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Quantum Break – The Cemetery | Live Action Trailer

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Hit http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe for even more on Quantum Break as well as the latest and greatest Xbox news, previews and more! Quantum Break is brought to life as Jack Joyce is hunted down while he mourns his brother. But time itself is broken, and it’s the only weapon Jack has to survive. Learn more at http://bit.ly/QuantumBreakXbox Take the time to pre-order today at http://bit.ly/QuantumBreakPreOrder and secure your copy of Alan Wake. Go behind-the-scenes with an exclusive studio tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vme4RN7oYk _ This is Xbox On, the home for all things Xbox in the UK. Join our videogame experts: Benny “Shoot The Thing” Central, Ellen “Unbreakable” Rose and Graeme “AceyBongos” Boyd. We’ll be giving you exclusive content covering the biggest games, and news and events like E3, Gamescom, and Crufts (one of the above may not be true). It’s all you need to know on the latest games you love, Halo, Call of Duty, FIFA, Deus Ex, Battlefront, Tomb Raider and loads more. Never miss a moment and hit http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe now! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xboxuk Twitter: https://twitter.com/xboxuk Instagram: https://instagram.com/xboxuk/
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Text Comments (58)
Jakub Toman (1 year ago)
Can someone please drop me here a link with that song used in this trailer? :) thx
Ebram Shehata (1 year ago)
What music is used in this trailer ?
Mohammad G (1 year ago)
Ebram Shehata Found it?
ARandomRoadSign (1 year ago)
Iceman just stole quicksilver's power
majeed shady (1 year ago)
mouseno4 (2 years ago)
Damn this game looks so much win.
Alan Brown (2 years ago)
Jinxy from warehouse 13 😀
A_ Shah (2 years ago)
RavenMyste (2 years ago)
Can't wait 1080 p and 30fps I was mistaken about the 60fps but still can't wait and beastlyrig your wrong they graphics will look exactly like they are showing
danwarb1 (2 years ago)
For some reason this is so much less interesting after the lead character change. Feels cheaper, though it probably cost more.
Ironically Unironic (1 year ago)
The game has the same actor.
Aufinator (2 years ago)
"Exclusive" m8 it's on PC
HackingSpartan (2 years ago)
+Aufinator At the end it says 'Windows 10' so it isn't lying. It's an Xbox One console exclusive!
Aufinator (2 years ago)
+Matt Waffle not really exclusive then, I rarely use my Xbox one anymore, we've had like 2 real Xbox One exclusives.
Matt Waffle (2 years ago)
When PS4 or Xbox say "exclusive" it means console exclusive more than a platform exclusive
Karl Long (2 years ago)
really cool trailer and pre order cool stuff
Will Dudleston (2 years ago)
Debbie Hargreaves (2 years ago)
Time isn't power, it's kknnnaaaaaawwwwwlllleeeedddggeee
NOOB isHERE (1 month ago)
You mean Knowledge?
Gregory Frowendown (2 years ago)
+Debbie Hargreaves Knowledge is power, power is time, time is money.
Naiko (2 years ago)
it looks amazing, really
Matt (2 years ago)
Is this actual gameplay. Oh my god please be actual gameplay. (or in-engine footage, whatever)
Furys Shot (2 years ago)
the title literally had the word "live action trailer"
Dj Singh (2 years ago)
So Iam guessing Alan wake is being added in backwards compatibility :D!!!!!
Gregory Frowendown (2 years ago)
+Dj Singh Guessing? Since it's been confirmed.
Dj Singh (2 years ago)
Remedy I hope you won't disappoint me.
Ꭺbdulrahman (2 years ago)
+Dj Singh Remedy is the best I hope QB sells well so they can work on Alan Wake 2
The Cold Tomato (2 years ago)
Will it beat Uncharted 4? I doubt it, and that's coming from a die hard Xbox fan.
The Cold Tomato (2 years ago)
+HackingSpartan Ok
HackingSpartan (2 years ago)
+Halo Master You don't compare QB and U4. You compare Tomb Raider and U4.
Matt Waffle (2 years ago)
Sales wise nah I don't think so there's about 10-13 million more ps4 players but gears 4 and quantum break are coming out around the same time uncharted 4 comes out.
The Cold Tomato (2 years ago)
+ryan ferguson Well, this is an Xbox channel, so I would expect a baised and uneducated answer from a blind fanboy. 
Bruno Xavier (2 years ago)
VarDen Clips (2 years ago)
That should be an actual gameplay from PC on Ultra...
Ive been so excited for this ever since it was first announced, and this trailer was so good
Grumpy PugGamer (2 years ago)
MY HEAD JUST EXPLODED...I cannot wait...
Adrian SH (2 years ago)
Is this a tv show or a game?
Adrian SH (2 years ago)
+Ashley Black Cool i am going to watch a lets play of it, because i dont have a good windows or xbox one :(
Ashley Black (2 years ago)
+Adrian S.H Yes, I've read there are 4 chapters, and after each chapter, during which you play as the protagonist Jack Joyce (good guy), you then watch a 22 minute TV show from the villain perspective. What happens in the TV show is determined by the decisions you made during the chapter you have just played.
Matt Waffle (2 years ago)
TheRupertLitterbin (2 years ago)
+Adrian S.H that what ive heard
Adrian SH (2 years ago)
+TheRupertLitterbin Cool. So heroes=game and villains= tv show? Is that correct?
RexDoodleman (2 years ago)
Just a laggy server
ItzSilentStorm (2 years ago)
+BeastlyRig this is live action...
TheRupertLitterbin (2 years ago)
I'm surprised an EA logo didn't pop up xD
Raquel Gamer (2 years ago)
Raquel Gamer (2 years ago)
+alan Cavalcante hahaha sim. 
Titan (2 years ago)
I love this game...For me,the best Microsoft game.
Ꭺbdulrahman (2 years ago)
+connor mccartney have you played Remedy's game ? do you even kno Sam Lake ?
Titan (2 years ago)
+Callum McCartney I love the concept from the first trailer aha...
Callum McCartney (2 years ago)
It's not Even out yet. Or do you love the concept?
Connor McCartney (2 years ago)
have you played it already bro?
Israel Melecio (2 years ago)
wow speechless
Nick Baker (2 years ago)
Yup... I just jizzed.
Max (2 years ago)
I need to have this game now!
pippo puzzo (2 years ago)
No, this game will realesed for pc too
Israel Melecio (2 years ago)
+pippo puzzo and???

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