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10 AWESOME PS4 RPGs You Can Play RIGHT NOW (BEST Playstation 4 RPG Games)

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Text Comments (805)
PropensityToward (1 day ago)
I have tried to play all the Witcher games and I just despise the combat. Have them on PC and Ps3/4 and just hate them lol.
Benny Blanco (6 days ago)
Only Persona and Valkyria are true RPG games.
joão pedro (11 days ago)
Tgaud82 (11 days ago)
Diablo 3 sucked the fattest sack of dicks I waited 11 years between Diablo II and 3 and I was treated to a shitty abortion of a game FUCK Diablo 3 fuck it in its stupid ass
Fantasu (12 days ago)
Copiaram seu video...
Danilo Murari (12 days ago)
Hey Look, thief took your video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiWrhiwWE7Y
Cecel Gasparini (12 days ago)
Hello GameCross! There is a Brazilian youtuber that is using your content without crediting: " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiWrhiwWE7Y "
Angie ᄑᄉᄑ s (15 days ago)
Someone mentioned Dragons Dogma in the comments below and omg I bought that game twice (lost the game disc for 360) I loved it so much! :)
Angie ᄑᄉᄑ s (15 days ago)
Games like Dragon Age and Witcher are amazing because of the high replay value. Can't wait for DA4! :) Also, Persona 5 blew me away the first time playing it lol I don't consider it the best story from the series but definitely was worth my money. So much fun and the soundtrack...😎
Abioticspy (19 days ago)
tes 4 life
Stefano (19 days ago)
Bloodborne is the best. You play it and the rest is just that: the rest.
Snoopy V (27 days ago)
The best was horizon zero dawn tho!
Anthony Wilborn (1 month ago)
FF15 is probably the worst RPG to have been released from SE in the last 15 years.
senwang1982 (1 month ago)
Original sin 2 would be the best crpg if it comes to consoles.
Nigoula (1 month ago)
Dragon Age Inquisition ❤️
Kean Holland De Leon (1 month ago)
I will be mad if bb is not here
Jacob Parker (1 month ago)
Whoever was playing Witcher should never play again
Cesar Caballero (1 month ago)
Misha Wolf (1 month ago)
Inquisition is amazing and very strategic, but also funny and will get you in the feels. Deffinatley a winner.
Carlos Renato (1 month ago)
Dude, a Brazilian channel copied everything from your video. The thumbnail, the gameplay, the text and so on. Just to let you know. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiWrhiwWE7Y
Lucas Geraldo (1 month ago)
I think someone took your video and text and published on another channel, I am Brazilian but I do not agree with such an attitude I just came here to alert you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAm3_m1EVWA&t=.
caner celik (1 month ago)
Who thinks ds better than witcher3 must be kids who things rpgs about killin monsters. I love dark souls and im big fan of soul series. This game bringed a new style to rpg genre with its awsome combat style, boss fights, free open world and yes it has some good lore if u want to know but thats all.We all know nobody plays dark souls for its lore. In the other hand witcher is like living in fairytale. You will feel love, hate, happiness, sadness, fear etc. in this game. Witcher has awsome story and storytelling, living world, unforgotble characters, unforgotable quests, best mini game in history (gwent), best soundtracks in rpg genre (imo). You will feel geralt's friends as your real friends. You will laugh with em, you will cry with em, you will fight with em. You can make thousands of movies with witcher's lore. Imo witcher is not only a game Its an art. We will forget dark souls in few years but we will never forget witcher like cult rpgs. Only bad thing about witcher its not challenging. Even in hardest newgame+ you will feel like mowing grass. Rpg games not about being hard and killing monsters. Dark souls not even in top 10 rpgs. Maybe u can count ds in top 10 action rpg games.
Capone Ardelean (1 month ago)
Tales of Berseria is my favorite.
King Hamada (1 month ago)
Bayek Of Siwa VEVO (1 month ago)
AC Origins
Nimity Tei (1 month ago)
i always cry when ihear the nier automata ost T-T
Chad Ike (1 month ago)
That One Guy (1 month ago)
Nier automata is EXTREMELY OVERRATED! The soundtrack sucks too... it's like Japanese elevator music!
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Ak47 (1 month ago)
nioh is a mixture of all the badass historian in to one fictional game. the story is a mess tho
The Tx_Hammer_12 (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that final fantasy xv was played on an Xbox?
Jundy Mar Sotero (2 months ago)
what ffxv was announced at 2006 and released at 2016 TEEENNN LONG YEAR AND YET TOO SHORT STORY !!
Nicolás Betancur (2 months ago)
holy shiet what about dark souls i think that is one of the best you should have included it ps: my personal opinion
Ernest Kidwell (2 months ago)
Persona 5... Amazing - nuff said
Jayme Splendid (2 months ago)
Dude, if Bloodborne is an RPG then Princess Tomato In The Salad Kingdom is one of the best Grand Epic Military Strategy game our generation has ever known......
TotalJophes (2 months ago)
Rodrigo Sales (2 months ago)
dude im at work, how am i supposed to play right now?
Cryptic_Beast (2 months ago)
Toukiden 2 should be on this
Derek Dudley (2 months ago)
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Cadmus Curtis (2 months ago)
Witcher 3 problems - No character creation, no helmets, no shields.
Ricky Yang (2 months ago)
Final fantasy is a must get guys!! Its one of the best
Govvy (2 months ago)
Seriously poorly constructed video!!
BigRed Made In America (2 months ago)
I typed in best MMO ps4 game. And this video popped up. And you only listed 2 MMO games
Shawn Boley (2 months ago)
Am i the only person who hated persona 5. I played it for roughly 25 hours and just couldn't tolerate it any further.
Puro South (2 months ago)
Is there REALLY no other game like Witcher 3 & Skyrim?
Michael Gardiner (2 months ago)
Final Fantasy had a great story.
Darrel C (2 months ago)
I have all these games, sad thing is I haven't finished any of them. Too many games not enough time.
John Boekweg (3 months ago)
I thought FFXV had a fine story for a final fantasy game. That series has never really excelled in its story telling. Then again, I’m comparing them to the SMT and Persona series so guess any video games story would be sub par.
鍾皓宇 (3 months ago)
Shout out to Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir. It is 2D, yes, but the action gameplay is so fluent, combined with great story and aesthetics. It's a masterpiece in my mind.
The Reckless Engineer (3 months ago)
Bloodborne > Witcher
Puro South (2 months ago)
kys rn.
iKillTerries YT (3 months ago)
Hüseyin Y (3 months ago)
Dragon Age is just bullshiit, wouldnt recommend
Türk Ülkücü cCc (3 months ago)
Missing oldschool RPGs where you start as a ugly fool and get epic armor and oneshot people at some point. Other than Skyrim and the Witcher 3 I haven’t played one in ages. Any recommendations?
Türk Ülkücü cCc (22 days ago)
Paulo Branco I am a huge fan of all Gothic games actually, I might get my hands on that one again, good point! About Kingdom Come Deliverance, I honestly never played it - not sure why, but I always felt like the game was kind of goofy and unfinished. Judged by the looks of course. Hearing that, I might give it a shot!
Rise Again (23 days ago)
I would recommend Rainbow Moon. 7 dollar game, 130-40 hours of gameplay. You have a party. Just cant customize the look but u get new armors weapons n points if u get my drift. Get this game.
Paulo Branco (1 month ago)
Ah Morrowind! the nostalgia :) excellent choice my friend :) Have you ever played Gothic 1? you can also play it with modded graphics. Its... a bit different from Morrowind but if you like a great designed world, immersion and exploration you might enjoy gothic. Myself, im currently having so, so, so much fun playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This game caught me by surprise and oh man what a good surprise it turned out to be!
Türk Ülkücü cCc (1 month ago)
Paulo Branco I am currently playing Morrowind, modded to pretty high graphics. It’s fucking awesome.
Paulo Branco (1 month ago)
Hey buddy try Elex, Risen 3, Kingdom Come. Or just do what i do and replay old rpg games coz there are almost no good modern rpgs :/
Airnoi Phongsavath (3 months ago)
I need a rpg with wizards damnit!
Remorseless Remorseful (3 months ago)
Bloodborne isn't set in medieval times. It's Victorian Goth times but not necessarily London
Big daddy (3 months ago)
Does it matter if you haven't played witcher 1 or 2? Thinking about getting 3.
Puro South (2 months ago)
Witcher 3 best game I've played since Skyrim. Never played part 2 or 1.
Hüseyin Y (3 months ago)
Big daddy no it doesnt. I also didnt played 2 or 1 before and still had my best time ever with this game. Just buy and play it, i had 200+ hours of gameplay *.*
Sebastiaan Pletinck (3 months ago)
great job with banning fallout 4 out the list!
Paulo Branco (1 month ago)
that's about the only redeemable thing about this list....
Luke Freeman (3 months ago)
You keep describing Bloodborne as Medieval. The setting in Bloodborne is not medieval. Of course it is a fictitious setting, but even comparing it to real time periods, it would be centuries later than that (first clue: guns).
Anonomous (3 months ago)
you need an update
Undead Hunter (3 months ago)
Dark souls/bloodborne#1 Witcher # over9000!!!!
Propaganda Slayer (3 months ago)
Dragon age inquisition is a piece of shit.
Landon Johnson (4 months ago)
fuck you and this list
HallyuOtaku (4 months ago)
Persona 5 and Nier Automata are tie at first as the best games ever.
David Hoggwash (4 months ago)
The Witcher 3 is shit and the screen text is too fucking small to read...Unplayable for me.
Puro South (2 months ago)
you must have HORRIBLE taste in games...
a person (4 months ago)
i just finished all five main endings of nier automata and now i'm looking for something to fill the void it left. what an incredible experience it was.
Taorro Arcano (4 months ago)
Wow the gerlt of the first clip is so dumb triggered me getting hit by every atack
Taki nub (4 months ago)
He said FFXV is good. Unsubscribed.
Son Goku (4 months ago)
FFXV is a disaster. Shortest FF game I ever remember, some characters you meet for 5 minutes and then you are expected to feel anything. Its as one of those browser games which you do not really play, they play themselves alone. Final boss passage is pressing 6x "O" button every 5 seconds (no joking there it really is that), you do not even need to learn skills nor need to buy drop any equip, no need to equip companions, all you do from start till finnal boss is keeping pressed square, and when its shown press circle, that is all.
Rob Carlson (4 months ago)
Not as good as your normal content,
jack johnson (4 months ago)
all these games suck
Can Rahatlar (5 months ago)
I played Inquisition at least 300+ hour on ps3 and 200+ in ps4. difference is not huge between 3 and 4 but ps4 is of course better, played every character and Assassin Archer is best imo and you can be solo easily too. And I prefer to buy GOTY edition in psn discount and its like 10$ it is worth of every cent.
Michael Traydor (5 months ago)
lol typical console gamers getting wacked on wolfes in witcher 3 lol
kelerews (5 months ago)
still skyrim for me
Joey Carousel (5 months ago)
Im a simple man, i saw nier automata i hit like
David Krivánek (5 months ago)
You just know that there is something wrong with the list if Diablo 3 is considered to be as good as witcher 3 or Bloodborne.
Michael-john Brown (5 months ago)
what a bunch of garbadge slash trash for fuck sakes learn to make good video games people final fantasy 15 was the worst on this list
thelastoutlaw75 (5 months ago)
NO dragon's dogma dark arisen? One best RPS ever made.
isaac macdonald (5 months ago)
Hey what's the game in the tumbnail
lalalalala (5 months ago)
Persona 5 awakenings are the best part.
Onshki (5 months ago)
"Nier was one of the most criminally underrated games of last gen" One reviewer gave it a 0. Mainly cuz the game was vague on a quest objective and then trolled him comically.
James TwentySeven (5 months ago)
Forgot to say that Nioh has Ninja Gaiden difficulty or worse.
Night Shame (5 months ago)
Dragon age inquisition is fucking boring
Arcturian_ (5 months ago)
Missing FALLOUT4!
Tray Shaw (5 months ago)
Guy playing Witcher 3 was gettin his ass beat 😂
Geralt of Rivia (5 months ago)
All those rpgs look lame af except witcher and dragon age smsh
Bertie Lake (5 months ago)
Where is skyrim and fallout 4!
Shinigami AMV (5 months ago)
persona 5 looks cool af what’s the plot?
ELITE AMVS (5 months ago)
wow noone cares about nier automata :) but i will my love dont worry .
Marko Pavlovic (5 months ago)
What RPG means?
Paulo Branco (1 month ago)
hahaha nice!
Supreme Biscuit (5 months ago)
Persona 5 is shit
Damani (5 months ago)
did you just say that blood borne isn’t frustrating? lol
Gabonica (5 months ago)
i have played all of them and my 3 best games of the list are the witcher, ff 15 and nioh didn't really enjoy playing valkyria chronicles but i did like playing revolution
Josephine Anderson (5 months ago)
I just tried to download bloodborne but it is not free you have to pay for it so I think you may need to change your video
Mick J (5 months ago)
he's mentioned both Nioh and Bloodborne. tried both and they suck. Will he also mention dark souls 2 and 3? Bloodborne was boring. Dark Souls is slightly interesting but take too long to do anything remotely interesting. I didn't bother wasting money on Nioh because I didnt like the other two. Dragon Age Inquisition was fun for the first 100 hours. then its lack luster and monotonous in gameplay after the initial "new game" euphoria.As for FFXV I've been playing all the DLC on a low file and waiting for it all to finish officially before I actually start playing. that way I experience everything firsthand. day 1 vs now are completely different games just from what I read in updates
Arun Nair (5 months ago)
Tales of berseria and Final fantasy xii zodiac age both very good as well.
Devin perry (6 months ago)
What he said about Final fantasy 15 I would say is debatable. Because I found the story to be the best part of the game. And the ending was legendary. After you beat the story though, felt like it lacked a lot of development in the liveliness of the world.
Balthazarr88 (6 months ago)
where is hellblade!!?? that was the best game of the year and nobody cares
Now I might be a little late to the party but about 2 weeks ago de PS store had a 60-75% discount and a bought about half the games mentioned here, and I gotta say that I'm still playing dragon age with about 90 hours poured in. I wish Andromeda was as good
Now I might be a little late to the party but about 2 weeks ago de PS store had a 60-75% discount and a bought about half the games mentioned here, and I gotta say that I'm still playing dragon age with about 90 hours poured in. I wish Andromeda was as good
Now I might be a little late to the party but about 2 weeks ago de PS store had a 60-75% discount and a bought about half the games mentioned here, and I gotta say that I'm still playing dragon age with about 90 hours poured in. I wish Andromeda was as good

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