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Finally playdead's INSIDE on iOS - gameplay - Adventure iPhone 8 +

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Play the beginning for free. In-app purchase the full game. Compatible with iPhone 6S, iPad Air 2, Apple TV or later. - INSIDE full game$6.99 https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/playdeads-inside/id1201642309?mt=8 * Played with my iPhone 8 + Enjoy the game :) Like & Subscribe thx for support ;) see u soon with new iOS , AR video
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Geoffrey yahya vargas (1 month ago)
Hey does the game quaility is lowered on i phone 6s. i am playing on that and quality doesn´t look at is best.
Nancy Brown (1 month ago)
I want my calliope music back,!
Sindy Putri (9 months ago)
When i played this game, i dropped my phone at 03:00 about 2/3 times 😂 so i prefer to see the video than play this game.
ZziieeD BeN (9 months ago)
haha , oh bad dog !!! :D
DarkFlipz Gaming (9 months ago)
Im on a 6 and my brothers on a 6 plus and it says sorry not compatible for both of us I have the latest update does anyone know why this is happening?
Lavhun Anderson (3 months ago)
O Israelmki
O Israel (9 months ago)
He know that, he is asking why it is not compatible. Because Apple & developers purposely choose not to optimize their games to make you buy the latest iphone which is not necessary. The iphone 6, 6 plus, iPad mini 4, & the iPad air is capable of running this game. There are other games that fit this category or are better and take more hardware of the processor that the iphone 6 and above can handle...there shouldn't be an excuse for non compatibility for metal devices.
ZziieeD BeN (9 months ago)
I Am The One True Morty sorry its compatible only with iphone 6S or later :/
PartyCrasher04 (9 months ago)
The game quality is lowered by a lot
Geoffrey yahya vargas (1 month ago)
Hey does the game quaility is lowered on i phone 6s. i am playing on that and quality doesn´t look at is best.
ZziieeD BeN (9 months ago)
PartyCrasher04 still good to playing on the phone !!
Hadi (9 months ago)
When i start the game it doesnt start they Said 'We are Sorry INSIDE is not Compatible with your Device'
O Israel (6 months ago)
It may be a future update though for itouch 6/iPhone 6 and iPad mini 4. In real life performance the iPhone 6s almost feels like an iPhone 6 in performance of daily use or even in gaming. The graphics may be quite better but this is just on paper when they say that an iPhone 6s is 70% and 90% better in CPU and GPU. I was planning on upgrading to an iPhone 6s or 7, but I think they can do a better job for the A8 processor if they put more effort into it. It may be longer to optimize (which I doubt) but they can at least do it for the A8 chips. Even the iPhone 6 is 25% and 50% percent faster in CPU and GPU when comparing to an iPhone 5s despite the metal being capable. Hmm, something can be done here....I hope they are not scamming and being arrogant to make you go for the latest iphone to spend more money. There are plenty games that are truly demanding on the app store and yet it is not compatible with an iPhone 6? If you say slower performance then let us test it for our selves by releasing it for free to let us decide if it will run properly. There are ways things can be done other then us listening to what they tell us. The A8 is still capable of such demanding games..
jayse (8 months ago)
ZziieeD BeN ok thank you so much !! :D
ZziieeD BeN (8 months ago)
IceANDFire The game will work only with the iPhone 6s/plus or later !!
jayse (8 months ago)
ZziieeD BeN I’m using iPhone 6plus iOS 11 an dits not working
PartyCrasher04 (9 months ago)
Than it isn’t get a new phone man
Learn Game (9 months ago)
Chơi đc từ ip7 chở nên thôi à

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