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Assassin's Creed Odyssey: 15 NEW Things You Need To Know

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is right around the corner and we have all the info for those curious before picking the game up. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Text Comments (1813)
SonD Greatest (19 hours ago)
How can i choose side in conquest mode if my quest is to help sparta??
Does anybody have this game on Xbox that would please gameshare with me, I really want this game 😭
Michael B (2 days ago)
I haven’t liked the modern day part since Desmond. After him, no good modern day came to be.
Michael B (2 days ago)
I haven’t liked the modern day part since Desmond. After him, no good modern day came to be.
asdffdsa1347 (3 days ago)
Ur choices don't matter, for as far as I can see
G15-TV (4 days ago)
The thing i hope they will do... ik it would be a jump in the past but a dlc of the battle of troy!
Survivalist707 (4 days ago)
The dialogue and voice actors are trash tho
Akshay Shettigar (4 days ago)
If there are mythical creatures, and they don't *"RELEASE THE KRAKEN"* , it's a huge missed opportunity!!
Cesar Davila (5 days ago)
The game is great whole new look to the world of assassins, especially with the new exploration mode! Really excited to play this game feels good 👍
Chris S (6 days ago)
Not being core AC is a bloody good thing!
Lord-Commander Savage (8 days ago)
It's an evolution of Assassins Creed. This game is perfect. Once you get to the ACTUAL game, the mainland and open waters, this game is perfect. Ship combat is incredible. Open combat is great. The spear and powers are a MUCH NEEDED gameplay change. If this was "Just another Assassins game" all you dipshits would complain about that.
Movie Knights 2016 (8 days ago)
Don't bother buying it there no shield use in the game, making the game twice as hard to play because you cant block. these delopvers have screwed up, you cant get anywhere without die every 5 secs without a shield
Sidnei Silva (8 days ago)
It is the worst assassin's creed of all. I hate this game!
Moogle Midgar (9 days ago)
i bought the deluxe edition cuz it came with boosts and i guess ubisoft are greed fucks cuz i don't see them anywhere.
crippler XX04 (9 days ago)
Unity sucked, syndicate sucked, and I skipped origins. This better define assassins creed or I'm done with it. Ubisoft has been slipping lately in my opinion. They don't make bad games but cmon guys who else is more ready to play red dead 2, or elder scrolls 6 even fallout 76.
Angus Ture (9 days ago)
In Australia the best edition you can buy in store is the Medusa edition
Flexonem (9 days ago)
Well i mean if they’re gonna go full on Fantasy rpg i hope they do it right eh
J C (9 days ago)
I’m working in Germany and just bought the Omega edition,can anyone tell me what I got with that it’s all in German 😀
gregstein (10 days ago)
i hate the modern day stuff. It always pissed me off when I had to get through that crap just to continue the game I actually wanted to play.
Darren Williams (10 days ago)
I really wish they had continued Origin's story. I loved Bayek! Though I am looking forward to this new game, I'm kinda tired of all the focus on Greece in fantasy games and books.
Eli Phillips (10 days ago)
Only AC game i got into before was 3. However this one looks awesome, already purchased!
Omgilovesteak (9 days ago)
Its a good game.
Dusty Conrad (10 days ago)
First 2 facts totally turned me off. Wanna make a pirate game? Go make pirates of the carribean creed. Snot even about assassins anymore. And what now fortnite creed? Last man standing? Oh shit better make a FPS creed too.
Izaan Atif (10 days ago)
IT has multiple endings because its an rpg but theres gonna be only one true ending which i reallyyy wanna see
Nickolis Speetzen (10 days ago)
I have always wanted an eastern AC... like Ninja or a Chinese themed one... Haven't played one in years, but the RPG aspects make me wanna check it out
Omgilovesteak (9 days ago)
I want assassins creed: Bloods VS Crips.
P T (10 days ago)
gameranx or plagiarismranx
3rdworldgwaming (10 days ago)
I never seem to get to an ending of an ac since the black flag cos they tend to drag.....I know some people like it but I dnt....not origins however I got to the ending of origins....I felt the length of the story arc was well balanced...I feel Ubisoft really has to do some work on a well balanced runtime for players in their games with regards to their story content....especially when they have a annual release mindset for this franchise...cos in this era with soo many games,wen u tend to take a break from a game cos of it's long & tedious nature u sometimes tend to procrastinate in regards to getting bac to finish that game...I won't lie....for a few ac games,I decided to just watch the ending on youtube instead.
Roman (11 days ago)
I miss the combat from Black Flag, but I do like where they’re going with the new style picking up from Origins.. Black Flag and AC 2 will still be my favs of all time. Let’s see if this game can change that..
NeonTime (11 days ago)
Idc about this game. I just want AC3 remastered lol
Joel Walden (11 days ago)
Definitely not complaining cause this game looks EPIC, but I sure would like a wrap up to the stories of Conner, Shay, Aveline, The Frye twins and Arno, though I do realize they really can't all be in the same game given the time difference between them. That being said, I'll go back to my original point, that this game looks awesome. I can't wait to get it. Definitely going to be a "must have" for me.
DotAndy (11 days ago)
"This isnt an Assassin's Creed game anymore!! Waahhhhh!!" Well, yea thats the point. There's a reason the previous game was called Origins and Odyssey will probably take place 400 years before Origins.
Daniel Mcleod (11 days ago)
I think they should try and become playable history.
fantastic Goh (11 days ago)
Wonder women is coming soon
Doug Sam (12 days ago)
When are they going to do a samurai?
Purple_Wayne_91 (12 days ago)
This franchise has been destroyed. At least call it something else since it has nothing to do with being an assassin.
Ascalis (12 days ago)
I understand why publishers call it AC because it's an established franchise and therefore guaranteed to make money, but they really should call it what it is at this point, which is brand new IP. Not better or worse necessarily, just different. Calling it AC is really a downright lie to cover the fact that they don't have the confidence to release new IP without guaranteed funds from an audience that's making a purchase based on their enjoyment of a prior completely different style of game. Tweaks in gameplay in a series is good, and even required from game to game, but this is like calling a game FIFA but gameplay is Madden.
Rhys Gill (12 days ago)
Huh so maybe i should buy this game, or not waste the money because they are probably gonna make another game, cuz thats what they do, i feel like they should end the franchise
Qopiq q (12 days ago)
Im so happy that discoverytour is back!!
Donrodriguez. (12 days ago)
sounds like the witcher 3
PirateChest (12 days ago)
Having an exploration gameplay withou map markers will give more value to the game since it adds gameplay time which I think its good
Lee Brookes (12 days ago)
Already playing and what a game can’t wait to really get into it
JAme J (12 days ago)
I wanna play a modern day assassins creed game with skyscrapers and stuff, imagine the machine which teleport you breaks or gets stolen and you have to be an assassin in the modern day world! still looking for an asian AC game though
stormlighter82 (12 days ago)
Madussa looks like some dude wearing make up
LooyenssPlays (12 days ago)
Well this covered like nothing.
AssassinSigner (12 days ago)
yea but my fiancée hates watching the naval combat so yea...that's a problem
AssassinSigner (12 days ago)
I do want to get it eventually, too many cool games coming out
Tom Choi (12 days ago)
I want to beat this game only with kicks.
DR FATE13 (12 days ago)
Thank you for the outstanding review! I will for sure be picking up a copy because of the highlights mentioned here!
omega edition is the best
Ioganstone (12 days ago)
"While it may feel super familiar at first glance, actually a lot of changes" This just comes off as talking out of both sides of your mouth because you're scared of "the fanboys". There's no way anyone can feel super familiar to the game, but suddenly, because of "not looking hard enough" missed that "these are a lot of changes". "While it may feel super familiar at first glance, actually its pretty much the same but ubisoft added some added some more minigame horseshit"
Greensky02 (13 days ago)
I want to pick this game up, but I highly doubt I'd be able to finish it before Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out... and I really really want to play that game straight away!
Edgekin (13 days ago)
One problem I have with Origins is: there is too much sand! I live in a hot country, alright? I have had enough of the arid air that I'm sick of it and seeing in a game I play to escape isn't working for me.
Shreesh (13 days ago)
Please do a before you buy soon...
Efan Headford (13 days ago)
I'm definitely looking forward go this game, and I'd love to play it. But I'm going to wait for it to be released; see how if actually is. I've become wary of preorderong anything.
Thelaughing Ostrich (13 days ago)
Is this Fable 4?
medic8 (13 days ago)
I’m honestly glad Ubisoft went this route they’re teaching history In an awesome way
Azusa Goyal (13 days ago)
Is it just me but conquest looks like shadow of wars fortress assault but the they forgot the fortress
Pierre (13 days ago)
haven't been this excited for an assassins creed game since AC3. hopefully it can occupy me until the 26th. because we all know the 26th is gonna be like childhood christmas
Gamingduck Pato (13 days ago)
How come the Spartans won’t have shieds
thor wilson (13 days ago)
Hope we can cut peoples heads off this time
Andrew Schertz (13 days ago)
50 likes and I buy this game
sharjawee (13 days ago)
Origins is amazing, but tbh this looks like a reskin and with all the games coming out this month... am gona have to pass
Edinson castro (13 days ago)
Sorry, but i'm tired
Dave Lo (13 days ago)
I was expecting number 1 to be: "buy RDR2"
Lucif (13 days ago)
why not both, since red dead comes out in 3 weeks
Mikrobyo Zero (13 days ago)
Most interesting is the ship battles and ground war combat.
snoder 123 (13 days ago)
Loved origins, gonna love odyssey
Maori Viking 1987 (13 days ago)
I wouldn't mind an Assassin's Creed Maori version set in the 1800s. A half Maori half English assassin.
Maori Viking 1987 (13 days ago)
Looks good apart from the mythology shit.
Neddy 2018 (13 days ago)
Hope they haven't fucked the combat up again
Darkdraco002 (13 days ago)
Origins has new game + now ?
Marco A Sierra Bernal (13 days ago)
I think they're getting to far from the original concept
Andrew Strauss (13 days ago)
Im looking forward to the follow/tailing missions, those are my favorite
Ellipses (13 days ago)
Yes! HUD customization. I'm playing Final Fantasy 15 finally and I hate that it just on or off...
Marc Duchamp (13 days ago)
Would be funny if they decided to go Neanderthal creed
K27R (13 days ago)
150 vs 150 is nothin. My dream game features 500,000 vs 500,000
Joe Bass (13 days ago)
You forgot the Kassandra edition and the Medusa edition
My123patrick (13 days ago)
Gold edition does NOT include the Deluxe edition by the way
Joe Bass (13 days ago)
Sure seems like ubisoft has become what Bioware once was
Big Boss (13 days ago)
Why no Co op campaign?
pandora50 (14 days ago)
Ojas Kavathe (14 days ago)
I just hope they fix the combat with multiple enemies
KeltischDeutscher (14 days ago)
Thank god we get AC3 garbage remastered. Ezio trilogy was awesome, but AC3 lol
I haven't bought an AC game since brotherhood.
iFly (14 days ago)
I love everything about this game so far, except the stupid weapons with fire... no, just no.
Rebel Games (14 days ago)
I want an assassins creed set in modern times. Premise: essentially, characters who went into the past with the machine, who were almost killed or saw the corruption, etc, find out a modern assassins creed organization exist. So essentially, you can drive cars, boats, helicopters, and you can use any gun and any assassin weapon. Maybe load a sniper with berserk bullets. Want to cause people to sleep? Sleep bomb that you're immune to because of your gas mask. Naval combat? Imagine! Maybe set it in Iraq or North Korea, we want modern, but not too modern. Maybe set it in WW2? Civil War, so we can replace the cars and modern tech for older tech.
Diëgo Felliciano (14 days ago)
People who can't handle change show signs of autism. Change in this game is good, because AC was getting pretty old game after game
Tony Wilkinson (14 days ago)
I’m just happy you can turn off the hud and all the magic/damage counter shit. Will help make it a lot more immersive and feel like an AC game
bitch_lasagna (14 days ago)
You know this is a truly amazing game? *Because you can beat up that one douchbag you always have to deal with in every game ever.*
R Snr (14 days ago)
I haven’t even finished origins I feel like it’s too long and now this game will be longer. Crazy.
Daniel Lee (14 days ago)
Already bought gold edition!! Can't wait to play!!!
Aaron Maraj (14 days ago)
I love the franchise for the diversity 🤷🏽‍♂️
Mr. Hyperface (14 days ago)
Tomorrow at 10:00 PM. So excited.
KleenerBro (14 days ago)
16. The combat system sucks. Period.
Kelmo Kelmo (14 days ago)
Medusa was a black women with dreds the Greeks lied...
QuinnyB (14 days ago)
I hate how they make some enemies ridiculously large while most are normal size
Geralt of Rivia (14 days ago)
Hopefully this is better than the shit that Origins was. I get they were trying to ease players into a new type of game but instead it just felt like a half assed Far Cry trying to be an rpg. Not to mention is was just so boring. So far it looks like a decent rpg so if it can keep me interested than I’ll consider it a success.
Elric (14 days ago)
So can you see the woman avatar's "clears throat" underwear?
Paul Snelling (14 days ago)
That, HUD Part Is A Bit Old.. (no Offence) Players Have The Ability To Do That In Most Of The Assassins Creed Games. (Rogue + Black Flags, For Example) (At Least, When It Comes To Hiding Certain Parts Of The HUD)
Ultimate Agent (14 days ago)
I can’t wait until we find out all the new mythological creatures in it
perkelepower (14 days ago)
Why not make a assassins creed game taking part in medieval times, yes i know that the first game is in medieval times but with all the new tech i think that would be a cool idea
T Liam (14 days ago)
This looks really decent excited to be getting it

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