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How to upgrade your PC with a new graphics card | Hardware

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An easy-to-follow guide to upgrade your graphics card in your current gaming rig. Here we're swapping out our old GTX 1050 Ti for a new GTX 1060 to double our gaming performance. Display Driver Uninstaller https://www.wagnardsoft.com/ ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (215)
Moon Flower Palace (6 hours ago)
VS450? Oh man that's really bad...
Moon Flower Palace (5 hours ago)
I mean it's one of the worst PSU types on the market...
PCGamesN (5 hours ago)
Yeah, our general office machines need more than just a graphics card upgrade...
UnderTheKnee (21 hours ago)
I had always thought that I'd have to switch my HDMI to my motherboard's HDMI port because the video card isn't running with any drivers and therefore doesn't work. Is this true?
UnderTheKnee (20 hours ago)
+PCGamesN Alright, thanks for the clarification! I'll be adding this video to my Favorite list, might I need it in the distant future. And subbed of course!
PCGamesN (21 hours ago)
No, you'll need to boot with the HDMI in your newly installed graphics card. Windows has basic generic graphics drivers which will deliver an output, then you just need to install the proper drivers.
Toony (4 days ago)
can you try and tell me how to do it on an all in one pc?
PCGamesN (3 days ago)
Unfortunately most all-in-one PCs use laptop parts, which makes it either very hard, very expensive, or simply impossible to do.
I have a evga GeForce gtx 960. I want to upgrade it to a evga GeForce gtx 1080 8gb. Do i need to change my motherboard? Or something else?
Daniel Gurrick (10 days ago)
Hi I’m installing a EVGA GTX GeForce 1060 into my Cyberpowerpc GUA882 and I am unsure where to put in the power chords (1:39). I have the cables that came with the box and put the cables into the graphics card. If I need adapters, where would I put them? Thank you.
Daniel Gurrick (10 days ago)
PCGamesN The power supply is inside some huge case with “cyberpowerpc” how do I open that? I unscrewed the power supply from the outside but they designed for it to not be removed or something
PCGamesN (10 days ago)
The cables going into your new graphics card should come directly from the PSU. Locating the GPU power cords from the power supply will highlight whether you need adapter to fit them into your graphics card.
AJNugget (10 days ago)
Will a 500w bronze psu be compatible with an evga gtx 1060 6gb sc gpu? Also, if i currently have intel hd graphics 4600, is it necessary to download ddu?
PCGamesN (10 days ago)
In terms of Wattage it will be fine, but to check full compatibility you'll need to see what power cables come out of the PSU and which are needed for the GPU.
Guy Menzies-Saunders (14 days ago)
"No-One gives a Fetid DIngo's Kidneys".... As an Australian I approve this statement and am a bit stunned to have never heard it before!
Guy Menzies-Saunders (14 days ago)
Good on him!
PCGamesN (14 days ago)
😁 It's a Douglas Adams-ism. Dave tries to sneak them into everything...
travis gillimore (15 days ago)
basic run down. slap graphics card in to pc, turn on pc, download drivers, restart pc, done.
travis gillimore (14 days ago)
it is for me, thats what i did with my rx460.
PCGamesN (15 days ago)
Would that it were always that simple ;)
Post Melon (16 days ago)
I installed the new card booted it up and the fans were spinning, in the beginning atleast and then they stopped, should it do this?
Post Melon (16 days ago)
Okay, thanks for a qucik answer!
PCGamesN (16 days ago)
If it's a modern card then yes. They're designed to only start spinning again once the GPU itself hits a certain temperature. It's to keep noise down when the fans aren't needed.
HardWarUK (16 days ago)
Why are frame rate counters on you tube so tiny and PURPLE. Very hard to see - even playing the video at 1080p!
FreshJordans507 (17 days ago)
Thanks for the video. Dealing with pc building/upgrades as a novice can be very scary and difficult
PCGamesN (17 days ago)
+FreshJordans507 Ooh, that's going to be awesome!
FreshJordans507 (17 days ago)
+PCGamesN thats awesome, makes me feel better lol. Im upgrading today from an amd r9 380 to a 1070 founders edition :)))
PCGamesN (17 days ago)
That's what we're here for! It can defo be intimidating, but once you've played around a little bit you'll find it's just like LEGO! Albeit expensive LEGO...
Sarahatkin644 Gaming (18 days ago)
Do I need somebody to help me do this I'm only young
PCGamesN (18 days ago)
It's always helpful if you can have someone with you to help, especially when you're working with expensive parts. But replacing the graphics card is one of the simplest upgrades, so long as you're patient and careful.
Mister Bond (18 days ago)
"there shouldnt be any resistance here" "dont force it" uh oh
IceWorldMedia (20 days ago)
The man on the left is staring into my soul
BarFi (27 days ago)
I might try to get 2070 idk🤔
Josh Gregory (28 days ago)
So I built my first PC with the help of a youtube video and it worked perfectly. Yesterday, I upgraded from a GTX950 to an 1170Ti. Didn't realize I had to delete my old drivers, and I wondered why my PC was running like crap. Thanks to this video...my dumb dumb brain got learnt up and now my PC runs amazing. So thank you! Simple and sweet video!
Plane Media (29 days ago)
I cant understand man your english right?;)
Alan_tacoman (29 days ago)
Cool video
Alexander Volzing (30 days ago)
Does a GTX 1060 6gb need 450 or 500mw plz help
Rafid -N (30 days ago)
HAHAHAH the guy on the rights armpits 😂😂
PCGamesN (30 days ago)
Real men also sweat, real men also sweat... ;)
Dr. Bunz (1 month ago)
do I still need to uninstall the display drivers if I have integrated HD graphics
Gaafdovjun Gaming (1 month ago)
They need to make it so every power supply has graphics card compatibility.
Gaafdovjun Gaming (29 days ago)
*H M M M*
monsieur délire (29 days ago)
That comment is actually quite funny
crazyking (1 month ago)
Matthew Kwan (1 month ago)
Sorry i didn't quite get it, do I have to uninstall any drivers if i'm switching from nvidia to nvidia? It seems like you did
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Matthew Kwan If you're sticking within the same brand of GPU (Nvidia to Nvidia or AMD to AMD) then you should be fine to retain the same drivers. Just make sure they are the latest ones once you're up and running. We'd only recommend using something like DDU to clean out the drivers if you're switching between companies.
Mystical (1 month ago)
I Have a GTX 560. I want to upgrade it to at least a GTX 960 or up so I could Stream. But I'm too scared to touch my PC
Dane (1 day ago)
I have no tech skill when it comes to computers and last year I decided I wanted to build a PC. A bit intimidating and a lot to learn, but just watch a lot of YouTube videos and you'll realize its super easy. Changing a graphics card will take you about 3 minutes.
ILLiteSociety (2 days ago)
+Phantom Gamer231 gpus aren't that expensive if you go AMD route, until you can afford Nvidia if that's what you want. I have an AMD Rx 580 I believe and it's a pretty good one
HappyAgony (14 days ago)
Yea its easy just do a little research so you go in confident. Basically you gotta check if your pc can deliver the wattage it needs and also check to see if the card itself will fit in the case. Removing old graphics card can be a little tricky tho they tend to stick in the slot and you gotta gently and slowly wiggle it out for about 20 minutes if its really in there like it happen to me on the first upgrade lol that was fun but man its worth it once you get dat fps boost boiii
Your Aviation Guy (19 days ago)
Don't Be Scared There's Less Than a 1% Chance Anything Can Go Wrong
Fireball Gamer (19 days ago)
Phantom Gamer231 Dang sorry man. You should just stick to console gaming
Ruben van der Maazen (1 month ago)
I bought a pc with no graphics card but it had one in it before I bought it. It's a ryzen cpu so no integrated graphics. The only way to remove the old drivers is to first install the new one because otherwise I can't see anything on my monitor. Is this okay? If so, do I remove first and then install new drivers or the other way around?
Kiprac (1 month ago)
cheers man thanks
TehEpicFace (1 month ago)
Do you think it is a good idea to put a 1080 ti in with a 600 watt psu
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
TehEpicFace it won't necessarily have your PSU running at peak efficiency, but a 600W unit should be able to run a GTX 1080 Ti so long as it has the power connections. Our ref. 1080 Ti, with a stock i7 8700K, Z370 board, and 16GB RAM tops out at around 400W in terms of peak platform power draw.
Ewan Ferguson (1 month ago)
i have a 15 6500 with two 1080tis u dont need an amazing cpu for 4k 60fps
Ewan Ferguson (30 days ago)
+celeste I bought them to play anything at true 4k 60 fps
celeste (30 days ago)
Ewan Ferguson imagine buying 2 1080i Tis to play games at 60fps
Vyte (1 month ago)
I only have a 500w psu and am upgrading to a 1060 6gb would it run fine? Or am I going to have to upgrade my PSU first?
Jamppandeerus (1 month ago)
Vyte (1 month ago)
Jamppandeerus thanks i now have an asus strix 1060 6gb I didn’t have any 8 pin cables but I used the 6 pin and a 2 pin and it works beautifully only thing I’ve noticed is the fan doesn’t seem to run maybe it’s disabled till under a certain load which I haven’t hit yet or it just be turned on via a program?
Jamppandeerus (1 month ago)
500w should be enough for a 1060 6gb
izzelb (1 month ago)
My pc is currently using a powercolor r7 250 and I’m planning on upgrading to a 1050ti. Would it fit my motherboard?
izzelb (1 month ago)
PCGamesN ahh ok, thanks
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
izzelb Yes, the card will most likely fit your motherboard, but you will need to check about your power supply. If the 1050 Ti you're looking at doesn't have a secondary power connector on it then you'll be able to power it from the motherboard alone, but if it does need a 6pin power connector you'll need to make sure your power supply has a spare 6pin plug on it to connect to the GPU.
Troy Witmer (2 months ago)
Thank you
MLG Clorox Bleach (2 months ago)
;-; my Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 510s-23ISU doesn't have a GPU so I'm not sure it can get one
Hishh (2 months ago)
Please help. I have a GTX 730 ti right now and it is absolutely terrible but I found a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Chipset 4gb for only $160 which is a great price I think. It this the tutorial for my situation?? Please some one help I really want to use my pc
YouJustGotBilled (1 month ago)
Hishh nj
Hishh (1 month ago)
YouJustGotBilled what state
YouJustGotBilled (1 month ago)
Hishh US
Hishh (1 month ago)
YouJustGotBilled what country you live in?
YouJustGotBilled (1 month ago)
nah bro i’m being serious what are u gonna sell it u won’t get a dollar
Jim Gorschboth (2 months ago)
Quick question- since you installed a software that completely removes any GPU drivers, do you have to uninstall that software first before installing the NEW drivers for the upgraded card? And would leaving the "driver uninstall software" conflict if not doing so?
AHappyIceBearFTW (1 month ago)
No you wouldn’t have to
Ya (2 months ago)
I have a question If I wanna upgrade my graphic card do I need to upgrade anything else ?
Jamppandeerus (1 month ago)
You don't need a new processor if it isn't old as shit :D
Ya (2 months ago)
PCGamesN I have the 560 but I wanna get the 580 Do I need to get a new processor? Or anything else ?
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Ya ...depends. If you upgrade to a graphics card which needs a lot of power you might need a new PSU. Aside from that you should be okay with any modern motherboard and CPU combination from the last five years or so.
Cry mc (2 months ago)
And if I'm building a completely new computer, and keep my hard drives do I have to install windows again
Jakob Luts (23 days ago)
Cry mc (2 months ago)
If I want to change my processor and have to change my motherboard for that. If I keep my hard drive, do I have to configurate the BIOS new?
Ed Davis (2 months ago)
The eyes of the dude on the left tho... I'm parched...
Paul Anciola (2 months ago)
Hey question I installed ddu and I did clean and shut down and I popped in the new gpu I get no signal so I took it out and used on board gpu no singal old gpu no singal can I get some help
gunlap (2 months ago)
DO NOT use display driver uninstaller.. especially if u have Windows 10. It screwed up my HDD and SSD. windows 10 is so sophisticated that it does the work for. its literally as simple as popping in a new graphics card and swapping out the old one. do not fall for these crappy programs
gunlap (2 months ago)
PCGamesN the status of everything was perfectly fine before. right after, nothing. yes i agree going from amd to nvidia and vice versa makes DDU useful.. but nowadays just upgrading from a 1060 to a 1080 is easy as swapping.
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
gunlap That doesn't really sound like it was the software that managed to irrevocably brick your two drives to me, but without knowing the status of your drives, PSU, and system beforehand it's difficult to say what would do that. Unfortunately it's not always as simple as swapping the card out and hey presto, sometimes it is, but sometimes there are driver clashes between AMD and Nvidia drivers that can't be fixed just with Windows 10. And that's where DDU comes in handy.
gunlap (2 months ago)
PCGamesN nvidia drivers, uninstall and shut down. after that, bios couldnt read ssd or hdd. everything was fine prior. bottom line, u dont need these silly programs for a "clean install". swap out, swap in, and be done with it. u never know what uninstallers can do to ur pc. i know for a fact it messed up my drives because i tried using 3 different psu's and still nothing
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
gunlap What did DDU specifically do to mess up your drives? We've been using the program for years with awkward installs without any issue.
fabricetraub (2 months ago)
really? next video is, how to pay in a store.
Inkz (2 months ago)
I need help please ASAP. I rebooted my computer into safe mode but now I just have a black screen. I’m getting kinda worried pls help
Just F2O (2 months ago)
Simpler than I thought it was
Wert (3 months ago)
Thank you this really helped a lot!
Merchaant (3 months ago)
I have... Motherboard - ASUS H110 Plus RAM - ADATA XPG 288 Pin DDR4 2400 GPU - MSI GTX 1060 3GB CPU - Intel i7-7700 3.6Ghz CPU Cooler - AVC 80mm Case Fans - AVC 120mm Power Supply - Allied 500W Non Modular SSD - ADATA SU600 120GB HDD - Western Digital Blue 1TB 7200 RPM Could I upgrade to a GTX 1080 without issues?
Merchaant (3 months ago)
PCGamesN Thanks :D
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
Merchaant depending on the PCIe power connectors from your PSU, and the space inside your case, that shouldn't be a problem. Your CPU might hold back performance a touch, but not a huge amount as it's an i7.
basedandrea (3 months ago)
Can you upgrade your computer whenever? Or do you have to upgrade it before you use it ?
James Potter (3 months ago)
So, what does happens when you install a NVIDIA GPU and have AMD drivers installed?
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
James Potter No worries!
James Potter (3 months ago)
Thank you, was actually having trouble with nothing displaying. Appreciate the reply
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
James Potter sometimes it'll happily run the basic Windows driver until you install the GeForce drivers, and sometimes you won't get any video output at all. To be honest it's just easier clean uninstalling the Radeon drivers first just in case.
DaVeCSPr0 TM (4 months ago)
Do you think my i5 2500 could run a gtx 1060 graphics card
PCGamesN (4 months ago)
Absolutely, and you'll probably be surprised at just how capable it is! :) We upgraded an old stock-clocked Core i5 2500K rig, which without overclocking is very similar to the straight 2500, and stuck a GTX 1060 inside it, and the results were great. You can check out the video here: https://youtu.be/e0Yu2xKxuEw?t=1m51s We were going from an old 560 Ti, but still the CPU was more than capable of delivering on most of the GTX 1060's promise.
Wee Mad Max B (4 months ago)
Thanks guys
iN-Sane (4 months ago)
I have an AMD rx 580 4gb and I'm upgrading to an AMD xfx rx 580 8gb, would it use the same drivers or do I still need to uninstall the old drivers?
iN-Sane (4 months ago)
Okay thank you!
PCGamesN (4 months ago)
iN-Sane It will use the same drivers, but there will be a more modern driver package I'd recommend updating to when you do install the new card.
Sniipx (4 months ago)
Hi PCGAMESN! I'm upgrading from a Radeon HD 8470D To A GTX1050TI 4GB DDR5 128Bit Do I Have To install Nvidia GeForce for it to work?
PCGamesN (4 months ago)
Sniipx Hello! Yes, you will need to install Nvidia's GeForce drivers for it to work, but I'd recommend uninstalling the AMD drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller before you install the new GeForce drivers.
Ben (4 months ago)
I got an Acer Predator PC. I'm planning on upgrading from the GTX 950 to a GTX 1060. There is enough power to run it, but don't know if it'll fit.
Ben (4 months ago)
PCGamesN thanks for the info! :)
Ben (4 months ago)
PCGamesN thanks for the info! :)
PCGamesN (4 months ago)
Ben You can buy really small GTX 1060 cards with the same power as the standard versions. They're also possibly the cheapest versions at the moment too and I'm pretty sure they'll fit a chassis which held a 950.
Absolute Kills (4 months ago)
I would like some help, i have a gt 610, i5 3330 and not sure of the power supply but i would like to upgrade to a gtx 1050 ti, would i be able to do that without killing my pc
Absolute Kills (4 months ago)
Yeah im gonna get the ti and i have a power output of 430w
PCGamesN (4 months ago)
Absolute Kills You would need to check the Wattage of your power supply. It should say on the side, so you'll be able to tell by taking the side off your case and looking inside. Anything around 400W will be fine and if you choose a 1050 Ti with no extra power connections it'll just take all its juice from the motherboard without needing cables from your PSU.
Jonathan Rivera (5 months ago)
So I want to upgrade my gpu to play Games like squad Any recommendations for a gpu for squad I’m currently have a cpu of amd fx6300 and 400 w power supply
PCGamesN (5 months ago)
Jonathan Rivera at the moment GPU pricing is rather crazy, but for Squad a GTX 1050 Ti will probably be a pretty decent option.
Stephen Jones (5 months ago)
Just because you said "non-gender-determinate", I'm not watching this video
sworder24 (1 day ago)
Get over it.
Bitcoin-Smudgell (6 days ago)
I think It was just him trying to be witty to be honest
PCGamesN (5 months ago)
VideoWarlord (5 months ago)
Guy on left is hot as fuck
I have a problem. I can't afford them
dawwelin (5 months ago)
How to REPLACE* your pc ghrapics card.
Nadir A (4 months ago)
PCGamesN BOOM roasted
PCGamesN (5 months ago)
dawwelin *GRAPHICS
Filaa (6 months ago)
wow i dont have enough strong power supply and i dont know how to change it😒
PCGamesN (5 months ago)
Dang, you will need to upgrade, I'm afraid. We posted a short how to video a couple of weeks back which might help if you choose to upgrade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjN7eHf3A5s
Filaa (5 months ago)
PCGamesN 250 W
PCGamesN (6 months ago)
Filaa do you know what Wattage your current PSU is? Many GTX 1050 cards don't need extra connections and can be run directly from the graphics card socket on the motherboard.
Filaa (6 months ago)
PCGamesN Okay,thanks😁Also i don’t know what is the best power supply for gtx 1050 i want a good one but not too expensive.I dont really know much about power supply
PCGamesN (6 months ago)
Filaa replacing your power supply isn't that tough, but does require unplugging everything, and that can be a bit daunting. Stay turned for a video guide soon.
Roku Playz (6 months ago)
I just bought a computer without a graphics card and has integrated graphics, so when installing my gtx 1050 do I need to check if there are previous drivers or am I okay to just pop the card in and install the latest driver?
Roku Playz (6 months ago)
PCGamesN that's awesome, thx
PCGamesN (6 months ago)
Roku Playz with integrated drivers you should be fine to just install the Nvidia drivers on top.
HyperNova (7 months ago)
i need to upgrade my pc i got a decent cpu but a really bad graphics card which is nvidia 9200 integrated and 4 ram
Thomas Robinson (7 months ago)
I have a: amd athlon x4 860K (3.8GHz) XFX HD 7770 (1GB, 1.1GHz) 8GB RAM Windows 10 pro and get about 20fps in PUBG; due to financial reasons the best graphics card for my budget is the GTX 1050ti, do you think that it would benefit the performance enough for me to spend the money? or is there a better graphics card that would be better if i were to save up longer?
PCGamesN (7 months ago)
Yeah, you'll get a bit of an FPS bump with the GTX 1050 Ti, especially with the 4GB VRAM over the HD 7770's 1GB version.
Thomas Robinson (7 months ago)
PCGamesN ah ok. so just to clarify, do you think with my set up a gtx 1050ti would improve FPS in games like PUBG?
PCGamesN (7 months ago)
Thomas Robinson the tough thing is that graphics card pricing is hugely inflated right now, because of mining demands and manufacturing problems, so it's really difficult recommending cards at the moment. The GTX 1050 Ti is a decent budget 1080p GPU, but only if you can get it for under $150 / £120. But that's a faint hope right now :(
Joe Cunningham (7 months ago)
Really helpful thanks!
PCGamesN (7 months ago)
Joe Cunningham glad to be of service! :)
Travis T (7 months ago)
Lol crosshead screwdriver. It's called a Phillips screwdriver lol
Travis T (7 months ago)
LOL yes, yes it is
PCGamesN (7 months ago)
Nah, we call it a flibberty head. Isn't language fun? ;)
Travis T (7 months ago)
PCGamesN I assume you also call a Robertson a square head screwdriver lol
PCGamesN (7 months ago)
Travis T AKA, a crosshead screwdriver. LOL.
David Newby (7 months ago)
Replace that corsair vs 450 psu in the video it is a low end cheap power supply to a Seasonic or XFX
PCGamesN (7 months ago)
David Newby thanks, we were just using one of our low-end office machines to show the basics of upgrading your graphics card, not which PSU you should install in your rig. Check out our component guide for which power supplies we recommend for a full gaming PC build. https://www.pcgamesn.com/best-gaming-pc
Anteee 89 (7 months ago)
i have an 350 Watts psu and Intel core i7-6700 and 8 gbs of ddr4 ram. Do i need to uppgrade psu or not?
Jamppandeerus (1 month ago)
1060 needs 400 watts i think but 1050 ti is good for 350 watts
Derrick Hiebert (8 months ago)
Enjoyed your vid, installing as we speak.
PCGamesN (8 months ago)
Derrick Hiebert thanks! Hope that install went well :)
Ewan Dowd (8 months ago)
What is wrong with the guy on the left he is looking at us every second wtf!!!
sam merritt (3 days ago)
Hes making sure the camera Is on them
Julian Luigi Nocamasi (11 days ago)
he is scaringme
Sivr (8 months ago)
I’m scared about the drivers, after I uninstall the drivers and restart my pc will it get the BSOD?
PCGamesN (8 months ago)
Sivr Yes, a 500W PSU should be okay, though you will need to make sure it's got enough PCIe power connectors to plug into the RX 580 you're looking at.
Sivr (8 months ago)
PCGamesN ok I’m not, thanks. I have another question. Can a 500 W Power Supply handle a RX 580? I have a 560 and are going to be upgrading.
PCGamesN (8 months ago)
Sivr If you're not switching between AMD and Nvidia then you can just leave the old drivers in place... if you're scared 😉
Hatchett (8 months ago)
Hey. Should my GPU be plugged in (from the 6 pin power plug) when using the DDU to uninstall drivers? Is it necessary or will it work without? My problem is that my GPU (R9 270X) wont display to my monitor (I get an 'out of range' error on multiple monitors) and so I am currently using the default basic windows display adapter to use my PC through VGA. I've had my GPU 3 years now. When I plug in the GPU it automatically enables the graphics card and so I receive a blank screen of which I cant operate. I am trying to fresh install the correct drivers and removing the originals first, but with the graphics card powered I cant operate the PC due to 'no signal', hence I'm using windows basis display adapter. Perhaps my HDMI port on my GPU is broke? Does the GPU need to be powered (from the 6 pin power plug) when using DDU to uninstall drivers? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Idris _ (8 months ago)
What should be done if the fans do not spin while booting up or doesn't boot up at all?
Scott Taylor (8 months ago)
My old card won't come out
PCGamesN (8 months ago)
Scott Taylor It might be because on the PCIe socket there will be little retaining hooks on the end of the socket furthest away from the back of your PC. If you push your graphics card back down into the slot again, you should be able to push down on the retaining clip with a screwdriver to release it and lift the card out. .
prenticeandrew11 (8 months ago)
Thanks for the video guys. First simple, straight to the point guide I've found. Subscribed!
AssaultMode (9 months ago)
Can you remove the old graphics card without using a ddu or anything of the sort?
PCGamesN (9 months ago)
AssaultMode yes, you can just uninstall the graphics drivers via Windows instead. But, especially if you're switching between Nvidia and AMD, you can eliminate a lot of potential problems by using DDU to clean your OS out first.
Enrique Gaxiola (9 months ago)
I have an Intel Xeon e3 1240 and a 400 wat power supply and I currently have a nvidia quadro graphics card and i want to replace that with a new GTX 1060 6gb will i be able to play all games at decent FPS.
Jp Slayer (9 months ago)
I need some assistance I'm going to purchase a new gtx 1060 on amazon, right now I have a 600w power supply and an i5 6500 processor with 8gb would I be able to run this graphics card fine with no issues what so ever?
lil. tramposo (1 month ago)
what how did u get a 1070?
dragonball13gnawd (2 months ago)
Jp Slayer you should’ve paid a little more for a 1080.
TheLimited Gaming (2 months ago)
Bimmer M3 I got a core i5 and I'm upgrading to a 770 today, also 8 Gb ram extra so I'll have 12 Gb, anyways upgrade cpu first to an i5
Bimmer M3 (2 months ago)
Anyone know if I were to buy an i7 8700 would it be bad with my 760 gtx 4gb or should I do what my friend said and first upgrade my gpu, I have an fx 6300 for cpu, or would an i5 be as good and cheaper
Echo X (3 months ago)
Lakshay Popli (11 months ago)
gimme your old graphics card :(
The Nintendo Gamer 55 (24 days ago)
+_ Kiek_ intel core i3 plobably
The Nintendo Gamer 55 (24 days ago)
I have the same as Sander AM
Vex162 (1 month ago)
Ryaslin give me one😂
Ryaslin (1 month ago)
I have two 1080Tis 😢😢😢
_ Kiek_ (1 month ago)
I have Intel graphics 😂😂
1Stunna2323 (1 year ago)
So I need to uninstall the old drivers first then install the new graphics card? Linus Tech Tips installed the new graphics card first then uninstalled DDU. Which method is correct?
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
1Stunna2323 yeah, we'd recommend using DDU to uninstall your old drivers in safe mode first, then shut down your machine and install the new card. Doing it that way round means that you can be sure to have all the residual driver data removed before your new card gets anywhere near your rig. Putting the new card in first means you may have to do some messing around to even get your machine into safe mode, especially if you're switching from AMD to Nvidia, or vice versa and trying to boot with the competition's software installed.
AfterEffectsGamer (1 year ago)
I have an a10 6800k processor. Should I upgrade to an rx 560?
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
AfterEffectsGamer if the A10 is the only graphics your machine is using then you'll get a nice, relatively cheap upgrade with a 560. You should be able to do decent 1080p gaming with that.
Pranav Jayanthi (1 year ago)
I'm still unsure as to what I should do with the current graphic drivers. I currently own a GTX 760 OEM and want to replace it with a 1060. I have thoroughly inspected my system and found out that it is, indeed, possible for an upgrade. So I got the new card now and would it be enough if I just uninstalled the NVIDIA graphic drivers from my computer? Would you recommend using the Display Driver Uninstaller instead?
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
Yeah, you should be okay to just uninstall Nvidia drivers from Windows if you're going from GeForce to GeForce. You'd actually probably be okay just dropping in your new card and updating the drivers without uninstalling first, but it's good practice to give it a little cleanup. DDU though is super-useful for completely cleaning things when you're switching from AMD to Nvidia, or vice versa. You're going to be in for a world of gorgeous gaming going from a 760 to a 1060 too! Excited for you :)
kondziu124 (1 year ago)
Is it worth buying MSI Gaming RX 580 Gaming + and change it from Msi gaming R270X 4gb?
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
kondziu124 it really depends how much the card is at your retailer of choice. If you can get a 580 for less than $250 then it's definitely a worthy upgrade. But at the moment Radeon cards are really tough to find at a decent price. At $300 or more they're too expensive compared with a GTX 1060.
Irishgamer01 (1 year ago)
Robbing a bank would be a good place to start........
xpgaming (1 month ago)
can i help you rob that bank??
Christian R (5 months ago)
Irishgamer01 (1 year ago)
Malikai Madray (1 year ago)
I wish I could get a GTX 1050 to upgrade my pc
PogZ Mc (2 months ago)
lol i hope its " GTX 1080"
Hammad Suhail (3 months ago)
haha which graphics card do you have right now?
tom smith (1 year ago)
Stop saying ummmmmm

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