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The 4 MASSIVE PS4 Exclusives at E3 2018! What You NEED to Know!

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Text Comments (114)
Charlie Carr (7 days ago)
The last of us part 2 is the one that I really can't wait to see of gameplay and Spider-Man.
PAragon Bytes (9 days ago)
If Ghost of Tsushima is a mixture of Tenchu and Infamous Second Son it'll be a must buy. The main things I liked about Infamous SS were the graphics and the mechanics were fun. But the missions were too repetitive
Dee Dee (10 days ago)
The only game I am waiting for is BB 2
Sandlin22 (10 days ago)
Death stranding looks terrible lol
Samuel Musser (11 days ago)
I hope they release Spider-Man earlier 🙏🏼
Leo Conant (11 days ago)
Death Stranding doesn't excite me....
Fallentus (11 days ago)
If you've yet to played 2013's The Last of Us you should go smack yourself off and go play that game as soon as possible.
Corione Amnios (11 days ago)
Just remember, It is still Tokyo Game show, Paris games week and PlayStation experience.
Corione Amnios (11 days ago)
I LOVE your Channel!
bejisan1 (11 days ago)
I'm still not sold on Death Stranding. I need to see variety in landscapes not to see it as grim and weird and maybe boring. It may be a good movie, but so far the world is unappealing to me. Same for Ghost of Tsushima. I need context I guess to be hyped. Some easy tell of what the world is. New IPs need to hook people first and foremost. Not a new IP but i never truly cared for Monster Hunter before World. But last E3 trailer for MHW was easy to get. Right away you understood it.
Kudel31 (11 days ago)
Ghosts of Tsushima, owes Ni-oh.... a lot.
michael grayson (11 days ago)
Ghost of Tsushima reminds me of Nioh, but looks different enough to get me really hyped!!
RepentantSky (11 days ago)
Sony could also you know, not being showing too much now because they want to save it for Paris Games Week and PSX, especially since the latter was considered to be the worst conference of the year last year, including the game awards. Sony flopped last year with PSX, can't imagine they want to repeat that.
Abraham Lincoln23 (11 days ago)
How old are you?
Lucas Geraldo (11 days ago)
For the guy to take your text and text and posted it on another can, but I am congruence in the client with this post from this site to warn you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= YAm3_m1EVWA & t =.
jeffrey bueno (11 days ago)
Im excited to play The Last of us 2.. Pls. Like and subscribe to my account..
Nature Boy (11 days ago)
They need to announce a price drop at E3 only because i still have a sour taste in my mouth about the ps4 pro and talks about a new console when clearly the ps4 is selling and doing great. its superior to the Nintendo switch and has a huge fanbase, the pro doesn't play 4k DVDs. /sigh... i try so hard to ignore it but the games look and play a bit better, i'm a huge fan but i hate that.
HECTOR HERN (11 days ago)
another succesful episode nice done good hov x54🏟
dem gutts (11 days ago)
Ps5? For what? A bunch of micro transactions and fps games, no thanks.
Brian Ogilby (11 days ago)
Looking forward to The Last Of Us Part 2 the most. I have never played a better game then The Last Of Us in my 33 years of gaming.
Carlos Vega (11 days ago)
Is this the best exclusive lineup in E3's history or was 2016's better?
Nicholas Brewton (11 days ago)
I do not want to see Spider-Man on the E3 stage! Very disappointing!
Edgelord Supreme (10 days ago)
Nicholas Brewton I’m open minded, why would this be a problem?
Marco Monteiro (10 days ago)
Nicholas Brewton and good day to you
Marco Monteiro (10 days ago)
Nicholas Brewton which people because we only got 3 villains of the game we have no idea who's the main villain we haven't seen Peter Parker gameplay and we need another story trailer
Nicholas Brewton (10 days ago)
It's obvious why people don't want to see Spider-Man on the E3 stage. Since you guys don't understand why this is a problem. There's no point in having this conversation! Good day to you.
Marco Monteiro (10 days ago)
Nicholas Brewton I want to see Spider-Man on the e3 stage
Gentlemen Gamer (11 days ago)
I hope they announce gran Turismo 7 as a surprise announcement
Ace D (11 days ago)
And all we see at Ms e3 are new colors for their controller. Lol
Hansen plays (11 days ago)
Death stranding hype!
Henrik Andersson (11 days ago)
I'm not so sure I agree with the diversity, they are all 3rd person adventure games, just in different settings. Not that I mind that, my shelf is filled with those types of games. I miss the times when companies would announce everything from point and click to plattformers and FPS games.
Kholke Holkepolke (11 days ago)
No worries Xbox fans. I heard Microsoft is launching a huge selection of exclusive bluerays this year.. ;)
Ulrich Leukam (11 days ago)
I'm Hyped for the following -Marvel Spiderman -Ghost of Tsushima -Biomutant -Days Gone the rest is just not for me: TLOU2, Death Stranding, Cyber Punk 2077, But i will eventually play them :)
Nature Boy (10 days ago)
Dragon Quest 11
Idiotic Tirades (10 days ago)
Thank you for saying I'm hyped as opposed to the ultra annoying variant, I'm hype.
Blair (11 days ago)
Devin West (11 days ago)
Excited for all. Mostly death stranding and last of us 2 tied for my most hyped. Then ghost of tsushima. Spider-Man last, that's nothing against spider man, so hyped for all of these
Keep It Zen (11 days ago)
Sony’s E3 surprise: Half-Life 3 , PS4 exclusive
Spencer Pauley (11 days ago)
can’t wait for ghost of tsushima
Keep It Zen (11 days ago)
Ghost of Tsushima & Death Stranding > Spider-Man & Last of Us Part II , for me
Sir Xela (11 days ago)
I *NEED* to see Ghost of Tsushima game play 😍
Kero (11 days ago)
Kero (7 days ago)
Weed Weed I meant the other DMC not DmC
Weed Weed (7 days ago)
??? They made it Years a go. they call it DMC
zero RX-79 (11 days ago)
Yuk Foo (11 days ago)
TrevyTrev (11 days ago)
Yeah Infamous Second Son was not a disappointing title, the gameplay was really good and the story was definitely followable, it just wasn't as good as Infamous 2. But it was definitely better than Infamous 1. You always downplay games that receive relatively good scores as bad.
G L O O M (10 days ago)
TrevyTrev he said a little disappointing to some people not that it was a disappointing game in general...I was disappointed by it though sure it was alright but I just didn't enjoy as much I actually prefer infamous 1 over second son in my opinion
Aidan Schmitt (11 days ago)
Ghost of Tsushima has honestly taken the spot as my most anticipated game. Its in my favorite setting for video games and is going open world which hasn't been done with a samurai game before. What little we've seen looks stunning even though it was a trailer and gameplay wise it's still a big mystery but I have alot of faith in the team doing it. Death stranding is my 2nd because it is also a HUGE mystery by a master craft developer.
Chris Kritikakis (11 days ago)
I can't wait to see more Death Stranding !!!
Tony Montana (11 days ago)
Listen, I don't care if Xbox does a 180 and releases something 5000x better than Shitty PS2 looking Crackdown 3 - Sony is the PLACE TO BE. I'm so excited for these titles regardless of the space away from PS4. FOR THE GAMERS!
YoRHa UNIT A2 (11 days ago)
Glory to all YoRHa units
Devin West (11 days ago)
YoRHa UNIT A2 Glory to mankind
GTD: GAMING TILL DEATH (11 days ago)
YoRHa UNIT A2 loda bhosadike
janex (11 days ago)
Is this gamecross some kinda playstation fanboy only talks about ps
And what is interesting about XBOX anyway? State of Decay? Another Forza, Halo, or Gears? Nah.........just let XBOX rest this gen, and make them focused on next gen
JPLoco (11 days ago)
Reports on PlayStation News = PlayStation Fanboy? So anyone who focuses specifically on one platform is automatically a Fanboy? According to your 'logic'. That literally makes no sense.
Stylie473 Joker (11 days ago)
janex who the fuck gives a shit about xbox anymore ?? There's nothing to talk about anymore just some pr damage controling when a ps exclusive does really well
Giovanni Ortiz (11 days ago)
janex it's not his fault they got some dope games
Digital Realm Gaming (11 days ago)
I dont want news about inferior systems anymore. Please stop
Shashank Reddy (11 days ago)
Digital Realm Gaming lol these are called games. Not systems. And if you don't want news on anything about PS4 then why click on this video? It was clearly mentioned in the thumbnail and title
Kratos Dad (11 days ago)
Man. From what I see, about 3-4 games without ps exclusives are actually goty contenders on PC. With PS exclusives it bumps that to 12. Big miss buddy.
Scary Gimmick (11 days ago)
Digital Realm Gaming E3 this year is all about ps4 exclusives. Am sorry to break your heart but xbox1 and pc doesn’t have any exclusives to offer this year
Henrik Andersson (11 days ago)
This video didn't have news of any systems, it was about games. You know, highly anticipated good games that won't be released on other systems. I know this concept is strange if you don't own a PS.
Stylie473 Joker (11 days ago)
Digital Realm Gaming ps4 masterrace 😎
Kew - D (11 days ago)
where is BLOODBORNE 2 ? lol
Tony Montana (11 days ago)
... There is no BB2. Shadows die twice is not BB2. Leaked very recently and was obvious from start. Even though I want BB2 more than life.
caruto56789 (11 days ago)
Just lost a subscriber due to click baits and misleading channel name cause all this guy talks about is ps4 like its the greatest thing in world sucking that sony dick. Fanboys are the worst I tell ya.
JPLoco (11 days ago)
The Last of Us Part 2 & Ghost of Tsushima are the two I'm most HYPED about, because they're the two we know the least about, IMO, and The Last of Us is one of my Favourite Games of All Time!
King Drako (11 days ago)
JPLoco true story bro
JPLoco (11 days ago)
Gregory Pestalozzi - Kokichi: Heheheheheh nuh-uh, nope, never, nadda, toootally not happening, no way Jose... IT'S A LIE! I toootally want a Danganronpa 4! Keebo: I'm having a difficult time discerning whether or not your reaction is indeed genuine, but I am inclined to agree with Kokichi Gonta: Gonta would very much like to see a Danganronpa 4 as well Himiko: It would take a lot of Magic to make that happen, but I could do it... but I need to nap first, my MP is low Angie: I'm sure Atua will grant us whatever it is we're talking about... but unfortunately it's Atua's Naptime
King Drako (11 days ago)
JPLoco i want danganronpa 4 xD
Khanzeh- (11 days ago)
cant wait to see ghost of Tsushima
Jamal Ferguson (11 days ago)
Khanzeh- me too!!!
KhatoGaming (11 days ago)
1 Game for december?
Gentlemen Gamer (11 days ago)
Admyr 6 I would have thought that would be early 2019 release
Admyr 6 (11 days ago)
KhatoGaming ghost of tsushima
death tool (11 days ago)
The top 4 are looking sexy. One thing im still scared about is the lou2 i hope its better than the first ine because i did not like the long boring parts i hope they fix that
Karmic Wheel (11 days ago)
Greetings Earthlings and Happy Monday! 👋👽
Father Gascoigne (11 days ago)
Norman fedus
Devin West (11 days ago)
Father Gascoigne Norman fetus
JPLoco (11 days ago)
At E3... Norman Reedus joins the Hunt. LOL
Father Gascoigne (11 days ago)
Death stranding 👍👍
Altair Newgate (11 days ago)
From Software cmon guys you gotta give me something here, Code Vein release date i'm also waiting on you.
Altair Newgate (11 days ago)
I'm glad youre a man of culture as well friend lol well here hoping for the best cheers.
Tastet 55 (11 days ago)
Altair Newgate. New hunter , new dream, maybe in Asia? Don’t matter I’m down. Definitely got to have the doll tho lol.
Altair Newgate (11 days ago)
I understand what you mean man but .... would a new bloodborne mean no more doll ..... "Hello, good hunter" ... that was my raison d'etre in bloodborne lol don't think anything could replace that, lol well i kind of like how it ended what would be the follow up the story ? just another hunter in the dream ? but now no gherman and instead just a squid ? lol
Tastet 55 (11 days ago)
Altair Newgate nothing against tenchu. I would give it a shot. I played nioh and liked it as well. But come on man bloodborne2!!!!!! That would be amazing
Altair Newgate (11 days ago)
Why no Tenchu ? it's kind of like old school dark souls the games were hard as fuck but with a japanese setting kind of like Nioh if they just port the cryptic story and gameplay elements from souls while revamping the magic system it should be pretty cool.
BasicHaddock4 (11 days ago)
Xbox better bring it this year
No it's an impossible thing. They just need to focus on next gen. Because if not, you know RIP XBOX 🙏
Gentlemen Gamer (11 days ago)
BasicHaddock4 Xbox gamers will probably have Forza horizon 4 and crackdown 3 this year
Henrik Andersson (11 days ago)
I think MS better start looking into the future, next gen is only 2 or so years away. They don't really have a good track record of buying studios, so they need to charm someone with good deals and creative freedom. Competition is key for consumer value.
GTD: GAMING TILL DEATH (11 days ago)
BasicHaddock4 rip Xboners! Keep waiting for more disappointments like scalebound, sea of Thieves, crackdown 3 & the console itself! 😂 LoL REKT
rolly cort (11 days ago)
So this ps4 e3 is gonna just be like last e3 but longer footage?
rolly cort (11 days ago)
DarkEndDragon_- ha yeah but these games are my games that I can't wait for.
DarkEndDragon_- (11 days ago)
We'll see gameplay of three games that we haven't seen gameplay for. It's better than last year, that's for sure.
Getting you Triggered (11 days ago)
Who wanna bet rage 2 will put a BR mode.
Warrior Mindset (11 days ago)
(Ps4 to Xbox) You mad, bro? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 watch some hating ass cry baby response to a simple joke with hurt feelings
Hodgey Gamer (10 days ago)
bob sanders PS4 all the way much better then your shit box Xbox is a dead that’s why it’s got an X in its name should be called Deadbox
bob sanders (10 days ago)
Hodgey Gamer xbox is the master race mf better graphics and better exclusives fuck you bitch and kys
Gotti Get It (10 days ago)
Hodgey Gamer Even used as a football it still wouldn't have game lmao *horrible joke I know but goddamn it I had to say it 😂
Hodgey Gamer (10 days ago)
Xbox is shit PS4 all the way if I had an Xbox I just use it as a football
bob sanders (11 days ago)
fuck you and ps4 u dirty nager
Stealth (11 days ago)
Yes! Ghost of Tsushima and TLOU II : D
Jamal Ferguson (11 days ago)
Stealth ghost of tusuhima!!!! Getting the special edition
Stealth (11 days ago)
Father Gascoigne Fo sho 🔥🔥
Father Gascoigne (11 days ago)
Stealth ghost will be tigh
Chris R (11 days ago)

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