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Dolphin Emulator | How to Play Nintendo Gamecube on a Mac!

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https://dolphin-emu.org Official site. http://www.emuparadise.me loveroms.com has all the Zeldas & Marios that NIN took off of emuparadise" From a user in the chat USE THIS LINK FOR ROMS!! Follow us on instagram and snapchat Yegor Instagram: Yegor076705 Snapchat: yegor076705 Oliver Instagram: olly5000 Snapchat: olly500 Visit and post to our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/YTODSHOW?skip_nax_wizard=true
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Text Comments (150)
YTOD (10 months ago)
USE, loveroms.com for the game files!
Julian Pope (1 month ago)
Shut down
thehumanthathid (5 months ago)
does it work
thehumanthathid (5 months ago)
thank you my savior
Of course why emuparidise it's horrible !
Pumpkin Head (6 months ago)
Vimm.net Vimm.com isn't the right thing.
John D (25 days ago)
You didn’t really explain how to use dolphin and programming your controller?? I have a Xbox one controller,and I’m confused 😐
YTOD (25 days ago)
SageShergill (2 months ago)
please help, my ps4 controller doesnt work with the emulator and I'm using a usb cable
Chuckster 124 (2 months ago)
Can You Make An Updated Version Since EmuParadise Is Broken And Loveroms.com Has Been Shutdown?
mi gusta turtles (26 days ago)
Chuckster 124 romsuniverse.com
TJ Matteini (2 months ago)
Is it ok that I don’t own the games to play them or is that illegal?
Conner McShain (2 months ago)
I was trying to do this, but after i decompress it i hit open with but dolphin doesn't pop up? anyone know how to fix this?
StarwindAmada1 (3 months ago)
I installed yesterday. Currently I have The Twin Snakes, Starfox Assault and 007 Nightfire. There’s a few problems with some but mostly just slight frame stuttering and the occasional purple flash during the cutscenes in TTS. Nothing major.
We Know The Truth (4 months ago)
Multiplayer doesn't work because none of my player 2 controllers work. My player 1 controller (PS4 ) works but not 2
I have a problem: when I want to play new Super Mario Bros. Wii, the coins and blocks are all invisible
Flimpy Flumples (5 months ago)
It doesn’t work
Pumpkin Head (5 months ago)
Every computer can run 1.0. Most computers can run 2.0 and 3.0. Only some can run 4.0 or 5.0.
thehumanthathid (5 months ago)
thehumanthathid (5 months ago)
YTOD (5 months ago)
Its all good no offense taken. The problem currently is that the current version has some issues waiting for some update soon..
thehumanthathid (5 months ago)
the thing works but the games don't there just documents and they won't open
thehumanthathid (5 months ago)
sorry I was just mad
YTOD (5 months ago)
Nope not possible, you must have done something wrong yourself..Sorry though..Never heard any of any issues using this method...
thehumanthathid (5 months ago)
it does not work
Seanzilla (6 months ago)
3:40 "Run's really smoothly" Luigi's face xD
The Shroud (5 months ago)
How'd you get the keyboard working? Can't even select "format memory card"
Seanzilla (6 months ago)
YTOD (6 months ago)
Dont hate.
Bora Alaybeyi (6 months ago)
How do u play smash bros brawl which has 4 parts
ZuriThaGod (6 months ago)
its in a very small window and when i expand its still small plz help
Jhgfljugc Ijggfdgjiii (6 months ago)
What are your computer specs? What mac do you have?
Matthew Cleaver (7 months ago)
Help! When I go to open the iOS file with dolphin just the same as you do In the video the dolphin application is greyed out?? Any suggestions
Henry Mendez (7 months ago)
i cant seem to go into fullscreen well i can but the game stays the same size anyone else experience this and can you help me
We Know The Truth (4 months ago)
Henry Mendez in the settings find "resolution 1280x720" and "stretch to fit" then go fullscreen
Levania Castle (7 months ago)
this works for me thanks, you have a new suscriber
Carlos Olea Sixtos (8 months ago)
can it run Wii games??
We Know The Truth (4 months ago)
larry koopa 200 can I use my Wii controller?
larry koopa 200 (6 months ago)
Carlos Olea Sixtos idk if you already know. But yeah! It can run wii games :D
lousiana Aguilera (8 months ago)
=4 Download GameCube Emulator http://tiny.cc/cpzwqy
Hermann Westrum (8 months ago)
When i hit refresh to get my games to show up on that list, nothing happens. Have anyone else experienced this?
Hermann Westrum (8 months ago)
I fixed it, nevermind. Great video. :)
Memez (9 months ago)
Where do you find melee?
YTOD (9 months ago)
USE, loveroms.com for the game files!
Memez (9 months ago)
Does it work with a Xbox One Controller?!
CGLF (8 months ago)
I use a wired xbox controller, but you can probably use the wireless dongle that xbox provide.
Sapphire Knight (10 months ago)
Quick question. It may seem dumb, but will my computer be compatible with Dolphin? My specs are  2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4 GB Memory NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB It's a 2009 MacBook, so my hopes aren't high.
Sapphire Knight (9 months ago)
lanor DanS Well my computer sucks. Someday I'll get a new one.
lanor DanS (9 months ago)
Sonic&Sephiroth91 No
Jimmy Traylor (11 months ago)
will this work on a 2012 macbook pro retina 650m just curious on the performance Macbook pro 2012 retina I7 3rd gen 2.7ghz turbo at 3.7 16gb Ram 650m 512ssd
Jhonatan Ulage (9 months ago)
What about a mid 2012 non retina I5 4gb Ram  4000 HHD
jalene150 (11 months ago)
Yeah it will run as long as you don't upscale it to some ridiculously resolution
YTOD (11 months ago)
Yes you shouldn't have a problem
bullZz24 (11 months ago)
Can this play wii ISOs???
YTOD (11 months ago)
Yes but I dont know how to
Gordon Vo (11 months ago)
Can you please show me how to download Simpsons hit and run please. Can you please give me the link to which website you got it from. Thanks
YTOD (11 months ago)
Sorry I haven't been able to get to ur guys comments. BUT NINTENDO SADLY REMOVED ALOT OF THEIR LICENSED GAMES!! Im trying to figure out the best way to share my files.
Glittering stars (2 months ago)
emu paradise and romsmania are down now too, and I don't trust other sites to run a download on my mac :(
Enerok (2 months ago)
Love roms is now also down due to a lawsuit nintendo filed against them
JT (4 months ago)
LOL , mac virus = lol!
thehumanthathid (5 months ago)
it give you virus
No Mario ds
TheAmazingRobloxSiblings (11 months ago)
I dont have any controllers
DaKillerSpree (11 months ago)
Shinnybuttnerd (8 months ago)
Did you figure out how to et it to work?
YOUNG LION (11 months ago)
Why does it show can't extract because of decrunching what do I have to do
YOUNG LION (11 months ago)
why does it show can't extract it
YOUNG LION (11 months ago)
how did you make open come up
YOUNG LION (11 months ago)
z saltsman (4 months ago)
Oscar Martin Yes I use, it all the time
Oscar Martin (9 months ago)
Is loveroms safe to use
Ryan Wood (11 months ago)
I've been trying to get paper Mario to work for over an hour and it says the file is unrecognized, any tips? I downloaded it from loveroms as a 7zip and unarchived it  but its not working...
DPG (1 year ago)
Question: Is the Dolphin gonna have a new version since the new update for mac gonna be coming out soon?
YTOD (1 year ago)
DPG I don’t think there would be anything major if there was. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.
Ryvo (1 year ago)
can you release the smash bros files? possibly on google drive? I cannot find a legit link for it. thanks
YellowToad (1 year ago)
How the hell did you get Paper Mario!? It doesn't work for me at all!
Richie Mazze (1 year ago)
Hey man i have dolphin downloaded but im having trouble playing my games can you help me out or recommend any rom websites?
nicole perrone (1 year ago)
do I need a controller? or can i use my keyboard?
larry koopa 200 (6 months ago)
nicole perrone keyboard
None of the Mario games are on emuparadise
YTOD (1 year ago)
yeah I think nintendo removed them
hey how do you get paper mario thousand year door its not on emuparadise
YOUNG LION (11 months ago)
Wolfmaster Geometry Dash there are other sites you knos
gustavo10191910 (1 year ago)
how do you extract a game.? everytime i download one it says it wont extract
Bora Alaybeyi (6 months ago)
gustavo10191910 use unarhiver
kuko0306 (1 year ago)
I can't find any games I enjoy on the site :( sorry just I can't find any good tutorial video on youtube this one was good but the website has like crappy games
kuko0306 (1 year ago)
YTOD I checked and they did which sucks but worth a shot
YTOD (1 year ago)
yeah I think nintendo removed them
Arthur Grier (1 year ago)
same i can't fin any good games
Cynder Al kendi (1 year ago)
Didn't work for me ;m;
Luksen (1 year ago)
where did u download the thousand year door? cant find anything : /
YTOD (1 year ago)
I think nintendo removed them
SmashyPlays (1 year ago)
Can i also play wii iso on dolphin?
Chris Canterino (1 year ago)
yes, you should be able to
Mask (1 year ago)
i dont find any mario party 7 rom
Chris Canterino (1 year ago)
CharpDOog™ Loveroms.com definitely works! I just successfully downloaded Pokemon Colosseum, so Mario Party 7 should work just fine!
Chris Canterino (1 year ago)
CharpDOog™ the website Loveroms.com has a lot of games available on the GameCube, I have yet to try any of the roms on Dolphin, but you can give it a shot with Mario Party 7 if you'd like
Chris Canterino (1 year ago)
CharpDOog™ If I find a website that has Mario party 7, I'll make sure to tell you
Chris Canterino (1 year ago)
CharpDOog™ it sucks, I know, I was really hoping to get Pokemon Colosseum easily
Mask (1 year ago)
Rak Boy (1 year ago)
My controller is not responding can anyone help :( or if anyone have any idea about how to use the keyboard as a controller please tell me
Christian Lopez (1 year ago)
Best freaking tutorial! Thanks man
YTOD (1 year ago)
Christian Lopez No problem!!
Squidkep (1 year ago)
Hey Could you please send me a link to the unboxing program you used? If you could that would be great thanks :)
Nekhi Bradley (1 year ago)
after you download the game, my library in dolphin still says empty, but i have the game downloaded. Is there something I have to do before that or is that what that extraction thing was?
Nekhi Bradley (1 year ago)
Got it to open but now it just freezing at the main screen, overtime i click on it, but its still not in my library
YTOD (1 year ago)
You put all of the .ISO's into a folder and go to the path tab and use the folder you create. Then hit refresh and the game should pop up.
Peter Garcia (1 year ago)
How do you get your frames per second to stop dropping, my dolphin runs extremely slow
YTOD (1 year ago)
Some games are in better shape then others, could just be that, or look into the video setting I put mine at 720P and Its smoother for me.
Sawyer Sanchez (1 year ago)
can you make a video on how to download the Unarchiver?
YTOD (1 year ago)
All you have to do is go to the APP store on Mac and find it its easy.
what resoloution are you doing dolphin at?
YTOD (1 year ago)
I believe its 720P haven't used it in awhile
Hap Gannon (1 year ago)
I've been trying to get this to work all day and yours is the only helpful one out there! Thanks!!!
YTOD (1 year ago)
No problem!!
CoolCatz (1 year ago)
when i try this it. says intCPU unknown instruction and some zeros
Fluffy Giraffe (1 year ago)
This was super helpful, and by far the best guide I could find. Thank you!
YOUNG LION (11 months ago)
YOUNG LION (11 months ago)
can you please tell me why it shows can't extract
YTOD (1 year ago)
No Problem! Glad to help.
Jeffrey Munoz (1 year ago)
How do you make the wii cursor set to your mouse on mac?
John (1 year ago)
how were you able to connect your ps4 controller? The only inputs that get registered for me are the Dpad directions, when I try to configure the inputs for the sticks/any buttons they won't do anything..? Maybe I'm missing a step..
We Know The Truth (4 months ago)
John Hoffman openemu uses PS4 and it's amazing
YTOD (1 year ago)
John (1 year ago)
oh cool
YTOD (1 year ago)
Ill make an update video on it.
Michael Nkongolo (1 year ago)
what about wii games? where can we find those roms?
YTOD (1 year ago)
Wii Games Im not quite sure how they work with Dolphin sadly, ill check it out.
The Great Findings (1 year ago)
Hey man what do you use to extract the game? How do you install that
The Great Findings (1 year ago)
YTOD sweet thank you man!
YTOD (1 year ago)
Just use a win rar app or on mac go to the app store and download the unarchiver that will open the file automatically
Cullen O'leary (1 year ago)
You should show the download process, once you click into a game it brings up a whole page and I don't know what to click on to start the game download. You already had spongebob downloaded in the save bar up top. It's still a nice video either way thanks for your help.
JMMagee 622 (1 year ago)
You gotta scroll all the way down til you see the direct download link.
Shlankyman545 (1 year ago)
I second this. I've been crawling all over Youtube trying to figure this out.
Cullen O'leary (1 year ago)
And I do take into account that it is not legal to download these so it's understandable if you did not want to incriminate yourself. That being said you could always show a couple pictures of where to click when you get into the link of the game that you want to download.
SGO Beats (1 year ago)
Can you use a wired xbox 360 controller?
YTOD (1 year ago)
Believe so
Black Guy (1 year ago)
no virus right?
YTOD (1 year ago)
Nope nothing
Black Guy (1 year ago)
really cool tho!💞

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