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Top 10 Best PS4 Role-playing Games | Playstation 4 RPGs

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An updated list of the best RPG games on the PlayStation 4 so far. With AAAs, and indies too! Buy these games here and help support this channel via the Amazon affiliate links below: * Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (59.99) https://goo.gl/mjRwLx * Dragon Quest Builders (59.99) https://goo.gl/xieOZq * Dragon Age: Inquisition (59.99) https://goo.gl/pDMzxo * Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Ed (59.99) https://goo.gl/wznbM6 * Fallout 4 (59.99) https://goo.gl/5EzBbj * Dark Souls III (59.99) https://goo.gl/cSddyb * Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir (59.99) https://goo.gl/pmDylp * The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (59.99) https://goo.gl/0wblNu * Valkyria Chronicles Remastered ($29.99) https://goo.gl/3DVM10 whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover and Share your video game choices at https://whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (563)
i shot 6 cops (6 days ago)
Jairo Colômbo (9 days ago)
There a lot a Action game instead a RPG.. where is persona 5? Star ocean ? Chasen battle? Tales If berseria? Tales of zestiria?
Michael Coffey (25 days ago)
Glad to finally sub just to much awesome stuff and quality top 10's to not want to be a part of :). Thank you all for the time, spot light on each game and summaries.
whatoplay (25 days ago)
You're welcome, and thank you, Michael for taking the time to type out such a generous comment! Welcome to the whatoplay family! <3
cmoneytheman (1 month ago)
souls is not a full rpg
Adam Manaphy (1 month ago)
1st person shooters my nemesis.
G Iron (2 months ago)
I’m a huge RPG fan but think I’m the only one that I don’t like Witcher 3
badmaaash (2 months ago)
Trash list. Finest rpg my ass. Witcher 3 good story, INSULTING gameplay. Trash gameplay in fact.
Livius (2 months ago)
I want Diablo 2 remastered like it happened with Starcraft 1 :) I wish I could pass and finish thru Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 .
saiquyn (3 months ago)
jhgnlex (4 months ago)
The witcher 3 is pure bullshit, your countdown is very wrong
Wild Pack Of Family Dogs (5 months ago)
To bad diablo 3 is trash.
Alisson Smolii (5 months ago)
Earthlock Hoziron Zero Dawn and Persona 5, says hello!
Alisson Smolii (5 months ago)
You just missed Earthlock, the best RPG for PS4 in my opinion.
whatoplay (5 months ago)
Hi! Earthlock: Festival of Magic has a Playscore of 7.30.
detective misterioso (6 months ago)
Nioh ??
Geez_ Mahn (6 months ago)
Lol what? Most of these games aren’t even rpgs.
Laurie Sloan (6 months ago)
Want to enjoy Hacks For Your Games? Then Vist Google For "Crustygames4u". You Can Find Massive amount Hacks There.
Saurav Kumar (6 months ago)
Gameplay is king to me and that's where Witcher 3 disappoints. I can hardly count the number of times I have hit air when the animation shows that I am slashing through the enemy. Geralt isn't the most responsive when you dodge. Enemy design makes it difficult to see the attack animation clearly sometimes. The world is absolutely stunning, story is great (as per video game standards), the potion system is tedious, levelling up is confusing for beginners and Geralt is a jerky, monotonous, hard to control mess. Still playing it and loving it but there are just too many flaws to ignore especially when you compare it to an incredibly polished game like Bloodborne. The game is absolute perfection though replay value is limited due to absence of a DS like class system and multiplayer is sort of broken due to bullet spamming opponents.
Kacper Ratajski (6 months ago)
Witcher 3 is POLSIH Best Game ;) (I'm frome Poland) :)
II RaWmoD II (21 days ago)
Nie zesraj się
Big Gay (6 months ago)
Fallout 4 was so fucking bad
Phantom Union (7 months ago)
May know where is ?_! Persona 5 Dragon quest XI YS XIII Tales of berseria
David Hoggwash (7 months ago)
Fallout 4 is the best.
Oisin Osborne (8 months ago)
My top 10 1,The witcher 3 wild hunt 2.blood borne 3.dark souls 3 4.dark souls 2 5.Niho 6.Nier: Automata 7.persona 5 8.Diablo 3 reaper of souls 9.Middle of earth shadow of war 10.Odensphere
Manny Shaikh (8 months ago)
Remember when you used to hear RPG and think of Turn-Based RPG? Good times. Any game now can be classified as an RPG.
Roger Piotr (5 months ago)
Manny Shaikh yeah maybe not turn based but more like morrowind and baldurs gate. Fallout and ice wind dale
_mizugameza (8 months ago)
Divinity can kiss my ass. You have to build characters a specific way otherwise youre fucked after hours of struggling.
bug ford (9 months ago)
Finally, stupid over 40's dudes at IGN. Nice list btw. SUBSCRIBED clicked*
Reno Black (9 months ago)
Seeing Dragon age inquisition on this kinda soils this video, that game was really shit which sucks because Dragon age origins was like my favourite game ever.
ത ത (9 months ago)
Ninguno es por turnos, y los mejores son por turnos.
ത ത (9 months ago)
Nathan Ortega Gracias, pero me gustaría un juego de mejor calidad e historia como un Dragon Quest, que de hecho ese es el que espero y de los pocos que son por turnos :( también Ni no Kuni pero también será activo >:( por esa razón Ni no Kuni "1" fue mejor en DS que en PS3, también un Final Fantasy como los de SNES o PS1 no la cosa mal hecha que es ahora :'(
Edward Adrian (9 months ago)
Wilson Gracia Divinity es por turnos.
Jacoby Nero (9 months ago)
Bruh ff15 is a terrible game. Good idea gone wrong. Wanted to like it but it's mediocre
matthew stein (9 months ago)
Persona 5???
Politically Incorrect (9 months ago)
SO many RPG games now just suck. What ever append to making kick ass games like the Suikoden games. Or games like Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy 10 just to name a few. Most rpg games have no good story's and just seem boring now. To me the best RPG of all time or at least in my top 5 is Mass Effect 2 and Suikoden 3.
you sound like josh gad. Love that guy reviews are great just 4 ya tone. no homo/lol im married
rumble fish (10 months ago)
fallout 4 is not an rpg. just a buggy ego shooter with a building mode. P.S. and it's NOT still good. not for true fallout fans who like to make decisions that actually matter and alter the world. or giving players the option to be whoever they want. fallout 4 is the reason for many to stop playing fallout games. including me.
Spicy Meat'a Balla (4 months ago)
It's an rpg dumbass
rumble fish agreed i'll stick with 3 and New vegas
Shonta Harris (10 months ago)
are any free
Xaliana (11 months ago)
Do u guys no a game idk what its called but u can choose to be a wizard and enymies come from a bunch if difrent doors and whrn u kill them theres a chance of them dropping a weapon it keeps going wave by wave they have to destroy the thing in the middle and they win it just keeps goin
2nty FIVE (11 months ago)
Bloodborne/DS3 > everything else in this list. Those two games offer only the best experience in the rpg world. Witcher 3 is great but defo doesnt deserve 1st imo
Jairus Mislang Assassins creed and shadow of mordor with rpg elements???? lol did you even play witcher 3?? This game's story, open world, side quests, gameplay and content blows those 2 games out of water. Seriously You need to play it. Souls series is my favourite video game franchise and I have played all of them( my favourite is bloodborne ) but as much I love bloodborne and dark souls, my favourite game of all time is witcher 3. As an RPG, bloodborne has literally no chance of beating witcher 3: no meaningful choices, low build variety etc are some of the rpg aspects where bloodborne isn't at its best.
2nty FIVE (11 months ago)
And plus im kinda confused since you have a ds3 and your username..... Ironic
2nty FIVE (11 months ago)
DARK SOULS COMBAT IS LEGENDARY Ive never really got the appeal of W3. just felt like assassins creed and shadow of mordor with some rpg elements. Try playing bloodborne so you could see something new.
Jairus Mislang Nope, souls games are just action games with rpg elements. Witcher 3 is easily the best rpg
Rakanoo (11 months ago)
No Persona 5.......What a Shame
Android Free Gamer (11 months ago)
Wait what where is persona 5
whatoplay (11 months ago)
Hello! This video was published before the release of Persona 5. For reference, it has a PlayScore of *9.33*
Rednas 2.0 (11 months ago)
The Witcher 3 is NOT the greatest RPG ever made by man! It's good, but it doesn't raise a candle to a Skyrim for example, or Fallout 4 or Pillars of Eternity or Divinity. .. Where is the sense of development? You have the same sword techniques throughout the whole game, I got bored with the whole fighting bit after 10+ hours... Ok you can upgrade your magic a little bit, but come on! There wasn't much of a challenge in any of the gameplay i.m.o..... The game looks fantastic! That much is true, but as all true GAMErs know, GAMEplay will trump graphics any time 😉 So how much did you get paid to make this commercial? 😂
Rednas 2.0 (11 months ago)
DARK SOULS COMBAT IS LEGENDARY Whatever m8 😉 I've played it, defeated the Wild Hunt in a particularly uneventfull and downright boring final bossfight and couldn't be bothered to even begin playing the DLC... But why do I even explain myself to a troll 😇 I mean, defending the Witcher with the name you've got 😂😂😂
sander faas You didn't play it. BE HONEST you can unlock new melee moves in the skill tree.
Jean Gallo (11 months ago)
This guys a complete idiot. The witcher 3 is not the best rpg ever. The witcher 3 didn't even get nearly as many sales as fallout 4 or skyrim did. People have to hop off of the witcher band wagon.
Luckii (1 year ago)
Persona 5 nier automata?
kageyame (10 months ago)
how about check the date of the video?
Der Witcher III, war das nicht das Spiel, wo das Pferd des Helden dauernd auf dem Hausdach herumgestanden hat !?
TheMad HattedWonka (1 year ago)
Worst list i have seen in awhile
Night Howl (1 year ago)
Where is Skyrim?!
james eagle (11 months ago)
Night Howl 8:34.
Gifted Visionary (1 year ago)
The Witcher 3 is trash
DaSwannie Farnandez You didn't play it
Paladin Andrew (1 year ago)
Solid list. I'll be back again.
Griffith Femto (1 year ago)
1:32 PFFFFFFFFFFFF yeah right that is so overrated i cant understand how it even got so popular Origins was and will be the only good Dragon Age game
Dylan Deetch (1 year ago)
Bloodborne, where fore art thou?
Adam Brunetti (1 year ago)
Odin Sphere is pretty damn great.
Bailey Badass (1 year ago)
Wow witcher 3 1 you are some fucking idiots lol
Bailey Badass (1 year ago)
I had a million times more fun with Diablo 3 than witcher 3
AlphaDeltaXray (1 year ago)
Why are ALLLLL of the rpg games aside from Fallout 4 full of dragons and wizards and all that super dork shit?? Why tf can't they make an rpg game that normal people can enjoy? Seriously, get off this super-dork shit, please!!!
Arnav Gupta (1 year ago)
where the fuck is persona 5
Arnav Gupta (1 year ago)
whatoplay thanks for replying!!! cheers for the good work
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Persona 5 was released on April, months after the publication of this video. It currently has a PlayScore of *9.31*.
Morgan Castrater (1 year ago)
Dark souls 3 has to be number 1
LofaGD Gd (1 year ago)
Where's Ni No Kuni?
KdBrs 25 (1 year ago)
Bro wtf where tf is warframe is wasnt even on the goddamn list wtff Warframe needed to be on the list
Eder Fernando (1 year ago)
Where is Shadow of Mordor ?
Jairo Colômbo (9 days ago)
Its a vídeo of RPG, no action
whatoplay (1 year ago)
PlayScored after the publishing of this video, Nioh currently has a PlayScore of *8.90*.
jonsburyhill (1 year ago)
dragon age inquisition: rpg, action, open world fallout 4: rpg, open world huh? the latter is just as much of an action rpg as the former
Daku Souru (1 year ago)
I just love hearing standard gamer types explaining what dark souls and bloodborne are.
Snow ball (1 year ago)
I knew dark souls HAD to be on this list
Nile Syed (1 year ago)
this vid was made a day before horizon zero dawn was made
Anthony Key (1 year ago)
no1- zelda breath of the wild rest of this list waaaaaaay behind
cookieface80 (1 year ago)
Anthony Key Zelda is an action adventure game not an RPG.
Freaky Fred (1 year ago)
Anthony Key You realize this is a PS4 list, right?
Anime Gamer (1 year ago)
What are some games with a party system with also a customizable character?
seng vang (1 year ago)
witcher sucks
edgarector (1 year ago)
Hm...Hyper Light Drifter and Bastion are not RPGs.They are action adventure games.
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Both games are action-RPGs.
LegendaryxNinja (1 year ago)
Which ones have pvp?
Pedro Henrique Rocha (1 year ago)
FF12 Zodiac Job System Will beat all games on that list easily. They dont do great rpgs like PS2
malcom saavedra (1 year ago)
josh (1 year ago)
"Gripping with political heights." Who the fuck writes this garbage?
Simon Yu (1 year ago)
If action game counts and remake counts, I'm surprised Grand Theft Auto 5 is out of this rank, and the ancestor style of Role Playing Games, JRPG didn't even make it to the top 10, and I believe Persona 5 is out at this time as a Japanese game, so this is English game only I guess
Simon Yu (1 year ago)
No, thank you! For making this list! And thanks for keeping such a humble attitude!
whatoplay (1 year ago)
No problem! And yes, we have had a lot of complaints about our lists. Thanks for the detailed reply about the genres. We need to be as knowledgeable as you are in the different game types. We have time, and we will try to continue growing along with our channel. Again, thank you very much. That was very informative. :)
Simon Yu (1 year ago)
whatoplay Really do appreciate the fast reply, and love you for the Persona 5 ranking: ), although I think the JRPG ranking is a bit uncategorized, for example, Disgaea 5 is what they categorized as SLG, as in Strategy Logical Game, which means the game is in a chess style, like the Final Fantasy Tactics, and even specifically, RPG game that doesn't switch to a battle scene when encounter enemy is what the Fami-con categories as ARPG, Action RPG, since this is becoming the main style people tend to call it RPG directly. :D
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Grand Theft Auto V, with a PlayScore of 9.34, is currently filed under the action adventure tag. As for Persona 5, it was released on April, months after the publication of this video. You might like our recent JRPG list better: goo.gl/6CG5Cq
Bai S (1 year ago)
None of these besides the witcher and fallout interest me because Im looking for a good scifi rpg (No mass effect) I am really wanted EA to make a star wars rpg that would be great.
Skopsen (1 year ago)
And now Persona 5 holds the top spot.
_XPak_ (1 year ago)
Hiya ive been recently been getting out of FPS and getting into rpgs with this last E3 i was highly disappointed with sony overall while microsoft destroyed the room,but beside the fact what PS4 RPGs would you recommend, Ive played Dark Souls 3 and thats about it out of this list which would you recommend Choose 2 or add your own Dark Souls 2,Nier Automana, Witcher 3,BloodBorne,Diablo 3 Probably pre ordering Destiny 2,Metro, and Wolfenstien 2 (I got hella cash to blow XD) thanks
_XPak_ (1 year ago)
Thanks for the help and recommendations!!!
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Personally, I'd pick Witcher 3 (*9.29*). But if you like a challenge, I'm sure BloodBorne (*9.20*), Dark Souls 2 (*9.00* on PS3) and its sequel, Dark Souls 3 (*9.18*) will provide that. But all in all, the others have also received great PlayScores: NieR: Automata has a PlayScore of *9.18*, while Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition has a PlayScore of *9.15*. If you're into JRPG's, Persona 5 is one of the best of recent times with a PlayScore of *9.36*.
Yoshighomi (1 year ago)
LOL... that intro was awesome! I watched it twice. Good vid.
Juggle Jump (1 year ago)
where is trove ?
A.m The boss (1 year ago)
Where is skyrim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
christer monsen (1 year ago)
Divinity is the worst game ever sigh... ff15 is bad and no Berseria what the actual fuck?
Captain Morgan (10 months ago)
christer monsen yeah I didn't get the hype either about divinity. Story was lackluster and I fucking hated having to look up a walk through on just where to go next.
john smith (1 year ago)
Dont listen to this guy. Diablo 2 is 10x better than Diablo 3. And D2 is only $12 Downloadable. I highly suggest D2.
Max Willoughby (1 year ago)
witcher 3 and fallout 4 are the best ones for me
G.A.B. (1 year ago)
The Witcher 3 deserves to be number one in my opinion, followed closely by Final Fantasy XV.
Boba Squid (1 year ago)
Some very good rpgs on ps 4 but PS Vita has a better overall library for rpgs especially jrpgs.
st8dumpinghard (1 year ago)
Heres the real queston though... *D O E S I T H A V E P O I S E ?*
BIGxWIGGLY (1 year ago)
I cant be the only human being that couldn't play more than 30 minutes of the witcher 3 right? Its claimed to be the best but i can name 5 games off the top of my head that make witcher 3 look like superman 64
BIGxWIGGLY (1 year ago)
OLD HUNTER Yeah, just in my opinion. I got them good games on deck in case a friend hits me up looking for that good good. We only smoke loud round here, wont be caught dead with no reggie ya dig?
OLD HUNTER (1 year ago)
BIGxWIGGLY So these games make witcher 3 look like superman 64?? LOL anyway your opinion.
BIGxWIGGLY (1 year ago)
OLD HUNTER Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix, Dragon Quest 8 (1500 Hours) Dark Clouds 1+2, FF8, FF10, FF12, Borderlands 2, Zone of the enders, Secrets of Mana, Vagrant Story, SSX Tricky and so on and so forth
OLD HUNTER (1 year ago)
BIGxWIGGLY What are those "superior" games??????
BIGxWIGGLY (1 year ago)
OLD HUNTER i guess my judgement is clouded by far superior games that i posess. I cant get myself to play any of it before the urge to switch to a good game hits me.
Jason dp (1 year ago)
What about gravity Rush 2
xX_YaBoyMJ_Xx (1 year ago)
Just stop. If you are here looking for something new, just stop...
I'm so obsessed with Valkyria Chronicles.
R. D.E. (1 year ago)
why are so many of "the best games" just HD remakes? games and movies suck these days and all they do is remake shit
Vova Syhin (1 year ago)
We will never forget the games earlier reactions. Especially Diablo 3 i will not buy or play this game until the online play requirement becomes redundant. Will Blizzard and EA never learn? Will probably have to wait for it to come out on GOG.com before i play it. If that wont happen then Blizzard wont get my money.
Robert Henrique (1 year ago)
final fantasy 15 em 14 lugar ta de sacanagem kkkk
Bill4realbeats (1 year ago)
witcher 3 was really bad......running back and forth to collect shit items gives the illusion of a long game the story was short as Hell Game play not good.
Eirik-Andre Johansen (1 year ago)
who else came here after completing The Witcher 3 for the 1000nd time?
Bailey Badass (1 year ago)
Eirik-Andre Johansen I only made it through a hour it was so bad
Kyle Luscombe (1 year ago)
Eirik-Andre Johansen I came after completing your mom.
iNunky (1 year ago)
Eirik-Andre Johansen 1000th
Blue (1 year ago)
This list feels like graphics > everything else. Games that are beautiful =/= best rpg games. Fallout 4 was full of bugs and glitches. Mods literally made that game playable, especially on PC. Diablo 3 being the "definitive" Diablo game to date? Ha. No....
Eric Chaussé (1 year ago)
Lemmy Winks (1 year ago)
Everybody needs to get off the Witcher's nuts. Boring as all hell, gotta listen to this dude say Yennifer a thousand times, lame ass armors, ahh god the clipping when mounted, garbage camera indoors, zero combat diversity. Blahh. I guess "pretty" and "sex" is all it takes.
Phantom Union (7 months ago)
Lemmy Winks may know the view angle on battle perform look well ?_! thanks
Young Edge (7 months ago)
Lol i just laughing at these fools saying one of the best game ever made a bad game. Keep fooling
Jose Rijos (7 months ago)
Totally agree. Such a boring and overestimated game.
Reno Black (9 months ago)
Witcher 2 was great imo, Witcher 3 I haven't actually finished. The maps so large and riding the horse for so long is boring.
Bailey Badass (1 year ago)
Lemmy Winks agreed
CooloLarsen (1 year ago)
Where is Final Fantasy x/x-2 HD Remaster
MARKXMMXM0R0S (1 year ago)
Yago Macambira (1 year ago)
cara adoro você colocar legendas
SOTOS KUN (1 year ago)
divinity and diablo is crap since a ps plus is a must so you can play anything else than campaign
Suna Aoimori (1 year ago)
witcher is 3 definitely the best game
Spicy Meat'a Balla (4 months ago)
Upackglitch somewone (6 months ago)
Drew Allard (1 year ago)
Suna Aoimori dyslexic?
LENGHONG KOH (1 year ago)

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