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Shadow of The Tomb Raider New Trailer

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Shadow of The Tomb Raider New Trailer. The graphic of this game looks amazing. For the next trailer i want to see some gameplay. PSN CARD giveaway when I reach 5k THANK YOU FOR WATCHING
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Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
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Sweet-Tee Delights! (2 months ago)
I feel like I’m watching a movie trailer too!!!
Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
Sweet-Tee Delights! Yeah video games are getting more realistic now
Sweet-Tee Delights! (2 months ago)
Look like a really cool game!!! 😃😃😃
Gaming Gardener (2 months ago)
Journey towards success (2 months ago)
Nice video bro
Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
Journey towards success oh thank you new friend
Xophel (2 months ago)
Great video man, may the force be with you!😂😂
Most Played Colorful (2 months ago)
Cool like from me
Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
Most Played Colorful thank you for watching my video
Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
If you don't watch the video at least for one minute your comment just go to the spam box.
Gaming Gardener (2 months ago)
Squall Ranger For sure. Destroys the watchtime. Haha then I go do a FV. Thanks again for 👀opener.
Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
Gaming Gardener bro you don't know how many spam comment i have on my spam box. Many ppl just came and write and left in a second. That's pathetic bro
Gaming Gardener (2 months ago)
Squall Ranger haha now who isn't watching haha. Thanks Bro. I try to give all my supports lots of time if not FV. People give me less then a minuite....
Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
Gaming Gardener yes friend
Gaming Gardener (2 months ago)
Squall Ranger is that how people get sent to my spam lol
RantJamz (2 months ago)
I am down with final fantasy!
Lady Di Slots (2 months ago)
Like 5 new Friend from Lunatic Live. Please stop by my channel and watch a video so we stay friends 👍😄👍
Shruti's Kitchen 4 u (2 months ago)
Came here via Lunatic dad. Love the video. New friend with bell. Stay connected.
Gaming Grandpa (2 months ago)
liked and subscribed after seeing you on lunatic dad's stream, always looking for great active channels to support
KaheemMini (2 months ago)
Here to show you loving and caring full watch, big thumbs up from me and a loving comment, New Supporter
Alessia's World (2 months ago)
Mya Moore (2 months ago)
first fire vid
Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
Mya Moore thank you

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