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Best Platformer 2010 Nominees

24 ratings | 2787 views
Check out our full Best Of 2010 coverage: http://www.gamespot.com/best-of/ The nominees are: Dark Void Zero (DS), Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii), Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii), Super Meat Boy (PC, X360), Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)
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Text Comments (36)
Miisho (6 years ago)
WTF? Where was NSMBW and Kirby Wii?.... I choose Galaxy
Huumu1000 (7 years ago)
AWESOME that Dark Void Zero got nominated !
Huumu1000 (7 years ago)
Donkey Kong Country Returns and Super Mario Galaxy 2 can decide which one is better platformer for 2010
ThatGuyYouNeverSaw (7 years ago)
hmmmmm... this year was probably one of the best years for platformers. id say ethier dk, meat boy, or galaxy 2.
jjalapeno55 (7 years ago)
@NintendoOwnsSony yeah ya ive been playing since iwas 5, i like all systems..... sept xbox :P
Tyrone Barnes (7 years ago)
Landon Horvath (7 years ago)
Wii does well with PLatformers. Although Sly cooper collection came out and rocks. But i think Donkey Kong Country should win
gbthrilla (7 years ago)
when they say platformer iam assassin creed or enslaved am i wrong
psyckojoe (7 years ago)
SMB or mario. theyre both also nominated as GOTY, so anything else wouldnt really make sense
TrulyProSniper (7 years ago)
SMG2 No doubt
Hylke Haagsma (7 years ago)
galaxy 2.
Johny40Se7en (7 years ago)
Donkey Kong returns or Mario Galaxy 2.
jjalapeno55 (7 years ago)
@NintendoOwnsSony hahah @ your username , i can tell u like nintendo
tee1001 (7 years ago)
go kirby
Nazeer (7 years ago)
Super mario galaxy hopfully
CSmaniack (7 years ago)
meat boy's gonna win
Cipher 8 (7 years ago)
@Zanarus2242 What the fuck is Super Meat Boy? I see it nominated for Game of the Year even. That's insane. So sad...
Cipher 8 (7 years ago)
Didn't they come out with a new Donkey Kong? (Don't own the pathetic Wii) That has to be the winner. I mean come on... it's Donkey Kong!
InYourFaceOo (7 years ago)
kirby's epic yarn all the way!
MidniteBlues (7 years ago)
codenameGIZM0 (7 years ago)
fucking limbo??
Daedalus (7 years ago)
@jjalepeno55 they always have
Arturo gonzález (7 years ago)
The best nintendo's games, and i love them. PS: SM Galaxy 2 or DK Country
jjalapeno55 (7 years ago)
ulises amaro (7 years ago)
super meat boy
baddude1337 (7 years ago)
Donkey Kong definitely. It's great fun.
Andriejus Dorozkinas (7 years ago)
Violet (7 years ago)
sm, smg2, kirby, and dkc all deserve it (though mario will win.) can't believe they forgot limbo though...
Violet (7 years ago)
@TonyTheTigerV99 not out this year.
Scykei (7 years ago)
Super Meat Boy! :D
TonyTheTigerV99 (7 years ago)
ThePandamic (7 years ago)
Super mario galaxy is undisputed. It's a beautiful crafted game
Perdix (7 years ago)
drgayming (7 years ago)
agree with the choices :D
NintendoFanBoy07 (7 years ago)
Mario Galaxy 2 without a doubt!! But Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby's Epic Yarn are all amazing too!!
MariolFan555 (7 years ago)
Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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