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Halo Infinite Reveal Trailer (Halo 6) - E3 2018

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Master Chief is back on a familiar ring world in the first look at Halo Infinite, effectively Halo 6. Watch more from E3 2018 here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7Hur-wC2-M&index=2&list=PLraFbwCoisJAcQvOvliIp_1bYkRlB8cVP ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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James Wood (2 hours ago)
Why am i really not impressed by this? I've loved all the other halo games (even guardians), but this just makes me... meh.
Nobodycaaared (18 hours ago)
I thought cortana died wtf
Anumanti (1 day ago)
2:19 Battle Royale starts to play
Cell Teck (2 days ago)
Cara eu sou muito fã de Hallo mesmo só ter jogado o Hallo 1 e 4 pois não tenho Xbox então joguei na casa dos meus amigos eu já gostei d+ e virei fã. Esses gráficos estão muito caprichados a cada jogo
Rogue kangaroo robb (2 days ago)
anyone else get halo 1 vibes
JAmes Goldsmith (3 days ago)
1:35 - 1:42 When she says her parents aren’t home.
Crapkom (4 days ago)
Really Hoping For A PC Port
CanadianOwl (5 days ago)
This is it chief
Bryson Goodell (6 days ago)
Anth1121 (9 days ago)
why isnt chiefs helmet cracked? didnt crack in the first one
J J (9 days ago)
Blessed it sopen world I’ve always wanted that and I hope we can do more with character customization
J J (9 days ago)
Them graphics might break my one s
Tasty Lemons (9 days ago)
Judging by the title Halo:Infinite it’s going to have some weird timeline thing where you play in different (or infinite) timelines or you will have (infinite) choices-eg: you betray the commands and disable something or you do as you’re told an keep things going-the choices you make will decide the ending...
MrRedskins0021 (10 days ago)
No battle royal!! Make it great and fun like before.
Face de Crâne (14 days ago)
if we can explore a halo, i'm happy, if we can explose covenant, i'm very happy !
Diamond Monster (14 days ago)
Is this it chief?
coonell the communist (15 days ago)
plzzzzzzzzzz make it available pc
Ariel Granzow (17 days ago)
Man I hope you can have your own Spartan again. Kinda like in Reach, u know, maybe as a 2 Man Squad? And for Singleplayer you get to choose who you want to play and who's KI. That would be sick. And proper customization. Also what I've seen gives me a slight Halo 2 feel.
NEWSMAN SUPER (18 days ago)
they need to fix the inertial coeffs and models. Necks on moose do not move like a drawbirdge made of aluminium going at 100Km/hr. The way the warthogs bounce up and down, they look like yoyo. Its sort of uncanny valley for physics. Its 2018, and game devs seems to not have a mechanical engineer on board.
Zane Huff (19 days ago)
Its looks a little like a remastered combat evolved
Bryan Galdamez (20 days ago)
bring the flood back! dammit.
Jacob Eurto (25 days ago)
I swear if there is a battle royal in halo it is a descrace to halo
Thelinster (26 days ago)
I hope splitscreen returns,
TheDewd (27 days ago)
Those mountains though...
Dylan Gundberg (27 days ago)
KnightMichael (28 days ago)
It will have splitscreen search it up will halo 6 have splitscreen it said yes halo 5 is the only game without splitscreen.
Phill Mac (28 days ago)
Halo 6: with david Attenborough
Rawesome (28 days ago)
I think this game looks awesome, but I also hope in the future there is a return to reach XD that game was dope
Looks like they are on the ring
CptDeath (30 days ago)
Is that a new car in the reflection of the helmet? This looks like an old Ford Mustang.
Jaime Lloret (1 month ago)
I think that was halo combat evolved with graphics on crack:)
Mad Cow Rebel (1 month ago)
Must be in between 2 and 3. What with old school marines and cortona.
Milo Garcia (1 month ago)
woow! se ve prometedor
So hyped
69646561733532 (1 month ago)
But what about Exuberant tho?
Kayden Kirkland (1 month ago)
Swear to Fuckin lord if its battle royale I'm killing 343
DarkEnforcer 556 (1 month ago)
Imma be pissed the hell off if there is no firefight
Joe (1 month ago)
idk everyone’s saying it in the comments & I definitely felt it watching the trailer, it has that CE vibe to it. I mean just the mountains alone.
columbus3hunter (1 month ago)
When will it come out?
Julie grg (1 month ago)
If this pulls off I’m buying an Xbox one just for Hali infinite and permanently staying.
John Haze (1 month ago)
Open world Halo?
Bevsworld04 (1 month ago)
time to watch it in 4k... oh wait, my PC can't handle 4k
Casey Robertson (1 month ago)
Sick. These graphic tho like. BOI 😳 Best halo I play. Halo reach. And halo 3 I guess...
Goldenswagger359 (1 month ago)
If this has split screen then to me it’s already better than halo 5
Brady Fish (1 month ago)
This is gonna be a lot like ce and that is great
Simon Portacio (1 month ago)
eso no no parece halo parece fornite
I cried real tears. Like if you miss Halo 3 Xbox 360 days 😢
Joshua Domingos (1 month ago)
Remake halo 2
18107863 (1 month ago)
when will they make a covenant based game?
Mohammed al-maskary (1 month ago)
i hop this game comes to PC :)
youtube kid (1 month ago)
I could be better
Stephen Conley (1 month ago)
HALO IS BACK!!! And it's taking place on another halo ring
KylerdaWright (1 month ago)
Wait a fuckin minute. Rewatch the very end. He inserted a new AI chip in his helmet...did he get another Cortana AI like Cortana said he would get in Halo 4? Or maybe he got Roland? Maybe a whole other AI...I'm just so damn excited for this game!
Better than bo4 will be! Halo is boss! Hail to the master cheif! #S117 #HALO = LIFE!!
Blunt Honesty 86 (1 month ago)
One problem with advertising Halo Infinite. I don't trust them after they lied to everyone with Halo 5's advertising. And that is not even going into how they utterly butchered the story in Halo 5. Sorry, not sorry 343. You'd have to have flawless user reviews for this Halo game when it comes out for me to even consider buying it.
Saksham Sharma (1 month ago)
i will buy xbox one only to play this game
Saksham Sharma (1 month ago)
I miss this game
I’m glad they put this on their channel too
Brandon Hatch (1 month ago)
Why does chiefs leg look so small? And he helmet and armour is all new? Is it a completely new spartan? Is it a girl?
Eric G (1 month ago)
This needs to hurry up
Outlaw 04 (1 month ago)
I can image David attembruh speaking over this like a documentary. Bruh lol
Cheese Siege (1 month ago)
This is gonna be... phew... 🤤🤤🤤
Mr. Gamero (1 month ago)
Just remaster halo 3 and we’ll be straight
Buffalos1981 (1 month ago)
D@mn those animals take a lot of anabolics
2errible 2some (1 month ago)
What was the point in that trailer it was poor. At least show game play or some story.
2errible 2some (1 month ago)
How many games have the word infinite at the end can't they think of something better
love peace (1 month ago)
Can we please have four player campaigns again?
madA gnåB (1 month ago)
Welcome to Halo 6 featuring Bethseda Studios
Madden Miller (1 month ago)
Madden Miller (1 month ago)
i hope halo six has more spartens then just cheif and i hope there,s covenent
Ocelotl Chimalpahin (1 month ago)
Why not just call it Halo 6 then?
The Serpent (1 month ago)
I didn't play halo 3,4,5 ...I DONT HAV XBOX AHHHHHHH
Triston Brown (1 month ago)
Here we all go again 1down one more to go
Shadow Fox (1 month ago)
so is Martin O Donald back doing the music?
Melida Godinez (1 month ago)
2:07 the gang is back
Will Banks (1 month ago)
This is a must buy
Lord Leri (1 month ago)
When is saw the thumbnail i tought it was a new ver of Halo like 7+ rating but when i saw the trailer just a normal new and fresh Halo game
Skoot Poot (1 month ago)
it kind of looks like combat evolved, which is my favorite
Papa_Bear (1 month ago)
Halo should of ended when bingi was making it 343 is utter garbage
SideVolt (2 months ago)
I swear if they make it battle royale im gonna break something
Thuận An Tý Thiều (2 months ago)
Now this is the Halo i know in love.
XmanDammit (2 months ago)
I'd like to watch our protagonist start as a UNSC marine and eventually become a Spartan, like Buck did. You start off the game feeling like a badass but I want to BECOME the badass. That make sense?
Jacob McNeer (1 day ago)
Yeah but I feel like that should be a spin-off game like ODST or Reach. The main games are for Chief.
VectorLogic (2 months ago)
Alright, finally, we get to fight on an actual halo
SAMPLE TEXT (2 months ago)
I wish the graphics in the Trailers were the Graphics in the game
RIKZY (2 months ago)
Microsoft PLEASE take the competitive halo scene serious on the PC... PLEASE! Don't make it too casual!
Ariadna Perez (2 months ago)
Does anyone know when the game is coming out or if it already came out?
Austin Murphy (2 months ago)
How the hell does this tie into the trilogy? How do you follow Guardians with.....this?
Baby Ben (2 months ago)
is this the game or the movie ?
American Knight (2 months ago)
Couch, friends, beer and snacks, split screen fun. Why 5 failed... 6 can be awesome and bring Halo back to the front lines of cool!
bunnyhatch1 (2 months ago)
This going just like farcry another open world game
House of Osborne (2 months ago)
I would love a Halo game where you turn from a regular Marins up the ranks through ODST to a SPARTAN (IV or III)
Cristiano Cristiano (2 months ago)
the llama squad (2 months ago)
Dude...I wanna play this so bad :0
Lieutenant_ JG (2 months ago)
If only i had xbox
Avyon Scott (2 months ago)
I hope the arbitrator is in it 😭
Active Genesis (2 months ago)
Melida Godinez (1 month ago)
Poser Kestrel45 (2 months ago)
Aye can do for xbox 360? Plz xbox 360 its being forget :'(
Ryan Eubanks (2 months ago)
Heck yeah I hope that the maps are huge like in combat evolved and with split screen this game will rule all
FLAMO JAMO (2 months ago)
And the ranking systems for halo 3 multiplayer were swag as well
FLAMO JAMO (2 months ago)
They need to bring back halo 3 multiplayer being a 50 was swag

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