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iPhone Garbage: Duck vs Hunt Crazy 2 Adventure Time Hunting Free Games

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Oh cool, a Duck Hunt clone on iPhone. Wait... 'Kids Mode' costs $99.99? NO. NOT COOL. Subscribe to our Mobile Games Channel! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=IGNMobileGames iPhone Garbage: Duck vs Hunt Crazy 2 Adventure Time Hunting Free Games
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PurpleWind64 (4 years ago)
Yet people gave PvZ2 crap for optional purchases. At least I can finish that without spendin' a dime! Which I have!
Jackson Echelon (4 years ago)
Sons of anarchy !! :D
dacypher22 (5 years ago)
With all the mind-melting craziness going on, it is hard to even notice the out-of-place ninja hiding in the background of the title screen.
Miles (5 years ago)
Funny thing, this is made by the same guy that made Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free Games.
WageGannon6 (5 years ago)
"Adventure Time Hunting Free Games"? This must be made by the same people who made "Super Monster Bros"!
FrostyAvo (5 years ago)
"Do you want to pay $49.99 to uninstall the game?"
Soprych (5 years ago)
uhh oh your 3 year old child grabs your phone and buys 10 kids modes *facepalm*
miguelpinheirolost (5 years ago)
Sabããão crá-crá..
Callum Milner (5 years ago)
Ghost Ion (5 years ago)
"Do you want to pay $14.99 to say "No"?"
guo yan (5 years ago)
How about this,"Duck Hunt Super"? ...itunes.apple.com/us/app/duck-hunt-super/id492045727?mt=8
octotartine (5 years ago)
"Do you want to buy one kids mode for $99.99?" This is even more hilarious if you watch abridged series on a regular basis, ROFL
AIKISBEST (5 years ago)
5dguy1 (5 years ago)
The music in the game sounds like farts
Matthew C (5 years ago)
Why aren't these videos more popular? They are hilarious.
Nate S (1 year ago)
Matthew C They have to renew this
Dominic Thattil (5 years ago)
that bird is totally an evil zazu from the lion king *the brown one i mean*
SuperSuck64 (5 years ago)
Even they wouldn't charge that much.
Todobar Ayacucho (5 years ago)
The new COD
Brian N. (5 years ago)
Ratical (5 years ago)
Bulbous (5 years ago)
And this is why I despise the entire mobile gaming market.
AdNintendogs (5 years ago)
Suddenly... Superman 64 doesn't sound like a bad game... At least that game is fully playable (despite it's glitches) and doesn't cost a arm and a leg to play.
Ghost Ion (5 years ago)
"Do you want to pay $99.99 to smash your iPhone?"
metcard (5 years ago)
Aren't you required to enter your password when you make a purchase?
Richard Palma (5 years ago)
And this is why i use android.
W. Durrsly (5 years ago)
This has to be satire.
MaxGaming900 (5 years ago)
My friend was playing this and he gave it to his lol bro and he bought the $100 he got a refund from apple and it was £100 sry
thunder2.0 (5 years ago)
wow best game ever!!!!
adriboy (5 years ago)
Fuck Teng Fei.
LastLevelLounge (5 years ago)
Wow. Just wow.
loriparker666 (5 years ago)
most iphone games suck
3D4Ureel (5 years ago)
The idea is that kids inadvertently purchase the extra garbage preferably when the device's payments are made via credit card. This also seen on games from remowned vendors.
AJ (5 years ago)
He makes money off of the one kid who clicks buy without knowing... What an ass. This is how Korea pays for its missiles
Chewiejds (5 years ago)
I was like, wow. This is the first Iphone garbage game that doesn't look so bad......until he ran out of bullets...
giovanni crisostomo (5 years ago)
This game sucks
hdude765 (5 years ago)
appstore gets the shittiest games XD
Albertosn3 (5 years ago)
If I had that money I could buy just about 20 better aps at the very least
mathew heart (5 years ago)
That's crazy
fargeeks (5 years ago)
Good thing this game is anti Android
Esteban Carrillo (5 years ago)
"Do you want to pay $499.99 to Uninstall game?"
Analog Addiction (5 years ago)
Wow..So this is why I don't want to play mobile games, that is absurd.
Alex Flannagan (5 years ago)
This is my new favourite segment
Irwin Guevara (5 years ago)
How can Apple allow this shit to be on the store?
32dom32 (5 years ago)
oh my god its EA x1000
SYNTHS!! (5 years ago)
Is this really for real??? Does the iPhone App Store even look at this shit before they allow it?!?!
GrenadesExplode (5 years ago)
Title= iPhone garbage; plays game on iPad
Groot (5 years ago)
What is this on Neo-Geo?
Platinummatthew (5 years ago)
the title should be iPhone Garbitch
vicgamer kale Luc (5 years ago)
omg dick hunt mode :D
Jeezus (5 years ago)
inFAMOUSgagimeister (5 years ago)
more like 90
Nadir R (5 years ago)
muntad ali (5 years ago)
Looks like a shit game
Corey Watford (5 years ago)
This is if EA made Duck Hunt
DamnItsthatjoshguy (5 years ago)
Meh I seen worse
Joe The Space Guy (5 years ago)
guyrb (5 years ago)
1.99 for a reload, that's sad
OS247 (5 years ago)
Oirad16 (5 years ago)
It costs money to submit games to the appstore. So I don't think anyone would submit a practice.
hasherr (5 years ago)
Teng Fei? More like... *puts on sunglasses* TENG PAY! *explosions*
LeoZeo (5 years ago)
He was probably just practicing making iPhone games with features like in game app and in game purchases. Hell, if I ever make an iPhone game, I'm gonna have ridiculous in game app purchases! (Alongside reasonable ones + ya know, a decent, FAIR game).
Caleb Mueller (5 years ago)
Well, all they need is a few people to accidentally click "Buy"
Motokaya (5 years ago)
Bitch please! On the Xbox Marketplace for Windows Phones, a dude tried to sell his shit game for $500!!
Blackpallyboi (5 years ago)
Too be fair Andriod has a bunch of shit games but, they're at least free
Dfaxi (5 years ago)
It's All Johnny (5 years ago)
"Do you want to pay $4.99 to quit the game?"
Swedish Otaku (5 years ago)
OMG.... Imagen some kid downloading this and then buying the full unlock for 100 bucks. Not only do u have to PAY real money to fucking reload a gun in a game... but getting it all costs as much as buying like 1000 games in the AppStore. Holy shit...
Stevonicle (5 years ago)
TheRealDeal (5 years ago)
70% of iphone games:
thebobbymike (5 years ago)

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