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THE EVIL WITHIN 2 New Story Trailer ( Upcoming Adventure Horror Game )

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The New Story Trailer of The Evil Within 2 . Enjoy and Please subscribe and like to support me
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Text Comments (21)
John snow (3 months ago)
I died at the final boss fight in classic mode FML
Logan Kills (5 days ago)
John snow rip
Phil S (1 year ago)
Now thats a $#§%ing perfect trailer. Music is spot on. Tasty af!
Lennysmusicchannel (1 year ago)
Does anyone know how long the story mode will take? How many chapters will there be?
Lennysmusicchannel (1 year ago)
It was just a question dude.
Andrew Diaz (1 year ago)
Lennysmusicchannel its better not to know, its not out yet and you already want to finish the story? C'mon
Slip Å Slit (1 year ago)
what a copy and paste lol clickbait title
Daniel Jiménez (1 year ago)
Are you ready to go back to STEM?
interceptor (1 year ago)
Perfect soundtrack.
Derek Stewart (1 year ago)
I waited my whole life for this game it's going to be the king of this gen survival horror
djalkaida13 (1 year ago)
com to me ...i waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ibrahim Kenshiro (1 year ago)
damn cant wait
Average Diyer (1 year ago)
So looking forawrd to this even booked a week off work for it 😂
Ian TeStruth (1 year ago)
Average DIYer aha
khairi kamil (1 year ago)
So who is the enemy, the photographer guy or this cult guy?
Chris Seyb (1 year ago)
khairi kamil both?
Suyog (1 year ago)
what is the name of the music which starts at 0:43...
Suyog (1 year ago)
Trippy Pineapple what kind of system are we talking about??
Ian TeStruth (1 year ago)
Suyog Thank you, and what system are you on?
Suyog (1 year ago)
Trippy Pineapple found it 'Makeup And Vanity Set - Telescreen' enjoy...
Ian TeStruth (1 year ago)
Suyog ik that shit is amazing

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