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BioShock In Five Minutes

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See more IGN videos at http://video.ign.com - The story of Rapture, really fast.
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Crislak (7 days ago)
I figured this was a pretty old video from the thumbnail, but I didn’t think *that* old.
Maddie (7 days ago)
Wow supermega was right lol
paulisawesome10 (8 days ago)
Lazy (8 days ago)
hell yeah dude
Phoebe Lam (8 days ago)
Here from supermega
Pajoe86 (8 days ago)
My little boys
Nabila Ghozali (1 month ago)
2 years into adult?
jx592 (2 months ago)
When IGN was cool
Jimbo (2 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Eric Cartman (3 months ago)
anyone else never played bioshock?
Hakan Aşık (3 months ago)
just disliked
Jayden Racine (4 months ago)
Is it a horror game or action?
Cy2squared (4 months ago)
rapture was in use one year before the CIA was even invented. did ryan return to the old world or keep in contact with it?
Cy2squared (4 months ago)
on board movie or on board propaganda? lol
Nicolas Diaz (5 months ago)
Bruh this need 1mil views
Nate one (6 months ago)
It's lame even bio shock infinite has the same lighthouse to launch you into sky land... I have bioshock infinite and didn't like Playing it much.... I played demo for bioshock 1 and totally gained a fandom for it. I didn't understand infinite at all until learning more of the previous ones
The_ Meme_Plugg (6 months ago)
Judith Heitz (7 months ago)
I knew everything about Bioshock my second older brother owns the game
Judith Heitz (7 months ago)
Judith Heitz (7 months ago)
Hey what's some bullets from the value from circuise
Judith Heitz (7 months ago)
No kidden it's true
Judith Heitz (7 months ago)
Little mermaid XD
Judith Heitz (7 months ago)
Tri-Duck Productions (8 months ago)
Thanks dude but I know this game is older but I just pick it up for my PS4 and I was confused on the stroy
Draykile Mikedrower (8 months ago)
So are you on Fonraines side or Ryans side ? OR whaaaat?
Hughman (10 months ago)
Despite having played in here games, there's so much I did not pick up!
SKEPTICAL S.M (10 months ago)
I’m even more mentally confused than before
Multi Gaming (10 months ago)
Now would you kindly make it more detailed ?
marvel's greatest hero (11 months ago)
Ken Levine is a god
Punk Kid (1 year ago)
What u mean ppl in rapture can party in peace rapture needs to be destroyed damnit
I like to rescue little sister
Umanfly (1 year ago)
This is one of the greatest game story line writing of all time .
Gabriela I. (1 year ago)
I honestly just left a like for the ending, thanks for the laughs.
EdelolX Rofex (10 months ago)
Gabriela I. Do u know Dunky?
GALACTIC DEANY (1 year ago)
Darn me thinking it wouldn't show enough lore and I'm half way through the game.thanks a lot ign for not showing enough spoiler signs for me 😂
Angel Gd (8 months ago)
You're dumb there were spoiler alerts.
Jorden Joseph (1 year ago)
ahaha, not the beees, Nickolas cage. lol
MibbGibbs (1 year ago)
I played this game and I don't remember half of this
J e t Jets (1 year ago)
This video is good
Where's bio shock 2 in 5 mins
CLasSical (1 year ago)
Wait hold on so how is Atlas Fountain can someone explain it to me please?
Robin Jeong (1 year ago)
Uriel Valles Fontaine is 'killed' in a shootout ordered by Ryan. He is actually alive and well and uses the opportunity to take on a new persona through cosmetic surgery and changing his name to Atlas. He uses the Atlas persona to destabilize Rapture further through civil war under the guise of a freedom fighter. This is the Atlas you meet at Burial at Sea; in the midst of a civil war who is actually Fontaine in disguise.
Uriel Valles (1 year ago)
CLasSical yea that's probably what it is. A continuity mess up
CLasSical (1 year ago)
Uriel Valles before bioshock one in 1 year.. but still its odd how atlas is Fountain maybe the adam gave hik a power to change how he looks??.. because i remember when killing ryan fountain says there was no Atlas all long boy.. but how come we can see him in burial at the see.. plot hole?
Uriel Valles (1 year ago)
CLasSical if I remember correctly burial at sea either takes place before bioshock 1 or it's a whole seperate universe
CLasSical (1 year ago)
Uriel Valles but in burial at the sea we see Atlas physically.. weird
CountBifford (1 year ago)
The Bioshock stories are generally rather bad. You don't notice it so much because you're distracted by the gameplay, but if these games were movies, they're the kind of movies the Zack Snyder would make: flashy visuals, some cool scenes, but disjointed overall. Bioshock Infinite is the worst of all; I didn't get the story on my first playthrough, whereas with the first two games I kinda understood the plot (the core details at least).
CountBifford (1 year ago)
Actually I hate Bioshock Infinite more every time I replay it. YMMV
Moses Guerrero (1 year ago)
CountBifford The games are like Donnie Darko, way too complicated to enjoy the first time around but once you get it, it's awesome.
lemon_boi (1 year ago)
"instead of finding a talking crab and a hot mermaid" you know Ariel is actually a minor
3mma (1 year ago)
so wait, whats the difference between Adam, Eve and plasmids? I feel so stupid for not getting it but I really dont understand, they all give you powers right?
wait wot (1 year ago)
Adam is the genetic altering stem cell/ substance from the slugs, in-game it is spent improving abilities. Plasmid is the name for the different abilities that have been created using Adam. Eve powers the abilities, a limit on the plasmid use, really.
Nathan McKitrick (1 year ago)
Man I have loved this game for years and years but they did a really poor job at explaining the story in the first one. I feel like there are big reveals throughout the story that just leave me scratching my head. Nothing really made my jaw drop like it should have. It's as if the developers gave you only a few pieces of a whole puzzle, and the pieces don't even connect.
UniqueAce (3 months ago)
Moses Guerrero that's his point though. You shouldn't have to do that to fully understand the FIRST game. It's one of Bioshocks biggest flaws
Moses Guerrero (1 year ago)
Nathan McKitrick You really have to play all 3 games + Burial At Sea to really get the story.
MazingerDestroXtreme (1 year ago)
Not the bees
FrequencyOo (2 years ago)
I guess I searched for the video to find out wtf is that robot was the chainsaw ??!! That always caught my eye
Joe Allen (2 years ago)
I never caught on to the fact that we play as Andrew Ryan's son
Galileo le Magnifico (5 months ago)
Jeremy Kohler he refers to you as his son because he made you, from Andrew Ryan's DNA.
That One guy (2 years ago)
+Jeremy Kohler (Jeremysonfire) you play as andrew ryans son.
Jeremy Kohler (2 years ago)
i only heard fontaine saying you were his son
Jeremy Kohler (2 years ago)
you mean frank fontaine
That One guy (2 years ago)
Im sure they even flat out say you do
Donnie Greene (2 years ago)
5mins is not nearly long enough to explain this epic game, but hey I'm only 6yrs late to this video lol
tristen pernell (1 month ago)
8 years for me
Raheem YT (4 months ago)
He just did, it's not that good. 7.5/10
Honey Roks (8 months ago)
well im also 7yrs late
Basket Ball (8 months ago)
Donnie Greene I guess I’m 7
DellaDykeborn (1 year ago)
The telling of the story and its unfolding is even better than the story. I LOVE this game. I have played it twice and will play it again.
Samurai Jacky (2 years ago)
Guys. Would you kindly answer this questions? 1. Wha? What? Those Little Sisters will married Jack someday? I...I don't understand. 2. What happen to rapture after he saves all Little Sisters?
Pink Miami Nights (2 years ago)
they dont actyally marry him XDXD it was just a joke if you chech the full ending the narrator just says that the little sisters will be able to find love(among some other stuff)
V13XD (2 years ago)
what if all the little sisters is elizabeth in the alternate realities in bioshock infinte?
Phat Duong (1 year ago)
V13XD (1 year ago)
oh ok
Viahlツ (1 year ago)
xXx_CU73_W01F_xXx that's actually the plot and point of the storyline, songbird.. the big daddy.. a etc
OC Beezilla (2 years ago)
Dat Big Daddy Reaction
Inflated Ginger (2 years ago)
I did not know that about jack was genetically modified
Gravy Boat (2 years ago)
Where do Jack and Subject Delta keep all their weapons? It's easy to keep a pistol for Jack, but a DRILL for Delta? And how do they hold  their weapons with one hand?
Viahlツ (1 year ago)
Gravy Boat well delta is a big daddy... that should answer how they hold it with one hand at least.
Bunny Man (2 years ago)
Lol not the bees
lil uzi H U R T (2 years ago)
A SHOCK to Jack's SYSTEM. O hoh hoh gotcha!
Anwar Shah (11 months ago)
Anwar Shah (11 months ago)
ImPatrikLol (2 years ago)
"He kindly helps Ryan with his golf swings"
memelord 04 (2 years ago)
Gage Custer (2 years ago)
Can someone tell me how BioShock infinite fits into its series? Excluding the end.
Moses Guerrero (1 year ago)
Burial At Sea is a must for understanding any part of the original Bioshock
Viahlツ (1 year ago)
Løcal Skeletøn umm the ENTIRE game fits into the storyline.. lol. it's all about multiverse, multiple timelines, multiple dimensions, etc. infinite puts the hammer down and explains it all to make things clear. if they wanted to they can make 20+ bioshock games all relating to the main plot. it wouldn't matter as long as trial and error fits in with everything you do making a new timeline.
Avant Energy (2 years ago)
The Dlcs to Infinite Explains alot
Djentleman (2 years ago)
Excluding the end?..it doesn't...the ending is pretty much the only thing that has anything to do with the rest of the series..
Logan Nodine (2 years ago)
filips989 (2 years ago)
I really want to know, am I the only one who thinks that the plot and partially the story, along with the atmosphere in Bioshock are kinda similar to Shutter Island?
Imiok (2 years ago)
Tobias Andreassen (2 years ago)
+filips989 I agree its a mix of shutter island and fight club
casey mcdonald (2 years ago)
i've played all 3 bioshock games and i love them all each one has something that makes it unique bioshock 2 you get to understand the big daddy's perspective/ side of things along with the weapon+plasmid use and upgradeability, infinit explains how rapture got the technology to make plasmids and big daddies while exploring a giant flying city that hasn't completely fallen to ruin and the first one in my opinion holds a beauty and air that makes you just feel so... ah just fantastic and each one has an amazing story
Viahlツ (1 year ago)
casey mcdonald straight out of the water... LOL LITERALLY
casey mcdonald (2 years ago)
it is an amazing game i feel that it blows every other games story telling and story twists straight out of the water
filips989 (2 years ago)
+casey mcdonald I have yet to play Bioshock 2 and Infinite (yeah, I know, took me long enough), but the story in the original is a masterpiece! When I got to a part when you see that Atlas is actually Fontaine... I don't remember when I was so shocked and amazed by the plot and the storytelling a game did, andnot just in games, but in movies too.
Ryuza Fire (2 years ago)
I thought i was being generous when i rescued the little girls.... i guess i didnt rescure enough.
filips989 (2 years ago)
+Ryuza Fire Same here, I've only harvested 3 in the entire game and got theb ad ending. So I came to youtube and played the good ending, telling myself I did good! Heh, who will know ;)
Connoe (2 years ago)
holy shit this is way different than the final game, not even the same voice actor for booker
are you dumb?? bioshock infinite is totally different game...
Mikey Boy (2 years ago)
When the hell are these coming to the Xbox One? I could care a less about borderlands, bio shock is 100x better!
Mikey Boy (2 years ago)
+SLYDE Yes I'm aware, I've already responded about that in this thread.
Slyde (2 years ago)
they are making a re release
WavvyKoo (2 years ago)
September 2016
GAME SLAYER6788 (2 years ago)
theMightyWebb (2 years ago)
Atlas is Scottish
KreeVibes (2 years ago)
Lol, I'm Irish, never played Bioshock before, but heard that one sentence and the Dublin accent is unmistakable.
Taha Hasan (2 years ago)
+theMightyWebb lol wtf
Sparks (2 years ago)
He's Irish..
Mr Bluntforce T (3 years ago)
Randy Parsons (3 years ago)
Now explain Bioshock Infinite in 30 seconds. Go!
Zach_ Zorn (2 months ago)
Uhhhhhhhh a man took drugs!
DellaDykeborn (1 year ago)
I think the original Bioshock was my favorite. Bioshock 2 had potential but was disappointing. The story fell flat and the gameplay was repetitive and boring. Infinite was good, but I didn't love it like Bioshock.
KGBTrigger (1 year ago)
The dream is probably the most accurate ending tbh.
Kyle (1 year ago)
All 3 games are good
SkyOut (1 year ago)
That game everyone is saying is overrated just because critics loved it and because they loved the original Bioshock more
G V (3 years ago)
Fallout in 5 minutes!!
Yusuf Abdulla (3 years ago)
this video helped me a lot, due to my week English I cant easily read and listen and understand the recorders while playing and fighting, which happens in more than one of 2K games, but now right after I finished the game I saw the video it just put everything together so I would understand the story will, thank you IGN continue these types of videos please :)
A K (3 years ago)
It's 1958*
KH Baxter (2 years ago)
The game starts at 1960(obviously)
BMW4979 (3 years ago)
0:16 jump scare
hollow The Gamer (3 years ago)
+BMW4979 lol
aldrin Mac (3 years ago)
I really want an HD remake of this bioshock game but with more story, more plasmids,more guns, more levels and a newgame+ 
El cranstinoo (8 months ago)
Oh how you were all wrong ajahahahahahha
Frank Fontaine (2 years ago)
"Destroy Rapture"? HAHAHAHEU! You're praised as being the brightest and boldest man in that fish tank, and you still think I destroyed Rapture? You're a piece of work. I *saved* Rapture... I re-invented it for christ's sake. Even when you were lollygaging on top in your monkey suit it was me who was runnimg the show. "Ryan Industries"? You just slapped your name on *MY* product because you new Rapture wouldn't be alive without it. You new all along I was on top and you couldn't handle it, so you had me *KILLED* you damn Rusky. You couldn't even do the deed yourself you worthless coward. "Destroyed Rapture"... that's a laugh!
Dan 7 (3 years ago)
Same 😩☺️
Frank Fontaine (3 years ago)
+John Beaird I don't believe that there will ever be a BioShock remake (since irrational closed down). But it's a game I would like to see redone. Ofcourse people remake their own games for money because it's an industry. They make original games for money to. And just because they're doing it for extra money doesn't mean they're going to do a half assed job since they literally have nothing better to do.
Jon Baird (3 years ago)
+Frank Fontaine That's also why I am embarrassed, but not surprised, by the FF7 HD remake. People HATED the last 3 Final Final Fantasy games and this HD remake BULLSHIT absolutely REEKS of damage control. 
Jon Bower (3 years ago)
I thought I knew rapture really well, but that "Jack is Ryan's kid" thing really threw me off.
Judith Heitz (7 months ago)
It happens
I never understood it myself so this video helped.
Bary Baragon (3 years ago)
Jimmy rogers (3 years ago)
Thank you I all i want was a short definition of what bishock is and when I looked it up I kept findings nothing but walk throughs
Midi Out (3 years ago)
What stopped Jack from turning into a Splicer ?
Willianatior (3 years ago)
This was in my mind too but remember he's no ordinary human. He was grown into adulthood in 2 years, meaning he probably had a way different genetic code that allowed him to survive a lot of shit.
Substance J Visuals (3 years ago)
His time in Rapture was short. Think of splicers like meth heads...
Karl Ruv (3 years ago)
haha the atlas shrugged part was mindblowing
SagBobet (3 years ago)
Wait, did you compare Rapture to Airstrip One from 1984? They couldn't be more different. Rapture is the complete opposite to Airstrip One. Rapture is a testament to how complete freedom cannot function, while Airstrip One is a warning to not allow ourselves to be under extreme control.
imMagicxful (3 years ago)
I just finished the game. Ending wtf! Weakest part of the game
donald perkins (4 years ago)
beat all the bioshocks but it all is not coming together
Soulsphere001 (3 years ago)
Maybe look up some information on the games. It should help you out. One piece of info that might help: In Bioshock Infinite, the multiple universes are based on decisions. Every decision that someone makes creates at least one more universe.
Jordan Harris (4 years ago)
What's the song at the end?
Bary Baragon (3 years ago)
+Jordan Harris oh well what ever it is its catchy
Jordan Harris (3 years ago)
+GODZILLA FILMS I mean the real end, haha. I know Miley Cyrus when I hear her, what I'm dying to know is what the hell is that deliciously catchy techno song at the very end.
Bary Baragon (3 years ago)
party in the usa
Rayalia Maelstrom (4 years ago)
its not a matter of CAN you explain bioshock in 5 minutes.... its a matter of YOU DONT!!! explain bioshock in 5 minutes
supprempro (4 years ago)
Is this on ps4?
Soulsphere001 (3 years ago)
Assuming that the Playstation 4 is backwards compatible with the Playstation 3, then yes.
Pushkin (4 years ago)
Great video!
Tyler the G (4 years ago)
The background music is Cohen's Masterpiece :D. If you noticed that you the real MVP.
Judith Heitz (7 months ago)
Yeah duh
Dan 7 (3 years ago)
Good thing i noticed it then 😅
Tyler the G (3 years ago)
+Adrian lyacon yeah
Tyler the G (3 years ago)
+Gavin Lancon The book was fantastic!
gavvy bash (3 years ago)
+Tyler the G Have you read the book, too? Just finished it meself, this is the best video game story ever!
Ery Almario (4 years ago)
Bioshock infinite pls
halosnake238 (4 years ago)
Wait so plasmids are a fixed version of adam or wats the difference between the two?
Angel Gd (8 months ago)
I took it as adam is the fuel that makes Plasmids work.
Usernaming (4 years ago)
adam changes the genes plasmids then give you powers 
Camila Coelho (4 years ago)
Wait I still don't understand why only little girls can extract Adam. Why can't just regular adults use the little Adam extractor gun the girls have?
Camila Coelho (4 years ago)
Thank you very much! I think I got it now!
-DramaticPause- (4 years ago)
Thanks, lol. :)
Bruno Henrique (4 years ago)
+-DramaticPause- This is probably the best, most accurate response anyone could give to that question. Good job.
-DramaticPause- (4 years ago)
ADAM binds to you when you use it, so when you die, it dies with you. However, little sisters have an ability (thanks to the parasitic slugs implanted in them) to ingest the blood of the dead, and separate the ADAM from the blood (or whatever the hell it binds to), effectively turning it back into usable ADAM. The needle pretty much just gets the bloody ADAM smoothie for them to drink. YUM! Think of them as little recycle machines. Creepy, bloodthirsty, moving recycle machines, with big daddy bodyguards so no one takes the ADAM. Ain't life in Rapture grand?
Cc 212 (4 years ago)
Because u need like spiciel genetic code to hold more then that thing that Adam extractor holds about 50 Adams little sis holds about200.
Guru630 (4 years ago)
now try bioshock infinite :D there will be an epic battle in the Comments ... i guarantee it 
bkdyno (4 years ago)
So Confusing!!!
Clowntrooper (4 years ago)
How come jack was the only survivor and how did fontaine know he would survive?
Sparks (2 years ago)
+2DaNk ‏‎ Elizabeth wasn't a Stewardess she kinda died before Jack got on the plane..
2DaNk ‏ (3 years ago)
Elizabeth from Bioshock infinite was a stewardess on the plane, and as soon as Jack was smoking the cig, he hijacked the plane, making it crash. Fontaine got the Ace in the hole "Would you kindly" and controlled Jack from that point. He managed to get Jack on a plane, then managed to control him to crash it. He survived because he was a special type of person, because he was made into an adult in 2 years by Tenenbaum and Suchong. 
Adrian Cuthbertson (3 years ago)
hes a freaking super soldier. he went through ww2 unscathed so he should survive a plane crash. ahh isnt it fun to use your brain
Clowntrooper (3 years ago)
+Zach And Fae Yeah I guess that be why
Zach And Fae (4 years ago)
maybe it was cause he was a "genetic freak" and was more hardy than normal humans? I mean I know it was a video game and all, but what if Jack's in game durability and health (He can survive bullets and big daddy bashings) wasn't a video game factor but instead his actual real life hardiness? Just a thought.
PalmerDude Gaming (4 years ago)
lol nope even though many hate it bioshock 2 did occur and besides several things there was innovation infact in bioshock 2 hacking was a cinch i cant be the only one that enjoyed the sequal i mean you get to use that classic big daddy drill definitly worth the 5 to 7 dollars if you happen to find it
Ryan K (4 years ago)
Wait, that game was hated? I loved the hell out of bioshock 2...
PalmerDude Gaming (4 years ago)
+Steven Spall yep :D
Steven Spall (4 years ago)
Absolutely, combat wise I found BS2 to be the strongest of them all.. the combining of Plasmids and the defending of the Lil' sister was a blast :D
Kevin Lowe (4 years ago)
Great video to a good game.
Martin Mayks (4 years ago)
This is only a really fuckin small part of the whole story. You cant explain evrything in only 5 minutes
Lord Death (4 years ago)
little sister = samantha maxis
Bohdan (4 years ago)
Good video. But Bioshock is crap complete.
Tyler the G (3 years ago)
+Bohdan V The guy was making a joke, wasn't being serious.
Bohdan (3 years ago)
+Ty1350 I'm not CoD fan. Even though I played it long time ago.
Tyler the G (3 years ago)
+Jake from State Farm It makes sense because he doesn't know what a good game is.
Jake from State Farm (3 years ago)
+DizastaHD  Just because he hates Bioshock doesn't mean he's a cod player , dumbass.
Futureops Fahim (4 years ago)
Your comment are the first to receive my dislike! 
AyyGin (4 years ago)
haha i needed this before i play burial at sea pt 2 
David Goodwin (4 years ago)
does this cover bioshock 2 aswell?
M. Kirby (4 years ago)
lurifax (4 years ago)
AgentBanana (4 years ago)
Mario in 5 minutes or legend of zelda!
Nathan Triepke (4 years ago)
  Holy Shit... Ever thought of this. Booker is Fontaine (in a different dimension obviously). Okay, so remember how Fontaine collects these little sisters around the age of 7-10. We all know he collected the girls to recycle Adam, but could he be looking for a specific little girl....POSSIBLY HIS DAUGHTER! So, what i'm saying is, not only do Booker and Fontaine have similarities, they also both gave away their daughter. Making them the perfect match.
BUckY (4 years ago)
Bioshocks writers are fucking geniouses!
Kradtwilight (4 years ago)
(DLC SPOILER) When 1st thinking about the Burrial at sea DLC, Booker mentions that Fontain is dead but that is not the booker from this dimension. If he was Atlas, then that would explain how he is able to help Elizabeth suvive rapture from what I saw from the preview of Episode 2. 
Mr Scorpio (4 years ago)
wow these bioshock games are really mind boggling even infinite 
Arabia Gamers (2 years ago)
yes infinite wsrfare
Ryan K (4 years ago)
Mecknavorz (4 years ago)
this is 5 minutes and 13 seconds, i want my money back!
Mecknavorz (4 years ago)
+silva0003 it was 12.9  I WANT MY DECISECOND BACK
silva0003 (4 years ago)
no.. the intro was 13 seconds...
Joseph Ben-Obasa (4 years ago)
Do Bioshock 2
MrMooseyMoose (4 years ago)
"...and just like real life, Jack's happiness is determined by how many little girl's he's killed..." It's just so true though...
John Blair (4 years ago)
This made my day :)
Joe M. (4 years ago)
Amazing game. Top 5 of all time easily for me.
drsharkable (4 years ago)
i don't get what adam is or plasmid's ... are they the same thing ?. please someone answer 
frith (4 years ago)
Adam is energy to fuel mutations that you gain from taking plasmids.

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