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Post Game Details Revealed For Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu! Is It Enough?

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Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is out in just under a month and we now know the full extent of what the post game content is going to be like. Becoming a Master Trainer for ALL 151 Pokemon in the game is probably going to be VERY time consuming. Are YOU going for it? Let us know in the comments below! Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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Text Comments (116)
Pie Crust (22 days ago)
sounds like a grind fest for each pokemon.. boring
thatguywhodidyourmom (25 days ago)
Check out the new Battle Agency if this isnt enough endgame content for you. Master Challenge wasnt the only endgame content they added.
Foxko Creates (26 days ago)
getting pretty pumped for this~ Team Pikachu!
Darko16 (26 days ago)
Im really looking forward to this. The question that I have is if I beat the 151 trainers, do I get the title of Pokemon Master?
Chuck Finnly (26 days ago)
It is my hope that you will be able to get some of these “unexpected” moves for your own Pokémon after beating the master trainer.
Phins Allday (26 days ago)
Master Traners!
Immac (RockLeet) (26 days ago)
What is a traner?
Jatin Thandi (27 days ago)
Please tell me do I need a whole separate controller or the two switch neon controllers
Kane FireHero (27 days ago)
Sorry am excited all because Metipod Master anothe said
Dat Australia Boi (27 days ago)
My body is ready
SamTheMan55555 (27 days ago)
Pikachu master all the way.
Chicken Turds (27 days ago)
Metapod is probably gonna be the HARDEST to beat Edit: sorry about my bad humor
Johno Daz (27 days ago)
Nice vid Gabe(SF). Extra post-game content in Let's Go Pokémon is really good stuff.
Steven Dierkes (27 days ago)
Gonna master them all 💪 and yeah its not what we expected as post game but i feel like it's a good idea. Not the best, but definitely a good one
Luis NogueiraPT (27 days ago)
I love this post game and its a good way to continue to play after the master league and the fights of the legendary Pokémons Soo yee and since we are a less than a month of the release i m pretty sure they have more things to show
ArtMasterFrylock (27 days ago)
Its pretty exciting. Its not going to be as fun as the rental Pokemon, but this is a pretty cool and unique idea. It works great for this game as there's only first gen Pokemon and its variants. Its better than no post game, thats for sure. It adds a little something extra to the game.
northenlight36 (27 days ago)
151 Master trainers gives me hope that Pokeball Mew is going to be low level when you first get it.
thatguywhodidyourmom (25 days ago)
I hope its lvl 5. I'd love to use it for my eevee playthrough.
Salvador Pacheco (27 days ago)
Looks dumb. This game is going to be way too easy. They screwed it up. 2019 better be worth it....of course I'm not paying for either one anyway so ...
xREDx8 Shagg (27 days ago)
you say it would take to long , yet 100% you will be one of those people saying game was to short
Hjallmar Conesworth (27 days ago)
What do you mean is it enough? It's not like they said this is the only thing available in post game. You are just making assumptions (each individual pokemon will need to be high level, this is the only end game content) and then treat it as fact for the rest of the video and form all these opinions based on your own unfounded assumptions. I've watched a few of your videos and you guys seriously need to learn how to have a proper discussion and not just talk out your asses.
David V (27 days ago)
Enough yes cause we have plenty of games plus rdr2 is 100 Gn and 65hr so be very busy gaming
Andres E. Gomez M. (27 days ago)
Nah, not enough. I won't play the game so enjoy
Fernando Villaseñor (27 days ago)
My only concern is how the Magikarp master trainer battle is going to turn out? Lol
anavn (27 days ago)
I feel like lack of cloud save makes them just unattractive to me as if there is a prob I will lose it all !
JamesistheThunder (27 days ago)
Is it enough? Uhh, yeah! We have to literally EV train each individual Pokemon to make it better than what looks to be pretty competitive sets. I'd say that's a lot of content
JamesistheThunder (27 days ago)
*thumbs up*
Primordial Lionheart (27 days ago)
They don't hear you bro
Monthly Gamer (27 days ago)
What is the post game stuff that we want?
Card44 (27 days ago)
Why does it say "no items" when there is no items in the first place.
Primordial Lionheart (27 days ago)
Meaning you cannot heal during the battle.. Or was that to far over your head?
Cuber Knight (27 days ago)
I’m even more hyped now!!
Xyphor (27 days ago)
I like this. At least it’s something new. I wasn’t expecting anything
Obby (27 days ago)
"This isn't the post we wanted" what did you want? Can't think of anything else they could've done.
固茹で (22 days ago)
sevii islands
josh Mcguire (27 days ago)
nah im going for all of them I go all out for pokemon
The Canadian Pig (27 days ago)
Imagine this in gen 8
Harttman (27 days ago)
Master Trainer: *trains just one magikarp his whole entire life* Magikarp level 100, moveset: *splash* 😂
Benedek Boda (27 days ago)
Should I get Star link battle for atlas or let’s go pickachu/evee?
neoagito (27 days ago)
Scyther master
Stephanie (27 days ago)
Do you think if you get all of them then they will call you pokemon master at the pokecenter instead of a specific pokemon
Kent Coleman (27 days ago)
I like that they’re trying to somewhat appease players that don’t care for Pokémon go
Fernando Villaseñor (27 days ago)
I was really worried that you were going to be able to use your whole pokemon team. I'm glad that is not the case and now i'm excited again. If only the rest of the game was challenging like this
Ruined Druid (27 days ago)
I like this idea from an exposition point of view. Now after catching all of 151 Pokemon you get to get the title of master for all of them. That makes you a Pokemon master who caught them all and is now the very best!
Introverted Gamer (27 days ago)
I'm not sure about how I feel about having to use the same Pokémon as the trainer I fight.
ReppinCHA (27 days ago)
I don’t understand the hate this game is getting. I love how it looks so far. And we are getting a main series Pokémon game next year. This will do just fine until then
Mixiv (27 days ago)
Laprasmancer made my day
anthony savage (27 days ago)
All these people hating on this game because of the lack of challenge act like Pokémon is challenging to begin with? I have played every generation since it all started  and I can easily say these games haven't been challenging in years. In X and Y I don't think I ever lost a battle. Also, Why is this game getting so much hate when its clearly a spinoff entry no different then games like Mystery Dungeon or Pokken. The "Hardcore" entry is coming next year. Spoiler alert, it will probably be easy too.
Squids N' Gigs (27 days ago)
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anthony savage (27 days ago)
Ditto vs Ditto
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Geovanni Soto (27 days ago)
samuel schwartz (27 days ago)
I love it.
volcanosumit (27 days ago)
This is cool but it should not be the only post game mode, they should serve as the normal trainers do in the main game, as exp. and there should be an actual post story campaign
Aariah (27 days ago)
Ryan Gutierrez (27 days ago)
I hope they keep this for Gen 8. My biggest issue with the Pokémon games of late is that I can go through multiple play throughs without seeing certain Pokémon. I would love to see master trainers for new Pokémon in the future.
George Indyseph (27 days ago)
Those are just cool trainers renamed with one pokemon only. Weaker version of cool trainer. By defeating them gain titles? What for?let me guess so that players can catch easier or makes pokemon faster leveling? Still a weak move to get people to buy this game.
Kevin Valencia (27 days ago)
Are they weaker versions of trainers? I don't understand what you said I thought I saw a level 74 Venusaur. I actually really like the idea it's an incentive to catch all 151 and it's Implied to be a hard mode battle against each one. That's what I saw based on the trailer but maybe you can explain why do you think it's just a cash grab and still easy for you.
Errebus (27 days ago)
This is the only thing that gets me excited about the game, could this be a bit of actual challenge!!?
Holly Dot (27 days ago)
I hope they keep this concept going forward but it feels like a post game gimmick, as opposed to the big battles on offer in previous titles.
KoopaSlayer (27 days ago)
Your videos are always awesome!! Could you guys do a speculations/what you would like to see video on the next 2d Zelda game. I'm really hoping Nintendo is working on the next one just replayed through link between worlds I enjoyed that game so much. With the power of the switch they could make the largest open world 2d Zelda game ever!! Would love to hear your guys thoughts of possibilities that could happen in the future for a 2d Zelda switch game.
OniCr0w (27 days ago)
"master traners" unsubbed
Micah Joel Geimer (27 days ago)
Can't wait for my pre-order!
Mike Wxlf (27 days ago)
This game looks like a playtest for the main 2019 game, I think they are experimenting with this game
volcanosumit (27 days ago)
KoopaSlayer it won't be amazing if masuda was in charge
KoopaSlayer (27 days ago)
+Mike Wxlf that sounds awesome can't wait to see what they have in-store for us next year.
Mike Wxlf (27 days ago)
KoopaSlayer they may be even going open world like Zelda to where you can battle elite 4 before the last boss or something, like you pick and choose your story, pokemons & regions etc based on paths you choose in a huge open world
KoopaSlayer (27 days ago)
I for one think that this next pokemon game will be amazing and be the largest most visually appealing pokemon they have ever made or atleast I hope so lol can't wait for 2019!
KoopaSlayer (27 days ago)
I agree they experimented with Zelda breath of the wild and now they will probably take what they learned from that game and make the greatest Zelda game ever made.
Thunderbunny 17 (27 days ago)
HGLuigi (27 days ago)
I will be all the masters
Alej The legend (27 days ago)
It’s scripted :/
Elekea (27 days ago)
no breeding.... so have fun getting that bulbasaur master rank
Carlos (27 days ago)
Lol, some of the members of the Pokemon Community. Then: "This game doesn't have enough postgame content." Now: "This will take forever to grind, I don't like it." Anything to trash on this game if you don't like it, don't buy it and stop trashing on this game. The harsh truth is that these games WILL sell well and people will love it.
Onup147 (27 days ago)
I like games that have good grind mechanics or using the mechanics I enjoy to grind. Now the Wild battles are a small percentage of the game most people complain about in my opinion is that's the major of what you will be doing and I LOATH Pokémon Go. I preordered the Pokémon switch which comes with the game. Tho the main grinding mechanics Forces me to use a mechanics I hate not only on the story but for the end content. Hoping for more of a battle tower where you can I battle for your exp. I'm still getting it because 1 I really like that limited edition switch 2 there's have to be more to this game. It has a lot of things I like. Even tho I have one or two complaints but it's the majority ic what I'll be doing and it's unavoidable. It kinda makes me mad that there was never an option. Options make games more fun. There are people who enjoy battle more than capturing Pokémon, we are called Pokemon trainers not Pokémon collectors.
Dean Pan (27 days ago)
volcanosumit don’t buy it then. Also just stfu
Dean Pan (27 days ago)
Exactly... the good Pokémon game I coming out next year. There is no reason to complain..
EPS5000 (27 days ago)
WidowMaker You seem to forget that adults in their early to mid 30s were kids when Red, Blue, and Yellow were out. That nostalgia factor for the original 151 Pokémon is huge.
MystikMJ7 (27 days ago)
WidowMaker Shit I’m an adult and I’m buying it.
bunny fire (27 days ago)
Drewtwo (27 days ago)
Who’s gonna have the time to train a metapod, kakuna, or magikarp to fight these guys?
Dasyn31 (27 days ago)
The game already gives a lot of experience to the entire party.
Edward Tejeda (27 days ago)
I just called chief he told me he ain’t buying this, he then proceeded to tell me this ain’t it
Alec Cisneros (27 days ago)
I’m going to master my 🔥 Charizard being level 💯.
SyrioHghar88 (27 days ago)
Did I miss it somewhere, that it says there will be a trainer for all 151? That seems a bit excessive.
Ceylon Blue (27 days ago)
SyrioHghar88 eurogamer interview had that detail. The trainer models repeat if you haven’t already noticed but yes one for every Pokemon.
Thomas Kuijvenhoven (27 days ago)
I hope this feature comes also in the Pokemon Game title 2019!
poop_sycle894 (27 days ago)
Does Nintendo pay you guys? Give some negatives every once in a while.
Kevin Valencia (27 days ago)
People should learn that it's disrespectful to imply that someone's getting payed off by having their own opinions. Even if it's online be a damn grown up. Also wtf give some negatives? Wait a second...... Is Sony paying you to say this? 0_0.... Damn these Sony bots! PS. I love Sony.
Carson Walker (27 days ago)
Nolan Daniels Who cares if there was no breeding in Gen 1? In the Gen 3 remakes of Gen 1 there was breeding, there’s no excuse for this game not to have it.
Nolan Daniels (27 days ago)
They WERE negative, and it was negativity that didn’t even make sense. There was no breeding in Gen 1, so people shouldn’t have been upset in the first place. On top of that, they added something that’s actually cool. I hope Gen 8 gets something like this in addition to the things we’ve come to expect from later gens.
Keith V (27 days ago)
poop_sycle894 you can’t force negativity it’s there opinion
Aaron Young (27 days ago)
This is going to be SICC boys.
Andrew Orto (27 days ago)
What kind of post game content were you expecting? I think this is great and so unique.
Ky Tin (27 days ago)
Dasyn31 to be clear I’m happy with what we got. I understand this is a new game, but I don’t think it would have been impossible to implement the orange island as post game
Dasyn31 (27 days ago)
+Ky Tin Yeah but we're comparing a 3ds remake that already had an existing engine. This is the first Switch AND console Pokemon game so they're making almost everything from scratch in a little more than a year since USUM came out last year. I expected nothing honestly lol
Ky Tin (27 days ago)
Dasyn31 The Delta Episode wasn’t part of Ruby or Sapphire. Anyways I’m still happy with what they added with Let’s go
Dasyn31 (27 days ago)
+Ky Tin That wasn't part of the original game though
Ky Tin (27 days ago)
Ceylon Blue yup agreed
White Kyurem (27 days ago)
It's gonna be a no for me captain.
ohsaywhatistruth (27 days ago)
Tough luck.
Bounty Hunter Kakuzu (27 days ago)
You want post game content? You can’t handle the post game content!!!!!!!
Android 7 (27 days ago)
Mewtwo master lol
Blank elite gamer (27 days ago)
You spelled trainer wrong
leapyleaf (27 days ago)
Yeah he did
Alej The legend (27 days ago)
Blank elite gamer I see it now
Anthony Gameplay (27 days ago)
Blank elite gamer I see that hahaha
Aaron Jones (27 days ago)
Taxing the best (27 days ago)
Oh, when I first saw this comment I thought you said I was drunk lol!
Aaron Jones (27 days ago)
+Taxing the best YouTube was drunk when I got here there were no comments and it said no views
Taxing the best (27 days ago)
nope 42 seconds to 23 seconds
Taxing the best (27 days ago)

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