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POKEMON NDS ROM HACK WITH MEGA EVOLUTION!! (WITH DOWNLOAD LINK) Author : POkeRaptor FOR MORE AMAZING POKEMON ROM HACKS VISIT OUR SITE: - https://bit.ly/2I56X1F Join My Discord Server ► https://discord.gg/jbSTVED Follow me on Instagram ► https://instagram.com/preyash31_ ---------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD: ► http://inurls.co/WETc Pokemon Mega Platinum ----------------------------------------------- ★TOP 5 POKEMON GAMES FOR ANDROID! ► http://bit.ly/2xSqF6J ★TOP 5 COMPLETED POKEMON GBA ROM HACKS WITH MEGA EVOLUTIONS SEPTEMBER 2017! ► http://bit.ly/2xSx2XW ----------------------------------------------- Background Song : Our Psych - Purge [NCS Release] NoCopyrightSounds : https://www.youtube.com/nocopyrightsounds ----------------------------------------------- ► GBA EMULATOR FOR ANDROID - http://inurls.co/1SxJ ► NDS EMULATOR FOR ANDROID (Marshmallow Or Up) - http://inurls.co/rAiDG7 (Below Marshmallow) - http://inurls.co/SymsFu ► GBA EMULATOR FOR PC - http://inurls.co/fJpWn ► NDS EMULATOR FOR PC - http://inurls.co/ICXb6s6 ► 3DS EMULATOR FOR PC - http://inurls.co/H7nnkhIa ------------------------------------------------ Business Related Inquiries preyashkr31@gmail.com Thanks For Watching.
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Text Comments (36)
A D I (2 months ago)
f*ck that language
CraftedXLZ31 (9 months ago)
English pls
Andr Es (10 months ago)
alguien mas tiene problemas al jugarlo en drastic?
Jesús Coronado (3 months ago)
Andr Es yo
Sourabh korottil (11 months ago)
can we play it in english?
Plus5s Pokémon (11 months ago)
Sry but ....we cqnt
Instafame 958 (11 months ago)
Ya i got that
Instafame 958 (11 months ago)
Give me the link of the game
Beautiful Coordinator (8 months ago)
Thug life your such a kid.. Like Iris said..
Coco Loco (8 months ago)
Thug life You are such a retarded for not knowing how to click a link in description
Plus5s Pokémon (11 months ago)
After opening the video click on the video title....the scroll down ...and u will see download link!!!
Instafame 958 (11 months ago)
Where is the link
Plus5s Pokémon (11 months ago)
U can download that rom from the link in description....bro
vixinemdaxD (11 months ago)
How many mega evolutions?
TheCrack13 (11 months ago)
Completed ?
Plus5s Pokémon (7 months ago)
Dakota Brown (7 months ago)
Does it have mega evolution
Plus5s Pokémon (11 months ago)
Yobab Baboy (11 months ago)
Is there a english version?
Plus5s Pokémon (11 months ago)
Gagan Shetty (11 months ago)
Nice vid
Plus5s Pokémon (11 months ago)
FOCUS 7 (11 months ago)
fabulous video
Plus5s Pokémon (11 months ago)
Battle Pr0 (11 months ago)
Why not English language
Plus5s Pokémon (6 months ago)
Berdasco (6 months ago)
It may surprise you but the whole world doesnt rotate around english speakers
Plus5s Pokémon (11 months ago)
Sad:( but it's not available in English
Master Unknown (11 months ago)
Plus5s Pokémon (11 months ago)
technical Android gamer (11 months ago)
Out standing
Plus5s Pokémon (11 months ago)

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