive? (1 year ago)
matpat you made such a good choice when you chose this amazing man and his game God bless both of these men
Michael Mobley (1 year ago)
i love this......
Jeroscope (1 year ago)
... Honestly, I wish someone would have just went up and hugged the guy. He needed it so badly at that moment there. I dont think enough people realize what this game means to Ryan, especially right then and there. They probably thought he was just being awkward. They probably had no idea what it was.
Deadking (1 year ago)
I played "that Dragon cancer" it is a very very sad game

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