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7 Gaming Mod Cons We Totally Couldn't Live Without

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Amygdala (2 days ago)
I was so exited when I had auto saving on PS3 for the first time I noticed it
Carlingus (13 days ago)
It bothers me that Assassins Creed games don’t use O for dodge.
Efren Zavala (22 days ago)
played Siren.... I really tried... it was just a nope, F that.
Timothy Rodowicz (2 months ago)
Hello, you've caught me watching another Friday feature. Here's 7 more times I'm going to click on another FF in related videos.
LordSnoodles (2 months ago)
i rather still prefer wired controllers. I don't have to worry about them running low on freaking batteries...
Rosewick267 (3 months ago)
I recall playing Crash Bandicoot and Twisted Metal 1&2....saving didn't exist! had to use a passcode system! GASP! I actually prefer wired controllers (except when i need to keep them stored in a drawer so my cat doesn't CHEW the cords!) I don't like auto-saves when it's forced on me, and thus makes the game artificially difficult (such as Dark Souls 3). Whilst i DO like that we get patches for games, i don't like that these days we technically don't "own" the games we buy; we merely own a license to download them from a site or via a game client. i do like that we've moved away from memory cards (they always had a super small capacity, unless you bought the off-brand ones (i bought one for my ps2....and it got corrupted!) standard controls (ESPECIALLY hot keys) are pretty sweet, but i like being able to reassign button configs to my preferences (although i don't miss the days before Dualshock support!) Graphics don't matter to me TOO much, but they're one of the reasons i could never get invested in the story of FF7. i owned it as a kid (12 yrs old), tried playing it several times.....but the graphics always broke my immersion :(.
Genial Fire (4 months ago)
non wireless controllers sister watching annoying thing unplug
Heroinedown (4 months ago)
I hate auto-save, it prevents you from going back to before you fucked up. I'm sure I'm the only one but I miss the old days...
Dynasty Star (5 months ago)
I mean... I can live without some of these features. The nice thing about the save feature is that you can go back to previous levels if you missed some missable content or something. I play plenty of old games that aren't even the HD remaster. If you do have access to a remastered version thats otherwise identical to the original(ie. isn't a "reimagining"), then by all means, play it, but that doesn't mean I can't do without it looking all pretty. I still use a wired controller. I mean, a wireless controller's battery is gonna run out eventually, but I'm less likely to be an idiot and get so excited I unplug the damn thing.
Amin Limbu (5 months ago)
angel Izquierdo (6 months ago)
Last entry happened to me when I managed to get the S license in gran turismo 4 =(
sophia daniels (6 months ago)
re: standard controls..... yeah but then you have the games that swap a couple buttons..... like fallout using triangle to jump.... or if you've played prototype and saints row 4.... i can't remember what they swapped but they both basically have the same mechanics just swapped a couple buttons..... it's like switching between a windows and mac keyboard... also nintendo swaps the locations of the confirm and cancel buttons.... (though to be fair the A button does the same thing on both xbox and nintendo 3ds.... but the A and B buttons have swapped locations....)
Benjamin Frost (7 months ago)
I have literally done that last thing multiple times back in the day. Made me laugh out loud thank you so much
roachxyz (7 months ago)
Sometimes I like autosave other times I don't. It does surprise me how horrible graphics use to be. Button configuration is way better now.
Esoterikos Online (8 months ago)
Vagrant Story is my favorite game of all time
Joseph Torres (8 months ago)
I'm kinda old school and distrustful of wireless myself... Granted, seeing even modern wifi and Bluetooth stuff still glitching and needing to reset whatever doesn't help
Henry howells (8 months ago)
I was at the end of King Kong then my ps2 unplugged
Ankit Raghubanshi (8 months ago)
Kingdom Come Deliverence and Saves.
FreshSalmon (8 months ago)
The last of us has triangle for the interact and bloodborne has circle for sprint and jump
William Colt (8 months ago)
discs that automatically set into the right position without having to worry about cracking the inside of it and corrupting the game.
Scaitan (8 months ago)
I'm not cool enough to 'like'. :-(
Zachery Scott (8 months ago)
I couldn’t agree more except the share button I still hit the damn thing trying to hit menue 😂
stormy miller (8 months ago)
I may be going a bit old school with this one but what about having to press a button to run! I had recently gotten Legend of Mana for my daughter (because why not? I played it at her age) and I totally forgot that there is nothing in the settings to make it to where your character automatically runs. You have to hold down the circle button. Also, joysticks! Got Grandia for myself and I can't use my joysticks!!
James (9 months ago)
this list better have photo mode on it :D
RMS (9 months ago)
1.45 yeah I've been there
Buddyboltgaming (10 months ago)
but what if you need a weapon that's not one of your 4 hotkeys
smashbrosfan31 (10 months ago)
Fast Travel is a must
Eishern (11 months ago)
Never used the share button. Ever. Nor did i have trouble forgetting the memory card for playing at a friends house. The pros of being without friends nor social media... *sob*
Jadon Walker (11 months ago)
I never realized how much I loved wireless controllers until I beat Kessler in infamous and did one of the most elaborate victory dances of my life. There's something magical about doing the running man through your entire house with your controller still in your hand. I don't recommend doing a touch down style celebration with your controller. We had wood floors that were essentially made of solid oak.
EaqIe (1 year ago)
Your office PlayStation 4........!
RajunCajun34 (1 year ago)
Oh god the having to find a save point thing back in the day is why i replayed games so many times. Dammit mom don't turn my game off please!!
TheComicStop (1 year ago)
Dave come and see this , lol 😂
dinoreah2 (1 year ago)
in games like chrono cross or FF7 I loved finding the millions of combinations of items or attacks in my menus. It was fun to see them and try a super hard boss fight hoping it will work!
Connor Butters (1 year ago)
I can relate
SRPD CloutJesus (1 year ago)
Bethesda believes triangle is for jumping.
Mecha Zeus (1 year ago)
Jump is X,have you never played dying light was r1 and fallout 4 is triangle
Ronald Grant Jr (1 year ago)
lmbo so true with the old school wireless controller. lol too funny.
Sinko Gaming (1 year ago)
with the wireless controllers. Back in the day when the 6 year old cousin would walk in, not thinking about the cord.. :(
Camron Bornholdt (1 year ago)
To confirm something in MGS in the USA version is Circle not Triangle.
Musicdriventhoughts (1 year ago)
Custom settings in games, like difficulty, brightness, sensitivity, controller customization.
Hoodie J (1 year ago)
Wireless internet :p for all the people who lived in the basement and wanted to play multiplayer
Duckling Pow (1 year ago)
Sprinting is actually L3 **Pushes glasses up nose**
DalekBoy (1 year ago)
When I found out that the fire button in Ratchet and Clank Into The Nexus was changed from circle to R2 I freaked out.
Sammakeslego (1 year ago)
sprinting is always L3 tho.......
Donny Spofford (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure Horizon Zero Dawn uses triangle as the action button too. So does a few other games I can't remember at the moment.
Robert Graham (1 year ago)
suspend/resume. does that work for Bloodborne??
Maddy Lock (1 year ago)
I still move my face to my controller to scratch my nose whilst playing, rather than realising there's no cord and just raising it to my face.
Brandon Thomas (1 year ago)
Remember when Triangle was the back button before circle ?
Steadysphere (1 year ago)
What about PS4 remote play? If you need the loo while watching a cutscene for FFXV, you don't have to hold on just stream it to your vita!
jjay8319 (1 year ago)
pulled the controller out in excitement many times wireless controllers the best thing ever in the gaming community 👍👍👍👍👍
Shane Banning (1 year ago)
"its a cutscene i cant pause it!" "NEOOOOOOOOWWWWW"
Akuma Kami (1 year ago)
Am I one of the few that hates auto save in some games?
J August (1 year ago)
7 second joke 5 minutes in, brilliant!
Lucas Schelstraete (1 year ago)
In almost every fridayfeature there is The witcher 3 mgs final fantasy always...
But I play puppeteer or tactical
Dallas (1 year ago)
perfect example for controls try after playing gta 4 try to play San Andreas
Nathan M (1 year ago)
He makes fun of games that use circle as the jump button and HE SHOWS FOOTAGE OF THE WITCHER 3, a game where CIRCLE IS THE JUMP BUTTON.
Noah Martin (1 year ago)
I would KILL for an HD Vagrant Story remake.
ReLIkz (1 year ago)
for the hotkeys option you could really just used RE4 u know.
Deanna Garcia (1 year ago)
I love that my systems can share without much effort. I post more than I ever did before
Totalmasanity (1 year ago)
Ooo that yellow was nice, I always go for the blue flow or sparkle theme.
Ixsa Aegis (1 year ago)
PixlPlayer (1 year ago)
Heh i use a wired controller
Daniel Stark (1 year ago)
hilarious video
HardWarUK (1 year ago)
Most of these mod cons lead to the non challenge games we have now. Gamers today never feel the emotion of finally winning a battle, or solving a REAL puzzle that you have struggled with! Saves weren't invented so you could stop and make a cup of tea. They were invented because games used to be HARD and you needed to save because you died a lot while overcoming the obstacles! This is why I am a PC gamer, so I can play challenging indie games that don't hold your hand and can and do kill you regularly!
Sam Wilde (1 year ago)
Literally burst out laughing at the last few seconds XD
Alonzo Stagg (1 year ago)
I was like " jumping is X? " and then I realized I've been playing a ton of xbox
Pecto's Pages (1 year ago)
They really need new people. Rob is good and they need to use holli more, but the other two are annoying.
The End (1 year ago)
First thing I do with my wireless controllers is get a nice long cord for them because as much as cords suck, batteries suck more.
Bastiaan Buelling (1 year ago)
Just one thing about the universal controls... Try out bloodborne then dark souls 3 and then nioh 😁 you'll swearing your life 😁
Sgt Reed (1 year ago)
Running is L3, melee is R3
Dalavine (1 year ago)
heard ya say pes a few times thought you were talking about pez.... like I didn't know pez was multiplay
Joseph Taylor (1 year ago)
Liked because you called me cool
Shadow Flame (1 year ago)
All great entries
Haxor (1 year ago)
Sprinting isn't with R3 it's L3.
Gubte Fumcki (1 year ago)
9:28 Been Their
A Link Between Games (1 year ago)
Being warned about dangers. If only The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild warned me about that evil statue.
Cram 4life (1 year ago)
What about boarder lands. Those controls are totally bass acuards.
Coolspheal 6 (1 year ago)
My life playing KH. " I can't save right now mom!" Thank goodness they have pausable and skipable cutscenes.
righteous pain (1 year ago)
the end yea I've done that
tarek omari (1 year ago)
In some games the save system got worse over time like there used to be 3 or more save slots where I can start a new game wich is gone in some games like Mafia3 or AC Unity.
Julia Shenandoah (1 year ago)
Wireless Controllers are the best invention ever. I hated these cables everywhere in the room..... and all of them so short that most of the time I had to sit on the floor in front of the TV because the cable was only 2 meters and the couch was not in reach with the controller in the hands.
Ruckus-Jason Mayfield (1 year ago)
The last one hit me right in the feels...R.I.P to all the progress I made in a game, only to pull the controller, bump the PS on something and lose hours...Gone but not forgotten.
thegreatMSG (1 year ago)
I missed the MGS tally board....
Adam Block (1 year ago)
To be fair, the Wither 3 does have a bit of menu surfing, between creating different potions, equipping new armor, repairing weapons and armor, and getting ready for each big battle takes place in the menu.
Marc R. (1 year ago)
Unfortuantely, the Share function of the PS4 doesn't allow you to upload screenshots to any cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, ANY WebDav service) or servers using ftp.
Poorly (1 year ago)
X is to the Jump Square is to do nothing [usually] Circle is to crouch Triangle is to reload your weapon R2 is to fire your gun or attack L1 is to aim down your sight Pause is to pause Select is for sharing stuff I am probably wrong, I haven't played a First-Person Shooter in a while
Poorly (1 year ago)
Can't live with out qucik saving, It saves quickly so I don't have to press the pause button and then press Save and then wait for 100 years
Eithanol (1 year ago)
No one commenting how he shaved his "hair"?
Troupbomber (1 year ago)
He could have said I can buy teabags without pants. SERIOUSLY ROB?!
Jinjuuryuu (1 year ago)
I still play wired!
Nicholas Kennedy (1 year ago)
I actually liked the old controllers. I never had charge and the wire was long enough that I never pulled the game system. The new controller end up with screwed up sticks, and if I plug them in I'll end up pulling my PS3.
Crimsonfang (1 year ago)
I actually don't mind standard definition. I still go back and play Shining force on sega here and there.
faville (1 year ago)
Thinking back, I'm pretty sure the menu juggling was the reason I gave up multiple times on Vagrant Story. I still feel vaguely guilty about never finishing it.
Alejandro Vega (1 year ago)
Okay I'm drunk af and rob seems to be talking wayyyyyy too fast
DisgustingHobo (1 year ago)
9:24, gets me everytime
Yoga Darmawan (1 year ago)
Can someone told me the title of the game @5:00 ?
Shu Eclipse (1 year ago)
He mentioned "The Jak and Daxter trilogy" but anyone who has ever played the games knows there were more than just the three. There was also Daxter, Jak X, and Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier (which I personally won't hold against him since it wasn't made by Naughty Dog)
Lex Luther S (1 year ago)
thats why i charge my ps4 controller while i watch movies or anime via ny internet on ny Ps4
P J (1 year ago)
"Sprinting is R3" i think you mean L3

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