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Fortnite Rocket Launch - Season 4

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Watch the one-time in game event for Fortnite Season 4 as the Rocket takes off and heads for Tilted Towers...only to be intercepted? Subscribe to GR+ here: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1
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Text Comments (345)
Nick Calderon (13 hours ago)
Okay serious talk here. The next time someone says that a specific structure is going to get destroyed in Fortnite than something like this will happen.
Kemo Cone (1 day ago)
this rocket was made by omega and this is his base the rocket is in his base i am not joking
kalvyn havenhill (1 day ago)
that was the coolest shit ive ever seen
Arek Adamski (2 days ago)
boi (2 days ago)
Man season 4 was so good
Rip X (3 days ago)
kitler (3 days ago)
That crincling gave me asmr vibes
Fernando Mendez (3 days ago)
Guys, if you look and examine it, the rocket part fell into Anarchy, the rocket came back on top of Moisty, and disappeared at that mountain, came back, again, in Loot Lake, that are all the parts of the map that changed, except Loot, which might change. I’m just saying that if we looked closer, we would’ve predicted which places might change!
sp00ky (3 days ago)
As much as I don't like fortnite I gotta admit this was pretty cool
PLS DEPOSIT 5 COINS (3 days ago)
Thank you so much for viewing this because in the round i was in people were camping the rocket spots and i died
kitty gamer (3 days ago)
Season 5 is awesome
Arek Adamski (4 days ago)
Gaige Not Gage (4 days ago)
Dude, that SOUND DESIGN tho. That's some high quality stuff right there
Jason Thomas (4 days ago)
noir the voice said area scanned
BERRY KING (6 days ago)
What are those horn sound after each explosion
Hans Moser (7 days ago)
It's funny that people are trying to come up with all these crazy theories about the rocket and the Fortnite world. There is no story or bigger picture. Shit like this rocket and the meteor only happen because of all the extra hype and buzz it creates for the game. When rumors about tilted being destroyed started Epic just ran with it and decided to build up the mystery about if it would actually be destroyed or not. They saw all the thousands of FNAF theory videos and decided they wanted just as many idiotic theory videos about their game. I seriously doubt they have some epic grand scale story they want to tell. If they did they'd release save the world for free and update/continue its story. All these stunts are just hype building events to draw in more people and get more media attention, which is really obvious, which is why I think its strange people try and come up with all these complex theories about whats happening in the "immersive" and "exciting" Fortnite universe.
Daily K Games (7 days ago)
The first time I saw the thing the rocket made I thought I cracked my phone 😂😂
TheQjad135 (7 days ago)
Lol bet everyone got hyped that night the rocket would destroy Titled just like the Meteor was meant to but psyche 😂
Da wae Man (8 days ago)
“Zero point occilator on Setting coordinates Engaging multi fueled accelerator” Were they actually GOING somewhere beyond the map or was it just a tactical nuke....going somewhere 😐 Also.......who was speaking?
Da wae Man (8 days ago)
I think that later on in the seasons, we’ll see the rocket crashed
Vicki Neisler (8 days ago)
Wait does Thant mean tilted towers is being protected
Jaime Vazquez (8 days ago)
Best view
Mikey The ninga (9 days ago)
Season 5 is here
Yanki Chaser (9 days ago)
Konrad Angry (9 days ago)
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
Mega Zero (9 days ago)
Season 5 They begin there journey
SiamVlogsAndMore 2.0 (10 days ago)
Season 5 drops today
Mavistic (10 days ago)
SpaceX on LSD
Fortnite Fan Killa Fam (10 days ago)
It was originally set coordinates for titled towers but a time portal reversed it which made it crazy
Wizard Engie (10 days ago)
Every game has a 4th wall... The rocket broke the 4th wall
RedAsphyxZero (10 days ago)
The noise from the rocket was the same when you call the number from the agent by the durr burger in California.
Dirtie 100 (10 days ago)
Earth is flat confirmed
ChaoticShark (10 days ago)
Coincidence? I THINK NOT
MegaRayquaza319 (10 days ago)
Can't believe I missed this but thanks for the great view
quack duck (10 days ago)
I saw it launch it was really cool when I was playing a match I saw the rocket launch
zacqonos (10 days ago)
hmmm ok, so here's how I see it. they try to launch the rocket into tilted towers but suddenly, *something* makes some sort of portal to launch them away from tilted towers. after alot of portaling and flying, they finally get sent to the sky where something may have made it mess up and go to space where a "world barrier" was to separate the main fortnite world from something else, it cracks open and things from the other world are sent in. most of this is inference from the fact season 5 has something to do with worlds collide
cbuckou01 seems like everything and everyone wants to destroy tilted but tilted won't give up. Tilted will be standing when there map is covered in lava in 2050
cbuckou01 hmmm that is a pretty nice one
cbuckou01 (8 days ago)
I have a theory too, you know those red lines coming from the rocket when it was about too hit Titled but changed its direction, I thing it was pointing at four different locations, those locations are Anarchy, Moisty, Soccer stadium, and a mountain, all of those locations, they changed in season 5! It's a small theory, I hope you liked it.
I know no one else thinks this is real but there is a huge chance you are right
Jan Molist Diaz (10 days ago)
Can we say that this is a SPACE BENDER? you know, because it bends space... ha ha forget it
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
Please leave.
Anime Lover (10 days ago)
I missed it 😣😣😢😭 Also I like how Fortnite is like a Live Action story kind of game, well as being a shooting game where you survive. It's a great idea for a game
DeWafflez (10 days ago)
is it just me or is that blue white thing over the world getting bigger everyday
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
it's getting bigger
SugaredWord53 (11 days ago)
I missed it because there birthday party 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Solomon Dixon (11 days ago)
Thanos snapped his fingers
Fear Galaxi (11 days ago)
I wasnt there to witness this but that escalated quickly
G-Man (11 days ago)
Fortnite and its fanbase is filled with 8 year olds crying that they didn’t see it. Was it past their bedtime? Oh and I personally hate Fortnite *salty fans incoming*
MakaveliCityRecords (11 days ago)
I think this rocket is travveling through dimensions🤗
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
oh, it is
LeGecko1 (11 days ago)
Epic has been teasing the destruction of tilted tower for months now.
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
then dusty depot was destroyed, anarchy acres was replaced, and moisty mire turned into a *fucking desert.*
Steve Fasoranti (11 days ago)
Yo its cracking everytime you play
DJ Jarnich (11 days ago)
Bella Taylor (11 days ago)
can’t believe i missed this
TheGamingCookie (11 days ago)
0:58 I think I have made out what the speech is: Omen: 000715 Visitor: Setting Coordinates... Omen: Do you know what happened to the accelerator?
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
close. "Zero point oscillator on. Setting coordinates. Engaging multi fueled accelerator."
Nicholas DeBeaux (11 days ago)
Ok how I think the government turned on omega and them and built a dome because a meteor came through but not a rocket
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
there's no dome.
Lion .L (11 days ago)
i have a nice vid about rocket launch
StijnDark (11 days ago)
may i take this for my fortnite film?
wolfloader SSW (11 days ago)
Fornite is in a snowglobe and there rocket 🚀 shattered the top
Fortnite Today (11 days ago)
This is a really cool event. Don't remember anything like this where a coordinated event modified everyone instances at the same time and permanently affecting the world. <3 https://www.fortnite-pro-ranking.com
Jeberjahn Aznar (11 days ago)
i missed it
Percy Prescott (11 days ago)
I think the visitor skin is controlling it
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
the visitor modified it to fly through time and space
Sl0wreacti0ngamez 360 (12 days ago)
Guess what? Go to California and the dessert their has the Durr burger IN REAL LIFE! you know how it was gone from the map? ITS IN REAL LIFE NOW!
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
You just subscribed in the wrong neighborhood, lmao it's not a lie. it used to be there but now season 5 is here and they moved it.
Well I have found a lying 2 year old on YouTube
Wendell Cabrera (12 days ago)
Da wae Man (8 days ago)
Pokémon Trainer (9 days ago)
lil defaulty boi (11 days ago)
Wendell Cabrera fucking scam
Project: DarkStorm (12 days ago)
Looks like the tomorrowland scene
So that’s what that was. I looked at the sky and saw the rip and I was like,” wth is that??”
ElectricalPlayzYT (12 days ago)
It’s obvious what is happening. This rocket is somehow ripping holes in reality itself. It is then traveling through these holes in the video.
Neil Steenkiste (12 days ago)
I wish I got to see it live, my parents decided to go to the shops on the way home and then I missing it by half an hour! :( D:<
BigFella5924 PS4 (12 days ago)
Say goodbye to moisty ,lonely, and motel
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
actually, it's only say goodbye to moisty and anarchy now.
TheExoLegendarys (12 days ago)
"Zero Oxygen Levels"
Tide Pod (12 days ago)
Look closely, it’s a portal
liam the unicorn (12 days ago)
If you listen closely Onega and visitor release all the people but the dont move at the end omega and visitor die
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
wait what
Rami Ramadan (12 days ago)
I think the border might break Edit:I know the border is just a wall but hey it's just my opinion
Lil Chicky (13 days ago)
Where’s thanos when u need em
Mortisedlemur88 (13 days ago)
I hear 025 setting coordinates when the rocket is in the sky before it drops down on tilted
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
it says, "Zero point oscillator on. Setting coordinates. Engaging multi fueled accelerators."
MondayOnFriday (13 days ago)
can someone check out my first vid, i want to get criticism (fortnite)
Kelley Brodsky (13 days ago)
Kelley Brodsky scam
LackingPotatoes (12 days ago)
Kelley Brodsky stfu
luuulu risharsin (13 days ago)
Looks like appolo launches
FNAF ManGames (13 days ago)
I feel like Doctor Who has something to do with this
04ra (13 days ago)
how do i get this in game?
Spaceman 1256 (13 days ago)
04ra it happened at 1 am, you can't repeat it.
CleanAndDistorted (13 days ago)
so awesome
Idlywild Official (13 days ago)
Havent seen anyone say anything about it yet, so what about all of the larger (all ive seen are metal) structures that are being pulled out of place by the crack? It's like a magnet and when you walk by some things there is an eerie sound that matches the crack sound, and a blue haze (and I wanna say theyre shaking in place) I noticed it first at the giant tomato, and by now the tomato is completely displaced as well as several other things. Idk I dont really have anything on it, just thought I'd say something because its definitely not irrelevant
thecanadianguy 1423 (14 days ago)
I wonder what it said
Mr. Yeet Man (14 days ago)
PepperRB (14 days ago)
we are probably going to end up with the season 1 map for season 5
Noir (14 days ago)
0:58 , what that voice said?
Moussab Sebbahi (7 days ago)
your mom gay
An Alien (10 days ago)
Stellar that’s some sciencey speaking
Noir (13 days ago)
RandomMask, me too
Noir (13 days ago)
Stellar, thanks
Stellar (13 days ago)
Zero point occilator on Setting coordinates Engaging multi fueled accelerator
Dominik Fulop (14 days ago)
There's no "dome", the rocket targeted tilted (what a surprise), and just before the point of impact a certain sequence of events (maybe velocity) triggered an anomaly which bent the fabric of space and possibly time, thus the rocket bounced around. It made those cracks in the fabric of space perhaps, creating anomalies around the whole map. That is my theory.
Ahmed Hamza (1 day ago)
You are right man! There are many of those in the map!
Ryan Ramd (12 days ago)
Like durr burger.... The rocket is now transported out of the game and into the real world while the carriage and anchor that appeared in the game are from the real world.
Dominik Fulop (12 days ago)
Yes you are right, I was indeed referring to some kind of time traveling or cross-dimensional traveling, but i guess well see in 3 days :D
sulfuric acid (12 days ago)
What if it's some higher being trying to protect tilted? Or Just the map in general. Or what if "by velocity" as you said it's time travelling. And Like the things disappearing could be time travelling to the past where they weren't built yet. Like the Tomato head.
Spaceman 1256 (13 days ago)
Dominik Fulop I have seen those appearing randomly around the map, i support this
pvz player suny (14 days ago)
Dino King (10 days ago)
pvz player suny well the rocket has the visitor symbol on it
Ethan O'Dell (14 days ago)
It was aiming for tilted... Here we go again. 😩
ACupOfTae _ (14 days ago)
Thanos snapped his fingers again
ACupOfTae _ (14 days ago)
Lol Tilted towers is invincible!!! It didn't die
S G. (14 days ago)
lol when this happened i was at nandos
Joel Gershinson (14 days ago)
Mr Trump (15 days ago)
Ama have nightmares of the voice
Neon Gamer810 (15 days ago)
Some Person (15 days ago)
Does that not look like the infinity gauntlet
grwc money (15 days ago)
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
I watched in 50 v 50, but forgot my large team recording was off, so I never got the replay. :c I feel you brother
unseated oak957 (15 days ago)
What did the voice say?
"Zero point ocsillator on, setting coordinates, engaging quantum particle accelerator"
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
"Zero point oscillator on. Setting coordinates. Engaging multi fueled accelerator."
SCRIM •_• (11 days ago)
unseated oak957 " Zero plus occilator on , Setting coordinates”
lmZachable (15 days ago)
hit your shotssss kid
Cory Chalker (15 days ago)
This confirms flat earth is real
QuackleXD (1 day ago)
oh my god ITS A JOKE.
kalvyn havenhill (1 day ago)
the earth isnt flat
ItzMalachiii (5 days ago)
Its a game dude
QuackleXD (5 days ago)
cuz it hit the dome *DISCLAIMER* This comment is a joke
Alex WOB (5 days ago)
Ha ha😂🤣
Supermario clinton (15 days ago)
Yeah so now there is a line I the sky
Assassin Bunny’s (15 days ago)
Thank you I was looking for this so I can send it to my friends and cousin who didn’t see it
Dayvion Cromwell (15 days ago)
Can't wait for season 5 there gonna be animal in it and dinosaurs
Shadow Gam3r (16 days ago)
This how a man woman masturbates in space
Shadow Gam3r (16 days ago)
The sky has a giant ass crack lol
It’s a shitting bull (16 days ago)
Anyone know the dialogue other than Omen saying “Set coordinates”?
A Rusty Boi (9 days ago)
It's actually "Zero point oscillator on. Setting coordinates. Engaging multi fueled accelerators."
Sir.Pumpkinton (15 days ago)
"0 survivers found."

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