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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - E3 Trailer

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This Skyrim-like RPG features crazy-good graphics and hints at complex medieval combat.
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MrSkan11 (1 day ago)
No i z tymi bitwami to też polecieli... Raptem 40 gości sie naparza a takie cuda miały być
MrSkan11 (1 day ago)
Czemu morde zmienili
laalki80 (13 days ago)
Barely any dungeons either.
Der SchnittProphet (22 days ago)
do you get to kill saracens?
fingon Taho (1 month ago)
In that big siege battle where it seems sir Radzig's forces marches out from the province and lays siege on a big city? Could that be kuttenburg? From the ending we know they are gathering allies so I hope KCD 2 will have larger battles. Cant wait for a siege of kuttenburg.
Merhunes Dagon (2 months ago)
The large scale battle you see 1:42 is in the act 3, which isn't still released. As you can see, the city behind isn't in kdc act1/2 so act 3 = a new map and I hope it will be an update of the game (DLC or free ?) and not another game because logically, in kdc, you have your main quest still active, so if you can't finish a quest in a game, it's because the sequel will come soon. I don't know when but I heard end 2018/ soon 2019
Kim Bugge (20 days ago)
1,58 flag of denmark 😊
Rys (2 months ago)
That guy looks like Radzig.
Tom Cruise (3 months ago)
Vlad Cavescu (3 months ago)
Comparing this to what we got... I see the budget was not enough, and the engine not optimised enough...
JustinNathy (3 months ago)
Just from what I hear and can tell from vids so far.... it seems more like a mix of For Honor, Morrowind, and Mount and Blade. I can’t wait to get this game, I just heard about it today.
Ben L (3 months ago)
is that HUNRY?
The Professor (4 months ago)
Crafting? Only Alchemy and building a town and thats w ith the DLC. Future DLC's gonna have smithing? Henry IS a blacksmith's son after all.
wallabing (4 months ago)
Nothing like skyrim, more like medieval ARMA.
GreatBroly (5 months ago)
Feel quite hungry
Zangs De Malta (5 months ago)
NiGnostu Gaming (5 months ago)
I hope Bannerlord is as good as Kingdom Come Deliverance is.
William Poole (6 months ago)
Where were those large scale battles though?
William Poole (5 months ago)
That's Ubisoft level lying, not that the game wasn't amazing.
Jonathan Orantes (6 months ago)
William Poole seriously smh
BG Cool Crayon (6 months ago)
The game is a hardcore game......
drefpet (7 months ago)
Great trailer, a pity that this game turned out so poorly made
Briareus S (7 months ago)
No man sky 2 -2018
MissFatTone (7 months ago)
Game looks amazing! Please for next release do a similar concept but in ancient Japan so we can become a Samurai! I think with the melee system and the detail you put into authentic armour will lend itself perfectly to an amazing samurai RPG. Yeah ghost of Tsushima is coming out but I doubt it’ll be as realistic as kingdom come. Cheers 🤞
Blondie (7 months ago)
Shame the game doesn't fully live up to this
carl Burgess (7 months ago)
Hmm... wait a minute? This isn't Kingdom come
SirPeacemaker (8 months ago)
The best game ever made. (Yes there are bugs, but they have released some patches to fix it)
Mikebensen (8 months ago)
I find it quite funny that some people have been sitting here for years to play this game whereas I was strolling through gamestop saw the back of this games cover and thought, hmm this might be good, I waited a week to buy it when I could have the week before. You poor souls. I also didn't hear about this game until I saw it on a shelf
RuWoin (8 months ago)
Battlefield 4 for ever ❤️
RuWoin (5 months ago)
Nope :)
wittybush_ (5 months ago)
SpeznazDuke Wrong video.
Schaf Jet (8 months ago)
"Large scale" battle LMAO
Nic Flix (5 months ago)
Nuke HammeR Played the game... fun battles but defiantly no more than 100 people per battle. But I can’t blame them considering that unless you’re on a powerful pc the console couldn’t handle more AI and other things happening at once
Unity Prime (8 months ago)
Not playing this again until saving is fixed
jjoohhnnyy1333 (8 months ago)
Is it great game, i have plaed over 100+ hours but this trailer is misleading
DA TOP 5 (8 months ago)
Finally a game like skyrim. I am so happy I bought this. It is finally out after all of the waiting.
Khaleb Bennier (8 months ago)
The Witcher with no Witches
Khaleb Bennier (8 months ago)
No magic = PURE MEDIEVAL!!!
Khaleb Bennier (8 months ago)
No witches = No magic
Memboi (8 months ago)
Full of lies trailer? well time to pirate it
Dustin Caldwell (8 months ago)
Memboi i think the only things missing were crafting and the "large scale battles." however the battles were only shown in cutscene which makes me think they didn't end up making gameplay for them as it was too much. Anyways there are plenty of battles and a siege mission which are all great. The game is awesome.
johnskyrim (8 months ago)
Not really, it's just changed a lot
Kakspd Jdkfmcf (8 months ago)
And people were saying czech games were bad
Kakspd Jdkfmcf (8 months ago)
+ost hyvel Lol You must be joking
ost hyvel (8 months ago)
And they were right.
Sable (8 months ago)
*Reads the description of this video* IT'S SKYRIM BUT WITH CZECHS
Person 1729 (8 months ago)
should i play this while waiting for elder scrolls 6
sebastian hansen (8 months ago)
Even with all the bugs, this is honestly one of the best games of 2018 yet. And in my opinion, the very best in 2018. I actually think it could get GOTY
Jason Weber (8 months ago)
Loving this game. Just finished the main story line two days ago!
Ian Rodriguez (8 months ago)
WhT happened to like half of this though?!
Azrily Rhul (8 months ago)
Ian Rodriguez Prerendered footage unfortunately, and I'm guessing it was planned but the game could not handle 1,000 + characters
Andrew Heine (8 months ago)
Damn it got pushed back 2 years?!
Chicken Permission (8 months ago)
They should have gone with this look for Henry not the one they have now
Daxxer Music (8 months ago)
Proud to be Czech
PeenPlays (8 months ago)
it's crazy to me to go back and watch a trailer from 2 & 1/2 years ago for my favorite currently owned game... beautiful
LegionaryWithAGladius (8 months ago)
Yeah, "big battles"....
Sup Schmuck (8 months ago)
No it can't be, did they finally release a medieval based game with no magic and fantasy? I must be dreaming!
Sugoi Steel Claymore (9 months ago)
i prefer this henry. new henry is adhd frog abomination.
Bobberto (8 months ago)
Mgtow Monk Templar “mgtow monk Templar”
Kavone (8 months ago)
This henry looks like jewish gnome
Felix Helix (9 months ago)
It's so sad that People are saying bad things about this game even if It isn't released yet
Misfit Tempo (9 months ago)
L.A.R.P. Simulator 2018
Rule (9 months ago)
It’s come along way
Cherokee (9 months ago)
Ну че, пацаны? Чешские войны по Русский дождались?)
Joshua Parker (9 months ago)
jman_jd10 (9 months ago)
Finally playing it been waiting so long 😊
UnitedEarthEmpire (9 months ago)
First person? oh man, i really love this type of game but i cant play it in first person...
JustImpactz (9 months ago)
Apparently my friend wrote the storyline to this.I don’t know whether to believe him
Anthony A (9 months ago)
Tomorrow's the big day fellas.
Anthony A (9 months ago)
Wow! This was 2 YEARS AGO? It looked finished wtf! That's cool!
Yvng OG (9 months ago)
When’s the next Skyrim coming out?
tyler stark (9 months ago)
Word let's go!
jman_jd10 (9 months ago)
Can't wait
Minerva (9 months ago)
It includes horseriding? Take my money. NOW. (I love it to ride on a horse through worlds in video games. Gives me a feeling of freedom~)
Micheal Boulton (9 months ago)
Will the tape version come out on commodore?
Amecareth Qc (9 months ago)
Hm...how is the game when compared to Mount&Blade: Warband? I mean, it states in the video that the game is a medieval sandbox
stelun56 (9 months ago)
This looks wonderful
Henry Walton (9 months ago)
Id there a main quest?
Savage Antelope (9 months ago)
Looks great
Savage Antelope (9 months ago)
Dungeons and no dragons lol
person man (9 months ago)
This is the game i've been dreaming of ever since i was a little kid
Unused Account (9 months ago)
Had a dream I was playing this game a few nights ago. I also hope there’s mod support.
Salicyl (9 months ago)
"Summer 2016" LOL
Gandy LP (9 months ago)
Finally another good Czech game.
Fleetpanda (9 months ago)
I really love games like these. They're trailblazers! even though this will be immensely successful all by itself, I can already see the games that take these mechanics and add to it. Imagine this game with a Morrowind-esque magic system? Or (if this game doesn't currently have it) an addition of the adapting world that The Witcher 3 had! This will be the base game that the next gen of BOTH fantasy and non-fantasy games grow from.
young dagger (9 months ago)
Кто от пепича?
Intrepid Intervenor (9 months ago)
Only complaint is that beta hasnt been updated and Im a little nervous to see if its made some changes. I like it but the version I played was super limited and had a few quest bugs. I know it was more of a demo to show whats going for it so far but Ill feel a lot better when I see the final product for better or worse.
Keith Meyer (9 months ago)
Reminds me more of the Witcher 3 than Skyrim
Stoner Yoda937 (9 months ago)
When will this game be released !!!! I'm dying for some medieval goodness
deathnyxvideos (9 months ago)
The HRE? lol I don't know why but i sense patriotism in this game... My country should also work more on games based on own history but it would be scandalous lol Anyway, as i said in another video: game looks cool, medieval settings and landscapes are always stunning but... a character creation feature for more gaming immersion would have been awesome imo. These games need CC.
Rashid Ibrahim (9 months ago)
The first-person Witcher game looks lit
Brent Showers (9 months ago)
I’m so buying this when it comes out in a month
Sirhc Hajile Nosiner (9 months ago)
Nothing like skyrim...
Retarior (9 months ago)
EN - The Germans totaly lost it! To boycot the game only, because it is historicaly accurate? Those rainbow fascist can say whatever they want, but there were no Asian, African or Female knights in Medieval Europe! It is not about sexism! It is about facts! Stop this lunacy at once! New dictatorship is raising! Everyone who agrees with the german neo-marxist article is a dimwitted multicultural anarchyst!
Kavone (8 months ago)
Well I totally agree with you cause I meant exactly mongols or Tatars xD
Kavone (8 months ago)
Of course not. I'm against there pseudo historicans too, but thinking "there was no other races until XXI century is wrong"
Retarior (8 months ago)
That does not justify anything. Nor does it mean that it is historicaly accurate. Facticaly, there were no people like this. Europe was white, like it or not. And with fire and steel is based on much later time period that this game so... Facticaly, there were no other races in medieval Bohemia and if there were... those people would probably got killed on spot.
Kavone (8 months ago)
Well, there were few asian/near east guys in easter europe. Just play M&B WFAS
BubySnack (9 months ago)
Why is nobody talking about this game?!?
Cpt. Shmitt (10 months ago)
Is this an mmo or a single player game?
Top Lobster (10 months ago)
Its like the witcher had a child with mount and blade
_The Young Lion _ (10 months ago)
Highly anticipated. 👍
Kevin Caussero (10 months ago)
mount & blades 2 vs kingdom come
Sri Sumitri Mayfair (10 months ago)
Where is the magic..where is the dragon..blaaah...rpg without magic and dragon are booooring
jorge vasquez (10 months ago)
Realistic Skyrim/Witcher niiiice
Matilda With chicks (10 months ago)
Will there be mods?
Bota Gabriel (10 months ago)
Are there any monsters in this game? if not it's a fail.
Michelangelo Nardi (10 months ago)
Dungeons and no dragons... I guess this was GOT before Dany gave birth to her three dragons
Yer Maws Da (10 months ago)
Don’t think it’ll be Witcher 3, but I hope it is up there.
Johannes Hembre-Ingul (10 months ago)
I Am So Hyped!
Fil Bencs (10 months ago)
Questions: Does it have character creation and third person?
Timothy (10 months ago)
Arry (10 months ago)
2018 will be the year for medival open world fans.... kingdom come deliverance and bannerlord 2.
Wiktor Listopad (11 months ago)
Another Witcher XD without monsters, magic etc
bob bobbingtion (11 months ago)
As soon as I saw large scale battles. I'm like "Ok yep I'm hyping this game up"
Jäger Kerrigan (11 months ago)

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