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Octonauts Kwazii GUP-R Toy UNBOXING: Playing with Bathtub Sharks

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JackJackPlays presents unboxing Octonauts Kwazii with GUP-R while playing in the bubble bath with sharks! Check out these fun toys!
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Marvs Pena (2 years ago)
Baragan Roxana (1 year ago)
Marvs Pena uy78yyfst
Marvs Pena
Rocio Ortiz l.
cool channel have subscribed liked and look forward to more stuff please sub back as its a crazy youtube world....thanks
Toy With Toys (2 years ago)
nice play. my sons need bathtub toys.
Leo Kinneman (1 year ago)
Toy With Toys hhhjjugnjtyjyyy
Toy With Toys (2 years ago)
yep, anything involves water :)
JackJackPlays (2 years ago)
+ToyWithToys We had the same old ones for a long time. Kids love bath toys!

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