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10 games so broken it was part of their charm

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10 games so broken it was part of their charm. There are games that are so broken they become unplayable, and there are games that are full of flaws but still charming. In this video we are going to take a look at those buggy games. These bugs and glitches are part of the charm and perhaps even the main reason for us to play the game. Let’s go and take a look at 10 games that were so broken, yet so much fun to play! ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ZOOMINGAMES ON SOCIAL MEDIA ► Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/zoomingames ► Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zoomingames ► Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/zoomingames.ig ► Discord - https://discord.gg/3xzSxEa ► Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/zoomingames ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ CREDITS Music provided by Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com/youtube-creator-subscription/
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Text Comments (148)
Winter and the Ghost (8 days ago)
I love Skyrim.
Winter and the Ghost (8 days ago)
The Skyrim dragon bug is hilarious lol
Lon Hixson (15 days ago)
Skyrim isn't broken. It's just a bargain basement garbage game like the rest of the elder scrolls series.
Anophis (20 days ago)
That reanimated dragon skull. Wonderful
Kris M (21 days ago)
In 200 hours of play I've never experienced any bugs in The Forest lol.
Unicorn Pirate (23 days ago)
fable 2 was super buggy but so much fun
Justin LeRoumain (23 days ago)
Stop praising these pieces of shit, damn it!
Jonathan Olson (24 days ago)
no halo2 ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
waltercool (27 days ago)
I would include ARK there
unofficialSummer (28 days ago)
I remember being able to clone weapons on Dead Island, and even tough they fixed that later, I think it happened at least three months after its launch.
Ghostly Gaming (29 days ago)
I have played earth defence force with my brother and I managed to make a giant robot dance
Xaveston (29 days ago)
I am surprised the Sims didn't make it on the list, 2 and 3 are exactly this
RandomStranger_3 (29 days ago)
Wait, did strong just cooked?
cristopher wong (29 days ago)
I wish my skyrim is this buggy awesome
akiameko1984 (1 month ago)
The glitchiest game I ever played (at least that was released allegedly as a finished product) was Dishonored. The AI was abysmal, levels wouldn't load, I fell through the floor all the time, I could be spotted through walls, enemies would spawn/respawn, the game would freeze me in place, saves would corrupt, many places would teleport me into asset rooms if I hit the wall using blink, the game wouldn't register me using items, four spells didn't work on my copy, I got game overs doing the non-lethal methods, and (I kid you not), when I did the patches to try again... I couldn't use the sword. Let me repeat that: Arkane and Bethesda thought that being able to use the sword was a problem they had to fix... But none of the actual problems. If anything, these are all on definitive edition, and many of them are worse. Know how I know? I didn't get the original version, I got the Definitive Edition. And just because I wasn't pissed off enough, the game wasn't even good- The stealth was the most poorly designed I've ever seen, and the combat if you wanted to plow through was straight-up boring. But Bethesda, so I'm required by law to lie to other gamers that I liked it, even though we all admit both those games were complete shit now. And jesus fucking Christ, were the graphics ugly. My eyes live in fear of ever looking at them again.
Bangtan Banana (1 month ago)
Me: *sees Doc Mitchell's head from Fallout NV spinning* My brain: "Don't do it please..." Me: *clears throat* "YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND BABY RIGHT ROUND LIKE A RECORD BABY RIGHT ROUND RIGHT ROUNDDD"
Sean Klipp (1 month ago)
Stalker like Dark Souls? Bitch please
Alphaomegix (1 month ago)
GunZ: The Duel. K-style nuff said lol
cyrus nasiri (1 month ago)
you forgot cluster truck
John Smithy (1 month ago)
My Skyrim game was really good with no bugs
Skyline Fever (1 month ago)
Big Rigs over the road racing was one of the most notorious buggy games.
Nick DeGugs (1 month ago)
I don’t know what you’re talking about, for the most part the only glitches you’ll find in The Forest are ones that you have to make an effort to preform.
Ghostwolf82 (1 month ago)
That moment in Skyrim, when you are out in the Plains of Whiterun, and you see this Mammoth... vibrating, which then gets launched up high into the air. That's charming, as well as hilariously funny.
Susilordi (1 month ago)
After Fallout 4 and serious bugs, I lost all fate towards Bethesda.
Fortnite is glitchy but it is still very fun
Michael Bsh (1 month ago)
There isnt bugs in skyrim, there is skyrim in the bugs.
SpongicX (1 month ago)
What about Sonic 06?
DarkAnomaly (1 month ago)
As soon as this video came up I knew Skyrim and Unity with the disappearing faces (lmao) were going to be in there somewhere. I wasn't disappointed.
Shivalah Firios (1 month ago)
No mass effect andromeda? That game‘s bugs and glitches were pure comedy gold
Tuuhi0 (1 month ago)
What the fuck, I swear I've NEVER encountered a glitch when playing Skate 3 o_O
Marco Polo (1 month ago)
Boring glitches on most that are seen in a lot of crappy cgi games nowadays
Chooie1337 (1 month ago)
One game I don't think has been included as a bug filled one is Arma 3 after 5 years you'll still climb over a fence and fall to your death. Or bump another ground vehicle and flip. Or get stuck in a wall and die. Or drive into a tiny rock and explode.
sickk kunt (1 month ago)
actually skyrim is just plain awful
lagslaughter gaming (1 month ago)
Tes 4 oblivion. Stormrise. Two worlds.
Gejamugam Latsoomanam (1 month ago)
People always give Bethesda a free pass for their extremely buggy glitch filled game
raep1971 (1 month ago)
Batman Arkham Knight for PC
Furry Scythe (1 month ago)
I seriously don't get how any kind of human would consider Dead Island a good game. By zombie game standard is barely even mediocre. Plus, Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead did ALOT of things better way before it was released. My theories is most likely that fans of Dead Island never have played a zombie game before or even watched a zombie movie. So for them, the concept is "unique". It's just sad really.
felix wood (1 month ago)
It actually annoys me that Bethesda always get a pass releasing buggy games
sickk kunt (1 month ago)
considering how huge the worlds are it's inevitable
AkAtSuKi0106 (1 month ago)
Yes i played some of them, no i definedtly didn't enjoy the bugs, maybe i just got the really anoying ones?
TheMightyN43 (1 month ago)
Oh, I love S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series - one of my favourites! Maybe Gothic would be a great addition to the list
v FoX 0 (1 month ago)
What about DRIV3R? The best part of this game is the glitches it was fun as hell!
Real_Big_Boss (1 month ago)
What about Mass Effect?
Some Game Developer (1 month ago)
A ragdoll object flying into the air is not a glitch.
Some Game Developer (1 month ago)
Giant Chicken? That's a mod.
Richard Ortiz (1 month ago)
BF 4 launching vehicles
xPROTOTYPE2017x (1 month ago)
I got skyrim probably...a month or so after it came out. I've been playing it for years and I've only ran into 3 glitches...yea...I think Alduin is still floating by Pathanax
Joshua Gutierrez (1 month ago)
I actually didnt expierence any bugs or glitches in fallout 3 and i only have had bugs in fallout 4 when mods were installed
COOKCAL (1 month ago)
7:55 AAAAAH!! AAAAAAH!! AAAAAAAH!!! AAAAAAAH!!! mhm i feel you zombie dude XD
ChocoD (1 month ago)
I've had Skyrim since its release on the 360 and although I haven't played it for about a year I've clocked up nearly 2500 hours on one game.
Artūrs Aļeksejevs (1 month ago)
No mass effect Andromeda! Whaaaaaaat?!
Diamond Bravo (1 month ago)
I ran into a few bugs playing mafia 3, but they didnt really mess with gameplay
Bobby Burgess (1 month ago)
Can we PLEASE stop comparing games to fucking Dark Souls!? I'm sick of it!
_official_j_a_ (1 month ago)
WTF did I just on Fallout? 😰
ThatUndeadLegacy (1 month ago)
Bethesda is going to ship a half finished game and say "it's part of the charm"
Babbleplay (1 month ago)
#10 : No. The bugs and glitches WERE part of the charm. The fact the SAME bugs are in new re-releases are a douchebag move on the dev's parts.
Lance Stone (1 month ago)
Two Worlds 2. Broken mess, terrible acting, blast to play.
GrowWithMeART (1 month ago)
Bethesda - making glitchy broken games that looks allways the same, blackmailing other companies, fueling the hate train yet still winning allways GOTY awords ...and yet people lose their s**t ower lack of puddels. People can be dumb ...
HetGameKanaal (1 month ago)
I play Skyrim and i found no bugs of clitches
Fear Knight Dragon (1 month ago)
I remember a glitch in dead island that I got from a player who give me a one hit guy that kills everything in one hit
Fire Demon (1 month ago)
Wheres UFC lmao
Andy Fate (1 month ago)
No, I did not enjoy getting hit by a giant and flew halfway across Skyrim.
Kev Walthall (1 month ago)
HEY ZOOMINGAMES NOT TO MAKE YOU STUPID BUT ON YOUR 10 video game classics that definitely need a remake LIST ONIMUSHA IS GETTING A REMASTER A remaster for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam is scheduled to be released in January 2019. YOU DUMMYS!
Ben Kellogg (1 month ago)
Bring back the British lady for voice overs
Bunny& Jack (1 month ago)
i hate alpha protocol i curse that game!
Knight1725 (1 month ago)
Everything Bethesda! Lol
BOOPER DOOPER!!! (1 month ago)
"No body is playing skate 3 the way it's meant to be " welp I do...
Guillermo (1 month ago)
No Deadly Premonition, isn't this a shame Zack?
Adam Block (1 month ago)
You'll also find huge huge bugs in Earth Defense Force xD lol.
Clayton Mason (1 month ago)
I play PS4 so I get minimal glitching
Kate Cross (1 month ago)
Not even Sonic 06 is on this list
Mystery Boyy (1 month ago)
Did somebody say stalker, Anu Cheeki Breeki
m3lam (25 days ago)
The Blooded Gamers (1 month ago)
I played Skyrim and Fallout for thousands of hours and rarely ever actually encountered bugs of any kind, aside from an occasional respawned named NPC that should have been dead or the odd animation anomoly Only had quest bugs happen very few times total and can almost be fixed by loading an older save. You may lose an hour or two of playing at most if you consistently back up saves
Christian Peralta (1 month ago)
I never had any issue with fallout 4 and i bought it when it first released. Only issue is the frame rate in the downtown district.
DrHouse146 (1 month ago)
Yes, ZoominGames, encourage developers to release more unpolished and buggy games. I get that this video was made for fun but it also sends a dangerous message.
Mr Manceres (1 month ago)
odd never had any bugs that broke that game in Skyrim or Falloout 4 or 3.
Nathan Greenaway (1 month ago)
Mr Manceres haven’t played them enough then 😂
Cameron McBride (1 month ago)
Elex would be a good candidate for this list. If you can look past the flaws. It's a great game.
Bryan Cornejo (1 month ago)
Yeah sure go ahead and excuse fallout 4 for being a broken pile of crap on launch because it’s fucking fallout, so much fun to be had in a game you couldn’t even play half the time. But what do I know I’m just one person with an opinion.
Thomas Pilkington (1 month ago)
I ran into someone once that said Skyrim was only broken on the Switch what a Numpty
누판 (1 month ago)
EresirThe1st (1 month ago)
Imagine a world where Bethesda has a QA department
Nightcore Family (1 month ago)
i remember the flying horse in skyrim the most
grimsine (1 month ago)
All of these games were amazing to play. I loved them for the funny glitches. #ZoominGames I would definitely also like to know the choice of music for the Dead Island BGM. It's really calming.
Mattias Svensson (1 month ago)
The shocking bit about Alpha Protocol is just how many of those bugs just go away if you manually load all your saves, instead of using that one 'load last save' quick button. If they'd just dummies that ONE thing out, we might have been playing AP 3 by now!
BLUETONCS GAMING (1 month ago)
yay new video!!
Jeff Unknown (1 month ago)
This is a great list, however I personally tend to find bugs and glitches to be extremely aggravating. As long as the developer makes an honest effort to fix them, I’m patient with it, but some games are released, never fixed and leaves me feeling ripped off.
Groot (1 month ago)
No Batman Arkham Knight?
J Harju (1 month ago)
Fallout 4 was hardly charming in its bugs, when most of them were actual, game-breaking ones that broke quests. Even the console commands are too janky to have fun with.
Nathan Greenaway (1 month ago)
Juan Correa but a new settlement needs my help
Juan Correa (1 month ago)
There’s nothing charming about Fallout 4
J Harju (1 month ago)
Nathan Greenaway "Tedium is the new fun!" -Bethesda, probably
Nathan Greenaway (1 month ago)
J Harju what do you mean? I loved having to start a entire new game because a quest broke and froze the game endlessly..... 🤣
prickly10000 (1 month ago)
Skyrim and Fallout's glitches may seem charming but when you hit that Quest Glitch. When you release that you can't do a large position of the game now because of that Glitch. When a NPC stops you from completing that 4 hour quest because they don't show up. The only thing you should feel like is a idiot for thinking that they were charming in the first place.
Xaveston (29 days ago)
Good part about PC verisons is it allows you to get out of the glitches somehow. (FYI Fallout 4 fans, that DLC Automantron, it glitches at the end of the main quest. If the mechanist bugs out and keeps dropping mines at you and nothing else. Press ~ type TCL and go through where the mechanist is, go up to the Terminal behind him. Click on the black screen, and type unlock, that will save you from reloading and still get the ending that you will most likely want.
William Van Parys (1 month ago)
Many glitches are cool but, putting hours into a mission only to have it screw up is not cool it's criminal!!! Game developers/publishers need, to get their shit together!!! If I ever have some of the extreme glitches I've heard of the, publisher will be buying my game back!!!
Nathan Greenaway (1 month ago)
SuperZombiepimp I’m not sure I didn’t get it day one unfortunately, wouldn’t crop up every gameplay but the odd one. Was a known issue from googling it but just happened if you got unlucky
SuperZombiepimp (1 month ago)
+Nathan Greenaway I have both console version never had that issue was it a day 1 bug?
Nathan Greenaway (1 month ago)
Seema Kumari oh god *shudders*
White Wolfy (1 month ago)
The forest is fine now, unless you are one of those fucks that break the game on purpose then blame de devs, just playing it naturally its fine, I cleared it 3 times in various difficulties and got 0 problems with it, I bough it on release cause the trailer just hyped me like hell xD so I know how broke it was goddamn it it sucked lol sadly they fixed everything but ppl still think its broken and don't even try it again, everyone just give it a second try
Ronney Augustine (1 month ago)
7:38 Halo 2 says hello
Pienimusta (1 month ago)
"Bethesda - Unfinished crap for decades"
WIl (1 month ago)
why the heck did you put assassin creed in there when the glitches wasn't even part of the charm as your title suggest
The Hylian Loach (1 month ago)
G R H (1 month ago)
I didn't get any of the ACU bugs or glitches and I plays the whole game with out the update
Aaliyah McCray (1 month ago)
Sonic 06?
Ronney Augustine (1 month ago)
Glitchy but not a charm
DobieMeltfire (1 month ago)
What about Saint Row 4 ragdoll physics? Especially when you start throwing npc with psychic powers or you obtain a black hole gun. It's a very chaotic game.
powerboyj roblox. (1 month ago)
#zoomingames Forgot crash twinsanity.
Aaron AJ Knight (1 month ago)
I think Goat Simulator was meant to broken. How come Sonic 06 isn't on this list? People hate that game but still love to exploit the bugs and glitches.
Nathan Greenaway (1 month ago)
Aaron AJ Knight game has to be charming to begin with to make the list 🤣
John Kannon (1 month ago)
Pretty sure people play FO4 and TES for its story , good gameplay and mostly cuz the MODS, not those broken bugs that bethesda never fix and modders usually gotta be those who fix em, most of the bugs aint that "charming".
Haydn Leyshon (1 month ago)
Dead island is one of my favourite games ever I don’t care what anyone says it’s awesome
Furry Scythe (1 month ago)
It's a pile of shit. Bad design, awful gameplay and horrific technical issues. Stop praising unfinished work and instead give props to those who made survival games better such as Left 4 Dead. Just sayin.
SandmanDZ Khalil (1 month ago)
that giant chicken I never seen before and I'm still playing skyrim now + Stalker is one of the best games I ever played .. the bugs are part of the charm .
Anton K (1 month ago)
It's a mod, not even a glitch

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