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Pokémon Let's Go Has Some MAJOR Changes For Fans

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Sean Foutz (12 days ago)
I don't get the hate for this game, I love pokemon games and honestly, in my opinion, the worst part about them is battling wild pokemon
koofdebest007 (13 days ago)
Sorry, could’t understand it as european dude because the talking is to fast.
DREAM E4TER (16 days ago)
Leanne B. (16 days ago)
We welcome all these changes ♡
Izaiah Florés (19 days ago)
But I wanted Torterra...
Da Linksta (20 days ago)
I don’t mind the Pokemon go catching as long as we get a mode where it doesn’t have bullshit
Fredrik Opoku (21 days ago)
The wild battle thing I get is disappointing but game freak wants to try new things give them a chance 🙁
Fredrik Opoku (21 days ago)
It’s kinda sad how people hate on these games but they still want diamond and pearl remakes or play Pokémon go.
Pierre Green (21 days ago)
Wake Me Up When the official Pokemon game come out and tell them I'm still on my ultra Sun with my 600 Pokemon that I collected throughout my years
Ben Linaker (22 days ago)
I really loved that video well done
Comic Strider (22 days ago)
When they killed the Grind, they kill the Love
Cirkasurvive (22 days ago)
Were you filming in the toilets?
Ecco wolf (22 days ago)
This is just Pokemon go for console which defeats the purpose, do I gotta pay micro transactions for balls too?
Tony Surrey (22 days ago)
0093 9258 8266 is my friend code in pokemon go. Add me!
Austin Sultenfuss (22 days ago)
Why does Pokémon company hate there games. Every game they have made has added more and more features to there games that have nothing to do with Pokémon. Here's Pokémon movie maker. But it's not it's just movie maker. Heroes semi Pokémon snap. Mo it's just a camera where I can snap pictures of the ZZZ I'm getting waiting to get back to playing Pokémon. I wish they would embrace their fan base and build on what they have now. And stop dismantling there owns games piece by piece because their too scared that it's not "casual" enough for the fans.
Austin Sultenfuss (22 days ago)
I don't get people who are defending these changes. That have replaced random battles with a mini game. Which you could do before except a lot simpler. Nothing been replaced.Its just less now. I don't know why Pokémon company thinks normal battling isn't casual enough to be in there games.
KHG (22 days ago)
I don't know about anyone else but in Australia that's not a beach...
Austin Sultenfuss (22 days ago)
I don't get why people are happy that random battles are gone. They haven't been replaced capturing is just a miny game now. It doesn't replace what's gone
Nicholas Wilkes (22 days ago)
That Ghost shirt though
Twotailedpikachu (22 days ago)
My problem isn’t this game it’s that the Pokémon company seems to want this to be the main series now he’ll they just catered to all their Pokémon go fans by releasing a new Pokémon just proves they care more about money than the fans they’ve had for over 2 decades
Twotailedpikachu (20 days ago)
If the catch mechanic was the same and it was a different region the fan base wouldn’t be so divided im still getting these games and I am going to enjoy them I’m just a little sour over the Pokémon go integration this gives people who play that game a clear advantage and not everyone has pokes tips near them
Fredrik Opoku (21 days ago)
Twotailedpikachu don’t people get it game freak wants to try new things they stuck with the old formula with a very long time and even in the new game coming out in 2019 they are giving us what fans want but now the fans are getting greedy and only excepting games that they had memories playing as a kid.
Zach Early (22 days ago)
Twotailedpikachu but we’re still getting a main Pokémon next year. So clearly this isn’t the way the series is going
N05L31 (22 days ago)
“More GO than Yellow” literally the only thing that was brought over from Go was the catching, everything else is just like a main series game
Gregorio Cruz (22 days ago)
Why did he walk through a restroom(loo)?
General kenobi (22 days ago)
A pokeball master????? 🤔
Danny D (22 days ago)
So you're saying... there are indeed random battles and people on the internet were having a meltdown for no reason... hmmmm. Where have I seen this happen before? Oh, that's right, all the time.
Joe Dirt (22 days ago)
im glade that i didnt buy this crap
Ace Master (22 days ago)
Stepped over that ottoman like a BOSS!
frankinberries (23 days ago)
He almost got ate buy a whale.
Andy Benji (23 days ago)
The problem with these titles is ultimately they're making far too many concessions for casuals. No abilities, no held items, no wild battles, only the original 151 Pokemon + their alolan forms. It's not that i'm against trying to get new fans into the series, it's that taking these features away actively could make the game a lot more boring. I don't think fans mind if a remake like this is the one to take the brunt of the changes, but there's genuine fears these features could seap into the Gen 8 games if these sell well.
Keanine (14 days ago)
The fact that this game could be a best seller and could influence Gen 8 is the exact reason people are worried about it, who knows what the future holds
Fredrik Opoku (21 days ago)
Andy Benji the game isn’t out yet so pls people stop hating the game next thing you know this game will be a best seller who knows?
Nick Mozzicato (23 days ago)
Make it a real pokemon game not with stupid pokemom go crap no one wants anymore.
Carl Brown (23 days ago)
I wish they have an option for easy and hard mode where hard mode I can get in wild battles.
Carl Brown (23 days ago)
I wish they have an option for easy and hard mode where hard mode I can get in wild battles.
Mark Broadhurst (23 days ago)
Did Scott stop mid sentence and silently walk in to the toilets followed by Jules just in case he carried on his dialogue?
Snake Friesia (23 days ago)
Scott slow down your speech ! you sound like an auction master instead of a reviewer.
Sol (23 days ago)
Dont treat this as an actual pokemon game that you know. The pokemon for seasoned veterans is coming out next year. Let's Go is for casuals who started with pokemon go so they can better transition to the actual pokemon game when it comes out.
Zach Early (22 days ago)
Sol agreed. Although I’ll still be playing let’s go to pass the time by
MrBrothasky (22 days ago)
+Milbox R you should look at some of the new stats for that app
MrBrothasky (22 days ago)
+Dakota Moore I wouldn't hold my breath. Side series, maybe.
Milbox R (22 days ago)
I don't get it though, people only played Pokemon go because it was a big thing at the time, then everyone stopped after a few months, the Pokemon go audience is probably less than 10% of this games customers, makes no sense why they're pandering their staple franchise to some mobile "gamers" who only played go because it was the trend
Dakota Moore (22 days ago)
@MrBrothasky When has Nintendo and Game Freak ever rolled out anything they could make extra money on the side with? The Pokeball controller costs money, and Let's Go has microtransactions out the ass. If it sells well and rakes in the cash, then I bet they'll keep it.
ROBDEWAND (23 days ago)
this guy drank waaaaaaay to many redbulls
Bee Ran (23 days ago)
On the go what culturing. Scott is talking really fast but i'm loving it. Hell yes keep it up! The walk
Oj (23 days ago)
The Pokemon go catch mechanic is what nobody wanted
Vanafsos Sfigokolarios (17 days ago)
+riot kitty you could catch pokémon without battling them in the older games you know.
riot kitty (17 days ago)
Eh wild encounters have become quite boring lately so this is refreshing
Vanafsos Sfigokolarios (20 days ago)
+Fredrik Opoku people don't hate this game because it's on Kanto, they hate it because of the reasons I told you above. And yes, the lack of those mechanics can make the games extremely unbalanced, when the games will be released you will see how similar if not identical the teams in the competitive will be. Another gameplay video has just being released and it shows even more of how the game will be, and it's lackluster to say the least.
Fredrik Opoku (20 days ago)
Vanafsos Sfigokolarios  wow people hate on this game because its from kanto yet they want a diamond and pearl remake. And so if they dropped abilities and stuff that doesnt mean its a bad game you know what your saying i your opinion people.
Vanafsos Sfigokolarios (20 days ago)
+Fredrik Opoku sonic Fandom is negative because sega released games like sonic boom, sonic 06, sonic and the secret rings etc. When sega makes good games like sonic mania, colors etc they applaud them. That's not a bad thing. The game is not out yet but we've seen enough from the trailers. They dropped abilities, items, breeding, natures and it's hand-holdy as hell. You know which games didn't had those mechanics? The gen 1 games, and people call them broken, unbalanced and dated, but it's excusable since it's what started the series, but now we are taking steps backwards.
tirtha simanta (23 days ago)
.... did he just say 'pokeball' master😑
Tha Chos3n Juan (23 days ago)
I heard that you can't actually battle the wild Pokemon you encounter. You can only try to catch them. If this turns out to be true then damn, I'll have to give this one a pass.
IzWarped (22 days ago)
+Dakota Moore he didn't use it as an excuse for it, he just explained OP's question :D
Dakota Moore (22 days ago)
I hovered over the show reply button for a second, just thinking "Someone's going to mention the legendary birds, because that somehow explains and excuses it entirely, despite there only being 3 legendary birds to battle, which isn't actually training." Hey look! I was right :D
MrBrothasky (23 days ago)
It only works that way with the Legendary Birds.
Down er (23 days ago)
This game looks stupid
Christo p (23 days ago)
Why is he speaking so fast ?? haha almost sounds like he is trying to rap
Christo p (22 days ago)
I Don't Care (23 days ago)
Go to 0:50 on the slowest speed. You won't regret it.
Additional Pylons (23 days ago)
Look at all those fat people.
Calvin Matthews (23 days ago)
They haven't changed it, they're just making it easier.
Dakota Moore (22 days ago)
Cuz it's not already absurdly easy
ThisChannelisSarcasm (23 days ago)
He looks like tomska to me lol
Firestar Studios (23 days ago)
The fact that you can't battle wild Pokemon before catching them really kills the game for me cuz that's how I grind along with a lot of the fans grind to battle more powerful gyms so this really makes me not want the game so I'll just stick with ultra sun and moon
Fredrik Opoku (21 days ago)
Firestar Studios this game is just for enjoyment not for hating everybody hates on this game because of wild battles are gone yet Pokémon stadium is popular so as Pokémon go.
Fredrik Opoku (21 days ago)
Firestar Studios this game is just for enjoyment not for hating everybody hates on this game because of wild battles are gone yet Pokémon stadium is popular so as Pokémon go.
Kyle - (22 days ago)
Sun and moon were compete dog shit
Cody Prickett (22 days ago)
Man if you dont grind in these games an solely rely on trainer battles than you are really missing the experience my dude
MrBrothasky (23 days ago)
You do battle Legendaries. I kind of like that idea. It sets the Legendary Pokémon apart from the ones who are simply harder to find.
lw90 (23 days ago)
He talks way too fast
Jeevith Rai (23 days ago)
Don't bother Nintendo, we will buy it any way.
FullMetal Bat (13 days ago)
Na I'm good. Not gonna pay $60 for a game that has less content than last years $40 game
MrBrothasky (22 days ago)
If you get into indy games, it's a dream machine. Lol
João Fernandes (22 days ago)
i was thinking of getting a switch for a while because the concept was interesting and when this games were announced i thought it was a good oportunity to buy one, also the mario and zelda games are good and a they have a few other titles also interesting. Maybe if a good deal comes around i will think better.
MrBrothasky (23 days ago)
+João Fernandes There are loads of great games on the Switch. I run into the problem of having to focus on one title rather than buying up every game just because I can play them on the go.
Jeevith Rai (23 days ago)
+João Fernandes I recommend that if you are going to buy a switch just for Pokemon,you shouldn't do it .Even If you are interested in games such as Super Mario Odyssey And Zelda there is nothing much worth the price.There are few good titles other than the mentioned ones like octopath traveler and.........that's it.That is almost the entire worthy of playing switch titles.Better buy PS Vita.
Levi Roch (23 days ago)
What i want from pokemon: blood and permadeath. . . Edgelord that shit up, ill buy it. . . Fuck the kids
Snoopy Fod (23 days ago)
AxL Shiv (23 days ago)
these transitions tho
Clayton Mason (23 days ago)
No wild battles no purchase
riot kitty (17 days ago)
Clayton Mason Ur a shiny hunter aren’t u
Fredrik Opoku (21 days ago)
Dakota Moore so much negitivity in this game
Kyle - (22 days ago)
+Dakota Moore loool get a original ds and port the pkmn loool what a fucking noob
GiftofGod666 (22 days ago)
+Dakota Moore youre just full of contradictions. Get your own opinion straight before trying to articulate it online.
Dakota Moore (22 days ago)
Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald aren't on modern systems. DPP and B&W are compatible with the new system, true, but not everyone still has the card. In my case, I had multiple platinum cartridges that just simply quit working for some reason. As for me seeing you as a nintendo fanboy, I don't. Idgaf about you, lol. All I see is someone defending something "new". Point is, the no battling wild pokemon is just... Why? That's an incredibly integral part of the game. That's like Minecraft without a pickaxe. Or Grand theft auto without cars. It's _part of the game._ They could of easily integrated this gimmicky Pokeball mechanic without taking the battle out of the mix. It just seems like a quick cash grab and a lot of the core audience sees that. Why don't you?
spanks (23 days ago)
This is not what people wanted. You're obviously pandering to the young of heart and mind.
spanks (22 days ago)
i didn't come back to argue. i'm only here to say you're stupid.
Zach Early (22 days ago)
Why are people responding to the obvious troll? He’s very clearly not even good at trolling
Theendingman (22 days ago)
+Raymel peoples what
MrBrothasky (22 days ago)
+Raymel peoples ...
Raymel peoples (23 days ago)
shit story shit open world with nothing in it do but cock shit weaken break system climbing take way to dam long were the fuck is the hook shot why did they think that rain should make you fail trash shit bosses that are just pain garbo shit trash voice acting not all of them in zelda is the worst in this game the only fun i had with the game is going to the great fairy to look at dem titts
Doc Comeau (23 days ago)
Sorry the Pokemon Go catching turns me off. I want to battle and weaken my Pokemon
Vanafsos Sfigokolarios (15 days ago)
+JoelPerry1 I did not said it's for adults, I said it was a game that could be enjoyed by everyone until they started making it comparable to a baby's game. The conversation is not meaningless since we are on a video about the game in topic and we are sharing opinions. What's meaningless is bringing up the feelings of virtual creatures as an argument of not having the wild battles.
JoelPerry1 (15 days ago)
+Vanafsos Sfigokolarios ok a video game for adults. Still pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things.
Vanafsos Sfigokolarios (15 days ago)
+JoelPerry1 not exactly, pokémon started of as a children's game but most of its installed base is over 20. And they acknowledge that in gen 4 and especially 5 by making a deeper story, a hard mode and the character being a teenager, about 16, mirroring most of its players age at the time. Then they started toning down everything until we got to let's go.
JoelPerry1 (15 days ago)
+Vanafsos Sfigokolarios I didn't say the system was perfect, just that I'm glad it exists. Sure I'd like to not fight the legendaries to catch them but I get that it wouldn't be challenging enough. And I would argue Pokemon trainer battling is a sport that l the Pokemon enjoy. I just don't want to be personally responsible for causing my party to be almost beaten into a coma. Also this conversation is about a childrens game, it was never meaningful.
Vanafsos Sfigokolarios (15 days ago)
+JoelPerry1 we are starting a conversation that will led to nowhere in the long run. You still battle the legendary pokémon, so those are not your friends? You are using your friends to fight for your amusement, since there is no world ending event in pokémon most of the time unlike other jrpg. You still take away there freedom by catching them just to level up your team etc. See... This will not led to a meaningful conversation... They just wanted to cash in the pokémon go craze, but they are a bit late to the party since the active users are about 10-20% of what they used to be.
ziggy the cub (23 days ago)
All i need to know is can you rebattle trainers whenever you want, with no wild battles i would like it if i could fight my pokemon somehow
steelj7 (22 days ago)
Might be wrong, but I think your party earns EXP when you catch a wild Pokemon as well
silverman1205 (22 days ago)
Yeah, that is what I am wondering. How are you supposed to grind if you don't have wild battles?
Miles Prebble (23 days ago)
Love how this video cuts through multiple backgrounds. Especially at 1:44 where we are treated to the urinal scene 😉
Patrik Hronský (19 days ago)
How about 1:23 when he is just walking into the waist-high wall? Oh these gamers... :)
Dakota Moore (22 days ago)
They must release the bloopers. I am fully convinced Scot fell on his face at least once when he walked over the sofa.
Mortal thoughts (23 days ago)
DontRachQuit (23 days ago)
Walks with Scott are the best walks, although I feel a bit guilty after visiting the Men's Room :3
Marcus Hough (23 days ago)
And just think you saw the best of it there. Normally it's worse 😂😂
I Don't Care (23 days ago)
Scott... Slow the fuck down. It's clearly a sign of nerves. He's got way better at slowing down in his VOs but this on location Vid is shit. Slow down you shakey Geordie virgin.
I Don't Care (23 days ago)
Oh wow. Play this in 0.5x speed. So sexual
The Wolf of Roundhill (23 days ago)
I'm definitely not first, but since no one else has siezed the holy grail and the treasures that come with it, fuck it, I'm first.
Minako Arisato (23 days ago)
halokon (23 days ago)
I died in the toilets.
Ilovezec (23 days ago)
awesomejf03 (23 days ago)
Will it have microtransactons?
riot kitty (17 days ago)
No what Pokémon mainline game have u been playing
Kyle - (22 days ago)
Pkmn bank most likely
Andy Benji (23 days ago)
Unless the money you have to pay for the Pokeball Plus to get Mew counts, no.
Doodle Bob (23 days ago)

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