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9 things you need to know if you're worried about Fallout 76 gameplay

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As the radioactive dust of the Bethesda E3 2018 conference starts to settle a lot of details are slowly beginning to emerge about Fallout 76 gameplay will actually be and that game sounds like a radically different experience to what series fans are used to. But is that a bad thing? Let’s find out as I go over 9 things you really need to know if you are worried about Fallout 76 gameplay. Watch the Noclip doc here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi8PTAJ2Hjs Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (2327)
Idek (2 hours ago)
Holy shit am I the only person in this comment section that actually can’t wait for the game there are soooo many people saying the exact same thing, we get it if you don’t like it don’t buy it. It’s simple really smh
john doe (13 hours ago)
Oh and before I go, Anyone ever noticed? The vault-Bobble -Heads have more in common with aliens than human?
john doe (13 hours ago)
....Nuclear Winter in Fallout 76, a Play-able Mod by Bethesda
Tiwaz81 (21 hours ago)
Pass. I’ll get my multiplayer fix from Battlefield. THIS is were I went for RPG, when my friends aren’t available.... see ya Bathseda I’ll be back when Fallout 5 is released.
_Oh come one, we're not worried in the slightest. We all _*_know_*_ it'll be a buggy pile of shit._
somfplease (1 day ago)
ugg online only. booooo
s0ftsp0t the wise (1 day ago)
just download the Fallout Miami mod and play what you really want instead of buying this
Matthew Florez (2 days ago)
I played Destiny 2 for a month, then quickly became bored and annoyed. Fallout 76 will be the same. I was initially excited for the game but with more information being released about what the game actually is, I now have zero interest in the game. Fallout and Elder Scrolls are role playing franchises. Why now make Fallout always online multiplayer. I don't enjoy multiplayer games, I play games to escape and de-stress. I will be playing Fallout 4 still instead of this game. I fear they will screw up Elder Scrolls 6 now.
Andrew Smith (2 days ago)
A Fallout to kill the franchise, just like they attempted with the last elder scrolls
Alexander Toney (2 days ago)
All you people that not like online play should just not play why do you all try to bash on a company that wants to try a new thing if they stay to the same they will never get new people to try the games they never said that they will only make online games from now on. So get off your high horse and let the company you all fell in love with try to make more types of games for every type of player it there.
count me out for the first time in fallout. I will wait and see how it plays before buying, maybe redbox it. stupid not to go with fps.
ArgentOrangeOK (3 days ago)
Interested to see if/how stealth will work. Cool how they're doing VATS.
Quick Action Figure (4 days ago)
Thank you mate. This video helped me a lot of questions in my mind.
Kawaii Trap 666 (5 days ago)
The comments from nerds saying that they won't be playing ..so annoying. Um. Do you think anyone cares? I don't care. If you don't want to play, don't. I will be. No need to complain and write an essay when noone cares about what you have to say lolol
apfel nymous (5 days ago)
My biggest concern is that all the atmosphere, all I love about fallout doesnt fit into a casual mmorpg for kids. Look at their elder scrolls online, its a joke. Ill pass this.
John Doe (6 days ago)
You remember that time when Fallout was single player? Me too. Good times.
Sickle (6 days ago)
I'm honestly pretty excited for this game! It's doing something new a lot better than *ahem* *S P L I S H Y S P L A S H*
DRSNova (6 days ago)
Coming from Fallout 1, Fallout 4 was already a slap in the face for old fans. You know, roleplayers. That enjoy games for more than shooting seven trillion enemies to get magic items. Sorry, "legendary" items.. I had given up on this series with 4, so this mostrosity...I don't even care any more. Still, I hope it fails really, really hard.
SuperMonkeyGaming (6 days ago)
fallout 76 = destiny 3
Tyler watkins (7 days ago)
Sea of thieves ruined sea of thieves.
Mike Choch (7 days ago)
First off, I love Fallout the way it is. However, I have an opinion about this situation with Fallout 76. These comments seem generally negative. Why would everyone want the same thing year after year? The only way to allow Bethesda to grow is to continue adapting and trying new things. If this fails are we going to say, "I am never buying a Bethesda game again"? Probably not. We will wait another few years and then see what happens the next release. Basically all I am saying is, be a little more optimistic. Just because Fallout 76 isn't copy and pasted from previous Fallouts with a new skill tree, new monsters, and quests doesn't mean we wont enjoy it. I am sure Bethesda worked their asses off on this and some aspect of it will be fun and some will be hated as with any game. This is such a similar situation to what Eminem is going through. Everyone expected such a high bar that they pre-judged and made up their minds before his Revival album was even released. Now the same with this, no one has touched Fallout 76, yet some have the audacity to say it sucks already.
Karim Aly (8 days ago)
Fallout should stay offline in a single player form.
Puzzle inc. Media (8 days ago)
Online games fail badly. After a few years nobody plays it anymore. This online gaming “experience” is he worst idea made by Bethesda yet. I play fallout for the role play, exploring, and building. Meanwhile, online trolls will stop you from doing that and people will just grieve your creations. In these days, nobody’s su gonna team up.
Arimo Arola (8 days ago)
I think that my son would love to play this game, but he is 6years old.
The carder (8 days ago)
Destiny 3: fallout
TRNHardy (8 days ago)
I see another Division/ Destiny style game with some building and first they moved elder scrolls to online version now this players loved these games because each player had there own play through experience now everyone will have the same experience just another boaring online game like the many many many others with content being added over it's life span content that will have to be bought each time. Online games are just cash cows for the company and where the mugs sucking on the teets handing them our cash over and over. Thx but no thx good luck but I think this is not for me I have had enough MMO shit rammed down my neck over the past year
Bunnyshooter 223 (8 days ago)
F76 looks SWEET i cant wait Fallout 4 was so awesome, i can only imagine the awesomeness of 76 To all the haters, dont worry. I am SURE there is a Fallout 5 somewhere
Tas Turbo301 (9 days ago)
People will never be satisfied. I remember EVERYONE around me desperately wishing and fantasizing about how amazing an online fallout would be... they give into what many people wanted for years and now all you see is bitching still. Goes to show the complaining is always gonna be loudest. I'm seeing this game for the first time, and while I wasn't exactly hyped any games coming within the year.. I'm thinking about it now. These devs bust their ASS to do what they can to make us all happy. Some of us are ever negative entitled snots though.
Jeffrey Konefal (9 days ago)
Nope. Sellout Bethesda, utter Sellout.
The Mojave>>>>>>>>>>>>>West Virginia
Mike Star JR (11 days ago)
I'm a bit concerned that it will be to mutch like state of decay 2 a survival game with lots of hype turns into a good game with a lot of disapointment but don't get me wrong it is a good game
David Doxtater (13 days ago)
After reading some of the comments, Fallout76 is a huge huge F up total wipe out like the rest of the on line games. Scrap it and do first shooter single player.
David Doxtater (13 days ago)
I love playing Fallout, but I am 71 years young, so I don't play games like a young wiper snapper I like playing slow and steady, So I am sorry I will not be playing this game
Señor Savage (13 days ago)
Ffs, everyone is acting like this will be the worst game ever. Stop thinking of it as a classic Fallout game and think of it as fucking survival game like Rust or some other generic survival game. It's that but set in the Fallout world.
Charbol (14 days ago)
You know what i really like about this the most? It is not a stupid early access.
Pharaoh Phantasma (15 days ago)
im actually excited for this game, ever since the first fallout, THIS is what iv'e been waiting for, fallout with friends and friendly rules to keep nasty troll players out, and due to these comments! lmao i'd say its working, the people who WON'T be playing this fun new game are the kinds of people we DON'T want playing this game.
Bunnyshooter 223 (8 days ago)
I think the black powder pistol looks SWEET I like beginning guns as much as powerful guns, variety is the spice of... Read more
Sero Sino (15 days ago)
All the people who are upset about the fallout76 launch are the kinds of people we DO NOT WANT in this new game, since the first fallout i've been waiting for a game like this, the vats over time slowly chnaged teaching players to adapt and this ladies and gents is the final product in a long line of evolution, just like humans
zonder staart (15 days ago)
I love the concept of fallout 76 but I’m affraid that it won’t work out..
Soggy Pickle (15 days ago)
Bethesda please...Don't be like EA and Activision
majorkonfuzion (15 days ago)
Bethesda : hey guys fortnite is popular..let's do something obout that..fallout nighters!!!...no...
Bloody Shambles (15 days ago)
I have watched several different videos now and none make me feel any better about this game. I am sure it will attract different people to the game style but not Fallout fans. Just give me a Fallout 5 please and make it snappy. I don;t want to be trying to do something and some 12 year old kid turns up and shoots me in the ass.
I won't play it unless helmets cost real money and we can only get them in launch boxes
Matheus Moraes (17 days ago)
No SP experience no sweets. Might try it out years after its release provided servers aren't dead and I make friends in this time span.
James (17 days ago)
>Watches video about Fallout 76 to be less worried >Even more worried after finishing video
Greg Siebert (17 days ago)
Fallout is ruined. They set the stone for something amazing with Fallout4 and then destroyed it with 76. RIP Bethesda
Angry Cactus (17 days ago)
Okay a lot of people hate fallout 76 because it’s multiplayer but just because one fallout game is multiplayer that doesn’t mean it’s always multiplayer now. Just try multiplayer
synthbe (18 days ago)
bethesda shares just hit rock bottom
EnergyShock (18 days ago)
I am so glad that micro transactions will be only cosmetic. Big relief.
chrisberg2 (19 days ago)
I really hope they make another Fallout game where they bring back singleplayer and actual NPs that you can have the dialogue options from Fallout 3 and New vegas. I don't get them - The community want the more advance dialogue options back - alright lets make a game where there is no NPs at all problem solved - no problem not solved!
GoFuckYourPussy (19 days ago)
DJ Wreck Yoself Gaming (20 days ago)
This has been my favorite informational video about fallout 76 so far. I was so worried that settlements were a thing of the past and that we wouldn’t be able to save any settlement building progress. I think the settlements make this game what it is now and I’m a little more excited then I was before watching this. I was actually thinking I wasn’t going to like it
Djinn Xx (20 days ago)
Micro transactions you say... NO.
Arch Stanton (21 days ago)
OK...Well I'M OUT! Simple as that. I was unimpressed with fallout shelter and Fallout 4 got too much into settlement building. What also has turned me off was the amount of bugs in 4 which by the time they were fixed I no longer have interest. Trying to sell community mods is not my thing either. That said, you guys have fun with online fallout just the same as how wonderful online Elderscrolls turned out. Give me a call when Fallout 5 hits the stores because there are a ton of other games that satisfy my needs that will get my money in the end of 2018 and all of 2019. You want to play Star Wars and Star Trek by turning off your fans then let me know how that turns out for you.
Max. (21 days ago)
Why not Fallout 5??!!! Look at these graphics! The map! Imagine.. Just imagine a _real_ Fallout game like that...
Max. (21 days ago)
Finally a video without capital letters.
Roblecks (21 days ago)
THANK GOD the micro transactions are for cosmetics only I though old B.E. gonna be E.A.
mike giffin (21 days ago)
Plus it seems they want you to play their not your way. Sorry but I don't conform to the will of others I do as I please isn't that why we play these type of games in the first place???
mike giffin (21 days ago)
O well This is one I won't be buying what a shame I play single player games only Not a big fan of online games at all !!!!!
logan mcgowan (21 days ago)
boycott 76, not my fallout haha
Clifford Odle (21 days ago)
And Leroy Jenkins comes to Fallout!!
Gaming Life (22 days ago)
Well...these always elder Scrolls 6 to look forward too
Jay Bowers (22 days ago)
It is a spin off game after all, So the way I see it is sure im a little disappointed that you cant play single player but then I think if there going to make a spin off game this large then imagine how much possibly larger the next main game Fallout 5 is going to be.
TheSunFiles (22 days ago)
I actually don't mind the multiplayer experience. In fact, it's how the wasteland would really be: every man for himself. Not everyone is a friend in a post-nuclear world.
Thicc loli Dragon (23 days ago)
I’m not excited about the PvP (I will still like it tho) What I’m excited most for is searching for cryptids. You see this will most likely bemy first Fallout game I’m going to play and myself (including many others) aren’t that excited for PvP. However that’s not going to ruin my hype for the game. I’m excited for exploring the map, hunting cryptids, playing with friends or other people, etc. Think about it: Your with your friends in lets say Point Pleasant (can be Grafton, Flatwoods, etc) your little party is hunting Mothman (or any other cryptids) and you see them those glowing red eyes in the distant for maybe a second or two before it flies off and leaves while you and your friends watch and take pictures. Thats what I’m excited for. Yes there will be griefers that migrated from GTA V and other games which will try to make it hell for other players but Bethesda is trying to put restrictions on griefing so I’m not that worried (there will still be griefing but less than you’d usually see in an online game). I also want to make a small town as well y’know rebuilding civilization with other real life people helping and living in the settlement. However I have to get used to the game before I can do all that. (I’m also going to play on the ps4 but that detail was kinda useless).
Mahir Mazumder (2023) (23 days ago)
Prepare for Elder Scrolls 6: Battle Royale Mode
Troll Troll (23 days ago)
I'm not worried, just not interested. When fallout 4 released I couldn't wait to play it! This just looks garbage and a complete waste of time. Some Devs just get so lazy.
Mitchell Tindol (23 days ago)
This is going to be ark survival all over again build up just for it to be destroyed by cheaters...
Constantine Vorobyov (23 days ago)
I think everyone have concensiously agreed that bethesda is looming crap for long time. and we need stalker-metro. Crafted by cd project red.
Kurt Cobain (24 days ago)
None of my friends play fallout games, and its one of the few single player games i have consistently enjoyed. Sad that it Looks like ive got to wait another 2 years to play a fallout game 😠
Cam Cain (24 days ago)
Hope this game flops so it sends a massage to all game developers...
Bunnyshooter 223 (8 days ago)
Fuk u Icup
Martin Sponge (24 days ago)
So sad about this. Will be the first Fallout I’ve skipped since Fallout 1 (not counting Fallout Tactics crap).
Cameron Drewitt (25 days ago)
I just wanna know if you need ps plus for the whole game
Ephraim Shepard (25 days ago)
Think ill just keep nuking the vault so all new players start in a lvl 50 are and cant play at all. Better yet ill just nuke the water sources so only high lvl players can get water.
Ephraim Shepard (25 days ago)
If you seen what they did with marrowwind online you already know this is not fallout but at least i save $60
RenzPsychotic (25 days ago)
I love Fallout series but this is just fucking ridiculous, wished they just listen to what players wanted not just assumed what they think the players wanted and call it a "game changer." Congrats on destroying the franchise.
Kevin Luce (25 days ago)
Be3* not Be e3
Kevin Luce (25 days ago)
Love ya
Rob Mathews (26 days ago)
If this was Co-op Fallout I would be very excited for this. It would be so awesome to travel the wasteland with friends. Unfortunately it seams like PvP will be a large part of the game which is really disappointing.
adrian myles (26 days ago)
take something original. take out all the original things. pump and dump. you're born into the wrong generation, sorry kids.
BLOXTERTOSSER 22 (26 days ago)
Thank god if i die i wont lose my shit!
Avengya (26 days ago)
Playing Fallout 76 with some bruh 's. Sounds awsome !
Tom Jones (26 days ago)
I have played every fallout to date. But 76 has removed everything I liked about them, and they add a lot of irritation. I won't be buying it!!
Everything Guy667 (26 days ago)
Well if there ain't a single player then. I'm out cuz I only play fallout if it has a solo mode cuz my story with online games are never good cuz it's always pick on the low leveled one's when your one of the high leveled one's so no thank you
Tom Prez (26 days ago)
I'll probs be nuking everyone and just send Lzzzzz and rip
Mahdiyar Parto (26 days ago)
I dont like multy player fallout
Carter Morris (26 days ago)
I'm actually glad they did this because it allows us to see if it is a truly viable option.
MR KILLCODE (27 days ago)
This has made me not wont to buy it i was looking forward to playing it on my on thumbs up if you agree
Sacred Cow (27 days ago)
I'm excited, forgot y'all I'm act ready for this
Jacked up (27 days ago)
I would probably like this but my internet connection sucks..
Steven Staats (27 days ago)
Hate to say it, but I'm gonna pass. The Fallout series is one of, if not my favorite series, but it seems Bethesda has sold out to the GTA Online club. It breaks my heart to see this rubbish. I don't want to play with others, I like solo games. Guess I'll just replay FONV... again.
Zerg Nub (27 days ago)
If they do the same to TES VI I'm gonna lose it
Nick Turgeon (27 days ago)
You forgot to mention the bounty comes out of their pocket so I defiantly believe it will stop trolls
bigXchicken PSN (27 days ago)
Andre Pacheco (27 days ago)
This game is going to be a trolls dream! I don’t have to follow the game when I can go and steal from other players, nice game huh?
Ground Crew (27 days ago)
is there a positive comment here anywhere? lol
Enter User Name Here. (28 days ago)
This was a great video! But this seems like a shitty way to make a game. I want a one player game with no interaction with others. This multiplayer should be an option. I won't buy it.
Jason Steward (28 days ago)
This to me looks like Ark Survival Evolved but where being a complete dick is encouraged. I can just imagine people leading deathclaws to low level spawns and ripping them apart. Griefing in general etc. This game looks so messy imo
fear chronicles (28 days ago)
Tbh it’s just Bethesda’s take on a survival game using their most convenient title. It’s not for everyone for sure but I think I’ll get it on PC should be fun. I know there’s games like rust but maybe you’ll like this one more or less it’s cool to think we have a variety tbh.
Weary Divinity (28 days ago)
A 'free form multiplayer'...? And thus, it ends. Shame.
Wieger (29 days ago)
The idea is great, but its not Fallout... I ordered the Power Armor edition because it looks great to all the Loot-crate items and my Pip-boy, but I'm really skeptic towards this new way of gameplay, which give an awful lot of feeling like Ark Survival Evolved and Rust. The greatest part of Fallout are the quests and choices you get which will influence the rest of the game. It is what Fallout the board game is about too, which I love! Endless generated quests without a story feels like grinding and lack of depth. Currently I play No Man's Sky, which has multiplayer now. So so cool, but it is so great to be able to turn off multiplayer and play singleplayer once in a while without having to worry about anyone joining. Take that away and you give trolls open hunting season. Giving people a wanted level when killing people doesn't stop them when they are high level. They will kill everyone and everything just out of fun. How easy is it to stand in line of sight of someone during their monster combat so they will accidentally hit you, avoiding wanted level... The high level drops after a nuke strike are for sure a player magnet. Making it a killing frenzy, which for sure would make the alpha tribe victorious every single time. If it is story endgame to drop a nuke, and it is made hard to do so to prevent nuke spam from tribes, it sounds to me like it is impossible for a single player. How to solo play this quest-story lacking, extreme endgame requirements demanding, forced online playing, teams encouraging game...
William Stout (29 days ago)
I understand what your saying about nuking but try telling that to people who will play it just to kill other players

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