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Gamer Girls are as such

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Gamer girls are as such . Disclaimer: This Video is for entertaining purposes . So don,t be serious . this video showing a girl gamers funny moments . all Girls are not like similar this gamer girl . but some girls r similar our gamer girls . he is Expert of Driving but only Gta, not real life . he always thinking real life and gaming both are same . ok let,s watch . if u like this video, plz share this video of ur friends and tell my mistake. and PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ Support me Watch till end . Watch my another Video : https://goo.gl/U8m8V9 If u have any problem to this video , plz Email me : mrsumon976@gmail.com Music And Sound use this Video 1/[No Copyright Music] Island - MBB 2/Top 10 Non Copyright Intro _ Outro Music + Free Downloads 3/FREE - Royalty free Sound effects / DOOR BELL 4/Do It Right - Jingle Punks 5/Complete Gaming Sound Effects (The Gaming Lemon, Vanoss Gaming, MessYourself and more) 6/Top 5 Royalty Free To Use Outro Music 7/Braking Car Sound Effect [Drift Brake] 8/Door Opening-Closing - Royalty Free SFX Gamplay: GTA V Thumbnail And Intro Text : http://www4.flamingtext.com/ all music , sound , effect , poster , image, gamplay under Creative common license 3.0 Read- Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ My Fb Page: https://www.facebook.com/Tech-Pathagar-1540528352671939/ Please Stay With Me
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Azzloo (1 year ago)
My Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Tech-Pathagar-1540528352671939/ Please Join and give me some good ideas My friend Channel:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UeBJF5Uv5k&feature=youtu.be
wassup little idk (11 months ago)
Tech Pathagar 😂 gamer girl 😂
xxbeastmo d (11 months ago)
Tech Pathagar when you get alot of subs will you still answer comments
Lovee Gupta (7 months ago)
Jaksa Games (7 months ago)
No way she get ready for 10 mins it takes 5000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years minimum to girl get ready
Lovee Gupta (7 months ago)
Jaksa Games yeah
DILIP_ HDK (10 months ago)
Paywand assassin (10 months ago)
trying to explane to you brother you cant play 2players in gtav
Gaming Life (10 months ago)
i respek that girl gamer's want to be great drivers and even tho Franklin is the best driver he still crashing cars n shit and yes i am using his special ability but sometimes i just wanna play without it
Super gamer Boy (10 months ago)
wth just happen in the end lol
John Ekstig (11 months ago)
chungbest341 GTAV5 (11 months ago)
Keep going bro your VIDS are awesome
Azzloo (11 months ago)
chungbest341 GTAV5+ Thanks Bro
chungbest341 GTAV5 (11 months ago)
Please make a part 2
Hussplays (11 months ago)
hello are you from bangladesh????
Abdullah Ahmed (11 months ago)
Please make a vid about Ps4 gamers vs Xbox one gamers
Wayste (11 months ago)
Mobile vs wii „gamers“
Youi Da Boss (11 months ago)
Please do pro gamers vs new gamers
Trx dr (11 months ago)
wazzap my friend my another trx dr account :v
Jabrane Amami (11 months ago)
you misspelled grill
XxTechyTheGamerxX (11 months ago)
maniz idris (11 months ago)
girls are not stupid!!!!! grrrrrrr.......
milan jana (11 months ago)
Video copied bro
Jan Kavina (11 months ago)
Plese do headphones gamers vs speakers gamers :O
Dope - Rules of Survival (11 months ago)
Please make "If CoinSafe hacked Tech Pathagar
Sleeping Zebra (11 months ago)
hey dude i really work hard like you i wanna ask u small qustion can u please give me a small shoutout i reached today 238 subscribers and i wanna reach 300 subscribers please bro can you make for me small shoutout and i hope you request my massge :) and gj i was there when u was 200 subscribers
abdul alim (11 months ago)
can you tell me how from which app you make these animations? I need the answer fast.
Lightning sword (11 months ago)
Happy durga puja tech !!
Samir Istiaque Amit (11 months ago)
Bro make a video on ios vs android gamers
TheTruGamer732 (11 months ago)
Why is there is so many Indian people making the genre videos? ( am not hating India btw am just saying )
Smarta video youtuber (1 year ago)
Bhai amar please give the apps with which you make the cartoon boys and girls in the vids and I am also a Bengali
Abdul Rehman (1 year ago)
Texh Pathagar Pls do u have discord or anything pls tell me i wanna learn how you make videos and channel art
Rasmus Lärare (1 year ago)
God vid
ITZsaf (1 year ago)
nice vid bro u disrive more subscribers
Shadow ForceZ (1 year ago)
Bro can you help me making these kind of videos and plzzzz give me any of your social networking name or your Gmail except fb because I don't use that plzzzzzzz bro!
The justersquad (1 year ago)
I liked the video cause its the best
Nixon Gaming (1 year ago)
SF SALMAN (1 year ago)
Osam year
Nightmares Hunter (1 year ago)
please someone tell me whats the song name
Nightmares Hunter (1 year ago)
Azzloo (1 year ago)
Nightmares Hunter+ All r discription
Azizul Islam (1 year ago)
Zous video bro love your vids
Azzloo (1 year ago)
Azizul Islam + Thanks Bro
Gamer Tm (1 year ago)
I have made a tutorial to make stickman animation videos in android
RG Devoner (1 year ago)
What means hlw ? And btw i use this programs too :)!good vid mate!
TITAN GAMING KING (1 year ago)
Yo please see my video
CuzImMazen _ (1 year ago)
RG Devoner how= Hello
Bhi collaborate kor ta pare
Atharva (1 year ago)
where did you live bro??
trafficracer24 (6 months ago)
TITAN GAMING KING shut up. Stop asking for views
TITAN GAMING KING (1 year ago)
please see my video
blocky winner (1 year ago)
If a girl gamer destroys her boyfriends computer
A girl will be not he it will be she
NR Rocks (1 year ago)
World Of Stickboi (1 year ago)
Nice Vid
Chilly Nation (1 year ago)
lmao xddddddddddddddd
Chilly Nation (1 year ago)
Lightning Chidori hey bro, sure why not and how do you make them ?
Chilly Nation (1 year ago)
0:26 I want gta :(
DJ SAHIL KING (1 year ago)
Really are you kidding me that was awesome Yo
trx dr (1 year ago)
Tech i am from indo. Love.your.video
Azzloo (1 year ago)
trx dr+ Love u too bro
trx dr (1 year ago)
Above 50
Атул Сингх (1 year ago)
Made a guy gamers funny moments too cus I'm also a gamer and I also wanna see.
Awesome Muku (1 year ago)
hmm good bro xD
CRAZY (1 year ago)
Ha ha.. Ai hoilo amar 2nd ta..
TITAN GAMING KING (1 year ago)
please see my video
Kingfish _ (1 year ago)
Where u from bro
Dragon Knight (1 year ago)
I thought you where young
Vegetto Gaming (10 months ago)
Dragon Knight were*
Dragon Knight (1 year ago)
Tech Pathagar how old then
Taran Amrit kaur (1 year ago)
Tech Pathagar The voice in the start sounds like you are not a kid it sounds like adult lol
Azzloo (1 year ago)
Dragon Knight+ I am Kidd bro
Potato (1 year ago)
I LOVE IT!!! can I make these animations also not to copy u but....
Taran Amrit kaur (1 year ago)
Congrats on 3k But don't forget your early subscribers like me
Taran Amrit kaur (1 year ago)
Tech Pathagar Hope you reach 1M and then I would say this too at that time no one would believe me actually and it's confirmed you are going to reach 1MILLION
Azzloo (1 year ago)
BLAZE FIRE + Thanks Bro ,,,, Never Bro
TECH TAMIL (1 year ago)
TheRealLifeGameR (1 year ago)
😂😂😂 .. Vai last e ami hastey hastey ses.. Vai amake chinso to
TheRealLifeGameR (1 year ago)
Tech Pathagar Hmm vai 2 ta diya সাব korsi
Azzloo (1 year ago)
The Real Life Gamer + Yaa .... ik
TheRealLifeGameR (1 year ago)
Tech Pathagar Channel name Mts Everything and fb irisho
Azzloo (1 year ago)
The Real Life Gamer + Tell me ur facebook name
halo, i am from indonesia saya suka ini karena karakter nya stickman nya mudah dibuat
Maxwell 2878 suka (indonesia)=like(inggris)
Maxwell 2878 (1 year ago)
Hibatullah zaki ardiansyah suka? Ты офигел шоли?
Azzloo (1 year ago)
Da vendetta+ No Bro , it,s not easy . tell him
3d comrade (1 year ago)
Tech Pathagar he says he likes the stickman because it is easy to make
Poon Portal (1 year ago)
Anyone believes i use only mobile to make videos like this???☺if not smash the like button...not the comment one....smash the videos like button
TheRealLifeGameR (1 year ago)
Poon Portal Bro I also use my phone to make this type of video..
_-Faisal-_ (1 year ago)
Awsome bro!! (kothai thako?)
_-Faisal-_ (1 year ago)
The Real Life Gamer okay
TheRealLifeGameR (1 year ago)
Royal_ PlayZ Vai amar video gola dekho pls and support me
she left the house door open
Azzloo (1 year ago)
Shaurya GAMING STUDIOS+ Hahaha
Lightning Chidori I subbed u and I would sure check the channel out
MisukeKunTPC (1 year ago)
5th likes!
TheRealLifeGameR (1 year ago)
MisukeKunTBD // TheBloodDIamond Can you please watch my video.
הראל כץ (1 year ago)
nice vid bro
Gaming1974 (1 year ago)
6th viewer
Rifat Khan (1 year ago)
নাইচ ওয়ান
Azzloo (1 year ago)
Ten ku
MR GAMING (1 year ago)
הראל כץ (1 year ago)

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