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Top 15 Upcoming Action Movies (2018) Full Trailers HD

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Top 15 Upcoming Action Movies (2018) Full Trailers HD We've put together a compilation list of the top 15 best upcoming action movies you'll want to see from May - December in 2018.
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Text Comments (1478)
Toralf Wiese (3 hours ago)
Wird es den auf deutsch geben und wann?
Flint (5 hours ago)
Tom Hardy as venom? Oh man the only thing better would be if he was added to the MCU... but nothings perfect 😥
Kill Bill (9 hours ago)
Van damme should stop focusing on himself and focus on his sons career
battlefieldchris (9 hours ago)
Escape Plan 2 should be outlawed. No one should have to watch that garbage
Sp4m Solo (10 hours ago)
skyscraper die hard
Philip R. Garza (11 hours ago)
never got into this crappy movie
Adware man (12 hours ago)
whats with the fucky audio levels? i cant hear anyone talk on some of these trailer all i hear is BUM BUM BUM whisper whisper BOOM! learn how to use a compressor of fine an editor who can.
Sgagnot (13 hours ago)
Dead pool 2 gender neutral - WTF?
Tjocksnorris äventyr (13 hours ago)
Van Damme and Lundgren! The kings of B-movie actions! I like it alot!
Isaac Pizarro (18 hours ago)
Alita ? that doesnt means ....Wing in Spanish? Great . Alita sin hueso...boneless wingsLOL
Peter Booth (19 hours ago)
95% of these had no reason to be made other than blatant sequel/franchise money grab. Creative, original movie's and screenplays are an endangered species
Jos Kek (23 hours ago)
Oceans 8 looks incredible
Jos Kek (23 hours ago)
You know it’s a bad film when Bautista is the only good actor in it
NeoRocket001 (23 hours ago)
Battle Angel? I have always thought that popular kids anime facial proportions if ever seen in real life would just be creepy and freaky. So now my misgivings have been confirmed. Battle Angel in live action would be great if they had not tried for the hideous giant eyed proportions. Uhg.
Michael Harto (1 day ago)
battle angel alita... oh maaaaan... this brings some nostalgic feelings, and cristoph waltz... no movie sucks with him starring inside.
Matthew Wright (1 day ago)
Why do tom hardy characters always have weird voices
Mr Spacely (1 day ago)
Ugh... Battle Angel looks like Ghost in the Shell meets Twilight 😑👎
Marko Mancic (1 day ago)
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Marco Javier (1 day ago)
Dominic jonez (2 days ago)
wow... the eyes look absurd
paydro millz (2 days ago)
Hawkeye is going to save Antman!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheCockeyez (2 days ago)
Jason Carpenter (3 days ago)
Wow. Who goes to movies anymore.
Third World Rider (3 days ago)
oceans 8 has the white girl, the black girl (with dreads), the Asian girl and the Indian girl :)
Third World Rider (3 days ago)
"that's because you're mentally unstable" you can't say that anymore it will offend truly unstable people and all the hardships their families go through caring for them.
Third World Rider (3 days ago)
each movie has a diversity hire. not long before they complain the diversity hires are just comedy relief or second fiddle.
Third World Rider (3 days ago)
so alita battle angel, make a bad cgi char, and put stupid music over it and it becomes artistic?
erwin ellis (3 days ago)
that stallone film, it's gonna suck.
Rogan Torment (3 days ago)
Oh shit. Van Damme and Lundgren teaming up??? Hell ya!
Paulie Walnuts (3 days ago)
another gay looking mission impossible movie.....
M (4 days ago)
Denzel Washington is the Denzel Washington of all actors ...
Roman Kadachigow (4 days ago)
so, the year of trashy movies(
Saturday (4 days ago)
i love that
Ri Keller (4 days ago)
Vingh raims??
UK NEWS (4 days ago)
Anna Ward (4 days ago)
Are you calm, Alice? Not even a little. You? Yep. That's because you're mentally unstable. Thank you. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Aaron Brockington (4 days ago)
...bruh...The Equalizer II...@_@... i'm sooooo f'king glad one of my favorite tv series is being done justice on the screen!!... ...wonder if there will ever be an Equalizer / John Wick crossover...toss in Jack Reacher for the trifecta...
Heut (4 days ago)
I only see 'rama' ;)
KURAMA (4 days ago)
Aliiiiiiitaaaaaaaa yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ray (4 days ago)
Onceans 8? Oh god... they just had to ruin those series too. Do the directors of these movies even realize how bellow mediocre their works are? How the fuck does shit like this even get to be in the cinema? The first 3 Ocean's movies were not great either but at least they were entertaining to watch. This Ocean's 8 is just "uuuhhh.. womens can be criminal masterminds too...". I wish movies would stop being so fucking political all the time.
LC Entertainment (4 days ago)
I wait your answer
Ayaan Chowdhury (5 days ago)
Daniel Young (5 days ago)
Mickael S. (5 days ago)
jeez, that robin hood.... its assasin creed mixed with neo crusader Deadshot ninja pew pew bow .... my god, they killed the legend of robin hood ....
Quantum Blitz (5 days ago)
1:17 New Fortnite Character Easter Egg
Thomas Wilson (5 days ago)
Super Robin Hood?   Give me a @##$##$%% break!
lyx (5 days ago)
bicth that becouse you mentaly unstable. thats what you say to make yourself feel strong or better stupid fucking dog shit. girl are f asshols i will wait to see you cunt cry and ask men for help. in real war . shit talkers wasting movies
lyx (5 days ago)
f you stupid. girl power fucking bullshit. stupid feminist shit
Paul Rudd (5 days ago)
wow like
Paul Rudd (5 days ago)
whre do you comprom
Jabar Movie (5 days ago)
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Paul Rudd (5 days ago)
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Jabar Movie (5 days ago)
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Paul Rudd (5 days ago)
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Jelle Stegenga (6 days ago)
Camp shine survivor radio illness base nominee across Russian charge.
Annie Rox (6 days ago)
Was that Brenda from The Maze Runner in Alita...?
Tristan Keller (6 days ago)
SICARIO 2 SOLDADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monkey Banana (7 days ago)
Awesome!!! Can't wait for Alita. This movie is based on a Japanese anime called Battle Angel. Finally it's here.
Dinky Doodle (7 days ago)
Oceans 8 is not an action movie.
peatear42 (7 days ago)
1:00 Mahershala Ali looked like Blade :o
The.Inferno (7 days ago)
Love the Mission Impossible: fallout trailer , especially when cruise and superman fight
humberto millan (7 days ago)
mamenlo perras
Kekistan Shitlord (7 days ago)
Why are the eyes of the first one so gigantic?!?
I want an Overwatch movie ... either it's animated or realistic I want it so bad to happen .
ALITA more like A+ LIT
NidzoBanana (7 days ago)
Typical Hollywood-Bullshit! This is why i watch European and Asian movies.
3DaysAgo (7 days ago)
They are all the same
henry Mogen (7 days ago)
黄晓明参演的Escape Plan 2 应该是年度最烂电影top前3了吧~
tony x (8 days ago)
Venom looks incredible
Oleh Dmytryshyn (8 days ago)
Superman wit mustaches finaly !!!!
tony x (8 days ago)
So they upped the ante on Die Hard in Skyscraper. Now instead of taking his shoes they're going to take his whole damn leg and make him fight bad guys.
tony x (8 days ago)
Ocean's 11 now is with girls how original. I'm sure that movie will make a ton of money. #sarcasm
tony x (8 days ago)
Batista is the new Rock.
Horaine Harris (8 days ago)
Ant man and the Wasp
Bender The Fourth (8 days ago)
Hollywood is dying... slowwwwwwwwly.
pkmcburroughs (8 days ago)
So the prison named "Hades" is nicknamed "The Zoo?" Umm. OK.
Lonely Wolf (8 days ago)
Lonely Wolf (8 days ago)
Lonely Wolf (8 days ago)
Denzel Washington or a Agent like him should dare to Try That on me.
Mona Parker (8 days ago)
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KIrk Fleming (8 days ago)
Ethan Hunt vs Superman. He's losing to all the humans lately
Kriss Kross (8 days ago)
cinema is dead
Lc0s liFe (9 days ago)
ALITA is very very sad story that hes justa robot but its so cool!
Marco Zolo (9 days ago)
Alita: story about a Russian ex gf
Jebin Dhaubhadel (9 days ago)
black water,mission impossible fall out ,ocean 8 & the predator
DeadPool CutieFace (9 days ago)
DeadPool CutieFace (9 days ago)
Ant and wasp come out like next weak
DeadPool CutieFace (9 days ago)
I wanna see alita
PoKeRHaRD247 (9 days ago)
Fake on the crane jump!, oh yea its the Rock, smh. lets give him a prosthetic leg to make him look human. high fives all around. jk, sucks.
박철욱 (9 days ago)
배종용 (9 days ago)
don't watching chines money movie
Josh Boyle (9 days ago)
This may be the first punch Tyron Woodley has thrown in a year or two.
Partha MakOthna (9 days ago)
Omg what a crap.
Portrait Mood (9 days ago)
1:24 This is so insanes.. awesome
Sicario 2 the equaliser
TroubleMcTrouble (9 days ago)
There's a few I want to see, but 4:31 Escape Plan II is high on the list because it's got the brilliant Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming in it; not to mention David Bautista from Guardians of the Galaxy too....so I will put up with all the rest of the bad acting and chewing the scenery (in Stallone's case) just to see Huang and Bautista acting together. :)
Vincent Peacock (9 days ago)
I love you Sony. Please have my babies
貴光 青木 (10 days ago)
John Alexander (10 days ago)
oceans 8 meh it was crap these sequels are played out
John Alexander (10 days ago)
17:29 mission impossible "escape from the cult of Scientology"
Alan Smith (10 days ago)
Might as well put butt smell ducktales as a trailer on here too 😐
chichiboypumpi (10 days ago)
You have vision, ri ri johnson is a bigot talentless buffoon
Jon D (10 days ago)
alita i think it is looks awesome
Naga Nabum (10 days ago)
dont mix animated character with real people looks bad af
Food Truck Junkie (10 days ago)
Ocean's 8.. Action film? *Facepalm* is Hollywood going to redo "Night of the Living Dead" as a romantic comedy now?

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