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Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime Remembers Satoru Iwata - The Game Awards 2015

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For more videos, news, previews and reviews, go to http://kotaku.com Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime remembers Satoru Iwata at The Game Awards 2015.
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Hunter of Beasts (4 days ago)
If Reggie wants to honor Iwata’s memory, he should release Mother 3 in the US
Keeg Amations (5 days ago)
I know this sad day happened 2 years ago but if he shall go he shall be missed as he smiles away ,as he shows us the way of what it’s like to be unique, as on his Business card he is a president ,as in his mind he is a game developer but in his heart he is what we now all know him for a gamer... thank you Iwata for my childhood and all the millions of others who admire your work.
NANDATO (8 days ago)
And then in 2017 the switch came out and everyone said if only iwata could see this "Who said I wasn't" Nintendo god then returned to heaven and now sits on his ds throne where he will sit and wait for his second coming. rip me boi. "I made this 1 year ago but I was taken down so I thought I would reupload it"
Morgan Christy (11 days ago)
I have loved nintendo since I was little, I feel bad for Iwata and I wish he never would have died. I hope he can have a good time in heaven as he knows people will love and remember him forever.
El Andru (15 days ago)
Man of the Hour is such a good fucking song! Just fitting for an amazing guy! Will be missed, legend.
That Gamer (25 days ago)
Dammit cancer, why must you have taken one of the best and greatest men in gaming? No life would be the same today had it not been for Iwata. Earth would not be the same.
DEAD MEMES (4 days ago)
When you go to pick flowers which do you get
Gopnik_lv. MAX (28 days ago)
Tuan Nguyen (1 month ago)
It’s been 3 years since his death. Even to this day I still feel sad knowing that he made a huge impact on my childhood and the gaming industry
JamesJoe 3635 (1 month ago)
I'm playing a game by Iwata while watching this. Mario and Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story
JamesJoe 3635 (1 month ago)
The images of Iwata, Miyamoto, and Reggie make me want to cry.
Nicholas NRG (1 month ago)
Lmao why would they play such upbeat music to introduce Reggie in a segment like this
Shats Bassoon (1 month ago)
I'm not crying, you're crying...
Jude Dettorre (1 month ago)
For all the people complaining that there where no games at this game awards, politely fuck off. Thats as shallow as going to a funeral and complaining there wasnt an arcade or snacks. Give the poor man some respect.
Shadow_ Playz (1 month ago)
I was in basic training at Fort Benning when coming back I was so shocked that he passed and freaking cried. I love what he did with nintendo and the gaming industry as a whole. R.I.P. Iwata
Heresplitatom (1 month ago)
Not knowing the man's influence makes me feel bad, but he did put many smiles on my face. Rest well, Iwata, and thank you.
MilkProductions (1 month ago)
Press *Start* to Pay Respects.
Cooper Animates (1 month ago)
We all wish he could have a continue on life...
SirRyanPlayz362 (2 months ago)
A twislour ad appeared and it said u cant be serious with twislour ) <- a smile.
Paulino Romero (2 months ago)
Iwata is now playing mario kart in heaven along with other Nintendo legends we'll miss u iwata
Mason (2 months ago)
rest in peace Satoru Iwata legacy legendly in video game history thank you eveythings
Mason (2 months ago)
rest in peace Satoru Iwata R.I.P we all you iwata
SentientSockPuppet (2 months ago)
Who disliked they're heartless
SentientSockPuppet (2 months ago)
The man who made the world wish they had a 1up to spare
Dylan Blackmon (2 months ago)
It's been 3 years since you left us. We still miss you Iwata :(
Ga lactic (2 months ago)
I started laughing when Reggie had fucking rave music for his intro when he was there for a tribute speech.
At least Iwata will be remembered for his taste in dope-ass music.
Smeef The Elf (2 months ago)
3 years later today
Jnet Egiziaco (2 months ago)
And today (yesterday because it's midnight) marks his anniversary. RIP Iwata you will always be remembered
renS (2 months ago)
This must’ve been so hard to do. So much respect for Reggie for phrasing and performing this wonderful tribute. He couldn’t have done a better job. Rest in peace Iwata.
itz skirtypop (2 months ago)
today 3 years ago he passed
John Metax (2 months ago)
It's been 3 years already.R.I.P Iwata.I wish you were here with your partners,your family,your friends and with the people who just love you and admire you.I wish you were here to see the Switch.I wanted you to unbox it just like Wii U.You had so many things to see....But unfortunately you died at 55,in young age....You will always be remembered from your family,friends and Nintendo....I want to edit that the people who disliked the videos are people without soul and heart....That's all I wanted to say ;(
Jacob Baum (2 months ago)
1:19 the holy trinity
Shyla Fox (2 months ago)
Iwata left a great legacy, one that will be remembered for generations.
Latino Trump Supporter (2 months ago)
It's been 3 years
Hajimoto Saito (2 months ago)
Reggie wanted to cry but he soldiered on, I was crying manly tears for his heartfelt speech.
Get Rekt (2 months ago)
Iwata will never really be gone because of the impact he had on nintendo and the gaming industry in general. R.I.P
SBM (2 months ago)
That techno music had me dying lmao So out of place and rude lol
Prototype Inheritance (2 months ago)
1:54 a moment of silence
AngiSGC (2 months ago)
To this day, there's still an Iwata shaped hole in my heart...
Joom (2 months ago)
Who put these tears all over my face
VirtualKnight64 (2 months ago)
Mr Iwata's work meant a lot to me. I'm amazed that he worked on Kirby's Dream Land. That was the first game I got for my Game Boy. I remember that Christmas so fondly. I can honestly say that he saved my life more times than I could possibly count. My childhood was one of lonliness and despair but Nintendo carried me all the way through it. Next Wednesday will be the 3rd anniversary of his passing. I still mourn his death. Rest in peace, Mr Iwata.
[Insert username here] (2 months ago)
Satoru Iwata 1959-2015 May god rest your soul.
Smokey BEAR (2 months ago)
MINI (2 months ago)
My vision got very blurry in the end.
Joseph Brunoro-Beilman (2 months ago)
His body is ready for heaven....
He's printing money in heaven now.
Shigeru Miyamoto (2 months ago)
Lol good riddance
Rest in piece Satoru Iwata. I loved your Metal Gear games.
warhammer/Metroid (2 months ago)
The saddest deaths, rundas (metroid prime 3), Dom (gears of war 3), blob (a boy and his blob remake), satoru iwata (Life) 😢
samoroto ;-; (2 months ago)
his soul can rest knowing what he accomplished
samoroto ;-; (2 months ago)
rest in piece sweet prince
Bluedog 1414 (2 months ago)
I cried for three days and then some. Even though I never met the man, he helped me by making games and those helped me to meet new people and connect. I dream to work for Nintendo and let his legacy live on. I hope to meet Reggie and Miyamoto and tell them that we all grieved. These three men are my muses for creation. They are all cherished, even if one has left us. I know he's having a party with Kirby, Link, and Mario.
FriedApple (2 months ago)
MarkManning (2 months ago)
He made the DS and wii (ds first console wii first home console) OMG he made me happy :( <3
TBCMiro (2 months ago)
Even now, 3 years after, people still cry. Even now, 3 years after, we still feel the impact he had on the industry. 50 years from now, that feeling will still be strong.
juanito506 (2 months ago)
Man, if Mr. Iwata knew how huge and successfulthe Switch is...
what's it to ya (2 months ago)
*montage in honour of Iwata* *Reggie comes on stage to pay tribute to Iwata* *D U B S T E P*
GetRektMeme (2 months ago)
I bet Iwata is looking down at us playing the switch smiling because of how successful Nintendo has become. Rest in Peace
inhale mythiccnes (2 months ago)
His legacy will live on (2018) anyone
leave me alone (2 months ago)
This was an upsetting game awards
Mario Master (2 months ago)
0:14 wts
RetroGamer64 (2 months ago)
“My body is ready!”
Imnumber 0 (2 months ago)
How did I never hear about this?
Xapatex123 Xapatex (2 months ago)
Still looking back at this almost 4 years later, and it still makes me cry. You will be forever missed.
Rexmini Hackton (2 months ago)
Rest in peace ✌🏾 Iwata
Jesse Duque (2 months ago)
weird how they played a pearl jam song in his tribute, lol
Jonathan Evoy (3 months ago)
Never forget.
Sir Quacc (3 months ago)
I somehow didn’t know who this was until i heard of his death. Now i realise that he was the reason my childhood was, and still is awesome
Sleepi (3 months ago)
"...Mr. Iwata wanted Nintendo to be about putting smiles on peoples' faces. Nintendo at its heart is about making us feel younger than we are today. Mr. Iwata, I hope you're smiling right now." Fuck...I love Nintendo. Iwata, Miyamoto, Reggie, and Sakurai are heroes to me, I can always rely on a Nintendo game to cheer me up and bring me closer to feelings of childhood. I love the color and warmth, supported by solid gameplay that Nintendo brings with their games, and I will always love how their titles contrast with modern copy-paste games. You feel how much love it poured into each title, how every one feels like someone's dream realized, instead of an object collecting revenue. I love Nintendo, and I hope you're smiling too Iwata.
LambSauce 0 (3 months ago)
fuck cancer
ciscofire99 (3 months ago)
Here's to you......
J_Wallbudams the 3rd (3 months ago)
I just now found out this was a thing?!?!?! Anyways what a beautiful tribute
Maurício (3 months ago)
God damn Doritos' Pope is such a shallow cunt he can't even fake sadness properly, lmao.
Maurício (2 months ago)
Mr.Ridley LOL
Mr.Ridley (2 months ago)
Everyone shows emotion differently. Not everyone cries.
Maurício (3 months ago)
Tristan Le Patriote Français the guy at the start of the video. Hit "doritos pope" on google for free lolz.
Maurício who?
Jesus Da lawd (3 months ago)
What was Iwatas last words
Dr-Wolf (3 months ago)
oh fuck... this hit me so fucking hard...
christopher espinosa (3 months ago)
i still regret his loss
723 (3 months ago)
SlushieOfHats (3 months ago)
This man was such an important part of my life and I had no idea until a year after his passing. And now that I fully look him up, I’m crying for not knowing sooner
Fernando Maldonado (3 months ago)
I came back just after seeing again Nintendo's E3 and I must say that this still hurts me, I had never been into programing that much and became a gamer not so long ago with my first console being a Wii, one knows that this kind of people and speeches are truly powerful when after two years it came out for the first time it still can make you feel sad when heard again. Please Understand
Jacob Cottrell (3 months ago)
I never respected regiiw till know i always thought he never cared and was just there for the money but you can tell how sincere he is in this and i am anxious to see what the future beings for him. And i just wish iwata could be here to see the switch and how succesful his leagcy is growing.
Rus Hoffman (3 months ago)
RandomGuy 2405 (3 months ago)
A damn good spokesman Reggie can talk about the best or the worst, and still keep a straight face and deliver so much emotion I ways gave me two of my childhood consoles and I can’t even thank him Rest In Peace ✌️
NintyFan56 (3 months ago)
I was always saddened by Iwata's death. But watching this again is making me tearing up for the first time. (and) I dont know why now all of a sudden, other than my withdrawal symptons (ran out of my Rx meds). Hope your enjoying that rainbow road Iwata.
When I hear the camera man cry Oooohhhh that hurts deep yknow
Chip (3 months ago)
when ws the last time people apraised videogame developer so much?
Hansel Thepedo (3 months ago)
I loved the dubstep right after
JB1190 (3 months ago)
who ever thought of putting dubstep music during a time time of mourning should actually get fired
OctoSai SSG (3 months ago)
He did make me smile slap me in the face so i can stop crying
Rapidrocket2000 (3 months ago)
Whoever disliked this DESERVES to be thrown into a burning ditch full of nails and spikes
Alej0hio (3 months ago)
Press DPAD to pay respects
Splat Daddy (3 months ago)
The Kebabier (4 months ago)
Rapidrocket2000 (4 months ago)
I'm literally crying 😖😖😖😭😭😭
Mr. Charmander (4 months ago)
If Iwata got to see the 18 million units the Switch sold in 13 months
LuigiDude 28 (4 months ago)
They will also probably keep Ness and Lucas in SMASH BROS permanently to honor iwata
LuigiDude 28 (4 months ago)
LuigiDude 28 (4 months ago)
KirbyMario1992 (4 months ago)
3 years already, Rest In Peace satoru iwata, you will never be forgotten
InvidiaSin (4 months ago)
It still hurts.
Gregoire Seaman (4 months ago)
Wait , this dickhead again ? The guy at the very beginning , didn't AngryJoe have a little drama with this guy ?
Rain Man (4 months ago)
thank you for our childhood. rest in power
BigDogJang0 (5 months ago)

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