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SBFC 247 What is a Character Action Game?

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A miserable pile of combos and movelists.
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TheCarlosCobain (11 days ago)
If character actions games are defined by launching enemies, then the three "Legend of Spyro" games would qualify as such. Think about that.
Jack Robinson (26 days ago)
They're just action games with really good combat
HellecticMojo (20 days ago)
I don't think people would call Dark Souls character action games.
Mrbigbillhell (1 month ago)
big mistake bringing liam in considering he spoils a bunch of shit in that game
DEVIANT KNIGHT (1 month ago)
fuck you pat i l love drakengard 1 and 2
D.A Deibertson (1 month ago)
Character Action is a term we use so we don't have to resort to the term DMC-like
Trusty Patches (2 months ago)
I used to just call them "spectacle fighters"
furyberserk (5 months ago)
Freeform action with open ended options where offense, defence, and movement are part of the key mechanics of the gameplay.
werewolf873 (2 months ago)
+furyberserk so kingdom hearts is character action?
furyberserk (5 months ago)
Any action game with gameplay limitation swapping. Ground to air Air to ground Ground to execution Launcher to magic Shooting to melee juggles Within one string of enemy stun or without hard combo lag.

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