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10 PS2 Facts You Probably Didn't Know

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The PlayStation 2 was a huge console and introduced many newcomers to gaming. Here's some interesting stuff to know. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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bluedash24 (1 day ago)
that towers thing on the intro screen just blew my fucking mind oh my god.... does it determine the number of games you’ve played from the memory card?!? i want to get a new card and build it up again!!!
I LOVE need for speed underground 2 to ps2
Brenda Rose (2 days ago)
Still have a PS2 and play it regularly. Old school here.😁
TheDigihax (2 days ago)
My ps2 got stolen, damn bastards...
TheRobloxSonic 77 (3 days ago)
PS2 4 life!
Henry G. (3 days ago)
My favorite game was NASCAR thunder 2003
Darien F. Rodriguez (3 days ago)
Chaos Legion and Primal...
I’ve still got a PS2 , the big boxy one not the slim line o e
3:56 *YOU WHAT*
need for speed underground 2 was the best of the best
Thomas Holly (5 days ago)
4:00 dat echoooooo
ghost (5 days ago)
I remember the first time I found about GTA was when my dad found ps2 and ps1 games in the attic
Riccardo Granato (5 days ago)
Favourite games are FFX and Kingdom Hearts!
Fire Behind (5 days ago)
I still have the ps2 but sadly,all my cd are missing.
Kaila Nicole (6 days ago)
My ps2 doesn't work :(
absolute fire hawk 95 (6 days ago)
I remember when me my stepfather, my uncle,my grandather, and my younger cousin would have mortal kombat tournaments Then when everyone was dont I'd swap in some NFS2 and bomb around the map fun fact for me NFS was the game that got me so interested in cars and helped with my passion for them I owe it all to the NFS franchise...... as well as fast and furious
kaneki torres (6 days ago)
I miss playing nfs mw, gta San Andreas, midnight club 3, and Scarface 😂😂😂 shit and black lmao..... good childhood xD
Ed Saucin (7 days ago)
You know a console is a true legend if productions continue for 13 years. I thought they already discontinued it when the PS3 was announced.
Erin Harvey (7 days ago)
Dragon ball z budokai 2 and WWE 2007
Josh_is_Eljan76 (7 days ago)
Favorites for PS2 GTA XIII Gran Turismo Red Faction. Wanted and still want their geo-mod tech used everywhere. Especially in Ganges like GTA and Battlefield.
Hayden Haywood (7 days ago)
Oh and does anybody know that there is actually wireless controllers to the system? Some people maybe do and I have a wireless and I am not kidding! They are very rare since mostly all control ers have wires Also my favourite ps2 game is kingkong
Hayden Haywood (7 days ago)
Who still has a ps2 and plays it in 2018 i do
Hayden Haywood (7 days ago)
Who else still has a ps2 in 2018? I do
Max Bucknell (8 days ago)
My favourite game was and still is tony hawks American wasteland (on ps2)
Lacko Mezei (8 days ago)
I love PS2 i want Ratchet and Clank Gladiator. ❤️
ismael mahmood (8 days ago)
fav game mortal kombat shoalin monks
The Growlanser (9 days ago)
Favorite game, Growlanser III.
Vince Todacheenie (9 days ago)
Fav games: tekken series, soulcal3, re4, ddr games, their other games i havnt played yet :)
Dante Deloden (10 days ago)
That guy who's named PlayStation 2 has gotta feel like an idiot now. Because he's been obsolete for over a decade now
ThatOneEmo 89 (10 days ago)
The old Twisted Metal games were absolutely solid. ^^
METAL ALIEN (10 days ago)
My favorite game on the ps2 (also the greatest game in existence) was Madagascar escape 2 Africa
blasphmous boi (13 days ago)
Yo remember king kong that shit was scary as a kid for me
Christian Zeimentz (13 days ago)
best games: mgs2&3, silent hill 2&3, dmc 1-3, Kingdom Hearts 1&2 and Final Fantasy 10&12
Killer Rune (13 days ago)
Went through 4 consoles thanks to disc read error. Didn’t matter if it was a console with the shitty white gear or the improved clip. All of them were garbage. Even went as far to send it back to Sony, waited 3 months to get it back just for it to still not work. What a shitty system.
XPERT EAZY (13 days ago)
Tony Hawk Pro skater The best map was fun col
Victor Palencia (13 days ago)
Tekken 4 and 5. I won so many matches
HappyMations (13 days ago)
underground 2 anyone?
Digital Alien (13 days ago)
So they can’t enslave you in the way they use to since our numbers have grown we need to be controlled ‘lightly’ and so we got consoles to distract and keep a certain order ,.. unlike the Congo
Xx X (13 days ago)
Man!! I have a ps2 too and resident evil 4 is my favorite game of the world and i am not lying i have unlocked the infinite rocket launcher and the Chicago type writer my self!! And I have 50,0000 ptas I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please subscribe my channel to see the truth! !!!!! I send resident evil 4 gameplay videos with no damage
KushFriendlyXeX (13 days ago)
Did you know you can also jailbreak the PS2?
drwatson32bit (14 days ago)
"PS4 interface significantly better than the XBM interface. " holy hell, that's in the eye of the beholder
Urban Stories (14 days ago)
Fifa street, still play it to this day
ItsFreezi (14 days ago)
I would still play my ps2 but guess what.... I was playing it one day.... went to bed. Woke up.... it was gone... mom sold it less than 24 hours.....
Wayne Barton (15 days ago)
I STILL have my PS2 to this day in 2018 as I have the silver console version + over hundreds of games.
Rainbowkaktus (15 days ago)
ratchet and clank (2002) was the first game i EVER played and still my 1st best game
Anson Graft (15 days ago)
Ratchet and clank 1
The Unknown (16 days ago)
Vuong Tran (16 days ago)
tokyo extreme racer!!!
ethan lee (18 days ago)
my favorite game on the PS2 is grand theft auto San andres
Lucas Karing (19 days ago)
My favorite game on ps2 nfs underground and starwars battlefront 1
Kolossal Fitness (19 days ago)
Need For Speed Underground! Drag racing alllllll day!
My family got the PS2 4 years after its release because I was born then, Or maybe 2 years bc my sister was born then.
Comrade Kommodore (20 days ago)
My favorite game was a rather obscure one, called Seek and Destroy on the English versions, and Choro-Q Shin-Combat on the Japanese versions. I sunk... god knows how many weeks into that game.
Spongebob Is The Best (21 days ago)
My 3 Favorites are: #1."The Spongebob Squarepants Movie VideoGame" #2."Battle For Bikini Bottom" #3. "NASCAR Driving 2004"
SJ Witton (22 days ago)
I know this is old but I always thought the PSX was the "specialty" japanese version of the PSone
The BaileyCoolDaBoss (22 days ago)
Yarmaine Guy (23 days ago)
Midnight club Street Racing/ Midnight Club II when they actually were their own way of a game just like my most favorite “Mercenaries Playground Of Destruction” It actually had a story mode, I’m soo pissed they didn’t make another a presequal at that, Cause Mercenaries 2 is shit
ReVa Maverick (23 days ago)
Area 51 by Midway studios is one of many of my favorite games during the ps2 era
Mark Tuma (23 days ago)
Hidden PS2 gem, Jet Li's Rise to Honor. You can slow time down just like in his movie The One.
PCRGaming 123 (23 days ago)
My favorite game was Gran Turismo 4, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix, and mighty NFSU2
PCRGaming 123 (23 days ago)
I still play PS2. But the disc reader is broken 😥. But I have Flashdisk to the rescue 😄😄.
Louis Huddle (23 days ago)
I just bought a PS2 yesterday for the first time after seeing it in a second hand shop. Never had one growing up... So far so good.
Jordan Moloney (24 days ago)
Gta 3 / vice City /sa
320speed (24 days ago)
The #1 Selling Console of ALL TIME is PS2! Bring us that back Sony
Satan (25 days ago)
Type unoriginal comment about nostalgia here.
Nya Masami (26 days ago)
I used to build the PS2 Linux Cluster when I was a univ student because usually consumer game consoles are much cheaper than high performance computers and wanted to utilize its Emotion Engine and Graphic Synthesizer for scientific simulations (and to play games in our univ labo). It was the beginning of GPGPU computing but the programming was way too difficult compared to today lol
Aaron Rowales (26 days ago)
But the fact is ps2 IS BEST CONSOLE GAME FOREVER !!!
Kale Game Gek (26 days ago)
LJ3783 (27 days ago)
Sony's great at supporting their consoles after everyone else has given up
MMA Cartel (28 days ago)
Классные мемуары у меня с ней
jj201 (28 days ago)
Bruh I still play Gran Turismo 3 till this day and is still my most played game over all 4 PlayStation consoles
Jekyll Hide (29 days ago)
Lol who told you ps2 was released in 2009 in Brazil? In 2009 we all had ps3s already and I played ps2 in 2001. Ugh... Another crap watchmojo like channel...
Edward Wieboldt (1 month ago)
my all-time favorite games rogue galaxy or star ocean
pappa trump (1 month ago)
leonardo nasc14 (1 month ago)
gta sa
Usman Ali (1 month ago)
Still play ps2 in 2018
Eddie Gall (1 month ago)
Them opening credits on the ps2 with the cubes and stuff always frightened me and took me to a dark place
Nathan Baxter (1 month ago)
Dark Cloud was the best PS2 game, don’t @ me
Martin Brettell (1 month ago)
I play ps3 and recently brought a ps2 and a few games still love it like I did when it first came out !!!
Sasuke Uchiha (1 month ago)
Me-dbz games
Sasuke Uchiha (1 month ago)
Isn’t 2013 the last year for 360
Shane Brennan (1 month ago)
The Getaway instead of My GCSE's
Lainbowie (1 month ago)
3:37 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was never released for the PS2.
R. Flash (1 month ago)
Sony not wanting to pay for that rock tisk tisk corporate greed at its finest.
ThreeDogGaming (1 month ago)
Just about every game I played on PS2 was my favorite. Just about.
Brethren of Yeshua (1 month ago)
NFSMW, Resident Evil 4, San Andreas
FAWOLE Bamise (1 month ago)
gta San Andreas
paddy batscarr (1 month ago)
I always played with the ps2 logo on the front😂
Chad Schloss (1 month ago)
I used to repair these back in the day. Brings back memories :) used to get paid to play games to test them out at Sony in Farmington hills, Michigan, before they shipped them to Mexico to be repaired... thanks NAFTA..
Tuuhi0 (1 month ago)
Fat PS3's PS logo can also be rotated.
KPS (1 month ago)
My fav game was resident evil 4 and prince of persia the warrior within
loudbass454 (1 month ago)
Def jams Ny vendetta best game
Mygamerindahood 1 (1 month ago)
6:25The jackass the game got me😂
SA/LF Control (1 month ago)
Favorite PS2 game: Silent Hill 2 Oh my Lord I funking LOVE that game, still my all-time-favorite game.
Beastmode9000 (1 month ago)
I still play the PS2
Hunter Godsman (1 month ago)
Ratchet & Clank is the OG Playstation exclusive, pioneered on the PS2! Legendary.
Arkouda (1 month ago)
Tony Hawk's Underground anyone?
GameAttack 089 (1 month ago)
4:00 what was that sound in the back
acababie MSP (1 month ago)
Does gameranx even have a Wii U the Wii U is not bad I have one and it’s a great console. Y’all just saying that to be relatable. It’s not cool 🤦🏽‍♀️👀🙄🧐
Cyrus Greene Jr. (1 month ago)
The intro when it was the start up, actually gave me anxiety

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