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Nintendo & Microsoft Literally Made An Advert To Insult Sony

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After getting a kicking over not allowing Rocket League cross-play, Sony are at it again as Fortnite accounts created on PS4 can't be used to log in on Switch, nor can you play against other platforms. Xbox and Nintendo's response? A literal TV advert highlighting the comaraderie between themselves. For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Text Comments (1712)
Michael Ellis (21 hours ago)
So back in the day PlayStation stole the console from Nintendo years later Nintendo got a new girlfriend
DJ universe Yt (1 day ago)
Cosmo (3 days ago)
It doesn't matter which company is in the lead, crossplay should have been implemented years ago
Brenden Marin (6 days ago)
Why people treating this like it's the greatest thing ever? It's only like 3 games right? There have bee other cross play games in the past right? (I legit want to know)
White Knight 5 (8 days ago)
If it weren't for some Sony exclusives id tell those 80 million PS4 owners to throw their console in the trash and get a real gaming platform. Sony is for fanboys and that's it..
SquidKrish (11 days ago)
I would love to play Rocket League and Fortnite with my friends on PlayStation, but, having that PlayStation won't allow it, it just isn't possible. It's a shame PlayStation won't allow cross platform play. If they don't, in future they may see a decline in revenue, just due to poor choice. Unless you're a hardcore PlayStation fan, you won't be sticking around, unless they fix this in the near future.
Brian Asay (11 days ago)
The fact is if you're not on PlayStation I do not want to play with you. Wouldn't even be mad if you died instead.
EpicJohnCenaFan (11 days ago)
Brian Asay Wow. Fanboy?
These comments are as salty as "Salty Shores". Thanks to people like "Sony Only", why can't the gaming community be mature about a subject for once? Xbox did the same thing as Sony and received backlash, so they learned from their mistakes and joined in cross-play with Nintendo (Or otherwise known as King). Sony will do the same thing soon enough, calm the fuck down.
Janitor (13 days ago)
Oh look its queer and fag back again.
jethro johnson (13 days ago)
Im curious, presenters always point out that games are available for PC which is nice and all but why do presenters not take into considerations (or point out) that some gamers may not be able to afford a decent gaming rig or better yet that a console may be cheaper/alternative than a PC in some places?
David Sanchez (14 days ago)
Cross Play is important, but with Nintendo not having to rebuy games every time you get a new console with the virtual console ... have Nintendo accounts and have a Nintendo account to do this.
Pasta Master (15 days ago)
Stupid Sony suck-ups...
Legendary Link (15 days ago)
yet xbox cant freind us i tried
El Puro Tizón (16 days ago)
Cross platform play isn’t really a big deal
BearCore 667gaming (16 days ago)
Did anyone forget last generation when Xbox360 was in the lead and they refused to cross play with the ps3,hmmmmmmm? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Fuzzy Duo (17 days ago)
Sony's community is twice the size of xbox & switch combined, I don't think they care. Pretty sure xbox is to blame anyway, if you remember they were the ones blocking cross play last generation, if they didn't do that then sony would have been doing cross play for years. Put blame where it belongs.
SlipperySpelunky (18 days ago)
LOL. A sony worker that retired posted on twitter "Sony doesn't want to get bedrock edition into playstation because sony is only doing it for the money."
Blunt Honesty 86 (18 days ago)
I jumped ship when the best playstation feature was scrapped from PS3, backwards compatibility. Right now I see zero reasons to buy Playstation. Uncomfortable controller, bad online connections from what I hear, anti consumer habits. Raising Plus cost without adding more features to justify the price hike. Getting so many exclusive games in order to win customers. What I mean there is. They can have less useable features because people will buy it for exclusives. Exclusives need to go. It will benefit everyone. Reason. Sony and their competitors will need to make amazing consoles to win customers instead of saying. "Look. We have all these games you can not get on other systems!" Exclusives allow the console developers to be lazy and/or cheap. Sorry but that is how I see it. No one has provided evidence otherwise. I'm giving up on consoles. Time to go full PC I think.
garth hamilton (18 days ago)
Cross console is a great idea but I am a sony fan through and through, Xbox and Nintendo just have nothing for me
peeko the dog (20 days ago)
Nintendo and Xbox:knock knock open up the motherfucker
christopher o donoghue (21 days ago)
I personally have no problem with the lack if crossplay mainly because I don't play online that often I think Ps plus Is pointless its the only bad thing about playstation
Kentoneous Labs (21 days ago)
was it a Dark Souls kinda thing?
Jonathan Anaya (21 days ago)
Fortnite on PS4 has 60 million less players for Matchmaking. Everyone on PSN losses out due to no Crossplay
PsychoSavage88 (21 days ago)
i cant see any comments -_-
dnbtrooper (21 days ago)
Nintendo + Xbox know crossplay is the future of Gaming Sony is just holding us back as online gamers.
eliteoutlaw3210 (21 days ago)
Sony is showing they are the big dog. So step up. Thats it.
Ninja Assasin0812 (21 days ago)
Any sony person who is mad at xbox and nitendo cant say anything about the lil insult becuase sony does it to other companies to plus it makes console wars more fun and enjoyable
Teaze (20 days ago)
Ninja Assasin0812 Console wars just create more blind fanboys that should go die anyway...
Tim Maynard Jr. (22 days ago)
PlayStation has no need to join forces.. it does just fine all by itself
Gimpler Da Happenin (22 days ago)
This is so cool. Great collaboration ideas! Team Playstation. Team Xbox. Team Nintendo.
TrapStar (22 days ago)
only people who play fortnite care about cross play
LuxrayTheGuitarist (22 days ago)
christopher o donoghue (21 days ago)
Wow you are pathetic
Sarthak Panda (22 days ago)
WTF is wrong with these comments. Why the hell would anyone NOT want crossplay? Baffling
BLOODY__FATALITY (22 days ago)
I think it's funny.
SonicNights (22 days ago)
Sony's response to this trailer: Fortnite PS4 bundle.
Casper (22 days ago)
Maybe Nintendo can also show Xbox how to make great SP titles
Bradon Ray (23 days ago)
For the people who don't give a fuck about crossplay: Some people do give a fuck, and those people are probably people like me, who is one of the few Nintendo switch owners in a friend group of almost all Xbox and very few PS4. I'm very happy to have the ability to play with my Xbox friends, when I only have a Switch, because I wouldn't be stupid enough to buy an Xbox to only play with my xbox friends.
Darth Distortion (23 days ago)
Woah, Idea Factory nailed Sony when they designed Noire You know, the whole not having friends, thing
Majdi Belkadi (23 days ago)
PS4 has more player base than xbox and nintendo combined so why the winner will care what the losers are saying. I'm mean at the end of the day you still a loser and trolling is the only choice you can do to feel good about yourself
Damien (23 days ago)
Drallion Wolfshine (23 days ago)
As a ps4 owner am glad the shots where fired. I own a switch aswell only a handfull of games keeps me going back to ps4 this september is spiderman. Thats about it for now.
Sony Only (23 days ago)
Two desperate platforms with thirsty networks teaming up and still amount to nothing
Phuck You. (23 days ago)
PS4: Adults Xbox: Kids Nintendo: Babies
hello I am an atom (16 days ago)
hahaha console peasant XDXDXD trollolol 😂😎😤
Phuck You. (17 days ago)
N for all u conceded pc users I hope the worst, a phucking tsunami or a tornado just goes ryte over ur lame ass house.
Phuck You. (17 days ago)
GTFO. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ultra Instinct Mario (17 days ago)
PS4: Obnoxious Kids boasting on about how they are supreme. Xbox: Oh no what did he message me? Oh great it's a death wish. Nintendo: Actually original, but shit at marketing (mostly in the Wii U days) PC: "Omg u console peasant noob get a pc we are elite force"
hello I am an atom (19 days ago)
Are you trolling, Bayoneta is for kids
Devil Smile Gaming (23 days ago)
Of course they did. Xbox One is a powerful console with barely any exclusives to show off its capabilities and Nintendo as usual is taking its time with its first party games Switch owners are waiting for not to mention that sorry excuse of a voice chat system. Sony has been Stone Cold Steve Austin kicking their butts this gen with all the best Triple A exclusive games and more to come.
NinjaFrog6 (23 days ago)
I honestly don’t actually give a flying fuck about cross play, because I knew what I was getting into when I bought a PS4. I’m still satisfied with it to this day, and still don’t regret it. I put my trust in Sony for story driven games with no multiplayer, and that’s exactly what I got with such games like uncharted, the last of us, and god of war. I honestly don’t care about multiplayer, so the fact that Sony doesn’t like cross play doesn’t actually bother me
RaDikaLGaMeR (23 days ago)
I think that Sony deserves it because Nintendo didn't do something to him but he didn't allowed the cross-play with him. It makes me laugh when i saw the ad of minecraft switch/Xbox cross-play and the tweet after that.
CQC Fighter (23 days ago)
Sony has every right to do so. They are giving microsoft a taste of their own medicine and they along with their fanboys don't like it and want to be entitled. Same with the cod dlc first situation. Oh and for those bringing up the security reason bullshit for why microsoft denied it last gen, may i present exhibit a the lizard squad attack.
Marko Zec (23 days ago)
Sony will have to succumb sooner or later imo because in general more players on multiple platforms in general would be more money. Sony will succumb question is when?
peeling_potato (23 days ago)
Mike Fox (23 days ago)
WAH! I can't play a free game with PC, Xbox and Switch gamers... How will I move on with my life?! I'll have to console myself with one of the MANY Playstation exclusives.
Without Nintendo these companies wouldn’t exist.
ashtindo64 (23 days ago)
I don’t think they necessarily made it to insult Sony, I think that it was convenient for them to release just after the whole Fortnite controversy.
Joseph Tagua (24 days ago)
Microsoft want that mario games on their console because they can milk it out. That's why microsoft cross play with nintendo
Michael Thomas (24 days ago)
Why is everyone making this such a big deal all of a sudden ? Sounds like people just finding something to bitch at Sony about smh
5kehhn (24 days ago)
Yes, sony stuck it up its own arse.
PlayStation Exclusive (24 days ago)
Ok lets get this straight. Sony are a competitive business just like Microsoft and Nintendo, we see are demographics as gamers who like playing stroy driven games and cater very little to "Trend Gaming". We identify are shape with this moral and will continue to do so. Sonys gaming division is ever increasing and are fans agree with are approach. If ms and Nintendo wish to continue this way it is up to them, but WE do not foresee this as the furture of gaming nor see how doing so help sony, MS or Nintendo.
Craig Simpson (24 days ago)
Xbox or PC it doesn't matter because microsoft wins either way. PC games for the most part require windows to run.
Chuck E Cheese (24 days ago)
Don’t forget what happened to Sony in 2005 and Microsoft in 2013. You never know who’s gonna be on top next, So think before you act like a brainwashed fanboy.
michael rounsville (24 days ago)
As someone who only plays single player games lack of cross play doesn't affect me however I think it's dumb that Sony won't allow it
Aidan S (24 days ago)
This is obviously a game of corporate chess. Sony has the largest fanbase and will lose the most money if their fans are allowed to buy things on other consoles and use them on PlayStation. They gain nothing from cross play and will take a massive revenue hit! But they can't say that without looking like corporate dicks so they have to make up a "child safety" thing. And Microsoft and Nintendo know this. What Microsoft and Nintendo are doing is all a marketing plan to make Sony look like bad guys. That way they lose fans and money anyway. But it's not as much money as they would lose if they enabled cross play. I'm not saying everyone at Sony is a corporate dick thinking their fanbase is just walking wallets, it's just in their best interest not to lose millions of dollars. Nintendo had to take a bit of a hit to enable cross play with Microsoft, but they knew that if this plan worked both Microsoft and Nintendo would get a revenue boost from Sony fans. It's a lose lose situation for Sony right now. They are just trying their best to mitigate the damage. They could play nice with some games if they wanted, but that would open the flood gates for other games, and there is no way Sony is letting Fortnite go cross play. It's too big!
First Surname (24 days ago)
No they made an advert to advertise minecraft crossplay between xbox and switch
A Real Gamer (24 days ago)
yes when sony is under fire from crossplay, its an obvious dig at them and for good reason
mysterious films (24 days ago)
Uncharted 4 is flat out boring game cinematic games are terrible and should not be considered games at all
Nightwing gamer (23 days ago)
uncharted is great
EROK X (24 days ago)
1000 Butt Hurt sony Fans incoming
BellowD Gaming (24 days ago)
all I can say is that xbox and nintendo still charges for money online, PS has some games free online
Ryno _ (24 days ago)
For an industry that seemingly wants to go multiplayer majority, it’d behoove Sony to open up to this. If Sony ever loses steam with their exclusives, I fear people would leave in droves. Btw, I can play with PC people on Rocket League but not MS or Nintendo...right right...
Mr_Mooshy Gaming (24 days ago)
Sony's paranoia is comparable to that of the likes of Stalin and the USSR
Nafis Zaman (24 days ago)
The Switch Box has to survive like peasants while PlayStation is living on the Throne. And Pc is on a higher existence.
PkiFrags (24 days ago)
Xbox and nintendo are just bitches who want to partner with sony so theu can benefit financially
No a abdlkkfkfldndjjr u
Taylor ryder (24 days ago)
Now we’ve got a bunch of Sony crybabies. Shits getting ridiculous.
Creeper Nation (24 days ago)
I 100% support crossplay. I mainly play on PC so I'm not sure if crossplay also applies with PC and consoles. Something like crossplay might be able to save some games. I mean like if a game on a specific console isn't played that bunch but it's multiplayer, but if tones of people play it on another console, then they can play together if that makes sense.
A Real Gamer (24 days ago)
makes sense and pc and console also crossplay
Battle Droid (24 days ago)
Poor PlayStation Players Crying In The Corner
Ralph The Frog (24 days ago)
Next gen I think Microsoft will win, Nintendo will get 2nd and Sony will get 3rd. All consoles will probably sell at least good.
Kyle Woodowens (24 days ago)
Exclusives are what sells a game console so the whole idea of restricting cross play from a multi console game isn't doing anything but making themselves look bad and hurting the game creators themselves.
JELKK (24 days ago)
Kyle Woodowens When crossplay becomes the norm, companies are going to tell sony that they arent gojng to make the game for ps unless it has crossplay.
PREZZER UK (24 days ago)
Just cuz the guys in the next field have more players...doesnt mean its a better game. I hope sony stick to their guns. And if ur a pissed of ps4 owner...sell ur ps4 and buy an xbox or switch or pc.
Joseph Freisinger (24 days ago)
Playing together as a gamer is a dream come true for years now
Mesut Bektaş (24 days ago)
This is why nintendo is GOD
awesomedude 555 (24 days ago)
That's oddly cute that Microsoft and Nintendo are not comoetetors really.
R E T R O R H i N O (24 days ago)
Xbox needs to buy Epic games next. LOL
Dry & Bitter (24 days ago)
Sony needs to make a big shift like the one Nintendo made when the switch came out
Rahxephon Manga (24 days ago)
Crossplay is cool and all but it doesn't matter to me all that much yet, but I feel that the more anything hurts Sony , the better I feel.
Timothy Trevino (24 days ago)
I don't give a single fuck about any of the consoles as long as the console has the majority of the games I want to play then it wins. Period But the fact that they fight eachother is fucking retarded and being brutally honest same goes for any specific console fans who defend them like it actually matters like just stfu and pick the one that has the better games already
Metal Mortisha (24 days ago)
Is everyone retarded Nintendo would never share with Sony why should sony be nice to nintendo and x box is doing crap so they need help does everyone forget why PlayStation exists because they where screwed by Nintendo thats why we got the ps1 screw Nintendo
Kuuhazan (24 days ago)
No one cares about crossplay.
A Real Gamer (24 days ago)
well thats blatantly false or we wouldnt be talking about it
SerboBLFan (24 days ago)
Sony : "I dont feel so good"
Mesut Bektaş (24 days ago)
Nintendo:i can fucking extinct you,you motherfucking plastic piece of fuck Sony:ok daddy ill be a good boi
Gamer Madden07 (24 days ago)
Why would Sony allow their 80 million userbase to sign into xbox live for Cross play that would be stupid and idiotic for Sony to do that.Who cares about crossplay Not me there is Enough PlayStation gamers online we dont need crossplay i dont even like playing with Xbox fanboys or Nintendo dweebs anyway.I Support Sonys Decision 100 percent 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Cisco Saint (24 days ago)
Xbox and Nintendo are consumer friendly. Sony on the hand........
Zulu Pyro (24 days ago)
As a leading console . it's a fact sony must not share anything but they should care about their users , give what the gamers want they should not think about having money only ! If Xbox and Nintendo continues to be partners and Sony being the Lonely one . then the PS5 will be a total failure
Shadow the Sylveon (24 days ago)
I got that exact ad before the video started
menoseloso119 (24 days ago)
If you think what Sony is doing is all right, you're a fucking idiot fanboy. Supporting anti-consumer practices like this is a cancer to gaming. This is coming from a PS4 and Switch owner, who doesn't play online games, nor has an interest in buying an Xbox One.
Zulu Pyro (24 days ago)
Yep , and if SONY continues this their ruining the image of PS5 and Sony itself
Infinite music (25 days ago)
Sony may be saving cross play for the new console generation.
ysn narg (25 days ago)
Fuck to sony shit and they says for the players fuck you sony.
Callinater (25 days ago)
Only fanboys would call it an insult. It’s a trailer that only exists because minecraft bedrock just released, that’s all.
Alpha 6574 (25 days ago)
Well to be fair Microsoft blocked cross play in the 360 days don't get me wrong I want Sony to cross play but Sony's doing the same thing Microsoft did last gen
Arvin Borkar (23 days ago)
Alpha 6574 yeah when Xbox 360 was the top dawg they didn't cross play
w4rpho3nix (25 days ago)
This comment section is toxic as fuck lol People wonder why gamers get a bad rep? Can't people just be happy that it's a step in the right direction? Shouldn't be about Sony, it should be seen as a good thing. It's like people don't want to save money and enjoy themselves ffs.
Hamza Nadir (25 days ago)
shared games is a sign of desperation
Rctctfvv Fcfchfgcg (25 days ago)
Someone tell Josh to take off his hat!
A Black Guy (25 days ago)
I'm more of a Sony guy but I honestly don't care about cross play. Sure it would be cool to play Black Ops 3 for example with Xbox One players or something. Good thing about it would be servers would be WAY more active too but it's not something I'd care for.
Sonic171000 (25 days ago)
I own a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch and I don't really care for crossplay. While there are others that do. I'm fine with it being a thing. As long as it is optional. Seems like Microsoft is more open to pleasing everyone because they failed so hard with the XB1. I bet if they were in the console lead or even Nintendo was, they probably wouldn't allow crossplay.
TRUEGamer VAZ (25 days ago)
PS fans don't give a flying fuck about cross play
Kanekan Schroedinger (25 days ago)
Sony is unjustified no matter what angle you look at it. Yes ms did it last generation but that isn't a justification (also psn was horrible in the ps3 days, got hacked to hell). xbox was also run by Don matrick who wasn't exactly consumer friendly (look at the x1 launch for evidence). Regardless it's anti consumer on Sonys part
Sony Only (23 days ago)
It's Pro consumer because Nintendo barely has a network and Xbox fans are toxic

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