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8 Genius Video Games That Knew You Were Being Unfaithful

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Leo Vuitton (5 months ago)
I had mutiple gfs in gta san andreas, non of them pulled up on me, but one time I picked one up and drove back to grove street to pick up that one and she came out ans was like "aw hell nah" lol amd went back inside and I took the other one all the way back home too lol.
Abra Cadaver (6 months ago)
Loved your narration
ExileRN (1 year ago)
Wait he fucks everything that moves!? So that's why my dog was horny af!
Rising Superstar (1 year ago)
Francisco Rubio (1 year ago)
Ben is just the best narrator. Period.
LeeGinSing (1 year ago)
Wait a second... in Silent Hill 2 Maria *IS* Mary,. He technically didn't cheat because it's a psychological guilt trip on how he euthanized his dying wife! Also: #WhereWasTheSpoilerWarning.
jroggs85 (1 year ago)
If Yen is bitter about being cheated on, she's a straight up demon if you pick Triss over her. She goes to Kair Morhen (Geralt's base and home), trashes the place, acts like a goddamn psycho, and if Geralt calls her out on it, SHE MAGICALLY TELEPORTS HIM SEVERAL HUNDRED FEET OVER A LAKE AND DROPS HIM TO HIS LIKELY DEATH. Full stop. She commits an act that could very, very easily have killed Geralt. And when you slog all the way back to the keep (this is a five minute walk in-game), she literally threatens to kill Geralt if he ever angers her again. And since Yen is kind of critical to the plot, her murderously insane actions are just... tolerated, even treated comically. If that doesn't bug you, imagine how cute and funny it would have been if Geralt tossed Yen into a several hundred feet fall for sassing HIM.
Robert Perry (1 year ago)
The last one is the best because it is so cold. Ultimate-cold-shrug-off-and-move-on-for-wankers #Ultimatecoldshrugoffandmoveonforwankers
MidnightMemer (1 year ago)
what about skyrim? they steal your stuff
Bleed Green (1 year ago)
Your face and voice shouldn't match up
EpicLovelyRogue (1 year ago)
The Dragon Age games were better about calling you out about your cheating than Mass Effect.
Mayointhemornin Kms (1 year ago)
Best #wankers thing I've seen so far.
Caleb Moore (1 year ago)
Craig Burns (1 year ago)
Fuckin' moon. Gets me every time.
jdslipknot (1 year ago)
You cant blame me for wanting to shag both Yennefer and Triss. lmao
Sir Derpington (1 year ago)
#shitloverforwankers? #shitloverforwankers
jhk655 (1 year ago)
@ 5:10 - Did he say "Star-Jew Valley" ?! Is WhatCulture Gaming anti-Semitic? I'm just asking questions, you be the judge. But Yes! Yes they Are!
GoodChap (1 year ago)
whatculture is drastically better than watchmojo
Keith Austin (1 year ago)
Would you stop with the hashtag joke? It's not funny at all. It's never been funny.
DJKlaxx (1 year ago)
P4G does call you on it though. You get hella guilted when you get busted. xD
Mike JJ O'Keeffe (1 year ago)
Dirty bad times
OHG Fawx (1 year ago)
Its silly that you guys beep the word "wankers", is that really something that has to be censored in the UK?
Tyler Eisel (1 year ago)
Anyone else get that cringy King of Avalon commercial?
Micktrex (1 year ago)
Fucking. Moon.
Nick Rainwater (1 year ago)
Persona 4 made you tell all of the girls you cheated on, except for the one you wanted to be with, that you cheated on them and made you watch them cry/be disappointed.
Steven Mellon (1 year ago)
That last one doe.
Wilson Stunfisk (1 year ago)
There is also Jade Empire, although you can actually get them both to be cool with it.
The ZombieMan (1 year ago)
Ok so Catherine gives you the choice of marrying a frumpy girl and live a normal life or marry a crazy girl and be the ruler of Hell. I don't know about you guys but I think I rather rule hell.....or be a space tourist
SAY10 Pug (1 year ago)
So many sexual undertones
Redwolfnisly (1 year ago)
I LOVED this video, subed!!!
Alptraum (1 year ago)
Does this video have too much spoilers?
Phillip Miller (1 year ago)
really, you would call out persona 4 for its lax rules but wont give p3 which actually did call you out for cheating?
Finx O'Mally (1 year ago)
What!? I've played through Catherine a few times and was confused why I kept getting the same ending.. always ended up alone.. played as a nice guys, played as a complete and utter shit.. same ending.. where did I go wrong.. *sigh*
Matthew Colpitts (1 year ago)
undeadgentlemen[_}; (1 year ago)
Dragon Age; Leliana. That girl is needy.
qwertymac (1 year ago)
Your way of speaking makes me think you're the type of person who thinks fedoras are a great fashion choice and that you collect "blades". M'Hashtagshitspeechpatternandsentencestructureforwankers
Ignignokt (1 year ago)
you should do the hardest video game puzzles or the video game puzzles that made absolutely no sense.
Waldowski (1 year ago)
3:40 I think he just killed the mother of his child in front of them. No wonder child protection got involved.
psrdirector (1 year ago)
just want to add, sims 3 you could end up with a reputationh as a cheater and they would dump you... unles you got a perk
Neigh Slayer (1 year ago)
Down w/ monagamy. Long live polyamory.
jedaaa (1 year ago)
yeah you missed out 'the playboy mansion' great game from years ago.
AyanneCZ (1 year ago)
Jerald? Really!? Oh come on! :D
oussama milanista (1 year ago)
how about goddamn god of war?
KiNA Suki (1 year ago)
You missed out Dragon Age :o
Robert Gronewold (1 year ago)
Sims in the Sims 4 can SERIOUSLY take things the wrong way if a stranger sim suddenly gets too friendly with your character without your intention.
Ceul Gai (1 year ago)
Was he betting on WCPW?
GM In Training (1 year ago)
Hilarious and very well done! Great work!
Zachary Cannaday (1 year ago)
The girls from sleeping dogs. Basically you get all pissy because you see 1 (of a few) love interests with another man so you tail them. Then once you explain that the other girl she saw you with was a work friend you guys are square. You preceded to date many others women
Dricmeistr (1 year ago)
Persona 4 Golden should be on here.
zaiwen3 (1 year ago)
urbium (1 year ago)
The game in your thumbnail is an abomination of modern gaming.
PureKaoZ (1 year ago)
I want Ben to record my Voice-mail message.
Arron Davidson (1 year ago)
Ben is easily my favourite host. Love this guy
Franchiseboy83 (1 year ago)
Was enjoying this video until you decided to do the hashtag shit. It's getting so ridiculous. So many people hate it and wish it would stop.
Arius (1 year ago)
Becoming one of my favourite channels to turn on in the mornings! Keep it up
Félix Deconinck (1 year ago)
Polyamory is a very interesting new morale phenomenon.
Rue Mante (1 year ago)
More Ben please!
Calvin Folan (1 year ago)
the moon will fall to the earth...f-king moon, hilarious :)
The Sphere Hunter (1 year ago)
Dathdan (1 year ago)
Plz plz for the love of god never ever get rid of the Hashtag part it is fucking amazing.
Oy Boyo (1 year ago)
getting caught by a different gf in GTA blew my fuckn mind! Lol. i was chased until both cars exploded from the traffic weaving.
XxExtremeSamX (1 year ago)
Not even a minute in and I knew san andreas would be on here
Sacha Scharovsky (1 year ago)
I forgot the name of the one doing the voice here but he's my favorite thing on this channel
BPMC1988 (1 year ago)
Ah it's a Ben video and it'll have a stupid hashtag joke. Skip.
VilleIAm7 (1 year ago)
The hashtag shit kills the entire video. Eliminate it.
fenrisulfrts2 (1 year ago)
I'll come back next year and see if the hashtag cringe is finished yet. See ya.
Miguel Mata (1 year ago)
I'm a simple JRPG nerd, I see P4 I hit Like...
Alicia Matheson (1 year ago)
I'm surprised Dragon Age Origins isn't on the list. Gain romance points with more than one character and they'll confront you about which person you want to be with when at camp.
Alexander Castillo (1 year ago)
1:36 hahahaha funniest thing i have watched in the week.
Starkophile (1 year ago)
i fucking love ben
Jerome Nopal (1 year ago)
We need a game where we play as Zeus and Hera goes and gets all jealous and..... Oh..... Well I can never watch Hercules in the same light anymore.
BenightedSouls (1 year ago)
I've had the video runnning in the background while studying, and then 02:49 happened. I've worn headphones. I nearly shat myself. Fck you, WhatCulture :D
LadyNightmare13 (1 year ago)
Don't like Ben because of the hashtags? Well I guess that makes you a shit youtube viewer with a lame sense of humor for wankers, #ShitYouTubeViewerWithALameSenseOfHumorForWankers!!
Christina Nightraven (1 year ago)
EB Agent J (5 months ago)
Funny thing is in the same update that added two more romance options and divorce (as well as the ability to mindwipe your former spouse so you can keep them on your good side or still visit for some hanky panky behind your new spouse's back. Also gave you the ability the get rid of your kids by turning them into doves), they got rid of the jealousy mechanic that had your spouse get angry whenever you gave a gift to another single. I noticed the jealousy feature seems to be back in my most recent playthrough, but so much for staying wholesome and charming. On the other hand, I kinda like the idea that the game gives you the freedom to play as a crossdressing, bisexual, polyamorous farmer and no one gives a shit. I just wish you could also be polygamous for more help around the farm, since the kids never age past toddlers so it's not like they'll ever help.
Wise Traveler (1 year ago)
Dude this was amazing 😂
Dildo Shwaggins (1 year ago)
I got that in the witcher on my first playthrough lol
patteri90 (1 year ago)
Which is funny considering one of the biggest themes in Witcher games is that if it seems too good to be true, it's definitely too good to be true. *totally walked into that trap*
TheChainedFalcon (1 year ago)
Ben, I have to say you're the best VO guy for this. I really like your wit and delivery. Keep it up, guy.
sup yo (1 year ago)
god i love the hashtag
Owain Lloyd-Williams (1 year ago)
Ben from WhatCulture your voice is making me fantasise about Matt Berry.
Dat Boi (1 year ago)
who is this crazy guy at 1:51 in the background?
Film House (1 year ago)
That was a really long hashtag. I guess you could say... a shit extremely long irrelevant hashtag for wankers #shitextremelylongirrelevanthashtagforwankers
Daniel López (1 year ago)
"We'll bang, ok?"
Ximena Cerezo (1 year ago)
"Vincent's long dream of space tourism. That's real. That's a real ending"
Nick Lau (1 year ago)
Dragon Age?
Nezben (1 year ago)
It's Geralt not Jeralt! Have you even played the game?
dizzygunner (1 year ago)
shithastaggimmickforwankers is getting old reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaly fast
Ralph Bandemer (1 year ago)
Lee Ward (1 year ago)
What is with you and hastagging W*nkets? Lol. 😄
DaveFu (1 year ago)
Yen: Bang everyone else but Triss Geralt and I'll love you forever!!!!
Felipe Aidar da Silva (1 year ago)
James doesn`t actually cheat on Mary. Maria is a sexualized projection of Mary made by Jame`s disturbed mind and brought to life because silent hill.
Benjamin Ferrigan (1 year ago)
StarJew Valley
Lisa Dahlgren (1 year ago)
"You can even follow me here on twitter if you fancIIIII" Very unexpected, Ben. Unexpected but wonderful.
McGovP (1 year ago)
Running out of ideas for lists?
TheDovaKing (1 year ago)
McGovP I wouldn't say there running out of ideas I'd just say they're having fun with the fact that they can do a bunch of weird lists a lot of people don't usually do.
Joe S. (1 year ago)
.13 WTF is that? That is fucking hilarious!
RageQueen (1 year ago)
oh man. i remember accidentally romancing kaidan even though i wanted to romance liara. i went with the liara line though, and then kaidan came crying to me like "I THOUGHT U LIK ED ME" and i was like "lol what.......oh, oops"
EB Agent J (5 months ago)
I made it my mission to not romance anyone in my first playthrough. Sounds easy enough but it seems like everyone takes my attempts to just be friendly or generally concerned for their wellbeing as me wanting to get in their pants. Hard to keep morale up without everyone reading too much into it, at least in what I've played of the first game. And I'm playing as Fem!Shep so it feels like the entire crew of the Normandy wants to get into my knickers...
Videocre (1 year ago)
steve exe ru (1 year ago)
RageQueen lmao
Jacqueline GtzHdz (1 year ago)
Signess (1 year ago)
Ben you are literally the funniest person on the Internet. Anyone who thinks over wise is only saying so for wankers. #Anyonewhothinksoverwiseisonlysayingsoforwankers ... I tried
Alexander Deschenes (1 year ago)
Alexander Deschenes (1 year ago)
No she wasn't dead.
Eastwind4869 (1 year ago)
+Alexander Deschenes whom is dead, if I recall correctly
Alexander Deschenes (1 year ago)
George Castelan the whole game is you growing an intimate bond with someone who isnt your wife
George Castelan (1 year ago)
Alexander Deschenes How So?
Rod Griese (1 year ago)
Star-Jew valley?
BigBadBaraSkeleton (1 year ago)
The Hashtag part is getting more and more longer and I'm loving it
OmadoleN (1 year ago)
That's funny, it makes me dislike and avoid all this fuck knuckle's videoes
Ashley D (1 year ago)
Longer and longerer
Atathor (1 year ago)
BigBadBaraSkeleton longer and longer
Frellyouall (1 year ago)
WCG really don't give a fuck about spoilers, do they?

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