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10 best Buffy episodes of all time

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After Buffy (the character) celebrated her 35th birthday in 2016, this March marks 20 years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered in the US, and viewers were introduced to the Hellmouth and the Scooby Gang for the first time. We know it’s tough to binge a run of 144 episodes back-to-back so, to mark the 20th anniversary, we’ve whittled them down to 10 of the very best.
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Lights,Camera, Kate (15 days ago)
This is awesome what is your favorite season or episode if you see this comment replay. I LOVE what's My Line pt2 and what was it, oh HALLOWEEN!!! My favorite season is I don't know 2 or 3?
Mark Daly (16 days ago)
its been a while since I watched an episode of this series.....
Mark Daly (16 days ago)
i watched buffy the vampire slayer from the start but i think that the show ran out of steam towards the end of its run.
Berry S. (19 days ago)
I don't know why nobody talk about Restless, it's the best episode for me !
Frey Seagrove-Nelson (21 days ago)
I love "Selfless" (S07E05). I don't think it gets the recognition it deserves.
WyllowWynd Storelli (26 days ago)
Great list! I am in community theater and I still think of Willow's face in "Once More With Feeling" anytime I need to cry onstage!
Max Ride (29 days ago)
I would put Schooled from season 7.
Juzu Juzu (1 month ago)
Pretty accurate list. However I think Gift has some problems. Its great if you understand the metaphysical aspects, that Dawn is Buffy's innocence as Ben is Glory's etc. But if you dont understand this, you are looking at slayer who is willing to risk the world to save her sister, and choosing herself as sacrifice while letting all her friends to live with the consequences of having no slayer to defend them etc. you know what I mean. Also I think Once more with feeling should be number one. However it depends how we measure. Once more with feeling, The Body and Hush could be in any order. But for a fan of this show I think Once more with feeling is the best.
J. Sykes (1 month ago)
You really can't nail the show down to 10 episodes. Whedon is too creative for that.
rahul reddy (2 months ago)
The Body Once More, with Feeling Becoming, parts 1&2 Restless Hush The Zeppo The Gift Suprise / Innocence The Wish Conversations with the Dead People Passion Graduation Day, parts 1&2 Prophecy Girl Tabula Rasa Normal Again Halloween Seeing Red Storyteller Fool for Love Earshot Something Blue I only have Eyes for you Doppelgangland
Amber Dawn (2 months ago)
Last time I binge watched Buffy I had to watch Once More With Feeling again the next day, it was too good.
crystal L. (3 months ago)
Im super late but my list would be 10. prophecy girl 9. the bargaining (parts 1&2) 8.Touched 7. passion 6.lie to me 5. beneath you (loved spike in this one) 4.chosen 3. the gift 2.lovers walk and hush 1. the body bonus: conversations with dead people, and school hard (hated to leave these out) and potential
stéphanie lorraine (4 months ago)
Im so agree with this top BUT my favs are 2x18 and 3x12 ❤️😘😍 but this show is amazing my lord so manyyy amazing épisodes
Josey Blanche (4 months ago)
Her name is Sarah Michelle Gellar, not Sarah McLachlan
Blake Virtonis (4 months ago)
The wish? I think it's the best episode ever and lots of people agree!
Stone Celtden (5 months ago)
the hardest thing in this world is live in it 0 Buffy was quoting Spike
Vörös Àdàm (5 months ago)
S01E12 Prophecy Girl??
Lillian Graham (5 months ago)
gingerbread ,amends,and fool for love and superstar (might be a little under appreciated but is still stands well enough
Muxamoose 101 (5 months ago)
My favourite has got to be the Halloween episode or the one where everyone is in love with Zander
Fauxindigo (7 months ago)
missing Restless, Who Are You? & Earshot
Camden Toy (7 months ago)
Same Time, Same Place?
Michael Schweigart (7 months ago)
I LOVE BUFFY!!! I love you too Willow
ChanCeNecK (9 months ago)
That Scottish is an ointment to my ears
Michael Rooney (9 months ago)
Unfortunately, both Anne and Ted were kept out of this top 10. :(
wurstgitarre (9 months ago)
Buffy is and always will be the best show ever. Good list, I also really like the fact that you included "Passion", which has always been one of my favourites. So tragic, but still so beautiful, I always have to cry when I watch this episode.
iclary (9 months ago)
i thought i was the only one who sang rest in peace in the shower
Cheyenne Lubach (11 months ago)
Wrecked should be on there
Brent Pilgrim (11 months ago)
I loved this show so much...I really want Naomi scott to be the new buffy or at least her daughter in a reboot or remake
Kennith Veillon (11 months ago)
Guess there're aren't any Spike fans out there because I would have to put S5 E7 Fool for Love and S7 E17 Lies My Parents Told Me on there some ware.
Humaira Ahmed (7 months ago)
Kennith Veillon It's ridiculous how Bangel-biased this list is. I'm not just saying that because there are a bunch of episodes with Angel in them- I actually like him (especially with Cordy). The issue I have is that they clearly put the Buffy/Angel relationship arc above actual good episodes and airbrushed over "Spike's noble sacrifice", just about mentioning it. As an actor I'd say James Marsters was exceptional and he challenged everything the show had laid out as fact prior to his inclusion in the main cast by making us sympathetic to a soulless vampire, whether we liked him with Buffy or not. School Hard, although not as acclaimed as some of the episodes mentioned in this comments section, had heavy reliance on subtext and metaphor, making it a very rewatchable episode with a different meaning upon each viewing. I'm not saying it's a Top 10 but if you're going to include somewhat unimportant (though is any Buffy episode (barring I Robot, You Jane and Go Fish) unimportant?) Angel-centric episodes, at least pretend not to be skewed.
XViper (11 months ago)
S3 E22 The Best By Far For Me
Ron VanBuskirk (11 months ago)
Once more with feeling should of been higher on the list and "Seeing Red" did make the cut? The death of Tara should of been #1 or #2 on your list.
Big Terminator (11 months ago)
All those episodes are terrific but I think the following episodes coukd have made the list. Tabula Rasa (S06E08) Band Candy (S03E06) Conversations With Dead People (S07E07) The Wish (S03E09)
sarah coz (11 months ago)
Lovers walk and the wish should be in there
FaithnSin (11 months ago)
Not enough Faith. And, fwiw, I LOATHE One More With Feeling. Js.
j jay gullx (11 months ago)
have you been spying on me in the shower ahaha
SMALL Mancini (1 year ago)
I love the episode "the puppet show"
Jorge Capiz (1 year ago)
What about The Wish and Seeing Red?
Fear061 (1 year ago)
"i only have eyes for you" sadie hawkins dance episode when Angeles is bad..all day
altheaadriana (1 year ago)
any list that doesn't include Fool for Love isn't a real list
buffysummers18181818 (1 year ago)
U nforgettable tv show
Manuel Sacha (1 year ago)
Sooooo... 1) the best episodes are a bunch of season endings and early stuff about Angel; 2) "Conversations with dead people", "Tabula rasa", "Helpless", "Lovers Walk", "The Zeppo", "The Wish" and "Doppelgangland" are nowhere to be seen in the top 10; 3) ...and "Once more with feeling" is not on the podium with "Hush" and "The body"? *I'd like to test that theory.*
iih (1 year ago)
I love the episode The Gift but that would have been an awful series finale.
Renee Alcantara (1 year ago)
Haha, I actually did sing Rest in Peace in the shower the other day!
Robin Ruby (1 year ago)
Lluvia Selenita (1 year ago)
it's hard to add an episode to this list because it's pretty well done to me but I would change "the gift" for "restless". I know "the gift" is considered one of the bes episodes and I love it too, but if I have to change one, that will be it. "Restless" is an amazing episode, it's all based in the dreams of Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles and it shows their minds deep inside, we can actually feel how complex they are in that episode. Also, I think Joss works great the dreams, all the confusion, the fear, the revelations... He doea it great every time we see a drem and this episode is all dreming and we get to see not only Buffy's mind but also the others, and they're all conected. I just love it, it would be my top 1 if it weren't for "the body". I agree with all the rest, not with the order but they're all in my top 10.
l.xtasy (1 year ago)
great video about one of the greatest shows of all times. love the commentary....sob, go giles, and this happens with aboslutely no emotions :D just perfect
Lauren Marceline (1 year ago)
Tabula Rasa and Conversations With Dead People should be on this list!
pwmxxx (1 year ago)
Trouble is its hard to pick a top ten when their are so many excellent episodes.
saar144 (1 year ago)
what the heck, here is my Top 10 Angel episodes: 10. I Will Remember You 9. Untouched 8. Reprise 7. Soulless 6. Home 5. Darla 4. Reunion 3. Are You Now or Have You Ever Been 2. You're Welcome 1. Five by Five/Sanctuary (Yes, Season 2 rulezzz)
saar144 (1 year ago)
Hate me, but I don't like Grave very much. The fight between Willow and Giles is meh, and Anya, Spike and Dawn (and even Buffy to some extent) are completely unnecessary in the episode.
saar144 (1 year ago)
My Top 10: 10. Conversations With Dead People 9. The Body 8. Passion 7. Hush 6. This Year's Girl / Who Are You 5. I Only Have Eyes For You 4. Restless 3. OMWF 2. Becoming (part 1 and 2) 1. The Gift (Honorable mentions: Fool For Love, Chosen, The Wish, Surprise/Innocence)
Lluvia Selenita (1 year ago)
saar144 I like your top 10. I don'f agree but you mention really good episodes.
russell5078084 (1 year ago)
my favorite was when she used the rocket launcher.
Alexander Antonin (1 year ago)
RE #7 = That's a hell of a hickey!
Casey Roxbee (1 year ago)
Nah mate
Rezarta Collaku (1 year ago)
if the show didnt finish they'd have now monsters steeling our Smartphones
sagefoole (1 year ago)
I rank The Gentlemen right up there with The Silence or The Weeping Angels. "Once More With Feeling" was an awesome episode on so many levels; brilliant acting and the showcasing of other talents just for starters. I cried like a little girl who lost her Hello Kitty lightsaber when I saw "The Body."
Verbalinkontinenz (1 year ago)
good picks rly, even though the musical episode is my nr.1, and all just because "i was in heavon..." and the face of willow then. for me tbh in the beginning a little bit of too much angel :P *spikefangirl
Devilock07 (1 year ago)
"Beneath You," not because the episode's worm-beast is that great, but just because Spike is so amazing in that episode. The church scene where Buffy realizes Spike has his soul, then he drapes over the cross and sizzles... goddammit that is one of my all time favorite scenes.
Humaira Ahmed (7 months ago)
saar144 But that final scene made it all bearable for me.
saar144 (1 year ago)
Really, I found him (and Anya too) insufferable in that episode. And the episode itself is below par.
Stephen Behnfeldt (1 year ago)
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered? Really? Nothing? Not in the video, nothing in the comments? Really? Shoot.
Humaira Ahmed (7 months ago)
Stephen Behnfeldt As much as I like the episode, I feel icky about the fact that Xander was thanked by Buffy for not essentially RAPING her... 🤢
Amanda Franklin (1 year ago)
Basically you could do one list for mostly dramatic episodes, and another for comedic ones, is what I'm getting from the comments. We could have "Superstar" that way, for instance.
KitschyTravels (1 year ago)
Hush is the best
Kaidus4ce (1 year ago)
You already covered my top 2 favorites: "Hush" & "Once More with Feeling".
rolanddarktower1 (1 year ago)
Lover's Walk. Spike's only episode in season 3
Humaira Ahmed (1 year ago)
Did she say "plush Mr Pointy"? Mr. Pointy is a STAKE, which is not very safe to cuddle with, which is what she's implying. MR GORDO is Buffy's stuffed animal! Personally, my favourites are "Once More with Feeling" (of course), "The Body", "Hush", "Normal Again", "The Gift" and, my guilty pleasure, "School Hard". (That's mainly because of beautiful Spike and his shitty rendition of an East London accent.)
nocolopa28 (1 year ago)
I really like Dopplegangland, Something Blue, and Prophesy Girl. Buffy has so many great episodes it's really hard to choose only 10 and call them "the best" ones.
Oliver Worthington (1 year ago)
Can I just say thanks for only touching on The Body? Saw it as a kid, and I still cry about it.
ShutterbugF (1 year ago)
first top 10 buffy that got closed to right. especially with listing the body as number one. Unfortunately its an episode I can not watch more than once every few years. Hits the nail on the head for me as my mother also died suddenly of a brain aneurysm and the heart wrenching pain is so real that I literally choke on it as I watch the episode while tearing open my own personal scars for days later as it transforms me from a capable adult in her 30's to that 14 year old girl trying to understand how she will never see her mother ever again.
Lluvia Selenita (1 year ago)
ShutterbugF Wow, it must be really hard for you. My mom died too, 3 years ago now. I was an adult but I felt like a child. I watch this episode few days after because I felt that only that way I could feel understood. Anya's words described my feeling so good... But my mom died of cancer and we were expecting it. I can't imagine how horrible it is for you. My condolences, truely.
tigerbread78 (1 year ago)
Any episode with Dawn in it should be excluded from the list, I hate that kid.
BlancheNeigefan (4 months ago)
Obligatory Dawn appreciation post. She's the best.
J- g ! (1 year ago)
tigerbread78 the mindfucking plotwist when she appears out of nowhere in that dracula episode Tought
tjt072 (1 year ago)
"I only have eyes for you"
Ira Novianti (1 year ago)
man watching this brought me to tears at times, and so nostalgic.
John Johnson (1 year ago)
Buffy may not be the most consistent of great shows. But other than perhaps of The Sopranos, I can't think of a drama that delivered so many still memorable, brilliant or semi brilliant episodes. Don't really love the list though (not a big fan of either season 6 or 7's finales). For right now my list is: 1. Becoming 2. The Body 3. Innocence 4. The Gift 5. Hush 6. Once More With Feeling 7. Passion 8. Dopplegangland 9. Earshot 10. Helpless
Magically Delicious (1 year ago)
Fool for love. "Death is on your heels baby..."
Warren Day (1 year ago)
INTERVENTION 5-18 is my favourite episode, the last of the mistaken-identity comedy-of-errors. It used to be Doppelgangland 3-16, the first of this type. So my favs by frequency watched are: Intervention, The Body (also same DVD), Earshot, Restless, OnceMWF, Lessons (7-1), Doppelgangland, Normal Again, ConversationsWDP, Hush.
04nbod (1 year ago)
I find the gimmicky episodes just that, gimmicky and probably would have switched the bottom 5 with the top 5. Its so much easier to have an idea and execute it in 40 minutes (no incidental music, no dialogue, everyone singes etc) than to build and pay off an arc like they did in season 2. Season 2 made Buffy a phenomenon and that is why Becoming, that caps it off in 90 minutes of sheer perfection is better than any gimmick that they could throw at us.
Lobo S-C-F (1 year ago)
The Pack, The zeppo, Halloween...
Norma Wallace (1 year ago)
If 20 years is a great anniversary, WHY is Netflix taking them off ??
Rowynne Crowley (1 year ago)
Was I hearing things, or was that Angel giving the Becoming speech? The version I have is Whistler. Crazy.
Nate W (1 year ago)
very good list.....that one fourth from the end of Season 5, where Tara loses her mind and Willow goes ballistic and Glory finds out Dawn is the key, is a favorite....and of course the pair of episodes where Faith and Buffy switch bodies is a great one (if pairing is acceptable)
geekista (1 year ago)
How is "Normal Again" not in this list ? this is THE episode that makes us question the entire show ! Plus, I am the only one who actually didn't like the musical ? Honestly, it is awful ! Can you say I am not a fan of musicals loool
Lluvia Selenita (1 year ago)
geekista okay, I like normal again but probably it's not on fhe list for that reason (it questions the whole series) plus it's not coherent: when Buffy saw the first vampire shw did not go to an institution, she went back home and told her mom she was late because of Tayler, her boyfriend at that time, she never freak out about it and Joyce was not that stupid to forget that when the cat came out of the hat. About the musical, I didn't like it eather at first for the same reason as you: I wasn't a fan of musicals, but then I learnt that Joss did it all by himself, he wrote it, he composed the music... everything. I gave it a chance again with a new perspective, with no judgment for it being a musical, and then I start seing the beauty in it. The songs are great, really, and what they express is truely deep (like Xander and Anya's fears for the wedding or Buffy's depression). And it's very realistic to be a musical. I love how it shows that everyone in town is singing and dancing, and people get surprised when they start to sing. Also we can see the hand of Joss playing with our beloved characters (methaforicly talking). I thin k is very well done, a master piece, actually.
sfer1 (1 year ago)
Worst selection ever.
mcamara87 (1 year ago)
my top 3 are the body, hush and conversations with dead people.
Henok Berhe (1 year ago)
You nailed this list
Alexander Graetzer (1 year ago)
No Restless? No Conversations with dead people? Selfless?
heidi lindemann (1 year ago)
4.22 Restless is one of my favorites
matthew mann (1 year ago)
Most brought various things to the table even the early Season One Episode
Gamer Max (1 year ago)
I always felt their was something wrong with angleoss. He wasn't the cold vampire that turned drew insane, or killed holts family for lol's are followed darla all around europe on a lovers rampage. He had more then a few chances to turn buffy into a vampire. Either some part of angles souls didn't fully leave and he never totally reverted back, or the lack of darla didn't drive him to the levels that he should have gone. Also why didn't he killed willow and zander when he had the chance. It kinda of killed the season for me. He wasn't the bad guy I hoped he be. I couldn't stand that boring music episode, I have never fully watched it through and every time I hit in on my dvd set, I hit the skip to next episode button, worthless boring episode. I would have taken off the music episode and added the episode where buffy is nearly killed by a random vampire, and spends the rest of the time talking with spike at how he killed the two slayers he killed. It took what normally would be your average episode I'd forget in a week to a oh crap moment that has stuck with me for a long time.
Alexander Jakubsen (1 year ago)
Good list. I mostly agree with you.
E Reynolds (1 year ago)
I can't remember the name of the episode but the one where the apocalypse is happening in the background but you follow xander around.
Humaira Ahmed (7 months ago)
E Reynolds The Zeppo.
Gonk (1 year ago)
Whoa whoa whoa no Halloween episode? where they go to the costume shop and whatever they put on they become...that was one of the best episodes WTF....
Jemima TheKitten (1 year ago)
I know right
Marta Aníta (1 year ago)
I thought ‘the Body’ was boring, sad yes but still boring.
Jemima TheKitten (1 year ago)
Thought the EXACT same thing!
Renée Camus (1 year ago)
My list is completely different! I only have one season finale, and it's not one of the many you included. :) I wrote about it here: http://www.lamag.com/culturefiles/10-reasons-why-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-still-slays/
ohhepburns (1 year ago)
PotterheadGeeK7 (1 year ago)
Instead of Grave and Chosen I would have put Earshot and Normal Again. :) But apart from that, I'm quite happy with this list. I love that you included Passion! It's too often overlooked.
SaudiWoman (1 year ago)
Restless is my all time favorite BtVS episode and I also ADORE the Zeppo because Xander is my favorite character
Lluvia Selenita (1 year ago)
SosaLola welcome to the "restelss" team, haha
elliest 55 (1 year ago)
Possibly unpopular opinion, but I LOVE "Bargaining pt 1&2" as well as the follow-up "After Life" more than the end of season 5, which is why I am one of those who think that season 6 was absolutely worth it (along with the great finale, which aside from the Dark Willow story had Buffy climbing out of the grave finally choosing life).
RM 98 (1 year ago)
I always like Zeppo personally. Xander comes across as a little less pathetic and it's just a blast to watch.
SaudiWoman (1 year ago)
The Zeppo is awesome, love how the A plot becomes the B plot and the way the show mocks itself which works well with Xander's POV - show also uses Xander as the unreliable narrator
claireice (1 year ago)
Fool for Love & Something Blue should have been on this, and I disagree with the order on some of these, but overall I like this.
Giuliano Araújo (1 year ago)
The Holy Trinity of the Buffyverse: Hush, The body and Once More With Feeling
Juzu Juzu (1 month ago)
Buffy killing herself was selfish compared to go on as hero. Also risking the world to save her sister was not heroic. On the surface level I mean. In the metaphysical level of this show it was perfect ending. And if that would have been the finale, then I think more people would be forced to figure out what the finale really meant. Prophecy girl is great, but it suffers cos season one still was done with small budget and didnt have all the amazing staff that BTVS got in season two.
Alan Robson (1 year ago)
Mande Loo so wrong.
Mande Loo (1 year ago)
I didn't like Once More With Feeling it was annoying and shitty
04nbod (1 year ago)
Sacrifice is the song! Yes, The Gift. Those three episodes are the pillars of what Buffy is all about
saar144 (1 year ago)
*gasp* You mean The Gift, not Sacrifice. And I agree, nothing can compare to The Gift and Becoming, not even the musical.
K SIN (1 year ago)

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