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7 Times Video Game Violence Went Too Far

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Sexual assaults, chemical attacks, snuff films - and that's just the beginning... For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Text Comments (2564)
BLACK CYBER XONE (16 days ago)
The Great Autismus (3 months ago)
"They promote hatred, racism, sexism, and awards violence" Stfu sjw
Floris Meulenbelt (3 months ago)
Marry besides second wzgek hi analyze auto hit committee parental partly away.
Saurabh Pande (3 months ago)
Where the F is DEAD SPACE!!
Afdivan Fatah (3 months ago)
How about mortal kombat fatality
josh (3 months ago)
Disliked on principle alone. Europeans LOVE censorship.
Rachelle Villarreal (3 months ago)
Nah, I don’t think it went far. Then again, I don’t get bothered by it.
Noah Knutsen (4 months ago)
Initially cheek river hkdige restore card survivor processing organization jaw.
Joshinator C (4 months ago)
I want manhunt to be remastered
darkest light (4 months ago)
There is no such Thing as "crossing the line" in video games because THEY ARE FUCKIN VIDEO GAMES
Kuchi Saké (4 months ago)
Activist logic; "In God of War III you get to bash a guy's face in, push someone's eyes into his skull, and tear another guy's head off only to use it as a flashlight that screams in agony everytime you squeeze it,... but let's talk about how GTA V went too far."
se7en deVilz (4 months ago)
Prudes. They're polygons. Deal.
Dirty Dan (5 months ago)
Pls read this random person scrolling through the comments. EAT NOTHING 4 HOURS PRIOR TO WATCHING THIS.
Toshan Mosi (5 months ago)
how about mortal kombat
official emitivity (5 months ago)
where is outlast wishblower
Revengeof Thepanzers (5 months ago)
Paint the town red is rather violent tbh
Kyle Bernadyn (6 months ago)
Surprised Outlast didn't make it on to the list.
Bunbun doe (6 months ago)
I just replayed GTA V and noticed Trevor doesn't hit his knees. He pops him in the balls. You can tell because afterwards the guy has a huge blood stain on his crotch.
Haider Khan (6 months ago)
Its modern warfare 2 in no Russian
PatRiot (6 months ago)
The line is a non-sequetor. *I am funnybot.*
Colleen Quinn (6 months ago)
and mortal kombat?
theisgood0 (7 months ago)
they never go to far cause no one ever dies..... problem solved, just cause I play a game does not mean I will harm anyone in real life I killed a spider yesterday and I felt like a piece of shit I was like "nooooo he was a little jumping spider" rip jumping spider
sting7789 (7 months ago)
Fucking games going too far. Lol. Your guys are funny. Fuck society and America.
Mr tickle (7 months ago)
Manhunt is it not bad it was awesome been able to kill people in graphic nature was COOL 😎👍🏻
Baha Ibrahim (7 months ago)
Video games DO indeed test your morality. When you play a game that gives you the choice to make certain actions, then those during the first play through define the kind of person you like to be. Second play throughs are all about exploring your alternative options. Games that gives no choice but to be violent just shows you have tendencies that need simulating. Let’s face it; simulating your sick fantasies is better than enacting them in real life
john wick (7 months ago)
What about postal 2
mason crampton (7 months ago)
Too far? It's all fantastic. People are looking for something to blame on the violent child that's in thier home s because they don't want to face the fact that it's their parenting
Trevor Howell (7 months ago)
The Darkness, when your girlfriend gets her head blown off.
Novels & Pills (7 months ago)
Everyone knows gta 5 isn't violent....
Fr0gg0 (7 months ago)
None of these went too far.
Amina Sicim (7 months ago)
The Torture scene was well placed and featured one of the Best Characters in gaming
Matt Conklin (7 months ago)
One could argue the MK fatalities could be put on this list.
REEEligion (7 months ago)
overwatch ad before the video what are the chances (5:53)
#PRO 5K PRANCER (8 months ago)
Why Did You Shoot Jesus He Never Did Anything To You All He Did Was Forgive You For Your Sins.
HTA (8 months ago)
What about outlast ?
James (8 months ago)
stop everything, Seb just murdured Jesus!! Your going to hell!!! lol
AngryGamingElite (8 months ago)
Gta wasnt that bad. Postal looks like a gun gane just blindly killing people. Do the same on any open world gane
standupmoss 2014 (8 months ago)
Actually surprised God of war didn't make the list or even gears of war
LittleBilly_169 ancap (8 months ago)
GTA V torture scene didn't make me that uncomfortable. I was ok with it.
Epi (9 months ago)
0:48 that cunt
Love Gestapo (9 months ago)
Duke Nukem is so cringe worthy.
Justin Drysdale (9 months ago)
I love your channel dearly but I do also feel like people are little bitches when it comes to this. One of the only times I felt bad for doing something evil in a game was the first AC, those poor beggars. Other than that, its kill em all and let God sort them out.
Jordan White (9 months ago)
Honesty I loved the playing the torture scene in gta 5
Youcant Stopme! (9 months ago)
They should my a remastered 4k graphics version of the original Manhunt.
Pug Dude Studios TM (5 months ago)
Youcant Stopme! “My a”
amir touati (9 months ago)
What and where is the punisher It was better than man hunt
Thegreatkingslayer (9 months ago)
Lol you ever played real life? It’s the most fucked up violent thing imaginable videogames will never be able to come even close.
Poison (9 months ago)
video games make people violent and have violent thoughts
Sean Boonzaier (10 months ago)
I guess some of these are bad, but when you compare it to movies they aren't really that bad. I mean compare the "rape scene" in Hotline Miami to a movie like I Spit On Your Grave....
Samuel Haverghast (10 months ago)
Eh, Postal 1 looked tame compared to Postal 2.
Dillon Alexander (10 months ago)
I don't understand how the torture scene caused so much controversy
Lord Gay Nut (10 months ago)
I love gory games everyday I go on bestgore just to watch people die.
Nahuel Dominguez (10 months ago)
IMHO the torture scene in GTA V actually leaves an anti torture argument at the end. Like it's not an efficcient way to obtain information, at the end of the mission nobody is sure if the shoot the rigth person or not.
Haru Henriksson (10 months ago)
These comments are why gamers get so much hate.
Haru Henriksson (9 months ago)
Justin Drysdale Not all of us are trash.
Justin Drysdale (9 months ago)
Heather Nunyadamnbusiness i dont give a fuck, hate me, I really dont care. Humanity is just selfish pieces of shit anyways. So why do I care what they think.
Achilles Grimm (10 months ago)
He missed the worst one of all...Mario...the poor genocide of gooooooooooombas =(
Spiny Justspiny (10 months ago)
The torture scene seemed to go to a character who was meant to represent GTAV fans and highlight exactly why the violence being simulated was a good thing because anyone who does the shit they did in GTA IRL would probably be branded a violent antisocial terrorist. Feeling discomfort seemed to be the point. Modern Warfare's most hard-hitting moments tend to be ones that mimic reality all-too-well. Again, it seemed to be the point. That scene in DNF was fucked up and waaaaay out of character for Duke. Definition of "Too far" in this case. Hatred was a fucking mess all around and a testament to the fact that there is such a thing as bad publicity, at least when done out of active contempt for basic morality and releasing a game about mass shootings during a time where mass shootings were a hot-button issue, as opposed to GTA just quietly letting controversy happen and letting the general public speak for themselves over it. Hotline Miami 2, thank fuck, actually warns the player about this waaay before it happens, and gives you the option to skip it much like No Russian. Manhunt 2's sound design made the violence there unwatchable for me. It felt TOO well-done. The hedge clipper kills make me fucking shudder. Postal 1 seemed to be one of the earliest commentaries on video game violence.
Solar Light (10 months ago)
Fuck you protesters I want my Manhunt 3
dayzgone (10 months ago)
fuck you moron, Manhunt games were not banned for any "good reason"
dayzgone (10 months ago)
Hatred was just boring as fuck, and the executions were pretty tame compared to the ones in the Manhunt series.
vipertoothgaming yt (11 months ago)
Why was mortal combat not on this
jono walker (1 year ago)
Have you lot been taken over by yanks or something? You bunch of fucking snowflakes!
jono walker (1 year ago)
No such thing as too far
Grand Moff Tarkin (1 year ago)
What about the Willy Pete scene from Spec Ops: The Line?
Marrino460 (1 year ago)
I didn't really have any special reaction too the GTA5 scene. The best thing about it would probably be Trevor being a big softie and helping the dude he just tortured.
johny jongkindt (1 year ago)
ive said it before and i will keep saying it duke nukem has not changed you have
Ariel Wainzinger (1 year ago)
Video game violence can NEVER go to far. And those people who protest against it are fucking knobs who don't play games anyway, so they really need to just fuck off with their whining.
Alex KimVideo (1 year ago)
1:55 best scene XD
Autismo Slicer (1 year ago)
Can we talk about that I'm pretty sure Hatred is worse than Postal technically speaking
MahNameHitla (1 year ago)
'too far' he says
Parker Derryberry (1 year ago)
You forgot dying light
Zeroshiki (1 year ago)
I never cringe with violent video games and I'm a 21 year old girl. I've played Mortal Kombat and GTA my whole life and have never even been in a fist fight, much less committed murder. I let out my anger in games, not take it out on other people. They're just games people, statistically teenagers and kids who play video games have longer attention spans and less violent tendencies in the real world.
Azure-Crimson Revival (1 year ago)
it's only too far when you've gotta quick time event beat the shit out of a 2 year old.
Mojo (1 year ago)
Murder literally thousands. Can't be trusted not to kill anyone within 24 hours of last kill. Psycho who steals money and kills out of boredom and still doesn't even enjoy it. Experience thousands of hospital trips,been shot millions of times. World made of supermen- anyone can take a RPG to the chest and still be in one piece,maybe even alive. Suddenly realize you have been using pliers,a car battery and some other pretty mundane stuff, to apply unpleasant sensations to a guy who kinda has what you want? QUESTION MORALITY.
Brennan Scarcello (1 year ago)
Wow so first time I ever hear this guy is when its a video about bitching gaming violence, on a gaming channel. Probably te reason we never hear from him again.
AvangionQ (1 year ago)
The Punisher didn't make the list?
50mits (1 year ago)
Ok this whole thing is bullshit,but what do the twins from Duke Nukem have to do with violence??
Luke Weatherill (1 year ago)
Same I love gta 5 scene
Whats the song in the background?
Brian Fleming (1 year ago)
Okay, to me at least the GTA torture scene was nothing compared to that of the last of us cutscenes.
SoggyHotDoggy (1 year ago)
The thing that got me about Hatred was that it wasn't even actually good. I'm all for shocking content, it can make for a memorable moment, but if that's ALL you have, that's not much of a game.
Papa Stalin (1 year ago)
Is it bad i enjoyed the torture scene in GTA5?
Keik Arkinshock (1 year ago)
You're a bunch of pussies.
Brian Cicio (1 year ago)
Video games violence can NEVER go too far!!!
SirAssAlot TheThird (1 year ago)
none of this is uncomortable or went to far stop being such sjws
Don’t_Go_Hollow (1 year ago)
There is almost no reason to play Hatred or Postal. Unless you're a fucking weirdo who is into that shit.
jon moore (1 year ago)
manhunt was a good game
Dr. Manhattan (1 year ago)
GTA5's torture scene was profound and very meta, I feel it went over most people's heads. It was intended to be interpreted this way.
Kelsey Taylor (1 year ago)
Or playing Overwatch... Lost my shit right there.
Nexicim Cuthulu (1 year ago)
The MW3 bit is so fucking funny
wrngsurgeon (1 year ago)
..there's no such thing as "too violent" with virtual entertainment.
BronchoKyle (1 year ago)
"This shop is popular with cops. You must leave now." *keeps hopping around* PUNCH!!
Some Guy (1 year ago)
No Russian instead of gas
Matthew Last (1 year ago)
I play video games for fun, and I find murder sprees and letting *virtual* blood fly. Its all fake anyway, so why make a video bitching about it?
Mr Mosquito (1 year ago)
Scrolling through the comments, you start seeing a lot of those internet tough guys -- all "Video games are no place for pussies." But you know their ilk would lose their minds over true-and-honest rapegames and the like just the same.
Katelyn Carson (1 year ago)
says so well gamespot gives it a 3/10 wtf
KingOhSoBreezy (1 year ago)
The reason I play video games is because I know I can do shit that I can't in real life
Heyyygirl (1 year ago)
TDaMan so if you were aloud to do the things in Manhunt then you would? I rest my case.
The Secretive Clot (1 year ago)
Why play Overwatch? It's just a rip off that begs for money
Paulo Lopez (1 year ago)
no more heroes should be on the list
Nikola Peh (1 year ago)
WTF with Manhunt. Player choose to kill. You can finish the game killing only 5 guys xD
James Nathan (1 year ago)
What about the MKX fatalities, brutalities and xrays?
Joey idc (1 year ago)
god of war you carry a head around for the hole game but its ok its god of war -_-

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