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Here The 10 Minutes Gameplay of Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. Enjoy and Please subscribe and like to support me
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Adeleine (14 days ago)
Why would the enemies have flinch animations, the don't even have a chance to attack you
Hoeru (14 days ago)
I have one gripe with this game. Just one. Movement is sooooooo slow. Highly expecting boots/accessories capable of increasing speed. Or one of those stakes through the heart.
Salvio Silva (24 days ago)
Waiting for challenge. Hope this game is hard. Looks a really fantastic game
Walter5850 (25 days ago)
Why is everyone so hyped about this ? I played Sotn and loved the game... but how does this exactly improve upon that game, it seems exactly the same to me ? with maybe some different abilities and different map layout and enemies, but the core gameplay is exactly the same, I don't see anything new here ?
Walter5850 (21 days ago)
Dragrun1 Oh, I didn't know it was from the same dude... Thanks! For now it still looks way too similar, but I guess people are just nostalgic for the same thing...
Dragrun1 (21 days ago)
Ever since Konami shat all over Castlevania this is it's spiritual successor from the guy that made Symphony of the Night. It's a huge deal
Javier Rivera (1 month ago)
I dont like the main caracter
Lior Bar-El (1 month ago)
Akron162 (1 month ago)
Looks a bit clunky, but im sure it will get better.
zeiren (1 month ago)
SOTN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this cheap mobile game...
David L V (1 month ago)
Soma Cruz/Shanoa 😒
joesashiify (1 month ago)
Is this game only PC?
ZNemerald (1 month ago)
joesashiify no everything
Bigrookie (1 month ago)
Ha, ha, she's fight a Deadman from an anime called Deadman Wonderland.
Love (1 month ago)
It looks perfect
Paisikis Trikis (1 month ago)
Castlevania heroines.
Dwayne Mcfadden (1 month ago)
Anybody know the release date for this?
tom morris (1 month ago)
Looks like a cancelled Dreamcast game. If it was Y2K it would be dope. It's 2018 and looks severely dated. I'm on the fence
Beef Nice (1 month ago)
Ieatpoopcorns mind you (26 days ago)
Calling a game boring based on watching a several minutes demo. You're an impatient piece of shit from what they can improve & offer in the future.
El loco Jon Crazy (1 month ago)
Beef Nice Fuck you
Braiking Voice187 (1 month ago)
Should Had Been 2D Sprites! Plain And Simple
Amateur Asian (1 month ago)
I'm looking at this game as its own title, sure its metroidvania genre but stop comparing it to castlevania, if you want another castlevania game go email konami they own the franchise, as for me.. This IS "bloodstained" I hope the series continues after this one good or bad
The Dan (1 month ago)
Amateur Asian agreed. However my true expectation is a future crossover bloodstained/castlevania with protagonist crossing each other and joining the two stories. Because in everyone's spirit, even if for political reason or others, we all think castlevania and bloodstained are the same universe. This is my hope, just dreaming of a team Myriam/Alucard or Richter/Zangetsu ;)
Ninjaananas (1 month ago)
The game looks awesome.
Kostadin Dimitrov (1 month ago)
Maybe castlevania/bloodstaine should have stayed 2D. Imagine the Nintendo DS trilogy, but on the big screen with even better 2D animations and stylized 3D for the backgrounds and some enemies and bosses...
TheActs2021 (1 month ago)
Was that boss half nude at the end ??
Bobby8451 (1 month ago)
See, now this is exactly what I've been looking forward to. Reminds me of SOTN. The music sounds really cool and the graphics are great too. THIS IS A WINNER!
Matheus Cruz (1 month ago)
This is more like Aria/Dawn of Sorrow.
Maara Mori (1 month ago)
It's weird that this boss is so much cooler in Curse of the Moon
machetowski (1 month ago)
what happened here¿?
llanera skull (1 month ago)
The track reminds me of lament of innocence, so awesome!
ninpuncho sensei (1 month ago)
It is a beautiful castlevania .How to get this game ?
ninpuncho sensei (1 month ago)
I want to know if you can get on pc
Ninjaananas (1 month ago)
ninpuncho sensei Buy it after it has been released.
The music is awesome. I could pause the game for hours just to listen to it. And the game looks good, but the graphics and the style lacks personality. They're too bland. I hope it gets fixed.
Ztech (1 month ago)
This game looks well made and fun, but I personally find more charm in 8-bit/16-bit textures. BLOODSTAINED: Curse of the moon is in the style of the early 8-bit (and some 16-bit) Castlevania. It will be out in just 4 days, on May 24th. Here is a link to a preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUQfUenunRI&t=227s
Ztech (1 month ago)
Great music. Reminds of me Bach....take a listen "Little" Fugue in G minor, Organ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddbxFi3-UO4
Skeith Lumen (2 months ago)
The music is shit! Is really annoying! I want gothic power like SotN or PS2 Castlevanias.
Studio Maslar (2 months ago)
...why is it so hard for someone to just give us what we want... more sotn...I was not 2.5 d. Why change that. It’s clear what people like and yet here I feel we’re getting something we didn’t ask for....it looks vaguely similar to sotn...the environments look terrible. If I had a chance to design a candle or a set of steps or a wall for a game like this I’d make it sick af not this boring uninspired crap... it’s so clean looking that it’s a couple pipes and blinking res lights away from being set in the future. I think the aesthetics are way off. I’ll definitely not be buying this until I see some reviews first looks like another mighty no. 9 in the making.
Hibernial (1 month ago)
Sprite artists and animators are an expensive niche to pay for in the gaming industry. At least the more detail heavy it gets. For Iga, I think he’s doing pretty well in better adapting to a 2.5d look, unlike with what happened with Mighty Number 9. The characters and animations individually aren’t stiff, they’re pretty good to be honest. The character designs standing out in and of themselves as well as from the backgrounds I think is a good thing too. As for the backgrounds they’re designed great in regards to level design itself. I think what diminishes its existing appeal however is that everything is pushed very far back visually into the background as a shaded backdrop(creating that feeling of empty space), at least where compared to the feel of Iga’s other metroidvania games that aesthetically felt almost too tight at times. I’d say how the way the hallway corridors are implemented in this game so far with just a slight 3d push in its depth pulls off emulating that enclosed feeling better. On the 3ds with the more spacious rooms in how they seem now, that might be passable in effect. Understandably his last working on a title in the castlevania series was on the DS with OOE. But 3d wise it might not translate too great onto other platforms unless textures are improved or background animations of whatever sort are implemented. The cinematic sequences of characters in dialogue and cutscenes look fairly stiff and not too worked on yet. Though I’m glad that the translation and the voice acting in english is great.
Ninjaananas (1 month ago)
Studio Maslar Yes, it is. Castlevania fans all over the world are hyped for this game.
Studio Maslar (1 month ago)
Ninjaananas no
Ninjaananas (1 month ago)
Studio Maslar Shut up. This is what we want.
Tony Walthall (2 months ago)
Waiting on this .....................SOTN next gen reincarnation.
Fernando Bayron (2 months ago)
this is gonna be epic!!!
johnxxiiii (2 months ago)
João Paulo Silva (2 months ago)
Kinda shit
RP752000 (2 months ago)
Hoping there is patch to update the outfit to something less Cosplay !
Skeith Lumen (2 months ago)
I want a male character...
Salvio Silva (24 days ago)
Mya me too
Ninjaananas (1 month ago)
Mya Yamaoka I want a female.
Dark Artist 28 (3 months ago)
can't wait for this game
Lone Wolf (3 months ago)
This art style isn't as appealing as say, SotN, but the game looks great. The enviroment is really kinda bland, but overall this is really good. Just wish they kept a 2D Visual Style.
Salvio Silva (24 days ago)
I like 3d visual style
jeep m (3 months ago)
Music Invite sleepy
Salvio Silva (24 days ago)
The music is like fantastic
nikos23a (4 months ago)
Looks like castelvania sotn
Michael Campbell (4 months ago)
w. rand (3 months ago)
Michael Campbell try turning it off and then turning it back on again.
seraveegundam2032 (5 months ago)
Me wants now!!
wANi (5 months ago)
Looks kinda terrible. The artstyle of the monsters and environments are very poorly lit and the shading seems way off. Everything is a bit too "shiny". Not even the inventory looks ok. I'm genuinly concerned for Iga's legacy here.
Zona Master (1 month ago)
i think its look unique enough
Chao (1 month ago)
I have to agree with you with the environment of the game. I think it needs a darker theme since it's called ritual of the night. But as far as gameplay it's definitely worthwhile.
A Cosmic Castaway (1 month ago)
That's my only concern. Technically is quite weird indeed. The boss was interesting though.
Ninjaananas (1 month ago)
wANi I think it looks beatiful.
787sever (5 months ago)
rather play SOTN? how much kickstarter $ did they get again ?
Blakkheim (5 months ago)
This game looks incredibly fantastic. The music and level design is reminiscent of SOTN. A new game that brings nostalgia is quite an achievement. I'll be getting this on the Nintendo Switch.
Hibernial (1 month ago)
Going the Steam route myself but, I don’t mind buying a Switch copy. Was a bit too late in giving a larger backing for receiving 2 copies.
garvensman (1 month ago)
Myself as well, looking forward to adding it to Curse of the moon on Switch.
Ninjaananas (1 month ago)
Blakkheim Same.
Jason & Cassandra Clark (5 months ago)
The environments look dead and stale. Im not sure how to explain it, lifeless? The character and enemies look out of place in them. This feels like a game with no soul. All I want is to love this game but im very skeptical.
Ninjaananas (1 month ago)
The game is not even finished.
Luis Gonzalez (1 month ago)
It empty like mightynumber 9 i feel the same way man
Nicholas MB (2 months ago)
I agree. 3D graphics do that sometimes. its stale looking
Marcelo Castilho (6 months ago)
Gourgeos !!!!
Roby Hentz (6 months ago)
oooooohhhh this feeling!!!!
M H (6 months ago)
good music !!!
Tekno Pathetic (6 months ago)
Looks very good, wish I backed it now!!
Aldiggy2000 (7 months ago)
Man the music is soo beautiful in this game
Ztech (1 month ago)
It reminds of me Bach....take a listen "Little" Fugue in G minor, Organ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddbxFi3-UO4
darkwzrd4 (3 months ago)
I seen a lot of people complaining about the music in other videos about this game. I guess they don't like classical music. Personally, I love it.
Dat soundtrack though
ReiGnJuste (8 months ago)
Castlevania for girls
Ieatpoopcorns mind you (26 days ago)
Your comment is 7 months ago but I still want to express how much of a close-minded try-hard lil' shit you're based on your remark, you imbecile.
El loco Jon Crazy (1 month ago)
ReiGnJuste Shanoa :U
Ben Sprague (1 month ago)
Castlevania always had female protagonists from Maria to Shanoa to Charlotte.
wiseguy240 Winston (1 month ago)
ReiGnJuste You're trying to hard to be an alpha.
ReiGnJuste Same way you say cooking is for girls? Nigga get out of here.
Argyris Pouggouras (8 months ago)
My two issues are 1) it seems too easy and 2) graphics look somewhat outdated. Maybe a better lighting could do the trick 'cause this game looks also too bright, especially for a place lit only by some candles on the wall.
Ninjaananas (1 month ago)
Marcos Danilo It will likely have a hard mode wich were actually significantly harder than normal in the later games.
Javi A secas (1 month ago)
V.C Games i think it looks good enough. Id like to see how it looks now
V.C Games (1 month ago)
graphics in castlevania is one of the most important things, this game looks simple, is missing its key feature, gameplay looks spot on which is good.
Javi A secas (1 month ago)
Maybe a demo isn't meant to be hard
Chad Collins (1 month ago)
SoTN definitely leaned on the harder side.
SuperBalder66 (8 months ago)
That boss theme... fuck me it's AWESOME
douap759 (8 months ago)
im not sure if getting items that easy is good for the gameplay..
Tekno Pathetic (6 months ago)
It's a demo
Yassel Ruiz (6 months ago)
is just for the demo dont worry!!!
LikezYou (6 months ago)
probably made it that way just to demo a lot of weapons
Nähwichtel Nähen (9 months ago)
only thing i dont like... is her lolita style
Salvio Silva (24 days ago)
Yeah i need to agree with you Nahwichtel
A Cosmic Castaway (1 month ago)
Carlos Barreto Não é preciso muito pra perceber a inconsistência. Apenas a teoria de cores aplicada à personagem se coloca em questionamento a direção tomada. Existe em tudo o que é audio-visual a técnica de esquema de cores, suas contrapartes e com isso suas intenções, mesmo que subjetivas. Eu nem perderia meu tempo fazendo análise apronfudade, pois não preciso comprovar que o futuro desse game é sim, preocupante, basta ver os milhares de depoimentos baseados única e exclusivamente no que estamos vendo nos gameplay e o que foi aplicado em Castlevania no passado. Konami não tem mais interesse ou capacidade há muito tempo, mas Iga também não. Ele mesmo já falou abertamentr em entrevista que o diretor anterior de SotN era muito superior a ele. Tanto que o que conhecemos do jogo, é legado desse diretor e de seu time, não de Iga. Jogadores frequentemente desconhecem isso e caem nessa de crer que um diretor salvará um game só por estar envolvido. Pode não ser um Castlevania, mas bebe fortemente da série, mas peca nesses detalhes básicos, que um bom planejamento de design já seria o bastante pra indireitar, porém, o formato de trabalho japonês é completamente diferente da metodologia ocidental. Então há pros e contras, mas por ser indie, eu esperava muito mais qualidade.
Carlos Barreto (1 month ago)
Você tem conhecimento de _concept?_ Se você tiver, por favor, disserte sobre o porque as cores da personagem destoa da mesma. Fora isto, independe de considerar como erro ou não, apontei que isto não era nenhuma novidade. E sim, reinventar é necessário. Do contrário, todo Castlevania seria um repeteco do primeiro. Por fim, o SotN é uma inspiração, e certamente não é a Única. Bloodstained não é mais um Castlevania, mas sim uma série nova e independente, mesmo sendo um "sucessor espiritual".
A Cosmic Castaway (1 month ago)
Carlos Barreto Tem a ver com character design e, sejamos francos, só quem tem conhecimento de concept vai se preocupar com isso. A linguagem das cores destoa completamente. Não é porque o remake de Rondo of Blood tem esse erro que se justifica. O original não é assim. Mas no final das contas, remete a atualidade, que ignora o passado e sempre argumenta a necessidade de se reinventar, mesmo que isso vá contra qualquer coisa já estabelecida como correta. O Iga não representa a maestria de SotN e ele mesmo sabe disso, porém os fãs preferem crer no improvâvel. Eu não acredito que esse será um jogo digno da série, embora Curse of the Moon o seja. Artisticamente esse Ritual of the Night está completamente disforme. Nitidamente inconsistente. Mas vai de cada um. Não apostaria minhas fichas, pois além de demorado, pouco foi atualizado.
Carlos Barreto (1 month ago)
0:36 - Preto, azul, branco e purpura. E alguns pequenos detalhes em dourado. A Maria do remake Rondo of Blood tem mais cores do que a original, tal como a Shanoa no Castlevania Judgement. Ter mais do que duas cores não faz o personagem carnavalesco. E não vejo em que parte isto destoa da premissa.
Erika Anne (10 months ago)
When this game finally launch on steam, for some unknown reason I'll get a flu and unfortunately will not be able to work, sorry boss xD.
RogueDragon05 (7 months ago)
You poor thing you.... sympathies... here's an elixir and whip sword to make you feel better.
Aldiggy2000 (7 months ago)
ooooh yeahhh!!!
Krystal Myth (10 months ago)
Camera is too far away from main character. I really really do not like this. It makes the game feel completely lacking in intimacy with the charscter. Compare this with Ecclesia, or sotn. The distant camera is a problem near walls where it wont pan with you because its so distant so it locks down and gives the game more of a megaman feel than the one were expecting. Im sire someone is going to shoot me down here but I just honestly think this is going to be a subtle problem for people when its time to play it.
Salvio Silva (24 days ago)
ZNemerald (1 month ago)
Just add zoom options and everyone is happy
Studio Maslar (2 months ago)
You’re right man I agree with you they need a dynamic camera.
ANTHONY (2 months ago)
No way
Mauricio Desiderio Filho (4 months ago)
the thing is, the DS titles were made for the little screen, so they were optimized for that hence the character being bigger, this choice makes sense.
Larry Lenz (1 year ago)
That background music it reminds me sooooo much of Lament of Innocence :):)
Justin (1 year ago)
definitely like it its got that sotn or aria of sorrow feel
Matheus Cruz (1 month ago)
Yuzuki-Ran Not Ecclesia, that mechanic is full Aria/Dawn.
Justin yeah its got SotN type music and the character resembles and feels like Shanoa from Eclessia
Yuzuki-Tan (8 months ago)
no its heavy ecclesia themed
Jack jorden (1 year ago)
Cool its for Windows as well
Dan S M (10 months ago)
Jack jorden the kickstarter hit like 50+ something stretch goals it was insane this game is going to be on everything
emmanuel contreras (1 year ago)
Wii u sure?
Dan S M (10 months ago)
theultimatepololo ya i got it on ps4 and ps vita
F Game Killer (1 year ago)
too bad
theultimatepololo (1 year ago)
Bad news: The wii U version has been cancelled, the switch will take its place having this game. A huge disappointment for me because it was the Wii U version the one that I want in the first place, anyway I think this gem will do a great favor to the PS Vita´s last year catalogue ;)
F Game Killer (1 year ago)
emmanuel contreras (1 year ago)
xbox One?
Sid Patil (1 year ago)
F Game Killer Wii U version is cancelled and is replaced by Switch
F Game Killer (1 year ago)
yea sure. The game will be developed for Steam (PC/Mac/Linux), GOG.com (PC/Mac/Linux), XBOX One, Playstation 4, Wii U, and PS Vita
Mojojojo Guzman (1 year ago)
nice game.

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