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90s Nintendo Switch Commercial

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Now you're playing with power. Take your game with you on the all new Nintendo Switch, the first ever home and portable console hybrid device. GET NOTIFIED: SUB! http://www.youtube.com/user/WulffDen?sub_confirmation=1 New Videos Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday! Wulff Den Live Every Wednesday at 9PM EST Cinematography by James Morano: http://youtube.com/jamesmorano Twitter [Bob]: http://twitter.com/bobwulff Twitter [Will]: http://twitter.com/WillWulffDamnIt Twitter [WulffDen]: http://twitter.com/thewulffden Wulff Den T-Shirt Store: http://shrsl.com/?~8fv7 Twitch: http://twitch.tv/wulffden Instagram: http://instagram.com/thewulffden Facebook: http://facebook.com/wulffden Rate us on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wulff-den-live/id1072626893?mt=2 Or listen to this on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wulffden butt touch (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ (___)___)
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Text Comments (876)
Somethin Fancy (1 month ago)
Haha this made me die laughing 😂😂👏👏
The Evan2nerdgamer (1 month ago)
This SHOULD be a nintnedo switch commercial!
Diego Anaya (2 months ago)
Horrible parody
MegaChan (2 months ago)
I bet the battery will last FOREVER!
JustHim (3 months ago)
sudo nym (3 months ago)
we need a sega vs nintendo commecial for today , so mario all fat and dopey playing trombone music and then show bayonetta all acrobatic playing wild saXaphone music.
Chrispy waffles (3 months ago)
"*tens of games to choose from*"
SònicZXGAMER [Official] (4 months ago)
"I bet the charge will last FOREVER" *goes in car and his switch is 1%* *TRIGGERD*
Burnt Potato (4 months ago)
Don't put your doll in there sweetie, that's where the pe-rol (petrol) goes
resq2 (4 months ago)
Lol this is good
Ryan Good (4 months ago)
I was frozen today
Peter von Feldt (4 months ago)
That would be awesome if Nintendo actually did a commercial like that. This is exactly why my childhood dream is being realized with the Switch
Aeromatic (4 months ago)
This is awesome
Pixel Lord (4 months ago)
Lol make it like the sega genesis commercial
eric dawson (4 months ago)
funny as fuck
Hal 9000 (4 months ago)
If this was actually made in the 90s it would be the most powerful computer in the world
jashey (5 months ago)
That was actually very good. I enjoyed that!
Plum Maimad (5 months ago)
Now you're playing with power switcher power
autism overload (5 months ago)
whatever it doesn't even have blast processing .
belfosama (5 months ago)
I love the 90s !!!
Justin Bowman (5 months ago)
Resolution is too high. Have you ever even seen a CRT television?
DJ3D GAMING (5 months ago)
good job
Psilocin Finite (5 months ago)
WomboComboCuber (5 months ago)
Should've been "Now you're playing with power. HYBRID POWER!
HaloGamingX (6 months ago)
I got a switch ad
Duckey (6 months ago)
How convincing I had a switch ad xD
Devon .P (6 months ago)
2/10 not enough explosions.
‘’It bet the charge will last forever’’ NOPE
Videos Games Dlddc (6 months ago)
You made this
Nick de Pijama (6 months ago)
the comercial is good but the tecnology and the games make the commercial new
Kevinz (6 months ago)
I bet the charge will last forever! -Nintendo
SquishAnimations (7 months ago)
0:16 *WOAH*
_John The Gamer _ (7 months ago)
Set quality to 480p for full 90s effect
Lock Disk (7 months ago)
My favorite video on YouTube.
Weaboo Potato (7 months ago)
AelTheRomulan (7 months ago)
lol nice - it's super accurate
Mrio (8 months ago)
Plum Maimad (8 months ago)
wasn't nintendos 1st handheld and portable the game boy? but this is fake so...
SònicZXGAMER [Official] (4 months ago)
This is fan made can't you see?
Ben Daniels (8 months ago)
Wow, it's as cheesy as those Wii U commercials!
Wonder World (8 months ago)
The ending should of been 450 on amazon now
The Master Onion (8 months ago)
PixelDustGaming 457 (8 months ago)
I wish lightning could really do that
behind the scenes?
BellyPanic92 (8 months ago)
(After Commercial) Hey the dock scratched my switch..!
King Arthur (8 months ago)
The Switch's screen has fingerprints all over it.
mario mario (9 months ago)
Tens of games lol
green vegetable eater (9 months ago)
Timothy Knott (9 months ago)
If the switch was released in the 90s everyones mind would have been blown
Andrew Amoah (9 months ago)
Wow this isn't my game at all! 😂
Ikablocky the loser (9 months ago)
I wonder... what would happen if nintendo released the switch how it is today in the 90s?
Bobby8451 (9 months ago)
DeadCrappyMemes (9 months ago)
I bet the charge will last forever XD
XPStreamBot (9 months ago)
If the Switch would be in the 90s', what would be in 2017?
GrabTag (9 months ago)
Johanna Bermudez (9 months ago)
It's cringey
RetroGD (9 months ago)
nintendo sauce
Tammy Watkins (9 months ago)
Did anyone noticed that 2017 theres 90's stuff of some stuff that are new
Gaster sans (9 months ago)
Wellllllllllllllll u could take a supa boy 5 or s that plays snes games as a portable
TheR0BL0XN00B (9 months ago)
it was made in 2017 not be 1990
Water Addict (9 months ago)
try 144p
Kurohyou from Space (10 months ago)
Nice try, but this needs more color, more humor and less 80's background music to be real 90's
TonyKanameKuran (10 months ago)
Holy 1991!!!!
hopeonelove (10 months ago)
As far as "90s" commercials are concerned this was very underwhelming.
yassir terfaoui (10 months ago)
wait was that cristhoper lyod at the end i love that guy
Ethan Cecilio (10 months ago)
He has extremely hairy arms for a kid!
Autistic Owl (10 months ago)
the commercial with willy it looks like its midnight their
ExpoGamerDev (10 months ago)
so cheesey, yet i have 1
Edgy Kid (10 months ago)
"I bet the battery will last forever!" 5 seconds later...*Entering sleep mode cuz of battery*
ceon (10 months ago)
Lmao the fingerprints all of the switch.
Sultan Zarrahman (10 months ago)
I just cant believe it is a future on 1990's. it's fake commercial (i think). but it's futuristically cool. and also this should be released in 1998 after Nintendo 64.
ファミコン星の (10 months ago)
The camera work and editing are a bit too modern to really feel like a classic commercial, even with added effects and cringe acting. Well made, though!
*Mario Kart 3
*Mario Kart 3
jae claes (10 months ago)
*I W A S F R O Z E N T O D A Y*
Noah Nesbitt (10 months ago)
Dozens, not tens.
Alonso Alvarez (10 months ago)
Uriah Pinex (10 months ago)
Is it stupid that I thought this was lowkey at first?
Jerry Davis (10 months ago)
cool commercial.
WhatEver405 (10 months ago)
WillyTheKid The First (10 months ago)
with graphics like that you would think that the switch would be very expensive
Ricardo Recinos (10 months ago)
So fake you can tell cuz if it was in the 90s how come thar are not a lot of games for the switch like if agree
Gomyde Channel (10 months ago)
I bet the charge will last forever... I laughed so hard. Now I'm crying.
Explicit Tech (10 months ago)
This ad put me back into the 90s and little me was blown away to see a portable console with those graphics.
OrangeBoy Productions (10 months ago)
Blakeblazzin (10 months ago)
0:44 look at all the fingerprints on the switch
Cameron Anderson (10 months ago)
If Nintendo really made a high quality game that far out in the past,then that would blow PS and Xbox out of the competition
Mr.CreeperPlays Roblox (10 months ago)
I bet a guy from the future gave this is to nintendo to make it :3
EKrow1 (10 months ago)
This commercial was actually really good!! 10/10 IGN
Connor D. (10 months ago)
10s of games lol
Mr. Bulbasaur's Channel (10 months ago)
Wait but it's only 65 seconds
Vsdas 2727 (11 months ago)
Switch it to 144p it looks better
kescos (11 months ago)
now you're playing with power, *In the palm in your hand*
Johnny P (11 months ago)
I love the satire in this 😂
TheUltimateDoom 980 (11 months ago)
this is the alternate universe where human are 100 time advance
PlushHead (11 months ago)
This is So True though
SuperFlashDriver (11 months ago)
Nice commercial but the slogan I would have chosen would have been "Now you're playing with power, Mobile/Portable Power." I would have borrowed the game boy slogan with the switch.
LiamPlayzGames ! (11 months ago)
Real Or Fake?
MinecraftDisneyBuilds (11 months ago)
If these graphics were in the 90s the new Nintendo switch would have almost real life graphics
Patrick (11 months ago)
Neat video. But since the Switch doesn't look like anything from the 90s it just doesn't fit very well lol.

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