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Cold World - Demo Gameplay (Upcoming Thriller Horror game)

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Cold World Demo Gameplay of Upcoming Thriller Horror game. Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe. Cold World Is a police horror/thriller title that puts you in the boots of a rookie cop fresh out of the New River Police Department academy. Jake always pushed himself into places where something happens. He never lacked courage..This case gonna be his first time truly experiencing the world of law enforcement and beyond. Jake will be put to the test with both moral and ethical choices to make. Officer Harper may experience any and every type of scenario from homicides to those that we would not like the greatest enemy to break in. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (31)
Voltaic Evoker (1 month ago)
Why is there a 2 foot murderous midget with a hockey mask? lol xD Graphics are alright if I wasn't staring at shelves for 15 minutes.
the wall (1 month ago)
This is weird
*i (1 month ago)
dude the jumpscare sound at 2:00 is literally ripped from chapter 1 of bendy and the ink machine, stealing assets from other games is.... not a good way to get people to support your demo
ShadowsFate (1 month ago)
All sounds were done by daylight around designers, similar possibly but nothing asides the royalty free 911 call was used that wasn’t either done by our team or also royalty free sounds.
Pebbles4red Jackson (1 month ago)
Will this game be for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Pc?
Eazy Shotz (1 month ago)
why is it have flashlight on top of of the glock
ShadowsFate (1 month ago)
That is an extra sight, the flashlight should be on the bottom I think.
Avalance (1 month ago)
Dennys ZombieCrusher (1 month ago)
Dennys ZombieCrusher (1 month ago)
LSpeaker Nice
LSpeaker (1 month ago)
TyrantDC PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE
Mikki Yeong (1 month ago)
why is there a censor spot on the screen ?
Astrius (1 month ago)
Because this is Youtube and children can easily watch this. Besides, if a video has +18 content, it will be labeled as restricted content.
Fortnite Videos (1 month ago)
SILENCE DEAD (1 month ago)
Its so fucking cool
ShadowsFate (1 month ago)
Hi guys - I'm the lead actor in this, please note this is a very early version of the demo game. We are constantly adding things onto this project. I'm actually a public safety officer in reality, I would also like to note that the 911 call is being replaced as that was not my doing but we are replacing it. Does anyone have any suggestions for what we could do to improve the demo or add onto it?
Ivo Weathers (1 month ago)
it needs a walking animation for when your not aiming your gun. from what i see here. his gun is holstered aiming the whole time
Astrius (1 month ago)
Character thoughts should be said more as a whisper, it doesn't make much sense that he shouts every line when he is all alone in a dark room lol Everything looks awesome though.
Mikki Yeong (1 month ago)
no censoring would be greatly appreciated,i like being emerged in my games and a sudden giant censor blob kinda ruins it for me.
Geronimo (1 month ago)
I know which assets you used haha

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