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Crash Bandicoot Remastered graphics comparison - PS4 gameplay vs. PS1

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We managed to grab some Crash Bandicoot remastered gameplay from PSX 2016 so we decided to compare the graphics to the PS1 original. Which one do you prefer? Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (460)
Bima Luthfi Anandito (17 days ago)
I want new crash team racing
SuperRichin B (1 month ago)
Its odd because the one on the right was how I remembered it as
theapocilip (1 month ago)
The sound effects and music was better in the original
Francisco E Aparicio (1 month ago)
When NaughtyDogs does something great then a shitty company takes over and makes a huge turd.
Killer553 (5 months ago)
Nice and it's comming to PC too
Remastered is 10000000000000000000000000000 times better than the original’s
Danieli Moraes (10 months ago)
Elda Mateo (11 months ago)
yo voto por la original
LittleGreenBag7 (1 year ago)
ty sony for bringing back my childhood, i finished the 3 games kid and now adult
Green Swag (1 year ago)
People complaining about sounds? Lmao
Kakka-Carrot-Cake (1 year ago)
"The old crash is better graphics dont matter!" "This new crash sucks look at the graphics on it, too much colour 0/10"
Jamez P (1 year ago)
it's a remake not a remaster... and I still prefer the original psx one... better music since it's rawer and gives the atmosphere of real crash bandicoot game which rerecorded music does not also you can't just remake a psx canon crash bandicoot game crash gave birth to many platformers like this also the graphics in the trilogy is soft and rainy castle-climbing lvls are not scary as they were in the original game the trilogy lacks that bandicoot soul
Alan21 Marquez avila (1 year ago)
There Was No "Game Over" Text In The Remake.
Asus 85999 (1 year ago)
James [] (1 year ago)
Who thinks the original sounds better? I'm only saying this from nostalgia.
ZombifiedDuder (1 year ago)
Really weird that they changed the death animation and the game over screen. Other than that, the remake looks really nice.
VoidPl4ys (1 year ago)
Scroer Uee (1 year ago)
I swear the quality of this remaster is over the roof
Garazdrengi (1 year ago)
Not a great comparison as the original crash is either running on PC through an emulator or on a PS2/PS3 with texture smoothing turned on. PS1 didn't even do bilinear filtering or perspective correct texture mapping.
Tomislav Mesić (1 year ago)
I am playing crash in 2k17 on mine old PS1 LoL
M B (1 year ago)
i really like what i'm seeing of the remaster so far but what i really hate are the sounds for breaking boxes and collecting the wumpa fruits. idk they're so much sharper and harsher on the ears than the original sound effects and just don't sound right. and since you hear them constantly, it's kind of annoying
Drago1995 (1 year ago)
i prefer the original
Chris (1 year ago)
I&A adasiak (1 year ago)
Yay Crash, he's been gone a long time, I remember playing the game
wait. they removed the original death sceene?
Travis the Dragon (1 year ago)
2:32 Wait I just saw the game over screen! Is there an original video or something?
Warnut (1 year ago)
i feel the colors on n sane trilogy look some what washed and should have been a bit more vibrant like the ps1 version still going to be epic to play it remastered either way cant wait and pre ordered awaiting release
forgotten games (1 year ago)
Отличный Видосик респект от нашего канала
Ali Buitrago (1 year ago)
Jepboi (1 year ago)
CRASH BANDICOOT (1 year ago)
the aku aku sound is off a little bit
Cid the Black Mage (1 year ago)
Maybe it's something about how the video is set up, but does it sometimes look like the playing field is narrower in the remastered version?
90sNath Archive (1 year ago)
You mean: PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch Vs PS1?
Zanite (1 year ago)
Press start. to begin. I'll press start when I damn well feel like it!
Alberto Martinez (1 year ago)
Why doesn't people like this video this video is amazing
jan kupcik - belmondo (1 year ago)
medal of honor ps one 1+2
monkey53821 (1 year ago)
now if they just do this same concept with Spyros trilogy my life will be complete
geovane duarte (1 year ago)
eu tenho esse jogo original
Groverkiin Muppetborn (1 year ago)
I hope this game has an option where you can switch between the new and old graphics and designs. That would be sick
Osval Fuentes (1 year ago)
Si se han dado cuenta, en el antiguo crash los gráficos le daban mucho más estilo en los niveles de ruinas xD
Toby Kassulke (1 year ago)
the heavy machinery music sounds better in the n-sane trilogy in my opinion
Count Asti (1 year ago)
the person playing is terrible
Bobby Shewan (1 year ago)
Original is better
Laura Przybylska (1 year ago)
Astronaut (1 year ago)
Now spyro!! :D
Rafael Juanito (1 year ago)
nunca vi jugadores tan malos espero q de vrd hayan finguido
Kakarot (1 year ago)
We really want a Crash Bash remake too, i loved playing co-op on that game with family and friends as it's so fun, i still have the original disc of it left from when i bought a PS1 again, still works after all these years and as fun as ever.
Nico Vernetti (1 year ago)
Ok, this kind of pissed me off, the design is great and the graphics are very nice. However, the colours are so boring and lifeless, plus when the floor changes to brown soil in the original the new version stays with sand? To me that's just lazy I'm sorry. They need to ramp up the saturation and pretty much redo all the colours (especially the boxes and crash) if they are to make this a respectable remake. One last thing, crash's fur and outfit should be the most saturated thing on the screen if you notice in the original his fur is extremely saturated compared to the environment but it works so well because it grounds you into the surroundings, do the guys working on this game not understand basic colour theory? I feel like I could do a better job if given the opportunity *sigh*. I really hope they fix this before June, or they have completely wasted their time with this whole remake in my opinion.
Nico Vernetti (1 year ago)
I know I could do better job with the colours - I'd even do it for free - you only have to look at the original game's palette to see why I'm so disappointed with the remake. I think they have actually been very boring and uncreative with the new colours and lighting, it comes across as... lazy, even vulgar. Regardless it's just a game, but I don't like how people settle for mediocrity, when there is so much money thrown into these projects. It seems like a waste to me?
Joshua Willis (1 year ago)
Nico Vernetti if you ask me I think you're asking for too much and being very arrogant
Jay Silva (1 year ago)
the little details in the original still beat the remastered
Joshua Willis (1 year ago)
Jay Silva how
Ar Ziel (1 year ago)
This and tekken 3 was my first ps1 game:^^ But grafik is not really ps4 level. I can make it on unreal 4 engine better:D
Ronny 12301 (1 year ago)
ni yo que casi ni lo jugaba era tan malo
BaSiC47 (1 year ago)
wet dream incoming
נתנאל חו (1 year ago)
I love the music of the original more. the death animations are present in carsh bandicoot warped so its not really new in the ps4
Sailorsega (1 year ago)
There's something about the look that I don't like but I can't quite put my finger on what it is.
Biddle C (1 year ago)
what happened to my cutey cartoony baby!? :(
Crimson Snwbnny (1 year ago)
Any one else prefer the older version apple sounds vs the new version chomping sounding
Paul HF (1 year ago)
Dijanme loco pero prefiero mil veces los gráficos del playstation 1
Austin McNair (1 year ago)
I've never played the game before and I can honestly say I prefer the older one because everything in there stands out, whereas the newer one blends together. There are a few things I like about the new one, but I'm still struck between the two 😅 Honestly, I don't see why Sony couldn't just port it into the game like they did with other stuff in their library. Maybe we'll see an online port of the original. They've done that for some games. I wonder if this new crash will include the cheat codes as well
The game over screen in the original is better but other than that the trilogy Is best
No NameYet JustJoking (1 year ago)
this remake looks garbage compared to the remake of ratchet and clank. jk. both are awesome
lolindirlink (1 year ago)
collecting the collectables is missing a satisfying click. not sure yet if this is going to play just as well as the originals. also, one more CTR Vote! but overdo it on the multiplayer! (Co-op & Battle mode expanded)
GalaxyDragon159 (1 year ago)
Crash n sane trilogy! Best Crash game
Jaber Al Marri (1 year ago)
ps1 wins
Oswaldo Howlett (1 year ago)
Crash Team Racing will surely be released soon.
Digger 55 (1 year ago)
if you think this won't be a huge title...you'd be wrong
Sateda (1 year ago)
That moment when you see ps1 running at 60 FPS than ps4 :D
MrGuy (1 year ago)
androp9 (1 year ago)
I hope that there's gonna be a button to change the quality of graphics to see how it has changed
hi how are you (1 year ago)
it is better than the original
Arturo Palomares (1 year ago)
Vinicius _ (1 year ago)
all Syphon Filter games remaster pls
xXSilentAgent47Xx (1 year ago)
Syphon Filter is not owned by Activision.
LightningSweetharta (1 year ago)
The graphics look great and I also believe Spyro deserves a remastered version since both Crash and Spyro are awesome :D
xXSilentAgent47Xx (1 year ago)
Tbh i like Spyro graphics on PS1 due to nostalgia. Any remastered appearing on that game might ruin the experience of the liking. It's not always about graphics but also on level designs. I don't really like new Crash's look, they should've worked a bit more on his face.
Kurios Kaleb (1 year ago)
my confusion on whether to buy a PS4 over an XBOX ONE has evaporated thanks to this game, love Crash!
Mr Naughty Dog (1 year ago)
fix the lighting, darken the crates and the clunky game speed it would look perfect.
xXSilentAgent47Xx (1 year ago)
Consoles can't handle it. They don't have really good components so they have to leave some of stuffs optimized for running 60 fps.
el dead space HD trilogy deberían sacar para ps4 😞
Really wish I had a PS4 now
JRPG gaming (1 year ago)
I will happily buy this remaster collection. The funny death animations made ya feel less frustrated when you messed up LOL. Remember the crash bandicoot commercials for PS1 ahh memories :) I hope they bring that back in a commercial for the upcoming remaster. Hopefully we will see sypro the dragon remaster next after this :)
Gaming With Alan (1 year ago)
At 1:58 I noticed they're using the angel death animation from Cortex Strikes Back and Warped. Gotta say I like the original better.
Shopkeeper Travis (1 year ago)
This gameplay is hurting me.
3moctezumaboys (1 year ago)
Has there been a release date confirmed yet?
Silver Wire (1 year ago)
both players are noob
Melvin Koyuncu (1 year ago)
The original version is much more comfortable on the graphics I must say
Jordan Zacarias (1 year ago)
I swear to God, all we need now is a remastered version of Spyro the Dragon. Fans would kill to have that game on ps4; I know I would.
trentonmontaigne (1 year ago)
The wumpa fruit collection is too slow. They need to change that before they release the game. If they don't, I'm sticking with the originals.
Joshua Willis (1 year ago)
trentonmontaigne bullshit complaint
I'mWithDumbGuy (1 year ago)
/\__/\ | o o |_ | vvvvv|
Marshal Monsanto (1 year ago)
Wait, he doesn't spin around and fall when he dies now?
Trimatte (1 year ago)
Is a demo so they didn't add it yet.
C. Syde65 (1 year ago)
Really dig the sound when Crash eats Wumpa Fruit in the remastered version. Really nice! :D
SuperDerrick128 (1 year ago)
there should be a spyro trilogy remaster.
TheDarkwingj (1 year ago)
SuperDerrick128 yup
Extra Thicc (1 year ago)
Fate (1 year ago)
We need CTR Online
Liyah Meez (1 year ago)
the only problem i have is the way he dieds....its just..idk i just dont like it
Jason Moretti (1 year ago)
I am happy with my 100% ps1 Crash Bandicoot. On ps4 it will be more easy in my opinion
Alif Lam Mim (1 year ago)
they didn't even remixed the theme.. they just remastered the quality of it.. GJ
WH250398 (1 year ago)
Alif Lam Mim They did rebuild the tracks.
Ephraim (1 year ago)
It's almost as if the old Crash we know and loved stepped into the graphics of real life!
StarwindAmada1 (1 year ago)
Someone needs to sync this to,audio from Uncharted 4
aaron plyler (1 year ago)
Denmon (1 year ago)
nostalgic feeling just kicks in
Coltallic (1 year ago)
Ps1 rocking that 15fps
WH250398 (1 year ago)
Coltallic *25
just a ordinary Goron (1 year ago)
n sane trilogy look beautiful and definitely some improvements
Etoraaa (1 year ago)
This isn't even a remastered anymore! This is a remake! and... people still not appreciating what the company give them. Ungrateful.
Jakey Jake. (1 year ago)
NeoDark93 I think they tries to go with a more realistic look to the colors but I see what you mean.
MrSlayer4601 (1 year ago)
+Frighty hah actually most people are happy for this remaster and people who complain about this remaster the reason is the colors and the art style doesn't look as good as the original technically remaster looks way better than original its a fact but colors feels washed out compared to the original maybe they will fix that this game is not finished after all and second everyone has their own opinion you don't have to agree with them or insult someone like Joshua Willis or call them nostalgia blinded
Etoraaa (1 year ago)
+MrSlayer4601 I still don't think being nostalgia means you should hating on something new..
Joshua Willis (1 year ago)
NeoDark93 you clearly are either blind or really fucking dumb
MrSlayer4601 (1 year ago)
+Frighty Nostalgia is an easy word to use Right ?

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