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Evolution of Jurassic Park Games 1993-2018

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Evolution of Jurassic Park Games 1993-2018 1993 Jurassic Park (NES) 1993 Jurassic Park (SNES) 1993 Jurassic Park (Sega Genesis) 1993 Jurassic Park (Game Gear) 1993 Jurassic Park (SEGA CD) 1993 Jurassic Park (AMIGA) 1994 Jurassic Park Acade 1994 Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues (SNES) 1994 Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues (Game Boy) 1994 Jurassic Park Interactive 1994 Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition 1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park (PSX) 1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Sega Genesis) 1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park (PC) 1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park Acade 1998 Trespasser 1999 Warpath: Jurassic Park 2001 Jurassic Park III: Dino Defender 2001 Jurassic Park III: Danger Zone 2001 Jurassic Park III 2001 Jurassic Park III: Island Attack 2001 Jurassic Park III: The DNA Factor 2001 Jurassic Park III: Park Builder 2001 Scan Command: Jurassic Park 2001 Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure 2003 Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis 2011 Jurassic Park: The Game 2012 Jurassic Park Builder 2015 Jurassic Park Arcade 2015 Jurassic World: The Game 2015 Lego Jurassic World 2018 Jurassic World Evolution
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Text Comments (2034)
Jennifer Bishop (13 hours ago)
Alan Williams (1 day ago)
no one intrst me:(
Labbish (1 day ago)
That Amiga version was super scary. Musics, atmosphere... everything :D
theu. Ferreira (2 days ago)
Fnafzilla 24 (3 days ago)
Who plays Jurassic world evolution i do who else
Koko GAMES (4 days ago)
Where is jurassic world alive
Boogey Gamer (8 days ago)
Why is trespasser in german
Genome Soldat (8 days ago)
Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues for SNES and The Lost World Jurassic Park PS1. Good times...
Vitão II (9 days ago)
Kkk 1999 mortal Kombat de dinossauros
배스 (9 days ago)
Dave Stark (9 days ago)
Except for SNES Jurassic Park and all the way up to 2018, EVERY SINGLE game has completely sucked balls
Good Guy (9 days ago)
joe and mac is better
Gaming with gamer (10 days ago)
I got JWE
Tomek Chomczynski (10 days ago)
I think Jurassic World Evolution is the best because almost the only one which you can make dinosaurs
Georgina Hudson (10 days ago)
You for got Jurassic world alive
YO LO (11 days ago)
Where is Jurassic World Alive?
Adrian Kocher (11 days ago)
Haha the music at 1997 JP Arcade😂
amv wolfgirl (11 days ago)
i wanna play jw evolution but its costs too much
MASOFENT (11 days ago)
You forgot Jurassic Park Master System, Jurassic Park Game Boy, The Lost World Game Boy, and The Lost World Game Gear
Mimo Madrid (12 days ago)
like jurassic World évaluation 2018
M .... (12 days ago)
You forgot the Lost World for Gameboy and game gear
na Alive?
Paleo News (12 days ago)
mister_vovaHD (12 days ago)
My favorite game is Jurassic park the game, lego jurassic world and Jurassic world evolution!!!!
vepe 7 R (12 days ago)
Los primeros fueron echos con el paint😂😂😂😂
vepe 7 R (12 days ago)
Dan ajko los primeros
Michael Phillips (13 days ago)
the first one for sega and even rampage is the best by miles. the arcade one the second on the video is good two.
Marcos Silva (13 days ago)
Lego Jurassic word(ps4, Xbox one ,Xbox 360)
Bessox [RUS] (15 days ago)
16:01 the best LEGO game
Luna Le Meme (17 days ago)
My Faviort has the be Jurassic park the game on PC from 2011, that was a good one
HossPlays (17 days ago)
من فضلكم نفسي اوصل 100 مشترك ارجو ارجو الاشتراك في قناتي
Gavzilla (17 days ago)
Ya missed one, Jurassic world Alive for IOS
Kristopher Tito (18 days ago)
Wrong. I played Lego Jurassic World on Wii U.
Mineblox Gaming (18 days ago)
A spitter??. I think its a Dilophosaurus xD
HeyMan1231 (19 days ago)
i remember danger zone
Beta (19 days ago)
Jurassic world evolution 214₺ turkish money 😭😭😭
Treke Treke (19 days ago)
8:35 the best
Alex Cuber28 (20 days ago)
Who else plays Jurassic park builder?
Roberto Mateo Neyra (20 days ago)
Que falso, los t rex no podido saltar
Demetrio Pratico' (20 days ago)
king of dinosaurier (21 days ago)
Lego jurassic park is in ps3 and ps4
Jaggery19 (21 days ago)
I don't know why but I remember this game where you were in a different world, and you played the story, and continue the story while running from a Spino.
Jurský svet (22 days ago)
Jurassic world - 3.7. for Pc
Vaas MonteNegro (22 days ago)
Lego is for ps3 too
たろー (22 days ago)
2:35 my favorite.
Creeper36 Hectra (22 days ago)
Lego jurassic park was on xbox aswell and even better on it
Bangs Meow (22 days ago)
When da Rex threw dat para....dat must of been painful
Victor Armando (22 days ago)
Jurassic world evolution is the best
The 3 Cousins Vlogs (22 days ago)
2:30 I wanna play that in virtual reality 😝😝
Polska Panda (22 days ago)
Krystal Gill (23 days ago)
Evloution is out!!!
Weronika Zębala (23 days ago)
I have jurrasic world evolution
JpButler 3 (23 days ago)
I personally love Jurassic park builder and would still play it over Jurassic world the game .however evolution is AMAZING so far
강림이의팬 (23 days ago)
Dmitriy Al (23 days ago)
"Isle" is the best now =)
Dmitriy Al (23 days ago)
Isle is the game about dinosaurs, you can play as one of them(herbivore/predator), hunt each other, walk on map - sort of immersive sim
Xxcoolkid7xX (23 days ago)
Dmitriy Al what’s that supposed to mean
супер сеня (23 days ago)
Што за фигня?)
-KOTT EÑÑO- (23 days ago)
а причём тут warpath
Где арк
Operation Genesis is the best... It's a pitty that JWE is shitty
Jules Durant (24 days ago)
1993 is best .
The kennyS- (24 days ago)
Я желал произнести Читать далее
foxy nightcore (24 days ago)
Lego jurassic world tambem tem para ps3,xbox one,pc,xbox360 e nintendo siwitch
JustJasperrr (25 days ago)
I’ve always wanted a first person Jurassic park game idk why the concept just feels so amazing to me, imagine the world and the lore surrounding you as you walk through the park
Alex Moner (12 days ago)
JustJasperrr ikr
gogi bg (25 days ago)
Am um you are miss Jurassic World Alive May 2018
Neon Freddy 4Life (26 days ago)
What adout jrassic wrold alive.
Roman kwz (24 days ago)
Actually those game are getting worse. The one on snes was cool.
Michael Phillips (13 days ago)
yeah but the sega 2 the orignal and rampage were better. That last one 'the lost world' sucks
Roman kwz +
CzechLemon (27 days ago)
And What Jurrasic World Alive ? (2018)
eF eX (28 days ago)
nice video, i forgot how many jurassic park games were made, sad thing is that most of them were also garbage, but the few good ones did shine and i had a blast playing :)
czesterek2325 (29 days ago)
ark survival evoled ?
czesterek2325 it's shit
Darth Turtle (29 days ago)
Youdon't need to show a full walkthrough of each game. It got boring.
Henrik Ø (29 days ago)
Unbelievable... 25 years and 32 attempts to make a Jurassic park game, and we still haven't had a really good survival game. The best games on the list is: The lost world: Jurassic park psx Operation genesis Jurassic park: the game Jurassic world: evolution But sadly there was 2 games that had a huge potential for being the best Jurassic park games ever. First is Trespasser which back then, didn't had the right technically, enough time and enough money, ending up being a rooten buggy game. An entire level had to be removed because it was unplayable. The second game is Jurassic park: survival which never got released because of financial issues.
Gibbygibgib24 (29 days ago)
Never knew there were so many Jurassic Park games!!
PrussianKamikaze (29 days ago)
God the arcades were great! I used to play em whenever I had the chance! and I was one of the only ones that liked the 2011 game by Telltale.
я 1 российский?
Илья Балычев navernoe da
Paranaue Cabuloso (1 month ago)
Jurassic World Alive
Ohmz Gonzalez (1 month ago)
since the first game was created until "jurassic world evolution" they have only invented 3 dinosaur games in which you do not have to kill dinosaurs and the main content is not aggressive ... which gives me a lot of pity and shame since they inculcate in the destruction and not in the creativity of the users who in their 80% must be minors.
JURACICO 350 (1 month ago)
1994 the best 3:35
over lord (1 month ago)
Gostei do video.
심꼬마 (1 month ago)
똥겜들이 섞여있는거봐 카와이~
seweryn śliwiński (1 month ago)
where are jurassic world alive?
Ben Winkler (1 month ago)
Theese graphics are the best😂
GulerodsFilm (1 month ago)
Santiago Quinteros (1 month ago)
1999 🐶😭
cg-oyun çılgını (1 month ago)
eski oyunlara ıy diyonuz ama o zamanda o oyun çok güzeldi şimdikini iyi diyonuz 2020 2025 te bu oyunlarada ıy diceksiniz
cg-oyun çılgını (1 month ago)
kıymetini bilin ama 2018 geçince bu oyunlar iğrenç olucak
WashYourEyesTwice (1 month ago)
7:48 got arms, miss?
WashYourEyesTwice (1 month ago)
6:41 ACADE?!
Nina J. (1 month ago)
T-rex has bonecrushing Jaws and was very muscular unlike Spino fish eater 😀
Nina J. This is lie, in fact spinosaurs also ate dinosaurs
Pdrew (1 month ago)
The soundtracks are awesome
cool oldie games !!!
MrDNA3712 (1 month ago)
You're missing some games. like scan command
Carlos Pérez (1 month ago)
And Jurassic World kingdom??
Leviathan (1 month ago)
wow the old JP games are just shooter
Flashk (1 month ago)
I love Jurassic Park movies, but I've always thought that JP games are garbage. The only one I liked a bit was Operation Genesis. And maybe I will play Jurassic Park Evolution.
Flashk ok
Flashk (24 days ago)
ВітАлій МилЯновСький I like the micromanaging of rangers, helicopters, dinosaurs, digging sites... Graphics are good, i don't know, it is entertaining
Flashk indeed? Why?
Flashk (24 days ago)
ВітАлій МилЯновСький yes, and this time I liked it!
Flashk do you play JWE?😂😂
Cole Willams (1 month ago)
Jurassic World Evolution is like near uncanny valley
BlueSkies (1 month ago)
I remember back in 2005 my mother gave me 3 dollars and I went to the mall...ended up buying a ps2 Jurassic park game ....I couldn't play it it was scary and too complicated I gave it away to a friend.
Mugen SUBZERO (1 month ago)
Coll games.
Murad Beybalaev (1 month ago)
10:27 It's GameBoy Advance rather.
Murad Beybalaev (1 month ago)
The best Jurassic Park game is Dino Crisis 2. ParaWorld deserves a mention if you're into RTS games. Yes, this is a joke but the games are pretty good, unlike the licensed crap.
Godzilla (1 month ago)
Wheres jurassic world alive
Alladeen Madafaker (1 month ago)
A open world jurassic park game would be great
Alladeen Madafaker unfortunately you were wrong😂

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