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Here The 10 Minutes Gameplay of Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. Enjoy and Please subscribe and like to support me
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Mya Yamaoka (4 days ago)
The music is shit! Is really annoying! I want gothic power like SotN or PS2 Castlevanias.
Studio Maslar (4 days ago)
...why is it so hard for someone to just give us what we want... more sotn...I was not 2.5 d. Why change that. It’s clear what people like and yet here I feel we’re getting something we didn’t ask for....it looks vaguely similar to sotn...the environments look terrible. If I had a chance to design a candle or a set of steps or a wall for a game like this I’d make it sick af not this boring uninspired crap... it’s so clean looking that it’s a couple pipes and blinking res lights away from being set in the future. I think the aesthetics are way off. I’ll definitely not be buying this until I see some reviews first looks like another mighty no. 9 in the making.
Tony Walthall (4 days ago)
Waiting on this .....................SOTN next gen reincarnation.
Fernando Bayron (6 days ago)
this is gonna be epic!!!
johnxxiiii (9 days ago)
João Paulo Silva (16 days ago)
Kinda shit
RP752000 (21 days ago)
Hoping there is patch to update the outfit to something less Cosplay !
Mya Yamaoka (27 days ago)
I want a male character...
Dark Artist 28 (1 month ago)
can't wait for this game
Lone Wolf (1 month ago)
This art style isn't as appealing as say, SotN, but the game looks great. The enviroment is really kinda bland, but overall this is really good. Just wish they kept a 2D Visual Style.
jeep m (1 month ago)
Music Invite sleepy
nikos23a (2 months ago)
Looks like castelvania sotn
Michael Campbell (2 months ago)
w. rand (1 month ago)
Michael Campbell try turning it off and then turning it back on again.
seraveegundam2032 (3 months ago)
Me wants now!!
wANi (3 months ago)
Looks kinda terrible. The artstyle of the monsters and environments are very poorly lit and the shading seems way off. Everything is a bit too "shiny". Not even the inventory looks ok. I'm genuinly concerned for Iga's legacy here.
787sever (3 months ago)
rather play SOTN? how much kickstarter $ did they get again ?
Blakkheim (4 months ago)
This game looks incredibly fantastic. The music and level design is reminiscent of SOTN. A new game that brings nostalgia is quite an achievement. I'll be getting this on the Nintendo Switch.
Jason & Cassandra Clark (4 months ago)
The environments look dead and stale. Im not sure how to explain it, lifeless? The character and enemies look out of place in them. This feels like a game with no soul. All I want is to love this game but im very skeptical.
Nicholas MB (25 days ago)
I agree. 3D graphics do that sometimes. its stale looking
Marcelo Castilho (4 months ago)
Gourgeos !!!!
Roby Hentz (4 months ago)
oooooohhhh this feeling!!!!
M H (4 months ago)
good music !!!
Tekno Pathetic (4 months ago)
Looks very good, wish I backed it now!!
Aldiggy2000 (5 months ago)
Man the music is soo beautiful in this game
darkwzrd4 (2 months ago)
I seen a lot of people complaining about the music in other videos about this game. I guess they don't like classical music. Personally, I love it.
Dat soundtrack though
ReiGnJuste (6 months ago)
Castlevania for girls
Lorenzo S (3 months ago)
ReiGnJuste hey, not just for girls, I'm a "real" man and I love this
Argyris Pouggouras (6 months ago)
My two issues are 1) it seems too easy and 2) graphics look somewhat outdated. Maybe a better lighting could do the trick 'cause this game looks also too bright, especially for a place lit only by some candles on the wall.
adamskie1980 (1 day ago)
I personally can't get why they can't come close to super castlevania 4
Lorenzo S (3 months ago)
Marcos Danilo me too, I have them all. And the 2 Iga ps2 games. And Harmony of Despair on ps3. And all the others. Not just a Igavania veteran but a master of the whole series.
Marcos Danilo (3 months ago)
i would say, OoE was HARDER than the other metroidvanias with the exception of circle. they were indeed much harder than the rest. but sure, aria or even Symphony is hard when you dont know where everything is. but like i said, they werent really hard games, they just had those moments of "oh crap im gonna die!". also, i dont like to say things like "im a veteran metroidvania player with thousands of hours" as if that would give me any more indepth, but the igavanias are probably my favorite sub genre of games. and i dont mean the "metroidvanias" that are just metroid clones, or the plataformers with jump puzzles for 95% of the game. but the true metroidvanias. have lost count of how many times i replayed them.
Lorenzo S (3 months ago)
Marcos Danilo I hope you're speaking from experience cuz Order of Eclessia WAS hard. Don't lie if you didn't play it. Also Circle of the Moon was hard, bet you didn't beat that, and come to think of it Aria was hard too
Marcos Danilo (5 months ago)
1) maybe, we wont know until it comes out, but this type of games were never hard, none of the igavania games were hard, but they all had moments of "oh crap i dont wanna die", so i kinda disagree with you. 2)the graphics are good enough, this is not a AAA game, so their budget is very limited, better to focus on better gameplay than better graphics in this case. and in the case of it being underwhelming, just mod it, there's no doubt there will be one of those lightning enhancements soon after release anyway.
SuperBalder66 (6 months ago)
That boss theme... fuck me it's AWESOME
douap759 (6 months ago)
im not sure if getting items that easy is good for the gameplay..
Tekno Pathetic (4 months ago)
It's a demo
Yassel Ruiz (4 months ago)
is just for the demo dont worry!!!
LikezYou (4 months ago)
probably made it that way just to demo a lot of weapons
Mitzos SirReal (6 months ago)
nice clickbait on that thumbnail asshole
Nähwichtel Nähen (7 months ago)
only thing i dont like... is her lolita style
Erika Anne (8 months ago)
When this game finally launch on steam, for some unknown reason I'll get a flu and unfortunately will not be able to work, sorry boss xD.
RogueDragon05 (5 months ago)
You poor thing you.... sympathies... here's an elixir and whip sword to make you feel better.
Aldiggy2000 (5 months ago)
ooooh yeahhh!!!
Krystal Myth (8 months ago)
Camera is too far away from main character. I really really do not like this. It makes the game feel completely lacking in intimacy with the charscter. Compare this with Ecclesia, or sotn. The distant camera is a problem near walls where it wont pan with you because its so distant so it locks down and gives the game more of a megaman feel than the one were expecting. Im sire someone is going to shoot me down here but I just honestly think this is going to be a subtle problem for people when its time to play it.
Studio Maslar (4 days ago)
You’re right man I agree with you they need a dynamic camera.
ANTHONY (18 days ago)
No way
Mauricio Desiderio Filho (2 months ago)
the thing is, the DS titles were made for the little screen, so they were optimized for that hence the character being bigger, this choice makes sense.
Tekno Pathetic (4 months ago)
Having the camera moved out was a smart decision the later Castlevania games used, it allows for more freedom and lets you see attacks coming ahead of time. What a lame complaint.
Mitzos SirReal (6 months ago)
@Krystal the only thing i have to say is that i totally disagree with everything u said... ^^
Larry Lenz (10 months ago)
That background music it reminds me sooooo much of Lament of Innocence :):)
Justin (10 months ago)
definitely like it its got that sotn or aria of sorrow feel
Lorenzo S (3 months ago)
Justin yeah its got SotN type music and the character resembles and feels like Shanoa from Eclessia
Yuzuki-Tan (6 months ago)
no its heavy ecclesia themed
Jack jorden (10 months ago)
Cool its for Windows as well
Dan S M (9 months ago)
Jack jorden the kickstarter hit like 50+ something stretch goals it was insane this game is going to be on everything
emmanuel contreras (10 months ago)
Wii u sure?
Dan S M (9 months ago)
theultimatepololo ya i got it on ps4 and ps vita
F Game Killer (10 months ago)
too bad
theultimatepololo (10 months ago)
Bad news: The wii U version has been cancelled, the switch will take its place having this game. A huge disappointment for me because it was the Wii U version the one that I want in the first place, anyway I think this gem will do a great favor to the PS Vita´s last year catalogue ;)
F Game Killer (10 months ago)
emmanuel contreras (10 months ago)
xbox One?
Sid Patil (10 months ago)
F Game Killer Wii U version is cancelled and is replaced by Switch
F Game Killer (10 months ago)
yea sure. The game will be developed for Steam (PC/Mac/Linux), GOG.com (PC/Mac/Linux), XBOX One, Playstation 4, Wii U, and PS Vita
Mojojojo Guzman (11 months ago)
nice game.

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