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Teach Kids English #8-Simple Games

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Today I am talking about simple ball toss games. You can make your class more fun by having your students stand in a circle and toss the ball around while practicing vocabulary.
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Funky Dunkems (3 months ago)
Good stuff Matt, kids in my classrooms love your songs especially ones that involve clapping. I actually just started animating some songs I have sung with my students over the years.
Teach Kids English (3 months ago)
Great, thanks a lot!
sexy babes (6 months ago)
Your videos are crazy popular in vietnam
Teach Kids English (6 months ago)
That's nice to hear, thanks!
Estefffffffffff (7 months ago)
Hi Matt! Thanks for being so awesome! I use so many of your songs in the kindergarten i am teaching in china. Their favourite song is the good bye song for kids.But they also love the one you are singing "what are you doing, what are you doing? I'm walking". Well and really many others. Thanks for the super cool video songs, from at least 3 teachers in China,we love you!!
Teach Kids English (7 months ago)
Awesome! Thanks for using my songs in China!
salome gogoladze (9 months ago)
Love you You are great )
Teach Kids English (9 months ago)
: ) Thanks!
Asanka Bandaranayake (1 year ago)
i enjoyed well
Dalia Steinberg (1 year ago)
Teach Kids English (1 year ago)
excellent video.
Mina roma (1 year ago)
hola Matt i love your videos they are so helpful for me and my students love to sing and dance your goodmorning song :) saludos from Tijuana Mexico
Teach Kids English (1 year ago)
You are very welcome! Thanks for the greetings from Tijuana!
Lulie Lawry (1 year ago)
do you have any ideas for online games? Thanks! Great help!
Teach Kids English (1 year ago)
I have a few on my site http://www.dreamenglish.com/learngames I hope this helps!
Ninos Babisha (1 year ago)
Thanks for that tip.
Kacaba games (1 year ago)
eliana b (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing. Wonderful ideas
Teach Kids English (1 year ago)
You're welcome!
Оля Ля (1 year ago)
Thank you,Matt for your great ideas !!! I adore your channel;)
Teach Kids English (1 year ago)
You are welcome! Thanks for your nice comment!
Lutfianna Dewi (1 year ago)
very nice! I will try it in my class ^^
Haneen Rustom (1 year ago)
wonderful ideas .. thanks
Teach Kids English (1 year ago)
You are welcome!
wu Daisy (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot!Matt!
Teach Kids English (2 years ago)
You are welcome!
Giselle Pappagallo (2 years ago)
thank you! im going to use that game in my class today :)
Teach Kids English (2 years ago)
Great, thanks!
Hồng Ngoan (2 years ago)
Thank you alot, Matt! Your videos with games, songs and chants are very inspired. I always find out interesting and useful things when watching them. Once again, thanks so much :)
Teach Kids English (2 years ago)
That is great to hear! You are welcome!
spookboom (2 years ago)
a lot of games we can play using a ball. thnx for sharing:)
Teach Kids English (2 years ago)
You are welcome!
Elwira85 (2 years ago)
Thank you!!! My kids love you very much!!!
Alina Abakirova (2 years ago)
Thanks for u videos💕💕💕💕
Ellah Mwanjasi (2 years ago)
woow thanks you so much
JP Wolstenholme (2 years ago)
Your videos are great, thanks! I got some valuable tips I can use in those "Uh-oh! What the hell do I do now?" moments. Please keep posting, because teaching kids is important and can be tough at times.
Teach Kids English (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot! I haven't posted new videos for awhile here, as I've been working so hard on the Dream English Kids videos, which contain most of my new ideas. I'll try to post something, though. Glad to help!
Hồng Rosa (2 years ago)
thanks. I love what u shared so much.
cool, a fantastic video. Thanks for the work you put into it! Keep it up :)
Lingokids (2 years ago)
Belén Martin (2 years ago)
I'm a first and second grade english teacher from Buenos Aires and I love to use your ideas and songs to teach my students. You're awesome! Keep up the good work!
Teach Kids English (2 years ago)
+Belén Martin Thanks for your kind words! I'll keep doing my best!
Albert Andrew (2 years ago)
thank so good.
Teach Kids English (2 years ago)
+Albert Andrew Thanks!
Najiya Musbah (2 years ago)
My kids love your videos. Your vedios are part of my class teaching. Do you mind if someday( whenever you are free) to skype my kids. My students would love to see you and sing your songs to you! Thanks
Teach Kids English (2 years ago)
+Najiya Musbah Thanks a lot! Please say hello to your students from me. Sorry, I don't have time to skype these days.
Olivier Johnson (2 years ago)
Really enjoy your work. Thanks a lot
Teach Kids English (2 years ago)
+Olivier Johnson Thank you!
NinjaTheEwok (2 years ago)
I might try this game out! I have been teaching English to children in Italy for just over a week (my first official teaching job, we use the pingus english method) and I was wondering if you had any discipline tips. It seems Italian children tend to be less disciplined and I am finding it hard to keep their attention. I teach small classes (up to 8 children) of various ages (5-6 yrs, tots, and 7-8 yrs) with another teacher who is training me. The problem is when she leaves (which is part of my training) the classroom I feel like I have no control and the 7-8 yrs can be very naughty (not listening etc). They seem to listen at story time, I use props etc. I have a feeling I am the problem because I do not feel very confident with teaching yet and also the language barrier will probably have an effect. They know a lot of words and are very clever but I want to make sure I am teaching them well and developing my skills as a teacher. Sorry for the essay, I just feel like I am not doing a very good job of teaching.
Teach Kids English (2 years ago)
+NinjaTheEwok Hi! I only have a second to write, but basically it takes a long time and experience to get a handle on teaching kids. It took my at least a year to feel really comfortable, and I still have challenging days! My best advice is to learn as much as you can from the web, and mostly relax and keep trying new things. You'll get it. Best of luck!
vasu sunwar (2 years ago)
thanks for all the Videos matt my kids love to watch your Videos.
Haibo Zhang (2 years ago)
I love your video, I will show them to my teacher here.
Haibo Zhang (2 years ago)
Is there any body want to teach in China? We need teachers who can teach younger kids.
Johnny Utah (2 years ago)
Hello Matt, I'm also an English teacher here in Japan and I was hoping you could help me out with something. I have experience teaching, but I have a couple really tired, bored, unmotivated, misbehaving students that are 6 and 8 (brothers). Their parents don't really discipline them at all and it isn't my job to do so. I have tried this ball pass game and countless other games and nothing seems to work. No matter what game, how fun it is, how easy it is, the 8 year old always tries to sleep and the 6 year old is always losing focus and getting bored. I make sure that I'm smiling and speaking slow and clear, so they understand me, but it doesn't seem to matter. I have even told them that I will tell their parents about their bad behavior and they don't even bat an eye. I talked with my boss and he just shrugs his shoulders, assuming it is my fault. I just thought I would ask advice from you about how you deal with really troublesome students like this? I would really appreciate any advice.
Emma Hagedorn (3 years ago)
Hi Matt, thanks! I need some advice on what lesson should I give a 6 year old boy, for conversational English.
Teach Kids English (2 years ago)
+Emma Hagedorn What level is he? beginner? Check out the videos on the Dream English Kids Channel for a good start!
Asiaa Awwad (3 years ago)
thanks matt your way in teaching very attractive I hope to be successful teacher one day and my students love me
Teach Kids English (3 years ago)
+Asiaa Awwad You're welcome! I'm sure you will be a great teacher!
Paxio Games (3 years ago)
Cool channel! started doing some mobile games myselve, what do you think?
Patrick Morgan (3 years ago)
Matt...I love your videos...I use them in my class daily. I love your energy and approach. You have taught my Thai kindergartners how to say good morning...and what's your name singlehandedly. Keep up the good work. If there is something I could buy or a seminar I could attend to support you....I will. Thanks again. You rock!
Teach Kids English (3 years ago)
+Patrick Morgan Thanks a lot! I am happy to hear that! I appreciate your offer of support, maybe I'll make it to Thailand one day for a teaching seminar. Thanks!
Han Ae Yeon (3 years ago)
OMG thank you for this idea! very simple but im hoping kids would love it, im struggling my 1st year of teaching with my 1st grader pupils,.... Il try this! Thanks!
Teach Kids English (3 years ago)
+Han Ae Yeon You're welcome! Best of luck!
Baku (3 years ago)
Thanks, from Azerbaijan
Bilal Muhammad (3 years ago)
you are a lovely person and a great teacher in my  heart ,,,,your games your materials all i like ....thansk for sharing your videos.....
Bernadett Mogyorosi (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing your ideas! its is very kind of you to help other teachers... I will start my first teaching job soon in Thailand and for sure I will try your games and other materials that you recommend... wish you the best! 
Teach Kids English (3 years ago)
+Bernadett Mogyorosi You're welcome! Best of luck with your classes!
Avi Rai (3 years ago)
Ymel Y (3 years ago)
IMHO a bigger ball is better as kids can catch it easier than the small ones
Asma Chef (3 years ago)
Hello! thanks for this vid , it is really useful . I need some games for second n fifth grades , I want them to be easy for Arab pupils . Hope you can help me . Thanks in advanced.
Jim MV (3 years ago)
Great my friend! its my first year as a teacher and your videos and advice are just amazing, thanks from Baja California Sur
Linda Narak (3 years ago)
Thanks for fun games
Teach Kids English (3 years ago)
+Linda Narak You're welcome!
Steve Castilloux (4 years ago)
Cheers on the ideas, great to see teachers teaching teachers^^ love it! I will use this today
Teach Kids English (4 years ago)
+Steve Castilloux Thanks a lot! Hope it is helpful for your classes!
Phạm Hồng Ngọc (4 years ago)
I follow your way and my little students love it so much... but can you tell us more about the game for children from 6 years old above?? Thanks... :)
Jonnhy0989 (4 years ago)
Thank you very much for this idea. I'll try them
lorena s (4 years ago)
Just great!!!
Nelson Yangali Sanchez (4 years ago)
thanks for the video i like it......!
Luisa Ramirez (5 years ago)
Thank you! Great job! It owuld be awesome if you post more games like this for older kids, they don't really like to sing, there are shyer than younger kids!
Teach Kids English (5 years ago)
That is nice to hear, thank you!
Teach Kids English (5 years ago)
You are welcome!
Teach Kids English (5 years ago)
Thank you!
noaredjil (5 years ago)
I teach French to English kids ( 3-5 years old). Yours videos are excellent for me to get more inspiration. thank you
Yolanda Limones (5 years ago)
your ideas are awesome, thank you!
Yolanda Limones (5 years ago)
your ideas are awesome, thank you!
Medea Suárez (5 years ago)
i love your songs and my kids to
Teach Kids English (5 years ago)
That is great to hear. You are welcome!
Dear Mat, your videos and ideas are very useful! Big thank you from Mexico's children!
These are great ideas and extremely helpful! I frequently have free time with my class and I am getting quite sick of hangman and other games that have been recycled once too many times :)
Adrian Panay (5 years ago)
thanks , your work is really good
Alaa' Mansour (5 years ago)
thanks alot i will try :)
Emmanuel Shilatu (5 years ago)
GREAT LESSON, you did good.
Teach Kids English (5 years ago)
Hi, this is a good question. You have to make a rule that the students have to listen to you. Also, I'm not sure what age your students are, but sometimes you have to sing a song with a lot of actions and tire them out a bit first. Then they will sit. : )
Alaa' Mansour (5 years ago)
you are very great but can you make video on how can you make your class sit in their seats and listen to you cuz am new to teaching
Teach Kids English (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot!
Teach Kids English (5 years ago)
Hi, How about a warm up with a song or a book instead? It doesn't always have to be a game, I think.
Teach Kids English (5 years ago)
Hi, I've never had that problem.
UNISS85 (5 years ago)
I love your videos i have my students sing them also my 2 year old daughter actually sings to some excellent job!!
Moha QA (5 years ago)
you are great i use ur songs in my class , they kids like u
ragazzadasso (5 years ago)
i`m so glad i found your channel, it helps me a lot for my english lessons!! could you give some more ideas for my warm ups!!? pleeeeaaaseee..i beg you!! cos now i`m teaching very young kids..so it`s very hard to try to find a different game to start my class every single day you know...you are the best!!! thnxs for everything !!! see youu
anima88 (5 years ago)
just found your videos :) thank you, very helpful :) im about to teach kids and im sooooo stressed, seriously i never did that before and im simply scared of kids :( idk how you do it but youre great teacher from what i see :)
Virginia184 (5 years ago)
but the kids will see that they are number 7 and they will not take the ball
Teach Kids English (5 years ago)
Thanks, best of luck!
lolo momo (5 years ago)
ty :) im a new english teacher for kids and u r so helpfull
Teach Kids English (5 years ago)
You are very welcome! Please tell your students I say hello! Thanks!!
По Абель (5 years ago)
Matt!! my little pupils say THANK YOU!!!! Very very helpful!!! You are the best!!!! We love you for the songs, games and advice!!!
I need help to teach to kids the verb to be, can you help me? :c
Teach Kids English (5 years ago)
You are welcome!
ayesstheduchess (5 years ago)
oh I'm so glad I found your channel, you're so helpful thank you for those wonderful ideas :D
Jensen Mari (6 years ago)
Thanks for the videos. My kids love your action songs so much!!!
Teach Kids English (6 years ago)
Hi, You can use a lot of the same games with adults, and maybe use more complicated language and questions. I hope this helps a bit!
Irene (6 years ago)
Your ideas are great! Any advice for older people? I teach in Mexico and I want games that improve their speaking and vocabulary.
Sanchitoooo (6 years ago)
he waved with two hands..
Teach Kids English (6 years ago)
Thanks so much. You are welcome, and please say hello to your students from me!
Teach Kids English (6 years ago)
Hi! That is nice of you to say! You are very welcome!
Teach Kids English (6 years ago)
Hi, I usually use this from 6 and up. As long as they can catch and toss!
ola saeed (6 years ago)
It's great thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!!! would you please tell us the exact age to do that ? thank u again it was really really helpful and fun
G Scott (6 years ago)
thanks dude! Thats a great game. I'll be doing that. Cheers! g
Sanie PK (6 years ago)
Thank you so much ^____________________________^
adelloodel (6 years ago)
Great guidance! thanks, this will help on my first lesson to teach basic english to elementary kids :D ... hope it works out in the end :S
Lizzie (6 years ago)
GIA carrosio (6 years ago)
great information!!!!!!! thanks for share your experiences!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we`ll be grateful
Kevin Foster (6 years ago)
sit down variation is great. Thanks!!
SER4KIDS (6 years ago)
Great information in your videos. Thanks! We'll be sharing.
abbati2000 (6 years ago)
Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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