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DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT 10 BIG Things You SHOULD Know Before You BUY (Final Fantasy Dissidia PS4)

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oneshotking steffan (3 months ago)
Hope this has local multiplayer
Sebastian Arias (6 months ago)
will anime be in the game? well it seymore guy so i dont think so.
Peter Ford (8 months ago)
Good review but I may need more time to consider.
Chaotic King Roshin (8 months ago)
No story mode no point in buying this
Daniel Surya (8 months ago)
#1. Not have local 2 player offline 1 vs 1..
Blade Visitacion (9 months ago)
wait so no story? i loved story mode from the one from PSP
subject18blueknight (9 months ago)
This game is great! But you have to know it’s for those who “know” of the first game’s stories. Specifically if you played Duodecim, most of this story will make sense. The only thing that I don’t think is explained well is why exactly the heroes are summined this time.
Aldrin Partisala (9 months ago)
Can we play offline 2players???
mark nvt (9 months ago)
Can you compare this wih the original FF games? I have a feeling that FF gamers are gonna be disappointed with the game style. I mean is it a walk through a story what we are used with the former FF series. Or is this a somesort of fighting simulator like streetfighter/tekken or Mortal combat.
iamxeracon (8 months ago)
No, mainline FF and Dissidia are in no way connected, outside of the characters. People who played or heard of the original Dissidia titles should know what to expect.
Jordom (9 months ago)
After the fuckary of FFXV, I'm passing this
Utopia Lord (9 months ago)
Where Genesis as a villain.
LaLaTangerine (9 months ago)
I want nyx ulric and characters from brave exvius to be here
payneicecold3000 (9 months ago)
My team would be Noctis/Lightning/Squal this is my ace squad.
chewydog77 (9 months ago)
Its perfectly balanced. People are butthurt that they cant spam anymore. This is a fresh start imo an needed
Christian Thompson (9 months ago)
Just got it yesterday and its good but wait to buy it on sale. It doesn't have enough content to warrant 60 bucks, plus the online community is going to disappear quickly.
Itachi Uchiha (9 months ago)
Isn’t this j stars
BenjyContainr (9 months ago)
Wow I can't believe Noct actually got out of bed, never mind fighting
Kartoshka (9 months ago)
Now all we need is a crisis core remaster/port
oxKnightxo OW (9 months ago)
Duodecim PURE masterpiece. NT disappointing.
Curseius (9 months ago)
no lie the mobile game final fantasy dissidia opera omnia is more interesting.
Curseius (9 months ago)
without watching the video heres what you need to know about this game before you dont buy it. 1. its NOTHING like the original dissidia's other than the bravery system, 2.there are no modes besides 3v3 PVP and offline bot fights 3. 4:01 there is NO STORY MODE i have to repeat this THERE IS NO STORY MODE and you have to unlock all the games content (cutscenes and all) by exclusively playing 3v3 pvp mode, by unlocking it all with in game currency earned in that mode. 4. the above is all there is to the game This game is a BARE BONES ARCADE FIGHTER WITH VERY LITTLE CONTENT! Nuff said when i first saw the teaser for this and read what it was gonna be like i was thinking........... Oh its going to be like overwatch then which would have been badass! which i would have accepted whole heart, it would have been interesting to be cloud or sephiroth in first person running up walls like in the original dissidia and striking your opponents the same way........ but no what we get is something bare bones and lacking in ANY real content. dont buy the game teach SE the lesson that if they are going to make a game they have to give it to a developer that will put real effort reasearch and time into it........... Or just do it themselves which is what they should have just done.
sary p (9 months ago)
Looks badass
Taser9001 (9 months ago)
From the moment I first saw the arcade version, I was unsure about the 3v3. When I saw that NT was going to copy this, I didn't have much hope. I so really wanted to like this game, but sadly, it's pretty bad. The new 3v3 system seems very focused on competitive play. Sadly, this is its shortcoming. The battle mechanics and customization have had to be extremely simplified and streamlined in favour of faster matches. Customization has been brought down from all of those abilities and accessories to simply a weapon skin, a clothing skin, a single HP attack, and two 'common' EX Skills. Blocking has also been changed, acting now more like Smash Bros, with a shield that wears out. The new summon system also doesn't help, making it extremely unbalanced whenever one appears. The story mode is awful. The previous games let you play the story at your own pace. Locking the entire story behind unlockable 'memoria' and making a vast majority of it nothing more than short cutscenes. People want to play the story; they do not want to be forced to play arcade mode over and over. As a final boss, Chaos has far more depth than Shinryu. Online is frustrating, especially when you don't play with friends in voice chat. The game's main, and as far as I am aware, only means of in-game communication is character dialogue, implemented in an awkward manner. The matches are laggy, and random teammates often cause issues, either trolling or simply not knowing what to do. A lack of character limit also means everyone often plays the same character, missing the point of the 4 classes. Overall, NT is a huge disappointment. Vastly inferior to its PSP predecessors, particularly Duodecim, pretty graphics - which aren't even that good due to a lack of lip sync and facial expressions - and a good soundtrack are not enough to save this game. The only people I have seen actually enjoy this game so far never played the previous titles. For the extreme lack of content, this game is not worth the £45-£55 price tag, nor the £25 season pass.
Aaron Duran (9 months ago)
Here’s the 11th: Final Fantasy Opera Omnia has more content than this game. And it’s a fucking app.
SlayerEdge (9 months ago)
I love this game, I don't really like how they decided to do the story mode and I hate the fact that there isn't actual equipments you could earn like there was in duodecim. Maybe they'll add somethign in the future, who knows? I also don't like the fact that there is no way that I know of to tell what the different bravery attacks do for each character without actually testing them yourself.. This makes it very hard to pick out and try new characters without being forced to play the AI.. Otherwise you'll get wiped out by other players in online mode who know their respective move sets for their players.
dana (9 months ago)
Watching the video after i bought the game lol
Robbert van Loon (9 months ago)
Also an off chance to not get your codes. Preordered steelbook > already delivered a day too late > unsealed game, open box, oh look NO BONUS KEYS.
red crimson102 (9 months ago)
This game is utter trash! It's a Shame too because the fittest psp game was awesome, I funny even know where to start with this game. This game wouldn't have been do bad if out was one vs one instead of 3 vs 3 confusion and bad game mechanics. This game worked on the psp but sadly the mechanics weren't improved. Save your Money people.
TheHumanDevilLP (9 months ago)
EX Burst was an instant win only in the first title. They were already weaker in duodecim. You really had to customize your character on damage output to have an EX Burst make a noticeable difference.
Sōshi Miketsukami (9 months ago)
Because 15s bahamut would of been op as fuk!!
P. Dilla (9 months ago)
So this is just a fighting game? Meh no thanks I'll pass!
Batman23 (9 months ago)
Tifa DLC anyone
Nikki Smith (9 months ago)
I fucking hate this game I want to play against the computer I don't want to play against people only
campos3452 (9 months ago)
I'm gonna main Areith, you're all dead, especially Sephiroth!!!
Mr Scribbler (9 months ago)
59.99 for PvP or skm old game from JAP I'll pass for now 👎👍😄
Grim Anime (9 months ago)
Gonna main onion knight and cloud
Patrick Regalado (9 months ago)
Fucking spoiler alert cmon bro
Raveen Bikha (9 months ago)
More content than fighterz at launch
Fuck You (9 months ago)
I just want Ardyn in this game. And I want to watch him Interact with Kefka.
I just don't want the turn-based anymore. It was nice a while ago but, I loved Final Fantasy 15's battling.
johnny caceres (9 months ago)
All I know when the game comes out I'm maining lighting/cloud/noctis
Alvin Hill (9 months ago)
i just have to say, there's only one thing that will modivate me to the ends of the earth to buy this game. if black mage is released as a playable character, i dont fucking care what i have to do...im gettin this game
parris arnold (9 months ago)
Shit as long as this game is out I don't care about how many people don't like it I think its amazing
bambiko1609 (9 months ago)
Baby J (9 months ago)
5:28 'Bahumat'??? Fuck off.
xvxvcaspervxvx (9 months ago)
Why did they make Zidane and Squall look like little boys with Kingdom Hearts style anatomy?
Brad Moreno (9 months ago)
Why isn't final fantasy spirits within cannon?
Marl Akers (9 months ago)
Gonna main squall
TURTLE_GODDESS (9 months ago)
They are all 10x prettier here, I don’t think my heart can take it
R-virus (9 months ago)
Give me my half esper cutie and and im good
Lando's Lounge (9 months ago)
The game looks great. It took a minute to adjust to the changes from the originals. All the changes considered, it's going to be a solid game, and I'm going to log a lot of hours.
Kenzie Harsanto (9 months ago)
Story mode or no story mode ill be buyin this shit
GumBallin (9 months ago)
I was hopeing Vincent Valentine would debut in this one 😞
Juli (9 months ago)
I bought a PSP for the Dissidia games last year, I tried out the Dissidia nt beta and it was actually really fun. I hope they add Tifa as a DLC though, since she’s my favorite Final Fantasy character...
Tae ByTheWay (9 months ago)
Juli oh trust me they will no worries
Darkerine (9 months ago)
This game gets bored after a few fights, nothing else to do only rank up and get gil......
AR Z (9 months ago)
Would have preferred if this was geared more for 1 on 1 combat
MARIOFAN 25 (9 months ago)
Cannot wait one of my Most anticipated games of the year but I defiantly see why the hardcore psp fans may pass due to it being so different but that's what I loved builds in psp were cool but some were just very unbalanced this games is just so good can't wait
Hakim Durand (9 months ago)
Ok once and for all. I'm a complete newbie to the Final Fantasy Dissidea series and I'm reading the comments and cant get a clear answer to if this game is GOOD or BAD. CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE REPLY WITH IF I SHOULD GET IT OR NOT?! I'm very interested in this. BTW did he say this game is getting 50 characters or 15?
Agent 702 (9 months ago)
This series sucks, dont buy.
Adrumeen Arletoudo (9 months ago)
Don't get this.
RaptureGunner50 (9 months ago)
Zai (9 months ago)
Probs gonna main Zidane/Shantotto/Ace
Gregory Perry (9 months ago)
I'm totally excited for this game. I played the β, and loved it. The only thing in wondering is will each character have more than one bravery attack like in the old dissidia, and will there be attacks that branch off the original attacks as well.
NoGrey Da AdVoCate (9 months ago)
50 characters!? Better have theses characters Ff6 heroes- Sabin, Gogo, Setzer FF6 Villans - Emperor Geshtahl Ff7- Tifa Barret ,Vincent Ff7 Villans Hojo, Dyne, Rufus Ff8, Zell, Rinoa Villans, Seifer, Fujin Raijin
Julieanne Fowler (9 months ago)
Played the Open Beta and was actually disappointed. They took a game series that had a fun combat system and made it far more complicated in a horrible way. The game still looks gorgeous and has a nice roster but the gameplay is Smash Bros. levels of ludicrous TwT. I say that but I may still end up getting the final product at some point. If complex battle mechanics and 1 HP attack is your thing though enjoy.
PlayStationfanview (9 months ago)
Got Question does it has single Player mode with story mode? since see there lighting chatting to Noctis in video looks like single Player mode
Cedric Rodgers (9 months ago)
True fans of the game know that the psp was the truth ...dont get me wrong this Nt looks cool in all ...its just it llooks more complicated than the original s...just my opinion
Yuuji Endless (9 months ago)
And lags...you forgot about lags
gaby costilla (9 months ago)
I hope they add Rydia,Rinoa,and Serah
insanemembrane (9 months ago)
Wish it was also coming to pc
Ron Gives A Damn (9 months ago)
Dissidia NT is beautiful when you think about it
Carlos Tiquia (9 months ago)
been trying the beta now one thing i like to add the bravery attack customizations, just like the previous dessidia titles, hope they will add that in the feature updates
IRONRAGE (9 months ago)
man if i dont see kain from ff4 i will be pissed
Ephxx (9 months ago)
More limit breaks kewl
23 Savage (9 months ago)
Where is Caius!?!? Can’t wait for his DLC. 😭
Raian Pia (9 months ago)
The freedom of customization from the psp gones are gone.
The Hentai Shogun (9 months ago)
Played the beta, gameplay was trash compared with the original Dissidia, it basically relies on getting double or triple teamed and I ain't feeling that.
Greg Miller (9 months ago)
Its a well made game however online mode is terrible with many freeze issues. Won't be getting this as it's also a fighting game however gl to those who do
Mysteltainn (9 months ago)
Who here is more hyped to play as noctis
Cookie Cooly (9 months ago)
Sucks that theres no EX bursts
Sean 平儀 (9 months ago)
Seeing 3 red lines on you is the scariest fucking thing in this game 😂😂😂
Cody (9 months ago)
Shame it's a exclusive I'd pick this up if it was on PC
Tommy G (9 months ago)
I’m mad Yuna not in it
aperal732 (9 months ago)
So is this is a moba or a fighting game like naruto? Is it 1V1 or 3V3
Ilir Hajrullahi (9 months ago)
Bahuma?!?!? Dude, learn to read, it’s Bahamut!
blazeuniverse17 (9 months ago)
Did i hear him right? 50 characters total?
shogenx (9 months ago)
i just want 1v1 its cluster fuck cheap when you get pinned into a wall by 2 or more people
dray max (9 months ago)
Vincent and Auron better be in there. And Zell. And Steiner. And Irvine. And Balthier. AND SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 2, BAAAAYYYYYBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Xethias (9 months ago)
Offline multiplayer?
kainnak (9 months ago)
Having played the demo I can safely say I will not be buying it, it's nearly in every way worse then the first two games, the only real improvement I can see is the graphics.
ShadowWarrior42 (9 months ago)
This game wasn’t on my radar at all but it looks pretty damn good and I’m enjoying myself in the Beta, although some of the controls can be a bit clunky.
EAchank (9 months ago)
FF8 has aged like a fine wine
EAchank (9 months ago)
They need to add Vincent Balthier Auron Seifer Beatrix Locke Edge Sabin Tifa Zell
Corvo (9 months ago)
So a jecht copy?
Laszlo (9 months ago)
The first Dissidia is probably my most played game ever, with over 1,5k hours over multiple saves, and 012 was awesome as well, even tho i was pretty burned out on the concept at its release. And now theres this game, i dont know how to feel. Its awesome that they continue the series but its just not the game me and many people had hoped for. Dont think ill get it first day, and i dont recommend you either. Wait for reviews, and for reports how Squeenix fucks up the DLC for this game. Thanks and goodbye.
Silpher The Dragon Angel (9 months ago)
Why no Ardyn and Caius Ballad? ;/
Lodus Music (9 months ago)
They should pay team ninja to develop a naruto game. Garbage clunky controls in the naruto games
Time Traveler Outspoken (9 months ago)
Fox Die (9 months ago)
Sephiroth, Cloud, and Squall will be my go to team and it's something I've wanted to do since the damn 90's. I've got it preordered but I'm thinking about switching it to Monster Hunter World because of how the story works in the Beta, if the main campaign is some shit like it is in the Beta and you're just unlocking cutscenes then I'll wait on this
- Logic (9 months ago)
I really liked the CP system and the amount of movesets in the past games. 😥
adrenalinex4 (9 months ago)
Sora should be DLC
DjFire (9 months ago)
Game sucks balls knock back just fucken unreal. Slow as fuck. And targeting just annoying!!
Lisa Gale (9 months ago)
Can't wait. Gonna be Cecil and I know I will love this. Been playing the beta and I must say, I am very impressed. Love Ace and Ramza and is so happy they made it in the game. Final Fantasy is the best!

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