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Toy truck UNBOXING play- Fast Lane tow truck and lift- JackJackPlays

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JackJackPlays unboxes and plays with two Fast Lane trucks. Included are a toy car, lift truck, and tow truck. Molly the cute dog makes a few appearances, too.
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JackJackPlays (2 years ago)
These remain some popular toys around our house... and they didn't break!
LittlePeekToys (3 years ago)
So fun!! Love videos of Jack Jack :)
JackJackPlays (3 years ago)
+LittlePeekToys Thank you! He really loves making them!
Eggs and Toys TV (3 years ago)
I like your video very much!
JackJackPlays (3 years ago)
+Eggs and Toys TV Thank you!

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