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Aliens: Colonial Marines - 'Pacifist mode'

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Turns out you can play Aliens: Colonial Marines without firing your gun… Here's us doing exactly that in one of the game's later missions on the 'Hardened' difficulty setting. Read more: https://www.pcgamesn.com/you-can-play-through-whole-sections-aliens-colonial-marines-without-killing-aliens-or-firing-your-gun ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (552)
warmecanic (9 days ago)
You are a great human being, we don´t have the right to harm these ugly basterds
Daleylife (2 years ago)
How in the heck did a studio release a game with such horrible AI, yet, a modder can fix it with a download less than 200MB?
AAIIGI92 (2 years ago)
Clever, verrrryyy clever. In this world, its kill or be killed. You managed to play the game by your own rules, you spared the life of all the aliens. Heh heh heh heh.... but don't act so cocky. I know what you did. You left the other marines behind, and they teleport to you because the game regreted it. XD
Thickerspartan (3 years ago)
Y would anyone want to do or watch this?! Is so boring!! 😁😁
MsSomeonenew (3 years ago)
Wow I didn't even know about the intricate stealth mechanic in this game...
Heaven Piercing Man (4 years ago)
JJJBunney001 (4 years ago)
"... wasn't suicide enough" even the writing is crap :P
Fettster (4 years ago)
EGM gave this game a 9/10 LOL
enoughofyourkoicarp (5 years ago)
Lesson 1: Pacifists can do their part too. Lesson 2: Marines can teleport. Lesson 3: Boot camp is a waste of time. Well... I'll be damned... O.o
JustSiouxMe (5 years ago)
the aliens in AVP 2 were fucking lethal.
CrimsonPhantom88 (5 years ago)
"Take it slow, guys." *runs through level*
ECERD (5 years ago)
1:36 "...theyre not stupid..." goddamn glitches
lgd661 (5 years ago)
Dispite the reviews and all the bad press and all of my buddies telling me just how bad this game was I decided to give it a chance and ya know what they were all wrong, its far worse than any of them told me it was its so bad it made me not wanna watch the films because it removed some of the hope that anybody can make a great alien game, should of asked bungie cause lets face it after halos blatant use of the alien films its clear they are huge fans
Faustino Zabala (5 years ago)
me too
Faustino Zabala (5 years ago)
Sloth Guru (5 years ago)
FeanorBR (5 years ago)
A good example would be God Hand scoring a 3.0. Other way around you have DA2 scoring high. Simcity getting a 7.0 (completely broken game, not only talking about the DRM here - more broken than aliens, even). DmC getting a 8.5. The list goes on. IGN never had any real credibility (as most professional, ad supported review sites don't, anyway).
Bomboozled (5 years ago)
IGN's ratings don't seem to go really far off from everyone else's ratings. Could you name any examples of these bad reviews?
FeanorBR (5 years ago)
Doesn't matter the actual score. It's a joke based on the fact that IGN reviews suck and 99,9% of the times will drop great scores for absolute shit (some of these due to incompetence, some due to paid advertisement), while giving shitty scores to actual good games (since they are either too hard or never paid them anything). You can see people doing that joke all over the internet with multiple games.
Bomboozled (5 years ago)
As ironically humorous as that would be, they actually gave it a 4.5/10. "Aliens: Colonial Marines is an uninspired and unfinished game, and not remotely worthy as a sequel to the Aliens film."
o0Alea0o (5 years ago)
1:36 The developers must really hate Aliens.
supercyc10 (5 years ago)
this needs that one spongebob song in the background ...i think it was called living in the sunlight
RikkyCZ (5 years ago)
pacifist branch of aliens? hmm... what an action. You must set it for the hardest level to have any enjoyment from the game, but even then xenomorphs act weird. It just looks BADLY unfinished this game. They wasted time on the environment and everything else is shit...
cunt3d (5 years ago)
i almost bought this fucked up game! so glad i didnt! what a POS!
FeanorBR (5 years ago)
The joke flew over your head, huh?
OsirisLord (5 years ago)
Your justly deserved punishment for thinking this game would be good in the first place.
OsirisLord (5 years ago)
I new right away this game was dead on arrival. A sequel to Aliens were you return to the set from the movie? You mean the one that was destroyed when the reactor blew up? So what, we menace a radioactive crater? And let's be stupidly crazy and assume the Aliens survive, how are they reproducing without hosts? What are they eating? How can they make more when the Queen was jettisoned out into deep space?
Oregateau (5 years ago)
Encountering a xenomorph should be filled with screams of expletives and firing every bullet you have, not casually side-stepping them like passing an old lady on a walker in the mall.
Varghus (5 years ago)
I think he was making fun of IGN for whoring out high scores for money. I had to look it up too to make sure that IGN didn't say that as I found it almost believable
LazyStatic (5 years ago)
I didnt even get past the first 30 minuets of this game before i uninstalled it. Company's wonder why people pirate games. For shit like this. If i had wasted 60 bucks on this pile of donkey shit I would be pissed. Its great that PC games cant be returned once opened too. So when you buy this its yours forever.
jumpinstocktoyotas (5 years ago)
Huh? IGN gave this game a 4.5, not a 10...
CollectionOfSpirals (5 years ago)
i'm pretty sure FeanorBR's comment broke the sound barrier as it went screaming over your head. picard.jpg
NotHenryG (5 years ago)
manulito2 (5 years ago)
Aliens: Colonial Marines is the The Room of sci-fi firstperson shooters.
Niro2205 (5 years ago)
It would have been funny if it was true, being that it isn't I don't see the humor in it.
Niro2205 (5 years ago)
I couldn't find this anywhere on Ign's or any other reviewers website. (Ign gave it a 4.5)
Frisbeeeman (5 years ago)
Well at least the environment looks nice.
Robots Everywhere (5 years ago)
Oh my gods, "If Doom Was Made Today" was right! :(
EMonDaNexxus (5 years ago)
Yarnall541 (5 years ago)
Cue the views doubling thanks to Cracked....
Dr.ErikNefarious (5 years ago)
Thanks Cracked.
Dead.juice (5 years ago)
Canned Heat - Going Up The Country + The Dinosaur walk = Best thing ever.
Andy's Mad House (5 years ago)
watch this with "canned heat - going up the country" ... its great
C'est La Vie (5 years ago)
in the arms of an angel....
teoteous (5 years ago)
Kisses and hugs for everyone! Including our banana head friends from another planet.
lordfuckthenotgiver (5 years ago)
FeanorBR (5 years ago)
To find something funny, you have to comprehend it first. Seems like you missed the first step right there.
boxstaxi (5 years ago)
SoCalledSpaceAge (5 years ago)
If it's funny I do.
FeanorBR (5 years ago)
Apparently you do not recognize a joke when you see one
REA987 (5 years ago)
New games = Epic Fail
SoCalledSpaceAge (5 years ago)
IGN's Review was a 5.0. Or were you thinking of the 9/10 that EGM gave it?
ciaran logue (5 years ago)
would rather eat a carrot that someone has shoved up their arse than play this!!!!!!!!!
Jake Cooke (5 years ago)
In AVP2 Aliens could kill you in half a second, in this you run past them with ease :3
Dr Bright (5 years ago)
I bet most of people when they bought this game were like "OMG this is going to be the greatest game ever!!" and then they put it into the console and start playing it and 30 minutes later they are wondering what the hell were they thinking buying this pile of feces diguised as a video game.
FeanorBR (5 years ago)
"A deeply emotional and engaging experience from start to finish redefines the shooting games genre - 10/10" - IGN
ZebulonPlanet (5 years ago)
"Stop saying that". "Why?" !!!! This is so retarded!!!
Dirty Blue (5 years ago)
"Take it super slow." From the looks of it, yeah, a 12 year old.
selda sercan (5 years ago)
oyun.cuknet.com great game site
selda sercan (5 years ago)
oyun.cuknet.com great game site
MunkyDrag0n (5 years ago)
Why is that? Angry Joe liked this video and gave credit to it.
Newt0rz (5 years ago)
Help bring the man responsible for these atrocities to justice, do your part. Pitchford 2013.
MunkyDrag0n (5 years ago)
Angry Joe sent me.
Svetlana Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Ya'll who purchased (pre purchased) this game got FUCK in YO ASS Big time. Next time wait for the reviews.
English Bob (5 years ago)
*chuckles* She said dickface.
Crocalu (5 years ago)
You went full retard man. Never go full retard. Only in ultimate badass mode is the HUD disabled. On every other mode, including Hardened, there's a HUD.
Kilaknux (5 years ago)
I should feel FUCKING TERROR when I find myself face to face with a Xenomorph. IF I ever do, that's not something that should happen with any regularity. Aliens hide, they stalk, they ambush and they employ, whether consciously or not, terror tactics to turn enemies... no, PREY into panicked, gibbering idiots blinded by fear. It shouldn't feel banal, there should be no such thing as a minor Alien, and none of them should be easily killed. Also, THEY DO NOT WALK THE DINOSAUR.
Trbrigade (5 years ago)
Of cource some people like it...But even more many dissapointed. Becouse this is not that you expect to see after 6 YEARS of development. The anger of people due to fact that Gearbox lied to them all this time. They did not even make this game themselfes, they give it to some third-party developers , and this students just fucked all game up. Gearboxes could delay the release of the game, but they did not do it, that's why people hate
Yndeendy (5 years ago)
Those jump sounds...like someone is slamming a bag full of fecies against a floor
Wayne72LEVRAI (5 years ago)
The HUD is enabled, the game is not in hard mode.
Melkai1987 (5 years ago)
Like a boss! ahahahah
sevless (5 years ago)
and i think they should
superlgn (5 years ago)
The CVG website says this is Hardened, one off from the highest difficulty.
HowlingWolf518 (5 years ago)
If Colonial Marines had been designed with this in mind, like with Quake 2 or the Librarians in Metro 2033, then okay. But since the overall game is just that shitty...
phreak761 (5 years ago)
And this game is being sold for 40 quid on origin, I don't think so sister.
tarapapi (5 years ago)
The only way to fight a Xenomorph is to not fight it.
Ryan Rhymes (5 years ago)
From everything I've seen of this game, all I can think is how much better it would have been had someone else developed it... just for my own amusement. *imagines a Fromsoftware Aliens game... creams a little*
Wayne72LEVRAI (5 years ago)
Nice, try this in high difficulty now, good luck.
henryEZ (5 years ago)
'Be safe, go slow!' 'Take it super slow, marines' I guess if the NPCs say it enough times players might do it and the level might not feel like its just 3 minutes long.
Gggmanlives (5 years ago)
i liked it.
Gggmanlives (5 years ago)
how come when i try this i die?
damaLwa (5 years ago)
That's your opinion, and I'll die for your right to say it but I beg to differ
Spaced92 (5 years ago)
Someone told me the AI was like outdated, erm AI was NEVER this bad in a big release.
TheSindara (5 years ago)
Even the husks were mindblowingly stupid. They can only detect sound, okay, can maybe go with that. But they were just comical in the way you could jump about and make noise, alert them and have them all hiss and act scary, and then just simply wait for them to sit down again like good little doggies. And don't even get me started on them exploding because you turn a sewage pump on ... W T F
TheSindara (5 years ago)
He is playing on Hardened according to the comments. Easiest is Recruit, second is Soldier, third is Hardened, so its far from the easiest.
SJ.Fox (5 years ago)
I played the whole campaign, only good level is the husks level. It's garbage.
MagikGimp (5 years ago)
This game is terrible you horse's ass! I think the dialogue is even worse.
MagikGimp (5 years ago)
Pinkie promise dick-face!
MARTELO DE ORELHAS (5 years ago)
Hardest dificulty my arse! This s NOT hardest dificulty, playing through 3rd run on ULTIMATE BADASS and Aliens dont behave like these! Especially in derilict ship where lurkers rape you arse!
Seperta Zen (5 years ago)
WarPigz0 (5 years ago)
Everyone who was involved was responsible for how shit it is. Period.
Galliao (5 years ago)
Every hour on LV-426, a xenomorph is violently abused. These poor Aliens have been hunted to near extinction. Few try to help. Most get help too late. Will you be an angel for a helpless Alien? Many are beaten, abused, and neglected. And they're crying out for help. Don't be like PCGamesN; don't neglect a xenomorph that desperately needs your help. With a small donation, you'll help rescue these Aliens from their abusers. Medical help to cure their blindness. And food to help brain development.
Nognix (5 years ago)
"One Bullet", it's in the description.
bonkihuve (5 years ago)
drugonam (5 years ago)
Are these aliens blind, dumb or both?
Reapper (5 years ago)
UnionJackGaming (5 years ago)
What level is this in the game?
Solafein (5 years ago)
sleep money (5 years ago)
Worst game ever.
Christof Vanhengel (5 years ago)
"They're not stupid" .. No, just lazy.

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