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Apple TV: Your iPhone apps and games hit the big screen

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Read the CNET review: http://cnet.co/1Imlsam The future of TV is apps, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, but the present of TV is watching Netflix and other streaming video. And no other device delivers a more polished streaming experience than the new Apple TV. Subscribe to CNET: http://bit.ly/17qqqCs Watch more CNET videos: http://www.cnet.com/video Follow CNET on Twitter: http://twitter.com/CNET Follow CNET on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cnet
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Text Comments (97)
IcyDragon68 (2 years ago)
Let Siri beatbox
Jimmy Le (2 years ago)
can you go on safari with apple tv?
Lukannio (2 years ago)
theforcewithin (2 years ago)
I wan it so much T___T
Milobinger (2 years ago)
Argh. Minoxidil and finasteride before it's too late, bro
NCD Fan (2 years ago)
Who wants to stare at a bright white tv? Go black or dark gray, white is a pain on the eyes. Also, I thought Apple cared about music and audio. Why did it take away the optical audio port? Some of us use good speakers and some good speakers don't do hdmi. Surely there's enough room on this thing, it's huge. I hear the remote shatters if you drop it, so don't have kids use the tv. Finally, no 4k. No upscaling to 4k, and no 4k content. What the hell. The new phones film it. Netflix and Amazon have it. Even $700 tvs offer 4k upscaling. The fact that Apple doesn't support it shows they are behind the curve. Maybe they will get rid of the requirement that games use that wimpy remote and allow games to require an official controller, and make the game aspect worthwhile, then add 4k and optical audio and a dark mode next time around. Until then, nope.
alvidrez79 (2 years ago)
Tune in radio
alvidrez79 (2 years ago)
Does it do Pandora and spotify
Magnumanxl (2 years ago)
Could I transfer my safari websites from my iPhone to the Apple TV? Thinking about getting one or axing for my birthday coming up
BeautyHunter1986 (2 years ago)
only if it can be jailbreaked than yes am buying it otherwise waste of money ...
Louis rodriguez (2 years ago)
Ridwan H (2 years ago)
Again CNET as always bumlicking Apple dear CNET
James Jones (2 years ago)
this looks so good I might just buy it even though I got Chromecast.
hcf797 (2 years ago)
What is up with "do you have a 4k TV?" comments. For people asking that question, yes there are 4K TVs that you can actually purchase with money. Maybe if you guys weren't so much up Apple's ass you could appreciate the advancement in technology that Apple seems to always be behind in.
hcf797 (2 years ago)
I have a 4k screen and I can watch 4k shows and movies. Thank you Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Roku 4 and Vudu. Now is there a lot of 4k content available? No. However we will have more of it sooner than later.
craig2web (2 years ago)
Looking forward to seeing more reviews, especially more on gaming and the available game controllers. Is there any place online with a comprehensive listing of all available Apple TV apps?
(2 years ago)
android tv is better :)
Brodie (2 years ago)
love it
Jaime J (2 years ago)
AirPlay mirroring still at 720p???
Brodie (2 years ago)
+Petter Vosvel lol yeah i always comment on stuff
Petter V (2 years ago)
+Skip Aj lol i see u in every vid wtf
Brodie (2 years ago)
+Jaime J idk but it'd make wifi slow if it was more
zokhaino (2 years ago)
4k capable? Gaming performance compare to nvidia shield TV?
Brodie (2 years ago)
+Brian P no too expensive
Brian Lastname (2 years ago)
+Skip Aj many people have 4K tv's. Next tv's people will buy after current ones break will be 4K. It's a standard now.
Brodie (2 years ago)
+zokhaino no one has 4k screens and content + this has a full app store apple made teams with developers for specially developed games and they don't need xbox one performance lol
eXtreme Rc (2 years ago)
ive said for 4 years now that Apple should make a real tv.... 42inch iphone 😀 it makes sens, and its time for it! and it sould have touch ord air gesture, and give us back the original Apple TV remote! . how wouldent buy one?
Brodie (2 years ago)
+eXtreme Rc haha yeah but it'd probably be too expensive i don't see it becoming a hit
Pod (2 years ago)
if i get this do i still need comcast cable?
pycho mantis (2 years ago)
So it's just an expensive chrome cast
Brodie (2 years ago)
+pycho mantis no.. a chrome cast is just like mirroring
TechPimp (2 years ago)
the remote is the only thing innovative here
Nathan Micallef (2 years ago)
Stop being a loser guy's over a poor mistake!
TechPimp (2 years ago)
+Nathan Micallef I think you mean lagg. wow you sound so ignorant the Shield TV blows away the specs on this device plus there is zero lag. dude get out a little more you is iSheep baaaa baaaa
Nathan Micallef (2 years ago)
+TechPimp go enjoy your shity Android.. Try not too get mad with all the legs!!
TechPimp (2 years ago)
+TheAwesomeSauce what does your hating your phone have to do with anything? or Windows?
spamtelevision (2 years ago)
+TechPimp I like the interface
Michael McGrath (2 years ago)
Bad time to live in australia
flyn xyn (2 years ago)
What's wrong with the color grading in this video? I know that the Apple TV is not yellowish.
Michael McGrath (2 years ago)
+Jackson Leith Colour
Jackson Leith (2 years ago)
Michael McGrath (2 years ago)
+flyn xyn colour
Chito307 (2 years ago)
anybody else thought avgn when looking at the thumbnail? haha
Joe Morello (2 years ago)
Looks good Apple! Will I buy this, of course, just nice to view a preview! 🇨🇦😊
Johny1220 (2 years ago)
I want this Apple TV so bad :D
Ruben (2 years ago)
Still not 4K though.
Mohammad G (2 years ago)
+calsta619 True, but you need to be smart. Never fall for the big three in your area. There are always ISP that aren't that big but you get everything that you need. Here in Canada, we have a ISP called Teksavvy. For $94, you can high speed cable internet 100/20 (Unlimited). I think they are also going to start Fibre soon. Fibre will really help with 4K/8K in the future.
calsta619 (2 years ago)
+Ruben also think about one more thing. To download a 480p clip it takes no time at all, to download a 1080p it takes a while longer. To download a 4k clip it takes even longer and most people don't have massive data plans to stream their shows in this higher quality or a device to play it on.
Ruben (2 years ago)
+Skip Aj Most movies are shot in 5k or 6k and are available in 4k if you look hard around some of the streaming services on your TV. TV shows not so much. Even Netflix, youtube and amazon are rolling out more 4k these days. This is coming out in a month and should be available in 4k to keep up with the competition and times. If all these services are working on more 4k contents, and more 4k cameras are available including a product you sell, Plus the other similar products support 4k you should sell something that supports 4k. 
Brodie (2 years ago)
+Ruben who has a 4k screen and what movies are 4k
Mohammad G (2 years ago)
+Ruben Yep.
TruthHurts (2 years ago)
I'll wait for the model that supports 4K.
Brodie (2 years ago)
thats a bit judgemental lol, so what content do you have?
TruthHurts (2 years ago)
+Skip Aj  Yes, I do. Believe it or not, not everyone is poor like you.
Brodie (2 years ago)
+TruthHurts oh so you have a 4k tv and content?
iOZKERTV (2 years ago)
Apple just needs to add a headphone jack on the remote so I can watch My content without disturbing anyone 🖥
Michael McGrath (2 years ago)
+iOZKERTV Most modern tv's should have a headphone jack. Just buy an extension cable to increase the allowed distance
Frostbite Gaming (2 years ago)
It doesn't have a headphone jack but it supports bluetooth headphones now. So if you own or a purchase bluetooth headphones, you can watch movies and what not without disturbing anyone.
Eddie Hippisley-Cox (2 years ago)
All I want is iPlayer, ITVplayer, 4OD (the UK streaming providers) was disappointed they weren't on Apple TV to begin with. Hopefully this time around they'll be available?
Eddie Hippisley-Cox (2 years ago)
+Joe Methven Sweet.
Joe Methven (2 years ago)
+Edward Hippisley-Cox iPlayer is developing it now, don't know about itv though.
+Edward Hippisley-Cox download on its app store
Ben Paulsen (2 years ago)
Trust me they will be as long as you buy it in the UK, when I bought mine in Australia it had all of the Australian streaming services pre installed so I'm assuming it's the same with the new one
Game Hound (2 years ago)
I liked my Apple Tv. Need another one for another room so this might be a good upgrade.
Luis Camacho (2 years ago)
Controller support & I'll buy. Right now, not interested
Coded Games (2 years ago)
+Luis Camacho There is controllers for sale right now on Apple.com under Apple TV accessories. So yes, there is controller support.
Luis Camacho (2 years ago)
+Coded Games not yet
Brodie (2 years ago)
+Luis Camacho yep there is
Coded Games (2 years ago)
+Luis Camacho There is controller support
Garrett Fahey (2 years ago)
+Luis Camacho as in game controllers? If so, they're available.
jpintek (2 years ago)
No 4K or YouTube. What.
Brian Lastname (2 years ago)
+Garrett Fahey You don't need 4k content for 4k tv, people are going to buy them no matter what. I don't know about your statistic But I'd say it's 5%, I don't have a 4k tv, because I have a projector.  From 14 apts I've been to in my building 11 of them had a 4k, and there are 50 livable floors with 7 apts per lower floors and 4-5 on higher. So there are many 4k TV's, I estimate. And it's only one building. Manhattan is a very big place. And there are many cities in USA with 4k tv. It's many, I didn't say many comparing to 1K tv's.
Garrett Fahey (2 years ago)
+Brian P not according to the statistics (less than 3%). Not mention that limited amount of content and bandwidth for 4K support.
Brian Lastname (2 years ago)
+Garrett Fahey he has, many people do.
+jpintek download youtube on the App Store of the apple tv
Garrett Fahey (2 years ago)
+jpintek It has Youtube. Also, do you own a 4k tv?
Jaden H (2 years ago)
I getting it for Christmas 🤗
Game Hound (2 years ago)
+jaden higginbotham Nice :)
Shawn Brown (2 years ago)
will the old one get updated
Shawn Brown (2 years ago)
+Skip Aj stfu
Brodie (2 years ago)
+Shawn Brown this is the updated old one LMAO wow
Game Hound (2 years ago)
+Shawn Brown I think some features will, but not all
CrazyFastRapper (2 years ago)
+Shawn Brown No
Joshua Kayden (2 years ago)
CarlosACJ (2 years ago)
anUntouchable (2 years ago)
Congratulations! Your parents must be proud

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