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(Neutral) Christmas Escape Toy walkthrough

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Neutral Christmas Escape Toy http://neutralx0.net/escape/xmas_toy_play.html http://neutralxe.net/esc/xmas_toy.html
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purplejellytotPJT (5 years ago)
Oh, I already got it after a bit of research elsewhere, but thanks. :)
明鏡止水 (5 years ago)
Read my explanation from 4:27 to 5:15 and with this picture htt p :// or2.mobi/data/img/62499.png [Remove spaces]
purplejellytotPJT (5 years ago)
I still don't understand how in the hell you get that code from the picture/hanging decorations
Thanks for the video. The one moment of 4:30 caused difficulty for me and brout me here

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