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Top 10 MOST REALISTIC GRAPHICS Upcoming Games 2018 & Beyond | PS4 Xbox One PC

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10 NEW MOST REALISTIC GRAPHICS Games of 2018 | New Upcoming Anticipated Games on Playstation 4, Xbox One & PC. Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments! See my latest videos: Top 10 Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games of 2018 | PS4 XBox One PC https://youtu.be/dr7lsjQOnSQ Top 10 AWESOME Single Player Games of 2018 | Most Anticipated Games on PS4, Xbox, PC https://youtu.be/2PyySfFq2b8 Playlist: (0:00) Anthem - Gameplay (4:13) Projec Wight - Gameplay (6:23) The Crew 2 - Gameplay (9:15) Days Gone - Gameplay (15:16) Far Cry 5 - Gameplay (19:51) Metro Exodus - Gameplay Trailer (21:23) Mount & Blade 2 - Gameplay (24:17) The Last of Us 2 - Cinematic Trailer (28:50) A Way Out - Gameplay Trailer (30:56) Star Citizen - Gameplay
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Text Comments (1482)
Socklips (7 months ago)
16:54 Girl: "Be courageous and strong". Bear reenacts Revenant.
Brandon Dow (9 days ago)
What's the game called?
Sleepy Bear (3 months ago)
Socklips 9
ipii (4 months ago)
"Watch this"
Dan Brown (4 months ago)
"Help I'm bleeding out! Ah thanks, fancy doing some shopping?"
Kay Davis (5 months ago)
Art Draw (1 day ago)
How about gta 5? That’s a realistic game
Juan Araujo (1 day ago)
Days gone is best zombie game I've seen ever
stilo and litch (2 days ago)
Everyone’s talking about how Anthem is super scripted and fake but it looks like a cool ass game I’d totally pay for.
абсурд какой-то, мясо бросил, мишка из воздуха появился, лол, байк приземляется в грязюка, искры летят какие-то, вздор, зомби от пульки одной подыхают
Yusuf Aydın (3 days ago)
How to play? 1 get gtx 3141592 2 play
Earth (4 days ago)
Cheezy as hell
The NashoKota (6 days ago)
top free games link https://youtu.be/bXTqUQRR-3M
The NashoKota (6 days ago)
top free games link https://youtu.be/bXTqUQRR-3M
The NashoKota (6 days ago)
top free games link https://youtu.be/bXTqUQRR-3M
Marcus Munn (6 days ago)
Days gone looks dope
Modded_Gamer (7 days ago)
The Crew 2 does not have anywhere close to real life graphic. Its art stile is nice, but not realistic.
Vinay Pawar (11 days ago)
Fuck!!! That Anthem Game is Purely Divine. I got Blown Away by its Visuals.
gaming tutorials (11 days ago)
Anthem gonna be one hell of a game
British Tiger (11 days ago)
>Realistic graphics video >Limits resolution to 1080p AND includes consoles.
Aazad Khan (12 days ago)
Days gone Best
BOOYAH !! (12 days ago)
Keep running why are u wasting time shooting them, there are so much of them
Tsang TKY (12 days ago)
I think just cause 4 also have realistic graphics.
스피리투스 (12 days ago)
스타시티즌 저새끼들 볼때마다 좀 찝찝하던데.. 처음엔 물론 나도 열광했지만... 도대체 몇년전 부터 울궈먹고있는지... 과연 제대로된 결과물을 내놓을런지 모르겠다. 대충 결과물내놓고 먹튀짓 하지말길
Playlist: (0:00) Anthem - Gameplay (4:13) Projec Wight - Gameplay (6:23) The Crew 2 - Gameplay (9:15) Days Gone - Gameplay (15:16) Far Cry 5 - Gameplay (19:51) Metro Exodus - Gameplay Trailer (21:23) Mount & Blade 2 - Gameplay (24:17) The Last of Us 2 - Cinematic Trailer (28:50) A Way Out - Gameplay Trailer (30:56) Star Citizen - Gameplay
Rising Star (12 days ago)
Too bad , I am too poor to afford PS 4 and its games .
trimn pro (13 days ago)
And we will never forget Call Of duty :D
SmilezGER (13 days ago)
Best game is announced at 34:50
Gerald Julian (13 days ago)
I only like battlefield 1
AR TV (14 days ago)
TOP 10 Best PC Games Under 1GB With Download Links | Latest Updates 2018 !!! https://youtu.be/Dxyy8Whym5k
yodi (15 days ago)
in my pc it will be -1,000,000,000fps
Movies Box (16 days ago)
how to download game link here best websites https://youtu.be/xE0JPp1EkWY
Harshal Maheshwari (17 days ago)
Days gone 😱😱😱😱😱 fuking scary man...
Jonathan Terrado (17 days ago)
days gone OMG that clip just shook my spines
Mustafa Cruise (17 days ago)
Can't believe cyberpunk 2077 is not on the list
Ashton Kuhler (18 days ago)
Anyone else think the first one is super cringe
Baraka Williams (18 days ago)
Damn dis game look hella good
GTA 5??????
Kotiko pantelidi (19 days ago)
Last of us 2 was The Best it should be first not second
张滨 (19 days ago)
Goattacular (19 days ago)
How did Mount and Blade 2 make the list for "most realistic graphics?"
Goattacular (19 days ago)
Yeah, Star Citizen ain't ever coming out, not when idiots keep pouring in thousands of dollars to play the beta and its DLC (yeah, it's in beta, but has paid DLC. Like, DLC priced over $30K real life dollars. I'm not even kidding. What the actual fuck?).
Yu Tub (19 days ago)
ffs I bet EA won't let Athem be sold on Steam and force us to use their crappy Origin
Non Gamer (20 days ago)
Very Nice Video
Horrorun Example (20 days ago)
Almost real....
Jerome Ley (20 days ago)
A way out made this list a JOKE
RS KOwnez (20 days ago)
the last of us 22222222222222222222222222 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Norton S (21 days ago)
Metro: Exodus is the only worthy game here.
DarKKnightt07 (21 days ago)
Days Gone looks like a fucking ps3 game
gyula Lakatos (22 days ago)
18:28 gameplay name
Harvey Weinstein (22 days ago)
None of these games look as good as crysis (2007) to me
Kragthor (22 days ago)
And yet God Of War and Detroit Become Human blow away most, if not all these games and you failed to put them in. You should do some more research in the future because this was bad.
jxsilicon9 (22 days ago)
What is Anthem running on?
EnderMightVirus Power (23 days ago)
21:21 NEXT GEN GRAPHICS 3, 2, 1
dannytranvan (24 days ago)
Why are all the zombies bald?
HTF - How To Fight (24 days ago)
Where is god of war? I like that game too
Trong Nguyen (25 days ago)
14:58 what is the name of the game?
Fratele Harciog (25 days ago)
Bannerlord upcoming 2018 ? Maybe 2028 , bro !
Vignesh Vignesh (25 days ago)
mosasomo (26 days ago)
if i was a teacher 14:30 XD
mosasomo (26 days ago)
sure i want to do this in the school 22:35 XD
Bart MK (26 days ago)
You make a video with the "best upcoming graphics" in only 1080 (looks like 480p) without even 60 fps. YIKES M8, good quality.
Cheng Her (26 days ago)
wow the voice over tho!!!
red_array (26 days ago)
Holdington (26 days ago)
Why was that crappy medieval game in there? Looked like crap
DjEnderMan 30 (26 days ago)
The most realistic game is "Baldi's Basics In Education And Learning" Try it and play it !
iProStrqfe _ (27 days ago)
1. Battlefield 1 2. COD WW2 3.COD MWR 4.Battlefield 3 5.Star Wars Battlefront(2016)
Dominik Mendez (28 days ago)
Crew 2 looks lame
Sharr (28 days ago)
i dont agree, most of theese games have better grafics than real life do :DDD
Atlas Mark (28 days ago)
There is a common trick: many are cinematic (linear corridors or almost most of them CGI), those are not games, are movies (and bad movies, never as good as real movies). Best looking games are real games, with real re-playability.
Adam Adam (28 days ago)
How quickly the guy in days gone can remove an oil filter!!
8:02 drifttt I love gtr
cambo fm (29 days ago)
where is rust
i absolutely don't trust Anthem. Even though is from EA the trailer reminds me of Ubisoft and all their fake trailers. Same thing with days gone, looks like scripted and the world seems to be everything but open. On the other hand i'll buy M&B2 on day 0!
MASS FX (1 month ago)
Patrick Dekker (1 month ago)
anthem releases on February 22, 2019.
GitsU (1 month ago)
Kingdom come Deliverance???
Ts0usermax (1 month ago)
Naddy Nodge (1 month ago)
No matter how realistic the graphics, crashing into a lamppost will always result in the lamppost toppling over.
Technical Spider (1 month ago)
U forget red dead reduction 2
Youtube Shadow (1 month ago)
where is world of tank ?
James Miller (1 month ago)
Far Cry 5 looks great, but gameplay hasn't changed much. And they use repetition so much it really ruins parts of it. The training bullshit the one brother has you do over and over is just the laziest game development there is. Its like the end of Primal where you are just attacked by endless waves of enemies. What does that take like 5 minutes to program into a game. It's just so stupid, it is just Super Mario where you have to do the same level over and over and over. 25 years ago was understandable but today it is what a game company does when they've given up on the franchise and are just milking as much money from the name before they move on to another franchise. Save your money.
moein sia47 (1 month ago)
Crew2 is awsome
Abam Long (1 month ago)
What a beautiful game @_@
h4ckneyed heretic (1 month ago)
*REAL GAMER USE 104 BUTTONS;)* Wow, what a cheap console shit. Who´s still playing with a overpriced plastic box with cheap hardware and most expensive games!? I´ll will proberly never understand this logic. Ten years ago the Games on PC looks like that ugly shit and they sell it to the console Idiots as new shit!!??
Brad Dickson (1 month ago)
Am I missing something? What are the names of these games, I've never seen some of them before...
Darkfire boy (1 month ago)
ken ken (1 month ago)
Why cant fifa games look like this...they have shit graphics all the time so behind with other games
rAinN gAmes (1 month ago)
2022 ?
SageFox (1 month ago)
Kingdom Come won.
Joe V (1 month ago)
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AWG Osman (1 month ago)
When the graphic games more realistic than ur life
astra 0pr (1 month ago)
24:55 damn looks like a hole movie
How Big is the Map? (1 month ago)
I wish I could play video games 24/7
Ангел Попов (1 month ago)
These games are awesome . good job man .
GAMEOST (1 month ago)
Спасибо, Попов!)
Nicolas Marnic (1 month ago)
A Way Out is a great game but REALISTIC GRAPHICS ??? ... WHAAAAAAAAA???
Pyro Dog (1 month ago)
Where is battlefield?
Lalafua (1 month ago)
hahaha first game, they put 3 girls in the squad, making guys buying this game? ....
Luc Konosuke (1 month ago)
A way out will fail. The concept is good. but storytelling game with split screen ain't going to 'cut it'. Anthem looks amazing <3
Maria Mejia (1 month ago)
11:32 freshman girls with big titties Seniors:
Yep Nope (1 month ago)
Why isn't Minecraft on this list?
Tobi Svik (1 month ago)
27:15 instant karma
TROLL HAPPY (1 month ago)
where is GTA5? where is Black desert online? is it TOP 10? TOP worst video game graphics 10?
Jeremy Clarkson (1 month ago)
HEY WOAH wtf did Kim do
Stéphane Robert (1 month ago)
The music on Metro Exodus are the same then CRYSIS Games. LOL !

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